Garbage Strike Is A Side Issue In The National Debate About Corruption In Public Service

Introducing Barbados Prime Ministers Dennis Clarke and Walter Maloney

You heard that old joke where the parts of the body argue about who should be the boss? The National Union of Public Workers (NUPW) and the workers at the SSA just proved the joke to be true.

Sanitation Service Authority employees struck in support of manager Stanton Alleyne, who was fired over corruption allegations. With no garbage being collected and even no bodies being buried for five days, the government caved in and gave Alleyne his job back.

NUPW officials Dennis Clarke and Walter Maloney (photo) are at this moment, arguably the most powerful men in Barbados. A few words from them and the whole country began to stink. Bajans couldn’t even dispose of their own garbage as NUPW workers blocked roads with sabotaged trucks – an illegal act for which no one will ever be held responsible.

In a country that depends so heavily upon tourism, the guys who remove the garbage have far more to do with the health of the economy than they get credit for. And we’re not just talking about their ability to shut things down – we’re talking about the important role that they play in making Barbados as desirable destination.

But the garbage strike and the firing and re-hiring of Stanton Alleyne are only side-shows in the national debate about our culture of corruption.

As A Nation, Bajans Are Learning How To Deal With Their Culture of Corruption

The Board of the Sanitation Service Authority terminated acting manager Stanton Alleyne five days ago after they received information about him accepting money from an SSA contractor in 1999. Under Barbados laws that promote a culture of corruption by public officials, there is no offense in Alleyne accepting a “gift” from anyone unless it can be shown to be a direct bribe for a specific outcome.

So although any fool can see that it was a corrupt act for Allenye to accept money from a contractor with whom the government does business – it might not have been an illegal act under our impotent laws.

The SSA Board may or may not have handled the situation as they would now – BUT GIVE THEM CREDIT… they at least had the courage and integrity to try and deal with this obvious corruption by Stanton Alleyne.

The SSA Board is just like the rest of us – finally we have decided that we will no longer tolerate this corrupt behaviour, but we lack the knowledge, experience and the legal tools and procedures to effectively deal with specific cases or the wider perspective.

Some of us don’t even realise what corruption is.

Every week, folks come to Barbados Free Press and comment that there is no problem with elected or appointed government officials receiving gifts from companies who have government contracts as long as the officials don’t do anything specific in return.

These people are either naive or involved in the corruption themselves. Either way, they are part of the problem that we face in trying to clear up this culture of “gifts” that does so much harm to the country and totally destroys respect for government.

Stanton Alleyne’s lawyers proclaimed that their client is “vindicated” by the recent settlement that sees him return to his job.

I don’t think so!

The NUPW has declared a “victory”.

We ask “Victory for whom?” Certainly not for the people of Barbados who continue to pay for the corruption and live in a society where government officials become rich at the taxpayers’ expense.

Alleyne may or may not eventually have to answer for his corrupt act of receiving money from a government contractor, but one thing is certain – these situations will be seen more frequently as Bajans finally decide they have had enough of corruption by people in the public service.

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82 responses to “Garbage Strike Is A Side Issue In The National Debate About Corruption In Public Service

  1. JC


    Those persons from NIS were ordinary civil servants so it was ok for them to be charged. But his Lordship Alleyne has been nullified what foolishness is this?

    A fellow on the block will get skin up and no one cares? Is Alleyne a GOD that he cannot be held accountable for his actions. If I see my self on the wrong side of the law I will be dealt with because i am nobody!

    Well newsflash I am a citizen of Barbados and I demand that these ‘impotent laws’ become potent since that will let these blasted crooks know that each and every citizen of Barbados is SOMEBODY!

  2. Q.E.D.

    Predictable outcome!!

    Yes, we are learning.
    Learning that no laws are in place, and therefore no laws were broken.
    Oldest excuse in the world!

    Not a BOY in the blp can be charged,neider!
    For the same reason.

