Barbados Election 2013: Mottley vs Dr. Byer-Suckoo?

Mia versus Esther? No Contest!

Our old friend Yardbroom has written an article on Barbados Underground asking why the DLP Government is giving Byer-Suckoo so much exposure in the media, at the United Nations and at government functions.

That’s easy!

See Barbados Underground’s The Planning of an Election Campaign


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12 responses to “Barbados Election 2013: Mottley vs Dr. Byer-Suckoo?

  1. Wishing In Vain

    One major advantage Esther Byer- Suckoo would have over mottley is that she is an educated caring person with the wishes that she would like to see all people move ahead this is so unlike the former Gov’t program where the only ones they wanted to see get thru were the higher ups in their grouping.

    Also she is much more attractive and appealing person to have around. She is married with children that are well trained and well adjusted and brought up.


    BFP says,

    This comment was edited for spelling and content. Wishing In Vain… you always try and push, push, push against our standards which you well know.

    Please stop it.

  2. Anon

    Just asking a question.

    Is there any truth to the rumour that Owen Arthur got baptised this morning?

  3. JC

    ha ha ha Anon after how he raped and manipulated his countrymen he would do anything ole drunkin fraud;

  4. Wishing In Vain

    Now this is what I call good positive progressive action, good work to all those involved , well done to them for their forward thinking approach.

    Budget via sign language for the first time

    FOR the first time since the presentation of the Financial Statement and Budgetary Proposals (The Budget) in Parliament has been broadcast live, persons with a hearing disability will be able to comprehend the proceedings on television.
    Come Monday, July 7, and the following day, Tuesday, July 8, Government will provide live coverage of the Prime Ministers presentation and the reply by the Leader of the Opposition, respectively, through a sign language interpreter. The presentations and sign language interpretation will be done simultaneously through picture in picture (PIP) display.

    Deputy President of The Senate, Senator Kerry-Ann Ifill, who has been instrumental in getting The Budget televised via sign language, said it would represent another step towards a more inclusive Barbados. One that recognises that all citizens have a vested interest in our successes and the challenges we face.
    It would also ensure that the hearing impaired have access to an important national debate and are not disadvantaged because of their challenge or language barrier,she added.

    The Budget presentation will commence at 4:30 p.m. on Monday, with the ensuing debate continuing on Tuesday, July 8, and Wednesday, July 9. It will also be carried live on radio.

  5. Bimbro

    My initial advice to Mia, whether she aspires to become the PM of Bim, or not, is that it is exceedingly, bad manners to point! I should be extremely, reluctant to vote for any person who was n’t aware of this basic item of etiquette, quite apart from any other consideration!

  6. John

    Good for Owen.

  7. Sargeant

    BFP which one of you posted this article? He or She should be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment. My suggestion….. take them to the woodshed and force them to listen to the collected speeches of Dennis Kellman and Hamilton Lashley for the next week.

  8. 254

    Someone commented..”ha ha ha Anon after how he(O$A) raped and manipulated his countrymen
    he would do anything.. ole drunkin fraud”
    – which is exactly why he would go and get baptised!

    When the pendulum swings (too)far in one direction of excess,
    it has the odd habit of swinging the opposite way to that same extent, when the time come!

    All the BornAgain’s who get baptised and all that other lovely showy emotional stuff are the sinners in a past life, if you know their backgrounds/youth.

    It’s a popular last minute ploy
    to fool God that they’re still some use
    and to please please doan sen me to Hell for what I did when I was youthful and errant.
    What a crock.
    To Hell with O$A.

  9. boredickey

    Anon! Are you a comedian or something. Owen is part of the Spirit of Legion within the BLP. Any holy man or woman laying hands on his head during pray will burn what little hair is left on that egg=shaped surface.

  10. Tell me Why

    Debate for debate, politics for politics. Simply no comparison. Mia is versatile in political matters without relying on notes. It is simply no contest. Mia is far superior and this have nothing to do of being marry with kids. This is about brilliancy in governance.

  11. me too

    I aint care how good de doctor look. i aint plugging out my fridge at night. nuff said.

  12. Renaldo

    Honourable Esther Byer-Suckoo is more sympathetic and educated. She is also a very attractive lady (note not woman) and is an immaculate role model.