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Former Barbados Attorney General Who Refused To Investigate Corrupt VECO Prison Builders – Appearing On Brass Tacks Radio Sunday

“Down to Brass Tacks will discuss the need for greater integrity, accountability and transparency in government. Appearing for the government will be Donville Inniss and for the opposition Dale Marshall. Also appearing will be Frank Da Silva. Sunday, 11:00 am to 1:15pm.” …email from a BFP reader

“VECO Didn’t Bribe Anyone In Barbados – Only In Alaska” – BLP’s Dale Marshall To Talk About Integrity In Government… !!!

Will DLP MP Donville Inniss Explain Why David Thompson Lied About Adopting A Ministerial Code? Don’t Hold Your Breath!

Has Brass Tacks Become A Comedy Programme?

This is hilarious: Dale Marshall and Donville Inniss are going to talk about integrity in government.

Marshall was Attorney General for what can arguably be called the most corrupt government administration that Barbados has ever known – and was in charge of at least two cover-ups that are documented.

Donville Inniss represents a lying Prime Minister and a DLP party that deceitfully promised to adopt a Ministerial Code of Conduct from day one. That was a lie, as was the pledge to be transparent and ethical – as evidenced by the Prime Minister’s unethical use of a business jet owned by a company that does business with the government.

These two guys are going to talk to Barbados about the need for integrity in government?

Dale Marshall And The VECO Cover-up

Alaska’s VECO Corporation – builder of the Barbados Oil Terminal and the new prison at Dodds – consistently engaged in bribery of public officials and politicians wherever it operated. As we have seen in various trials coming out of the FBI investigation into VECO’s operations in the United States, bribery and corruption was a standard mode of business operation for this corrupt organisation.

We know from media reports that seized business records and hundreds of hours of secret recordings made by the FBI contain many references to VECO’s projects in Barbados – but when Barbados Free Press broke the story in Barbados both the Owen Arthur/Mia Mottley government and the Barbados news media ignored the existence of the FBI investigation and VECO’s corruption for weeks.

It was only after being forced by embarrassment that the BLP Government decided to send in then Attorney General Dale Marshall to “handle” the situation and engage in a cover-up. The one instruction that Dale Marshall had was to make sure that there would be no inquiry into the hundred-million-dollars of cost overruns at Dodds Prison.

After meeting with VECO executives for thirty minutes, Dale Marshall announced to the world that the executives had told him that everything was fine. Here is what that deceitful scoundrel Marshall told his fellow Bajans about the hundred-million-dollar cost overrun by a corrupt VECO…

“But I am satisfied that the company’s relationship with Barbados and the work they are doing for the Government of Barbados has at all times been entirely above board, and at no time is there any hint of a scandal in relation to the contracting of that company for the work on the prison or other work that they have previously done for the Barbados Government,” …(Nation News story link here)

Those VECO guys must have been pretty fast talkers… don’t you think?

I’ll bet the conversation went something like this…

Marshall: “Good morning gentlemen.”

VECO Executives: “You really don’t want to talk about how much money we gave to the BLP and individual government officials, do you? You really don’t want to talk about how many of the sub-contractors on the jail and the oil terminal have connections with members of your government, do you?”

Marshall: “Thank-you gentlemen for your full co-operation in our intensive vetting of this situation. I am satisfied that the corrupt activities of your CEO in bribing Alaska politicians have nothing to do with Barbados as we are all so honest down here. I shall so inform the public.”

Expect Zero Hard-Hitting Questions From Brass Tacks Radio Hosts

Ever since David Ellis was forced to apologize for daring to ask then-Tourism Minister Noel Lynch how he became an instant millionaire on a government salary, listeners to Brass Tacks radio have heard a mere ghost of what had been the premier political talk show in the country. The cowardly management decided that free speech wasn’t worth it, and the entire station has been slinking around like a neutered dog ever since.

Here are a few questions for Dodging Dale Marshall. See how many the cowering lapdogs of the Barbados news media ask…

Answer These Questions Publicly, Dodging Dale…

1/ How much money did VECO give to the BLP or to party members “campaign donations” in the last 12 years?

2/ Did any of those “campaign donations” find their way into the personal bank accounts of any BLP members?

3/ What gifts were received from VECO by government members or their relatives?

4/ How many subcontractors at the jail project and the oil terminal project are related to or otherwise associated with members of the Barbados Government?

5/ Does or did VECO employ any political lobbyists in Barbados and are any of them related in any way to members of government?

6/ Does or did VECO employ any consultants in Barbados and are any of them related in any way to members of government?

Bajans have been promised ITAL – Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation – for 39 years. Neither the BLP nor the DLP have any credibility left on this subject.

Not one damned bit of credibility.

As for my family, we’re not going to listen to Brass Tacks today because we don’t have time to waste on the weekend – and this show would surely be a waste of our time.

These political and media elites don’t get it: The words of DLP and BLP politicians simply don’t matter anymore on matters of ITAL. Their actions say everything. No words are necessary.

Time for a new political party with ITAL as a foundation.

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Reader Makes Noise About Influx Of Barbados Slot Machines

Hello Folks,

We received the following anonymous email, and as with any anonymous source or publication – including us, Barbados Free Press – readers should think twice about hidden agendas and the accuracy of stories where the author doesn’t sign their name for one reason or another.

We also our readers that if anyone disagrees with anything said on this blog, they are welcome to say so. Many folks who have disagreed with BFP in the past have taken advantage of our offer to provide equal time with our readers.

Hartley Henry is mentioned in this post and we’d be pleased to hear from him whether or not this anonymous email has any validity at all.

That said, let’s talk about all those shiny new slot machines that seem to be making their way into every little nook and cranny on Barbados…

Having barely survived the last five years of pilfering little Barbados lies prostrate while some high ups in the new Administration pick away at what is left. The first 100 Days of broken promises has led many insiders to believe this will definitely be a five year administration at most. Like vultures the new elite have begun picking at the family silver and filling their offshore bank accounts. Barbados is under attack from all sides.

Super Honcho and effective PM Hartley Henry leads the grab. New found Henry friend, Bob Washington, is back in the money seat and distributes 2,500 slot machines all over the island. They are in rum shops, gas stations, next to schools and always around the poorest districts. Bob was only recently in the doghouse and trying all how to sell his seemingly doomed business. Lucky Bob. Lucky HH.

Puppet PM David Thompson had read out to the whole nation that should he get into power he would send all those machines back where they came from. Puppet David continues to read PM Hartley dogma even up to recently. He thundered at a meeting with the Comptroller of Customs “ These are nothing but slot machines. I am a gambler and know for certain.”. The Comptroller denied all knowledge and said he was under instructions.

Now the Comptroller blue vex as the same PM reversed himself and says the machines must be allowed to play regardless if they are next to schools, at gas stations or wherever. “They’re not slot machines. They’re lottery machines”. He is reported to have thundered again at the confused Comptroller.

Bob Washington is said to have been extremely grateful to Hartley Henry and a check on his many bank accounts will show some huge sums in and out recently. “That is money for the Bermuda election”, HH reportedly told forensic investigator Howard Knight.

The bubble is about to burst but the only casualty is once again the Barbados people. The npoor Barbadians are robbed of over 20 million dollars in income they would have earned from the legal slot arcades which are closing daily due to the abundance of slots on the island. Even puppet PM David is confused as he is also Minister of Finance.

And the hard working public will work harder to make up the shortfall in government revenue. Money carried away by Hartley Henry, Bob Washington and puppets. Errol Barrow turned in his grave.


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