    Cute situation, huh?
    No wonder I want to be a politician when I grow up!

  3. Bajanboy

    I wonder if Ian Bourne would like to join this discussion?

  4. me

    seems to me that the current govt was quite heavy handed in dealing with this matter…what about Due process?

  5. Bush tea

    This has nothing WHATSOEVER to do with laws. It has to do with GUTS and a national attitude of mediocrity and acceptance of dishonesty.

    1) Alleyne and ANY OTHER MANAGER or LEADER who can be shown to accept such bribes should be SUMMARILY DISMISSED……
    ….mark one for the SSA Board.

    2) Where appropriate, the matter should be referred to the DPP and the matter prosecuted – including charges to the BRIBER.

    The problems here is that the idiotic Union do not understand that MANAGERS have a different level of responsibility to workers… and secondly, that the BOARD do no have the GUTS to stick to their principled position. (or the minister has none and over ruled them)

    ….finally, Bajans are a bunch of lackey, jokers who collectively have no principles (and a people ALWAYS get exactly what they deserve..)

    In serious countries, managers are dismissed even when things like this happen under their watch -far less when they themselves are responsible…

    If he had any shame he would have resigned when offered by the Board.

    The fact that all those sanitation workers would strike on behalf of someone who betrayed their trust as a manager in this way, is the ultimate disgrace- and it points the way to where we are going as a country….

    …and BFP, if we had ITAL the result would have been the same. What we need is national integrity.


    BFP says,

    Hey BT,

    Respectfully we have to disagree with you on ITAL. The end result would not have been the same because Alleyne would have been guilty of a crime under the conflict of interest provisions.

    Most people obey the laws. Public morality also tends to follow the laws. Laws are an important part of shaping public morality, but without laws anything goes.

    As we have seen!

  6. The Devil

    If the decision to reinstate Mr Alleyne was that of the Minister then one of two things should now happen either (a) the board resigns as a matter of principle or (b) the Minister fires the board who so ineptly handled the situation that led to the public health of the country being put at risk. If neither happens than I am giving the benefit of the doubt to Mr Alleyne and the Union.

  7. Bajanboy

    Right, I agree, the board should explain itself and defend its actions. Did the Minister overrule the board, or did the board reverse its decision? If the former is the case, it means that the Minister has lost confidence in the board and he should dismiss the entire board. If the latter is the case, the board should explain itself.

  8. reality check

    “…and BFP, if we had ITAL the result would have been the same. What we need is national integrity.”

    We need both yesterday!

  9. Jerome Hinds

    A nice article by BFP and some interesting comments from fellow bloggers above.

    It is clear that Mr. Alleyne did not operate above board.

    It is also clear that PM Owen Arthur was apprised of this situation by the contractor at the time……..but a careful study of the facts would show that the contractor ( Mr. Andrew Thomas ) was unable to honour his financial obligations to the Caribbean Commercial Bank at the time .
    ( Please see Weekend Nation of 27th June 2008 Page 4 )

    Eh ! Eh ! was this not the same Caribbean Commercial Bank that gave Owen Arthur that whopping $ 75,000.00 personal cheque…..and his BLP party some $ 750,000.00 in financial contributions ?

    I am not surprised to learn that Owen Arthur did not come to Andrew Thomas’ assistance !

    Owen Arthur thrived on CORRUPTION and BRIBERY…… wonder his minnions like Stanton Alleyne followed suit !

  10. Hants

    Mr.Alleyne has been reinstated in his job. Does this mean he is NOT GUILTY as charged?

    This situation “stinks”.

    Heads must roll or the public will see this as a typical “BLP” style coverup.

    The country stank for 5 days and the public needs to be told exactly WHY?

  11. Beefcake

    The Board should not be removed where the Minister is in the wrong.

    I’m wondering if this whole situation isn’t politically motivated to give a Win to the Unions after the Sandy Lane / Royal Shop matter.

    Of course, notice how both strikes have been handled differently.

