Nation News Exclusive!!!! Mango Tree Crashes Into Yard!!!

“I was in the toilet when I heard it and all I could say was: ‘Lord, have mercy.’

… from the Nation News breaking story Mango Tree Crashes Into Yard

Friends, we have tears running down our faces. Cliverton is rolling on the floor hyperventilating. We have been trying for an hour to write a clever and witty headline to properly mock the entire staff of our country’s largest news organisation, but we give up…

For another example of Barbados top-drawer, take-no-prisoners investigative journalism, also see BWA Fixes Hole.

We’re going to reprint both stories verbatim, because we can’t believe that the Nation will allow them to remain on the web much longer. Well done guys and gals of the Nation News! You must be so proud to work for such an organisation!

Mango tree crashes into yard
Published on: 7/1/08.

EIGHTY-FOUR-year-old Ruby Blackman got the scare of her life yesterday when a neighbour’s mango tree crashed into her backyard.

The woman, who resides at Well Gap, Eden Lodge, St Michael, said she was in her bathroom when she heard the thunderous noise.

“I was in the toilet when I heard it and all I could say was: ‘Lord, have mercy.’ When I came outside I see the tree in my yard and all of my paling break down. I was real frightened,” she said.

Blackman said she had warned her neighbour not to plant the tree.

“I tell she for years don’t put it there and she tell me it won’t grow tall, and it grow big, big; and was leaning in my yard and I would have to go and beg her to trim the branches.

“I just praise the Lord that it did not come down on the house,” she cried.

BWA fixes hole
Published on: 7/1/08.

THINGS At Syndicate Road, Bush Hall, St Michael, returned to normal yesterday as the Barbados Water Authority (BWA) completed work in the area.

On Sunday, residents had complained about a large water-filled hole left by workers of BWA that could pose a danger.

Yesterday, work resumed on the hole from the afternoon and a backhoe was used to remove the water before the main could be fixed.

Communications officer at the BWA Yvette Harris-Griffith said the main was proving difficult, as last Friday would have marked the third time that it burst.

With reference to the hole being covered, she said BWA workers were not the ones responsible for recovering tracks in the road but a company was often contracted to fulfil those duties.


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28 responses to “Nation News Exclusive!!!! Mango Tree Crashes Into Yard!!!

  1. creative

    And the professional journalists at the Nation make fun of the blogs?

    All I can do is to quote from the Mango article “Lord have mercy!”

  2. passin thru

    You’re right BFP. The stories say it all.

    Will someone put the Nation out of its misery?

  3. Bimbro

    What they did n’t mention was whether the mangoes were sweet, or not!!!!

    We could do with some over here, in Hingland!

    Laaaaadddddddddddddddd!!!! 🙂

  4. Bimbro

    Re: the pic on the front page of today’s online, Nation!!

    Does anybody really, need to be shown how to hold a cricket bat!!!!

    I did n’t need to when I was there, and I was five years ole!!!! 🙂

  5. Rumplestilskin

    Was the Mango tree pushed, by a ‘Dee’ or ‘Bee’.

    Hopefully it will not cost $20,000 to cut up and remove.

    Will we need overseas consultants?

    Maybe we need a study of mango tree dangers, with a statutory Board and all that?

    The Mango Tree Ramification and Rectifications Board.

  6. Rumplestilskin

    Having said that, there is a VERY interesting piece on the comments of two judges in todays Nation.

    The first comment attributed to a judge by the Nation referring to the cessation of a case was ””Run along. You’re free to go and if this is going to be your decision, don’t even bother to go to police the next time,” she said”

    Excuse me? While the judge may have been frustrated that the complainant was ending his case so late, his own action allegedly also stemmed from frustration at the length of time interfering of the case with his livelihood.

    So the last comment was totally inappropriate for a judge to make ‘ don’t even bother the police next time’?????

    The other case was the judge commenting on the cessation by a young lady of a rape case that occurred fuve years ago, when she was twelve.

    The judge allegedly commented that justice could not now be served.

    So, my question is why did the judge not then point to some factors which led to the delay? Then these could be dealt with in future.

    Could it be the usual lawyer delays etc???

    Secondly, after five years there can be no justice, but overseas people caught many years down the line are charged for murders etc and convicted successfully?

    What are we learning from these two statements?

    This is quite serious with major implications for the future.

  7. Barbados the Beautiful

    BFP you missed the point on the BWA article.
    How many people still don’t have running water? How much wastage of water we got?
    BWA normally do nothing useful so it is big news when they do anything at all.

  8. no name


    You hit the nail squarely on the head. Thanks for the early laugh.

  9. GreenBB

    I would like to know if there were Mangoes on the tree when it fell and if so to whom they now belong.

    I would suggest an overseas consultant to get to the bottom of all of this as soon as possible.

  10. John

    … the hole in the road in Bush Hall … now if they had looked at ………….. this one could be very interesting ………. but they need to go do their homework.

  11. John

    To its credit it has published a letter from Mr. Leonard St. Hill which makes interesting reading.

    Letters to the Editor is a bit like a very sloooooow motion blog.

    Fertile soil for corporate fraud

    Date July 01, 2008
    Brief Fertile soil for corporate fraud
    Drastic action by the courts in the United States in detecting incidents of corporate fraud is being publicised.

    The extent of each case is as astonishing as the prevalence and the effect which it has had on unwitting

    DRASTIC ACTION by the courts in the United States in detecting incidents of corporate fraud is being publicised.

    The extent of each case is as astonishing as the prevalence and the effect which it has had on unwitting victims, sometimes self-inflicted as a consequence of greed.

    On the local scene, the prospect for corporate fraud is most evident in the purchase of a mismanaged company with its own assets for the ultimate benefit of former directors of the company which is sacrificed.

