To Our Hardworking SSA Drivers, Loaders and Police Officers…

The Sanitation Service Authority recently held two seminars for drivers and lorryloaders on how best to take care of the Authority’s new vehicles.

St Sgt Rodney Inniss, Forensic Collision Investigator with the Royal Barbados Police Force, conducted a fascinating presentation on defensive driving with a contingent of SSA staff at the ICBL’s Country Road headquarters. This officer has held similar courses for Rayside Construction, CO Williams Companies, as well as BS & T and other businesses with vehicular fleets.

The Station Sergeant had a detailed presentation touching on many subjects and the audience was very receptive to the officer’s innovative approach. The investigator urged them to plan their routes carefully and to heed all traffic signs, rules and regulations.

The SSA’s Manager, Stanton Alleyne thanked staff for their support during the challenging week of June 23 to 27th, he also reminded them of the TV campaign designed to encourage Barbadians to respect SSA workers more and employ best waste practices at all times.

Michael Nicholls, Deputy Manager of Operations, in his segment urged crews to be aware that noises carry in early hours and while on such a shift it may be better to use a type of code or signal rather than shout instructions to each other. He also praised staff members for remembering to replace lids on bins which were emptied.

SSA Transport Superintendent, Mr. Elvin Chase, also spoke with workers on the proper procedures and techniques of preventative maintenance with all vehicles before and after starting a shift on the road.

Barbados Free Press Comments

The above is taken from a press release by the Sanitation Service Authority sent out today. Despite the recent industrial action by the SSA, the er, “management problems” and the outrageous neglect of duty by the Commissioner of the Royal Barbados Police Force and other officers – we appreciate and wish to remind our readers that 99.9% of the folks at the SSA and the RBPF work hard every day to make Barbados the best it can be.

We appreciate that and we appreciate the hard-working folks at the SSA and the RBPF.

Marcus, Shona, George, Cliverton, Robert and Auntie Moses – BFP


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5 responses to “To Our Hardworking SSA Drivers, Loaders and Police Officers…

  1. Tony Hall

    I am glad mention was made that 99.9 % of the officers of the RBPF give of their best despite what you may think of the Commissioner of Police. A nice thing to say to boast the morale of the force. I do not want to show my bias by leaving out the SSA workers. They too are often looked down upon by society and not appreciated for the services which they provide.

  2. Wishing in Vain

    It appears that corruption like Ian Walcott’s is known for, is now appearing to be much more widespread than we first thought, there is more coming to light with regard to the SAA, WATER AUTHORITY and QEH.

    I would hazzard a guess that Alleyne will not last past the next two months not with the way things are coming to light, tell me how many apartment buildings and a new home were recently completed on the salary of a civil servant?

  3. Sony

    Wising in vain/NK
    You are becoming a real nuisance on these blogs, please take a break and go and do some real work for the taxpayer’s money.

  4. Wishing In Vain

    No we are here to remind you of the bad deeds and the corruption that you and your party fuelled and fed during your 14 years of feeding off the taxpayers.

  5. Sargeant

    The Nation cancelled Ezra’s columns so he submits a letter to the paper about the SSA situation. What do they do? Publish it as a “guest column”. Go figure!