    But I’ve been under the false impression that strike action is meant to be a last course of action and not gleefully embarked upon in such a light manner.

  12. permres

    Beefcake, I did not know that the Sandy Lane and Royal Shop disputes had been resolved, albeit handled in a different manner. I’ve searched the archives of Nation and Advocate but did not find anything recent.

    I know Unions in Barbados have always been strong, and rightly so, but are they really going to start holding the country to ransom as often as possible? That sounds like bordering on civil unrest!

  13. Tell me Why

    Eleven comments and not one stated the reason for the firing. Should we ask if due diligence was followed or did we see rash decisions just to try and convict someone.

    If all of you including BFP had taken the time to analyse the events leading up to Alleyne’s dismissal, you would have noticed that no substantiated evidence was mentioned. The mistake was firing the gentleman before passing files to DPP for perusal. If the link of wrong doing was clear, charges would have been lodged and presto, no strikes, no garbage pile-ups, no refusal to bury the dead and BFP article along with the above bloggers would be bang on.

  14. Tell me Why

    Heads must roll or the public will see this as a typical “BLP” style coverup.
    Hants, you are a brilliant writer and fantastic debater, but tell me how did you reach such a conclusion to link this foul up with any BLP cover-up. Remember, the DLP is in control.

  15. Justice

    TMW, for an employer to dismiss he does not have to prove that you committed a crime, merely that he reasonably believed you did. The DPP would have to prove you committed a crime to have you imprisoned. And BFP, at one moment you say there are NO laws, then at another time you say one has to prove certain things for a conviction. There are laws, but we don’t prosecute and have a jury decide if there is enough evidence of bribery.


    BFP says,

    There are no laws against a government official receiving a “gift” of any size from a company who is a government contractor.

    That is an absence of law that promotes corruption.

    We have a sixty or seventy year old “anti-corruption” law that is designed to be impossible to enforce so the elites can steal all they want.

    It doesn’t take a whole lot of brain power to understand how things are set up. What’s your problem?

  16. Could the Prime Minister have issued a back to work order?
    After all the health and welfare of Barbadians was at stake. Rotting garbage is a health issue.

  17. permres

    In my reference to civil unrest, notbajan, I also meant to comment that a time would come where the Government would have to send in the BDF to clear away the garbage. I seem to remember it happening in the UK in the 70s I think, when ambulance and/or fire service were on strike and they sent in the WW2 “green Goddesses” (ambulances).

  18. Hants

    TmW the operative word is “style”. In other words, we DLP supporters blamed the BLP for “covering up problems” so we cannot come and do the same thing.

    I am a strong supporter of ITAL and open transparent Government regardless of who is in power.

  19. Sargeant

    I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that the workers went on strike in support of their manager. Does the union represent both management and the workers? If yes then whose interest does the union represent in management/worker disputes? Alleyne may be in a bind now, do you think that he would dare punish one of the Sanitation workers now that the have gone to bat for him? This looks like another case of the inmates running the asylum. It is a sad precedent but it will be difficult for this or any gov’t in to enforce discipline if it means that the union bosses will call out their minions on strike and hold the country to ransom. Remember the unions threatened a general strike to try to force a settlement in the Sandy Lane affair, now I wonder if the QEH board imposes any penalty on a hospital administrator does that mean the QEH will be shut down?

    Someone mentioned that the issue should have been referred to the DPP for possible prosecution, but evidence required to convict someone in a court of law may be quite different from evidence required to dismiss an employee. That’s why so many businesses dismiss employees for illegal activities without reference to law enforcement.

  20. The Devil

    I wish to focus on BFP’s praise of the SSA board for having “courage and integity”. Well, if the board had these qualities then they would have resigned by now or if the Minister has “courage and integrity” he would have fired the board by now.


    BFP says,

    They gave it their best shot… which is more that anybody did during the BLP years.

  21. Checkin-out

    Hi BFP

    Excellent article on the Sanitation strike!

