Truth Is Where You Find It – Even In Dominica

Hard Hitting Words From Caribbean Man Blog

“Just returned from Barbados. I both admire and am afraid of Barbados.

Barbados represents the ultimate in first world mimickry. Its a beautiful little country with some of the hardest working people you can find. Its economy and living standards are first world, and its stability as a nation is great.

I admire all of those. Barbados has shown a capacity to absorb foreign direct investment to the point where it is attractive for foreign dollars to be in Barbados because foreigners want to holiday there, they want to live there, they want to even die there.

I get the sense that Bajans tolerate this success carefully. Its like the butler who takes shit all day because he knows he gets paid higher than even some white collar workers elsewhere and that he lives large. But deep down, he doesn’t want to be a butler anymore…”

… read the entire insightful article at Caribbean Man blog (link here)


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9 responses to “Truth Is Where You Find It – Even In Dominica

  1. JC

    I am one of those butlers! only thing I am tired of taking Massa’s orders so ………

  2. The Service Industry..

    It’s called The Service Industry.
    get over it.
    You’re either in it
    or you’re sufficiently financially-independent to tell them to take their job and shove it.
    Can’t have it both ways,dude!

  3. reality check

    Dominicans may not have a banking industry but they have 3 National Parks and have been very careful in preserving their green spaces and environment.

    Domincans should be extremely proud of being ahead of the curve, instead of behind it. At least there may be a reason to travel to Dominica in another generation which Barbados will surely not have.

  4. JC

    Small mindedness will get you no where!

  5. Dominica: I love it there. very close to nature very relaxing-somewhere to visit-good

  6. C.sativa


  7. Mathilde

    I can agree with that.

  8. rumboy

    He writes of an emerging black middle class but it has already emerged and successfully at that. Dominica is a pretty island with much charm and mystery, a holding economy and good leadership.

  9. Nile

    Columbus’ ghost lives in Dominica. Its only island Columbus recognizes from his days of discovery.