Why Not Cricket At The 2012 Olympic Games, London?

Why Does the World’s #2 Sport Need the Olympics?

The dream of winning an Olympic Medal inspires athletes from all over the world, and it will motivate athletes in countries that do not currently play Test cricket or the World Cup. The Olympics is the largest stage in the world for sports, and being in the Olympics will help cricket spread faster throughout the world.

Why 2012 ?

The 2012 Olympics will be held in England – England has a cricket infrastructure and the diverse public for a successful start

The above taken from Cricket2012Games.com

See an excellent article at Inside The Games: David Owen on the Chances of Cricket Making It Back Into The Olympics

Cricket Europe article: Cricket in the Olympics?

Wikipedia: Cricket at the 1900 Summer Olympics

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10 responses to “Why Not Cricket At The 2012 Olympic Games, London?

  1. BABFP

    Australia could have done the same thing when they had a chance.

    No Cricket and that is the best outcome. Today it is one of the few things that unites us as a region. Why should this event take that away?

  2. You may be interested in some stories about cricket in the Olympics on my website.

    This is the most recent article



    BFP Says…

    Thank you Duncan, for a most interesting and insightful story. Good points on the West Indies and India!

    We’ll put a link to your article in our main post.



  3. 2 Cents

    I trust that those West Indians who are getting all worked up about the notion of cricket in the Olympics understand the following:

    1. The Olympic Charter would preclude the WI from competing as a grouping in any olympic competition. Much like England/Scotland, Ireland etc competes as GB at the Olympics.

    2. Each country would have to qualify via a zonal competition to participate in the olympics.

    3. A maximum of 12-16 teams (if other team sports are to be observed) would participate in an olympic competition. This would see maybe three the most Caribbean teams in any Games at one time.

    4. The best that can be achieved by the 2012 games is Exhibition status. The sport would certainly be removed from the roster if the 2016 games were awarded to a non cricket playing country like Brazil a favourite to win the bid in 2016.

    One an aside, to the Sandford dynasty, cricket eclipsing soccer as the worlds favourite sport, don’t make yourself look like a fool with such comments man!

  4. Hi,

    Further to my earlier message. We have today posted another story on cricket in the Olympics that you may be interested in.

    It can be found at


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  5. Dogevpr2

    Naysayers as usual, that’s part of the reason cricket has been left out. Furthermore the Caribbean countries already compete individually in other sports at the Olympics, why not cricket ?
    The sport the greatest of games =need growth or it will continue losing ground .

  6. Anonymous

    Why Not Cricket At The 2012 Olympic Games, London?

  7. Anonymous

    Why Not Cricket At The 2012 Olympic Games, London?
    Why Not Cricket At The 2012 Olympic Games, London?
    Why Not Cricket At The 2012 Olympic Games, London?

  8. Rumplestilskin

    Baseball was dropped for the current games, so why cricket?

    If baseball returns, cricket may also return, as the shoter version of the game i.e. 20/20, is being widely acknowledged as taking over and both Test and One Days are expected to disappear.

    The shorter version of the game will make it feasible to include cricket in the Olympics, not now possible with the longer versions.


  9. swethabhas

    No, Never…Cricket sucks…Cricket is not a sport then how can it goes to Olympics?
    I have mentioned it in more detail here http://www.realizeandreact.wordpress.com

  10. Smith

    Hi All,

    I personally believe that the Cricket should be seriously promoted in non cricket playing nations. I look at this as a proposal as a golden opportunity for the non cricket playing nation to come to the screen. I will spread information about this sate to all my friends. What a wonderful moment would it be to see countries like Argentina, Mexico playing Cricket? How interesting there may be players who can play better than world class players like Sachin, Lee.
    I really appreciate this idea; well done