    On the assumption that the “facts” on corruption you present are true and could be proven in a court of law, it seems to me that the resolution is a major step in the wrong direction and will provide precedence for Managers of Government Statutory Boards who are popular with their staff (not a normal situation as far as I am aware) to get away with almost any infelicity.

    I think the wrong message is being sent to Managers and workers at similar institutions.

    Even though I think that ITAL laws could easily be breached by unscrupulous individuals, If they were in place in this particular case it would have been difficult or impossible to reinstate the individual.

  22. Tell me Why

    TMW, for an employer to dismiss he does not have to prove that you committed a crime, merely that he reasonably believed you did.
    Justice. Did you give thought to your statement. Probably, that might what have happened in the SSA case. The words missing is ‘without doubt’. We all know that any employer can dismiss a worker, but what about the consequences.

  23. Checkin-out

    I forgot to mention that the Board should resign. It would not be politic for the Minister to fire a board under these circumstances.

  24. Tell me Why

    I forgot to mention that the Board should resign. It would not be politic for the Minister to fire a board under these circumstances.
    BFP, who is the chairman of the SSA? I will make my comment once I am sure who the chairman is.

    I must say that the intellectual capabilities of bloggers are doing far better than the mainstream media. That is why politicians should take heed with the power of blogging.

  25. 215

    Isn’t the chairman Dr Don Marshall of UWI?

  26. Bush tea

    Tell me Why

    You may not be aware, but the job of a manager is to implement the POLICY of his Board.

    Boards therefore have an inherent RIGHT to dismiss managers if ever they lose confidence in that manager. FULL STOP.

    It is not the same with ordinary workers who carry out roles assigned by management. A more rigid process is required.

    Talking about having to pass the matter to DPP before firing Alleyne is therefore TOTAL NONSENSE.

    Persons who accept positions in management are not ‘workers’, they are agents of the owners or Board and can manage only if they have the confidence of the Board.

    …have a look at how serious organisations are run across the world..

    ….and BFP,
    I respect your focus on ITAL too, and support it; HOWEVER i suggest that the problem we face is a bit more fundamental than ITAL.
    … if a Board can’t fire a bad manager who represents them, what makes you think that the DPP will be willing to follow through with this? …surely you know how these things are handled in Bim….

    FIRST we need a national commitment to Integrity…..a commitment to do RIGHT….then ITAL will work.

  27. The Devil

    The above anonymous post was from me.

    The board’s “best shot” is not acceptable if it infringed the rights of Mr Alleyne and led to the disruption of garbage pick-up and disposal and burials. It is interesting that this is not a new or recent allegation but dates back some years. A former board actually appointed a General Manager instead of Mr Alleyne (who was deputy GM). That GM was hopeless in the job and lasted less than a year I believe. Mr Alleyne has been acting GM since.

    Is it possible that any case against Mr Alleyne is now so compromised that even if he is ‘guilty’ of corruption, he will get off? Sorry, the board should be dismissed or should resign for being inept.

    Sorry BFP in the real adult world, there are laws and rules and yes real levers of power (public opinion, unions, politics, moneyed interests etc). A board of management is not a primary school debate of “If I was the PM I would…” save the world!


    BFP says,

    Laws? In Barbados? Surely you jest, sir!

    There is no rule of law in Barbados. There is only what is expedient.

  28. Tell me Why

    Boards therefore have an inherent RIGHT to dismiss managers if ever they lose confidence in that manager. FULL STOP.
    I agree, but suppose that manager is performing and and that organisation is respected by its customers who the hell is “the board”, you are getting on as though a board cannot make fundamental mistakes. In this episode, the board did make a mistake and should be relieved of its duties..

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  30. Straight talk

    Unbelievably, TMW, I agree with you.

    How can a board of management in a vital government department operate through a manager, who has patently lost their confidence.

    They are now in a completely impotent position.

    If their dismissal decision was over-ruled, they should do the honourable thing and resign in protest.