    One contributory factor in the perpetration of this fraud is the persistent non-disclosure of material comparative financial statements to the annual meeting of shareholders of the company.

    Instinctively it seems, many Barbadians are perhaps conscious of the prevalence of such fraud.

    This apprehension may account for an observed reluctance to invest in companies generally, even when they are aware of the infelicities practised to their detriment by identifiable agencies of commercial banks when the prospective investor decides to “go it alone” as an alternative.

    Wherever it is discovered, there is more than a tenuous link between the perpetrators of corporate fraud and the peddlers of political influence.

    Can any form of “integrity legislation” eliminate the distrust induced by corporate fraud?


  12. reality check

    “Can any form of “integrity legislation” eliminate the distrust induced by corporate fraud?”

    No but it is a critical piece of the pie to getting back to investor trust.

    The other factors include rigid enforcement by men with integrity ( RBPF and Judges ).

    We will be waiting sometime for the latter.

  13. Wishing In Vain

    The Nation has been shown and continues to show that it is the puppet of the previous adminstration being run by Fred Gollop and Anthony Audain, would one or both of these instill any confidence in you for fairness and freedom to publish pro or positive DLP actions??

    Their reporting is sadly lacking and it is all over the place hence the need for the Advocate to step up to the plate and to start delivering as we have started to see from them, full marks to the Advocate for being proactive and forward thinking.

  14. Sargeant

    The online edition also has a story of judges scolding complainants for wasting the court’s time with their complaints. One of the two cases concerns a rape where the then victim was 12?. The article doesn’t explain how a 10 year delay in getting to trial was the rape victim’s fault. Why would it take 10 years to get to trial for rape? Why should anyone be surprised that the victim chose not to give evidence.

  15. ??

    Publishing Pro DLP action WIP there has first to be Positive DLP action before it can be reported, so far there has been NONE so what is there to report.. except that Byer -Suckoo has better PR than PM…

  16. ROBOT

    The Nation is Trinidadian owned

    remember that

  17. Wishing in Vain


    No we have not seen the older folks being given clear access to take over and own the properties that they have lived in and have paid their rents for over 20 years, nor would you remember that the present DLP Gov’t has promised to allow donations to charties to be a tax write off, nor their stand on public corruption and their willingness to address it at every level in this society.

    I am sure those are things that you would have failed to notice or paid any attention to.

    On another note is not wonderful that the CROPOVER events this year have begun and we have had no confusions and quarrelling as we have grown so use to under mottley and the blp???

    This is a breath of fresh air blowing thru this nation thankfully so.

  18. The Devil

    Of even less importance and also being reported on the same page of the Nation as the “Mango Tree’ and ‘BWA fixes hole’ stories is the one titled “Caricom summit opening today”!

    There have been at least 3 (or 4?) meetings of the heads of Government for this year already. There was one in Trinidad (Feb 2008) on the cost of living, security and EPA, one in the Bahamas (March, 2008) on the cost of living, security and EPA, one in New York (June 2008)on what-I-don’t-know and now this one in Antigua on …you guessed it, cost of living, security and EPA!

    Nothing seems to ever be achieved except a good time by those attending.

  19. ??

    WIV Crop Over confusion?? check todays Nation back page and come again

  20. Tell me Why

    What is all the fuss about these two stories that would call for all the political swing from writers. A newspaper have the right to publish social, political, entertainment, sports, economic, environmental and light heart commentaries from local, regional or international sources. That’s is their rights. Both stories dealt with the ordinary man in the street. The water issue was mentioned on Monday, solved and was published on Tuesday. Suppose the mango tree had killed someone, wouldn’t that still be an issue?

    Yes, I love blogging, but I still respect the main stream media. Both mediums have a place in this communication environment. Both have an underlying bias regardless who say what. Even some of these commenters above made countless negative statements about the Advocate’s bias. WIV especially was constantly critical of them prior to the General Election….now all of a sudden, with the constant publishing of almost live-size pictures of ministers we are now hearing a different tune from a new choir boy who is in now singing the same tune with the other choristers. Could this be the reason for awarding chairmanship of Invest Barbados to media mogul?

  21. Tell me Why

    Re: the pic on the front page of today’s online, Nation!!

    Does anybody really, need to be shown how to hold a cricket bat!!!!

    I did n’t need to when I was there, and I was five years ole!!!!
    Paper front page for front page. As a media practitioner, the Nation would win. Both dealt with tentative taxi fare increases, but the Nation’s pix of our future leaders is far better than the consultation issue . The main headline speaks for itself, why place a large pix to substantiate the story? Maybe partisan people would see it different.
    The Nation’s back page is far superior. It is dealing with two interesting articles. Again the Advocate is focusing only on a minister and a story with archival statistics.

    Come on BFP, if you can find fault of the Nation’s article, then accept fault for the same story that you are promoting along with Canada’s article when you should be focusing on another industrial upheaval at a statutory organisation.

  22. Tell me Why

    Please take my first article from the spams

  23. Tell me Why

    It look as though my article was wiped clean.

  24. mdr

    Saw this video on a facebook funwall of a friend. Couldn’t help but wonder if the Nation would even make it to 2015 🙂

  25. mdr

    Ok let’s try the link again.

  26. akabozik

    Mango tree falls. BWA fixes a hole.

    That is the sum of professional journalism in Barbados.

    BFP, this article is perfect. there is nothing more to say!

  27. BornAgain

    Step up to de plate?
    and do what?

    The Advocate is the only medium more blp-oriented than the Nation.

  28. of interest

    sorry should have read aren’t we on a roll now i see on the front page today dogs going kayaking is this the only news we have?