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Barbados Lawyer Hal Gollop: Is He Unethical? Underhanded? Back-stabbing? … or Perfectly Proper?

“Among the several attorneys retained in the past on (Andrew Thomas’) behalf in a quest to claim outstanding monies owed to him is senior lawyer Hal Gollop who was Alleyne’s counsel in the recent impasse.”

… from The Nation News article Pay Up!

Attorney Hal Gollop Represented Andrew Thomas THEN Stanton Alleyne!

Will somebody please tell me how it is ethical for a lawyer to represent Andrew Thomas in a civil dispute involving the SSA and Stanton Alleyne… and then to later switch sides and represent Stanton Alleyne in the same ongoing dispute?

I thought that things like this just weren’t allowed. I thought that after representing one party in a lawsuit or potential lawsuit, that no honest or ethical lawyer could then turn around and represent a party on the other side of the same dispute?

Then again, this is Barbados – where the local legal community thinks it is OK for a lawyer to practice law after stealing over a hundred thousand dollars from a client! (Stories here and here)

Yes… Barbados where a man can be the Attorney General one day and in charge of defending and launching lawsuits on behalf of the Government… and then POOF! – all of a sudden he is the highest Judge in the land in charge of judging those same lawsuits that he launched and defended for the government! And he was never a judge before! (story here)

Yes… the Barbados legal community where the highest prosecutor in the land can misuse his power for personal gain, and where the police use a pre-signed blank search warrant to strip naked and harass a woman for the Director of Public Prosecutions and the legal community says nothing even after the documents are published online! (story here)

Maybe I’m Wrong About This…

Let’s hear from our Barbados legal community.

We’d like to know if the actions of Hal Gollop are considered ethical by other Barbados lawyers and judges.


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Six Months Since Barbados Immigration Chief Kenrick Hutson Was Assassinated

UPDATED: September 19, 2013

This December 28th will be the sixth anniversary of the assassination of retired Barbados Immigration Chief and former Assistant Superintendent of Police Kenrick Hutson. The case is as ‘cold’ as they come with not a squeak from the police or newspapers since Hutson was shot down in front of his family.

We at BFP try not to forget even if our leaders do.

Original story first published June 29, 2008…

Retired Barbados Immigration Chief and former Assistant Superintendent of Police Kenrick Hutson was gunned down in front of his home on Friday December 28, 2007 while his wife and daughter were inside.

That is six months without an arrest and without a further mention of Mr. Hutson in the Barbados news media.

It is as if he never existed at all.

One would have thought that the Royal Barbados Police Force would have moved Heaven and Earth and never rested until those who murdered a colleague were captured or dead. Perhaps there is some large scale task force working diligently but quietly to hunt down Mr. Hutson’s murderers? Perhaps there has been further interest in the Barbados media with many stories – and we at BFP missed them?

Or perhaps, it is as if Kenrick Hutson never existed at all.

There are strange things that happen on this island sometimes – made stranger still by the silence of the “professional” news media.

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