    If it was not over-ruled, and they themselves reversed the decision, they should do the honourable thing and resign because they are incompetent.

    Either way the public of Barbados needs a statement from the minister to explain this debacle and “accepting with regret” the wholesale resignation of the failed board.

  31. Darnley L. Pinder

    The board should issue a statement stating one of two things
    1) that they were very wrong and tender their resignation for caussing such a mess.

    2) state that they are right and are only reinstating Mr Alleyne because of the stink created by the union.

    Without doing one or the other the would be seen as being weak and not being able to stand up for anything. After all they felt strongly enough about the matter to take it to the DPP and are now backing down? The next time the Doc (marshall) is on the call in programme i will call and ask his opinion since he normally has all the answers.

  32. Justice

    My problem , BFP, is how would you know that it is not possible to enforce the corruption law we do have…oh, I forget it suits your agenda to say so.


    BFP says,

    Please list all the charges laid under the current corruption act in the last 25 years.


  33. Tell me Why

    How come the eerie silence about the proposed shakeup of the CBC. Are we going to have a new Barbados?

  34. Tell me Why

    Is Tennyson Beckles also on this board?

  35. Tell me Why

    Although I am saying that the board should resign, I must also advance my observation that the Minister of State Arni Walters should also be called to account in this episode. The Minister of Health cannot be called to account with the strike since the board was in control. Fortunately, he has the power to dismiss the entire board. The ball is in your court Mr. Minister.

  36. Sargeant

    Why blame the board? The gov’t appointed the board with the understanding that they would manage the affairs of the SSA. If the board in its wisdom lost confidence in the General Manager and decided that he should go that should be end of the story. Boards do this every day (maybe not in Barbados) but the General Manager would be free to pursue his own grievance. I would lay the blame squarely at the feet of the spineless minister and by extension the gov’t for not supporting the board that it appointed, were there no alternatives to counter the illegal strike by the SSA workers? It seems that they did not only go on strike they sabotaged some vehicles so no one could get to some facilities. What about the Defense Force? Could they not be drafted to collect and dispose garbage and guard the facilities if needed? Forget the last two queries I was dreaming and those things don’t happen bout hey.

    Mark my words, you won’t see this in the newspapers or other media but the Union will be approaching the relevant ministry and request that the workers should be paid for the days that they missed (maybe it has already been approached). I just hope that some civil servant will have the cojones to tell them to go stuff it, but they may be overruled by a minister.

    It’s not dark yet but it’s getting there. (Bob Dylan)

  37. Frantic

    Thank you to BFP for telling this story right. This whole country is a joke, but we are not the ones laughing? Number one developing country brought to its knees by garbage men. Ha, Ha, Ha.

    Justice is all about procedure, so is crime and immorality. So if you plan to commit a vicious and sadistic act designed to profit or pleasure you at the expense of people you were employed to serve, make sure you follow procedure. Don’t get caught, and if you do, make sure you have the garbage men at your back.

    If the doctors went on strike, some people might die; that would be no problem, we would simply bury them with the help of the garbage men. Oops, the garbage men are on strike, what a big stink!!!

    Why didn’t the SSA Board wait for the comprehensive corruption legislation that’s supposed to be coming. Could it be that they believe it’s really not ever coming in truth.
    What ever happened to the Sandy Lane and Royal Shop disputes. Could Sir ‘Roy Trotman please explain how the Union’s strong case came to be abducted by aliens from outer space.

  38. Tell me Why

    If the board in its wisdom lost confidence in the General Manager and decided that he should go that should be end of the story.
    Nope. It cannot be the end of the story. The board must have a reason for that decision. Unfortunately, the lost in confidence is based on the issue in question. If the issue shows that the absence of any conclusive evidence and the gentleman was re-hired, I am putting to you that the board should be held responsible for such a fouled-up and silently submit their resignation.

  39. Tell me Why

    BFP, I know that it is the spams that holding my article. So please release, let me go.

