Newest Nation News Journalist Is Robin Gregg – The Famous Plagiarist? THAT Robin Gregg?

Did The Nation News Publish An Article By THE Robin Gregg – The Plagiarist?

Perhaps there is more than one man named Robin Gregg who works as a freelance journalist… but we can’t find two!

Our online searches reveal a female author named Robin Gregg and a male author named Robin Gregg.

A male journalist & author named Robin Gregg is the Nation News’ latest guest columnist. (Hey… in true Nation News style, the header says “Guess Column”, but we know what they mean.)

Gregg’s article, GUESS COLUMN: Paparazzi Presstalks about the number of paparazzi chasing down the famous on Barbados and laments that our country doesn’t get a cut of the profits.

The footer at the bottom of the article describes Mr. Gregg in this way… “Robin Gregg is a Barbadian author and journalist, who spends his time between Los Angeles and London, when not in Barbados.”

As we said, we were able to locate two authors with the name Robin Gregg. One is the female author of Pregnancy in a High-Tech Age, while the other is a male freelance journalist who USED TO write for the New York Post. Could the Nation News Robin Gregg be #3?

Is the Robin Gregg who writes for The Nation News the same Robin Gregg who used to write for the New York Post?

From CNN… (link here)

N.Y. Post: Writer plagiarized from National Enquirer

NEW YORK (CNN) — The New York Post, one of the city’s most widely read tabloids, announced Tuesday that one of its freelance writers plagiarized an article from The National Enquirer.

Robin Gregg, who the Post said made infrequent contributions to the paper, wrote an article in the May 15 edition of the Post concerning Wal-Mart’s decision to stop selling Kathie Lee Gifford’s line of sportswear.

According to a brief statement issued by the Post, Gregg admitted Monday that he plagiarized material for the article from The National Enquirer and said he takes full responsibility.

A comparison of Gregg’s article and that of the National Enquirer reveals Gregg copied the original almost verbatim.

We were deceived by Mr. Gregg, and he will never contribute to the Post again,” said Editor-in-Chief Col Allan.

Richard Valvo, vice president of corporate communications at American Media Inc., which publishes The National Enquirer, said the Post had been “very forthcoming” in acknowledging Gregg’s plagiarism.

“All’s well that ends well,” Valvo said. “It has been clarified, and we are extremely happy that it’s been clarified.”

The revelation comes on the heels of a journalism scandal involving former New York Times reporter Jayson Blair. On May 10, the Times publicly accused Blair of “frequent acts of journalistic fraud,” including plagiarizing other publications and making up facts, scenes and quotes. Blair, a 27-year-old who worked for the Times for five years, resigned from the paper May 1.

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Gregg is mentioned towards the end of the Washington Post article.


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12 responses to “Newest Nation News Journalist Is Robin Gregg – The Famous Plagiarist? THAT Robin Gregg?

  1. Red Lake Lassie

    Barbados Free Press

    No rest for the Nation News with you around!

  2. Hants

    BFP what is your problem. The Nation needs all the help it can get.

    I counted 8 separate stories on the same subject yesterday. The evacuation of Bridgetown.Catchy headlines to create 8 versions of one topic.

    Anyway if Gregg is a Bajan,leh we gi he a break nuh.

    Marcus, in Canadian that would be “leh we gi he a break eh!

  3. Margaret Knight

    BFP: Why would you be surprised if the Nation has allowed an alleged plagiarist to write a “Guess” (?!!) column for them, when I submitted, on here, a copy of a letter I had written to the Editor of the Nation, thanking the doctors and nurses of the QEH for their kindness to me, which the Nation did not publish, but chose instead to use my words for an editorial a few days later!

    As to their bad grammar and mis-use of the English language, well, we all, including visitors to the island, get a good laugh every day, don’t we!

  4. Wishing in Vain

    Gosh BFP this is vile see the comment as above.


    BFP says,

    Yes WIV, the BLP supporters who are responsible for all the threats and vileness are still with us as the Royal Barbados Police Force refuse to complete their investigation into the threats.

    Especially after Doctor Duguid confirmed that many of the threats came from a computer in Parliament.

  5. Adrian Loveridge

    Just for the record, I have had absolutely NO response to my emails and faxed letter dated 22 June 2008 addressed for the personal attention of the Commissioner of Police concerning the ongoing death threats.

    Donald Austin of Cable and Wireless did email to say that this was a Police matter but when asked to confirm that they had, been asked to co-operate with the RBPF, refused to respond.

    I have also NOT had a response from John Pluthero, Executive Chairman of Cable and Wireless in London.

  6. Wishing in Vain

    The Commissioner of Police is he not the same person that had his records altered to suggest that he was more qualified for the post than the person who should have been given the job??

    Maybe you can let me know how this came about, and if it was an action done by mottley to get her person in a place of her control, should this be the case how then would you expect justice on a matter concerning Duguid??


    BFP says,

    WIV… please explain about the Commissioner’s records being altered, with sources…

    You are losing credibility with many of the little comments you make.

  7. Tell me Why

    The Commissioner of Police is he not the same person that had his records altered to suggest that he was more qualified for the post than the person who should have been given the job??
    Here we go again, another WIV special lie. You need a change of title Warped Information Voiced.

  8. Hants

    So is Robin Gregg a professional journalist with qualifications acceptable to Mr.Carl Moore and other qualified Barbadian Journalist?

    Which brings me to an interesting question?

    Is a talk show like Brasstacks not a Radio “blog”?

  9. Hants… I would argue the call-in radio shows would only be “Radio blogs” if:

    1. Anyone and everyone (in the world) who wanted to participate could.
    2. The shows kept running forever.
    3. The generated content was (practically) instantly searched and indexed by independent search engines.

    I personally do not bother with the radio shows. They are, IMHO, a waste of time because the discussions are not generally available to the public after the fact.

  10. Tony Hall

    I might not have liked how the Commissioner was promoted but I think you are misleading the public when you said that his records were altered. He is a qualified individual. Don’t go there. That is a very disingenuous statement to make. If you want to say that the promotion was political in nature say so. Don’t hide behind those words.

  11. Iriebrown

    The article by Robin Gregg sounds a bit like sour grapes. He too can make some money if he goes to the paparazzi website and send photos to them of some famous people. Obviously they have to like/want the shot but they do share their profits if its someone popular.

    How can you stop it, should we want to stop it. The thing about people is they always want part of the pie without working for it.

    So stop whingeing and be glad for all the great PR that the BTA could never afford to obtain. Remember the A-listers need this visibility to stay on the A-list.

  12. Wishing in Vain

    His records suggest that he served the force for a longer period than he actually did serve.