  40. This act against Mr Alleyne is one of a long internal dispute. The Board was ultra viries, only Cabinet has the right to hire or fire. There were accusations of my Mgr being a Bee and this Board did not do a thorough investigation. He is officially neutral as he is in Public Sector but not a Civil Servant.

    BFP has long issued salvos against Mr Alleyne over Greenland, but you have to remember both he and myself answer to whatever Govt is in power. Holding him responsible for Greenland is like BFP claiming the change in power from Bee to Dem (oh wait, they did that already – sorry dearie: it was gonna happen anyways)!

    Look at Pg 4 of Friday’s dead-tree edition of the Nation (Say, do you realise BFP seldom ever look at print or dead-tree? Why not – are they really in Bim? ) and you will discover a well-researched Tim Slinger article on the man who made an accusation – Andrew Thomas has a long chequered and questionable history with payment on jobs done for pvt sector as well.

    I was one of the 400 and proud of it, if they succeeded in sacking Alleyne without a hearing and due process, then ANY worker from high or low could be sent home for as little a fact as the cut of their jib does not meet with the approval of whosoever wields the power.

    BFP, I realise that both of us are not ISO 9002 designated Journalists. Nevertheless, before you refer to the anus joke on parts of the body ruling, make sure you have most, if not necessarily ALL, of the facts on this matter! BU next…


    BFP says

    Hi Ian,

    Seeing as you’re talking about this (much to our surprise), please tell the folks about how and why Mr. Alleyne took two cheques from Mr. Thomas.

    And yes, Mr. Thomas appears to have a “long chequered and questionable history” – but that fits right in with a man who writes cheques to government officials, doesn’t it?

  41. The Devil

    How can the board stay? However one looks at the situation, the board is either incompetent or without courage and integrity. I would be interested in reading another view that would show how the board could stay on as well as Mr Alleyne. This incident could very well derail any plans to investigate and “prosecute” allegations of wrong doing by civil servants and officials of statutory corporations as well as members (politicians) of the last administration.

    Having no legal training whatsoever I must ask; if ITAL laws were passed now, could these be applied retroactively i.e to situations that occurred years ago?

  42. I would like for my rebuttal to appear, for those who appreciate balance, my comment is also at BU – thanks!

  43. Tell me Why

    Hi Devil. I am like you, I don’t have any legal training whatsoever, but remember, the law is for the lawless. Maybe, I am one of the lawless.

  44. Tell me Why

    Seeing as you’re talking about this (much to our surprise), please tell the folks about how and why Mr. Alleyne took two cheques from Mr. Thomas.
    I have a question BFP. Is this SSA post based on fair play due to someone being accused without concrete evidence and was cleared and rehired or are you unto a partisan political witch hunt in the removal of all personnel who were employed prior to Jan 15, 2008 from various statutory boards? I bet we are going to hear that Ian Bourne is no longer at the SSA. If that is going to be the case, I can say without doubt the firing squad is in action.

  45. BFP

    It appears that there were two cheques we know of for a total of $1000.

    We’d like to know why a government employee took money from a government contractor.

    Frankly, we’re not interested whether or not the useless 60 year old anti-corruption act was technically violated or not.

    We want to know how it was that a government employee took money from a government contractor.

    It is, in the absence of any explanation, a corrupt act… whether or not it violated contemporary laws.

    Here is what the Nation News says about the cheques…

    Clarke further explained that the trade unions were in the process of preparing to negotiate Protocol Six with the Government and they could not allow the

    SSA “to get away with this while we are sitting on a committee”.

    Claiming that due process was not followed, he disclosed that at the time the contract was given, Alleyne was not general manager and would not have been in a position to influence anything.


    “Who can bribe someone for a contract allegedly for $500 – all two cheques totalling $1 000?” he asked to loud applause.

    Alleyne also briefly addressed the workers, thanking them for their support and assuring them that the matter would be resolved soon.

  46. I stepped in after so long as the accusations appeared ridiculous to me; that cheque issue is now in the hands of Mr Alleyne’s attorney, Hal Gollop, so as it is sub judicae, I cannot go in the full details…

    Mr Alleyne was not even in a position to influence a building contract in 1999 – meanwhile, the contractor kept asking that Board then for money, until Owen said NO, plus 4 lawyers told him he had not a leg to stand on.

    I have also heard a former Divi Southwinds employee state that they would not hire same contractor on pain of death!


    BFP says

    Hi Ian,

    We admire your loyalty to your co-workers, but respectfully we have to point out that Mr. Alleyne as a government employee took money from a government contractor.

    That deserves a public explanation from Mr. Alleyne. Why did he take money? Why did he think that the government contractor was giving it to him? Was the money officially reported to the SSA? Was it declared as income for tax purposes? Did he receive any other gifts of money or anything else from this or any other government contractor?

    You see Ian, in every jurisdiction where proper conflict of interest and integrity laws and rules are in place, Mr. Alleyne’s act of taking money from a government contractor would be prohibited.

    That is done for a good reason, you know.

    Or, perhaps the government contractor writes dozens of cheques every week to complete strangers he meets on the road and it was just a coincidence that Mr. Alleyne worked for the government?

  47. Trained Economist

    Tell me Mr. Bourne, is it correct to say that the employee was provided an opportunity to explain the cheques and he chose not to?

    Unless he can explain those cheques, he cannot command confidence as a manager. he needs to go.

  48. Tony Hall

    The Board does not have to resign. Mr. Alleyne will eventually leave because since he does not command the confidence of the board the working relationship is going to be very uncomfortable.

  49. Wishing in Vain

    The simple question did he or did he not receive money from this person?

    If the answer is a yes as it most certainly is then he should be placed behind bars.

    Mr Bourne you need not try to defend this criminal and that he is, he will not be in a position to corrupt the system for much longer.

  50. Tell me Why

    Mr Bourne you need not try to defend this criminal and that he is, he will not be in a position to corrupt the system for much longer.
    Can we the electorate read between the lines that it will be a concerted effort to remove this person from the system? Fighting statement WIV. The pen is mightier than the sword….and you just give us food for thought.

  51. Trained Economist

    Mr. Bourne, what due process was the acting manager denied?

    The Tim Slinger article reveals very little, so much for being well researched.

    I was always taught that one must both be and appear to be above board.

  52. Wishing in Vain

    Tell me why!!

    I fully understand your position you would condone any and everything that the BLP or its clan were part of, I dear say you to were part of their scams.

    This man is a crook end of the story he took bribes for doing a job, no further dicussion required.

    I cannot await the outcome of the next event that one being the fraud that was done to us by Dr Leo Brewster and his girlfriend over a million dollars later and our money missing.

  53. John

    … but Mr. Alleyne is above the board.

    The board was over ruled it appears ….. or did it just change its mind?

    I can’t understand how the board can avoid resigning … but this is Barbados and we don’t do the resigning thing well.

    Something, besides Greenland, isn’t right at SSA.

  54. Adrian Hinds

    Ian Bourne would like us to see Stanton as neutral , while suggesting that the Board saw him as a BLP hack. A known overseas BLP diehard supporter , and someone who knows Stanton sees it the way most of us do.

    His opinions leaves no doubt about his views on Stanton’s affiliations, and the implications this reversal by the board has for both party. Uh mean everybody by now must know that BLP card carrying member Hal Gollop is the Lawyer of choice for BLP hacks.

    Someone even tried to suggest that the Board faltered when they fired him before giving their evidence over to the DPP. I respond to this with my comments made earlier, elsewhere.

    “Thompy involve in this wun? Wuh dis is news to me! I read the nationnews article and what immediately jump out at me is, CHEQUES, BARBADOS PREVENTION OF CORRUPTION ACT, and the Involvement of the DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC PROSCECUTIONS. WOW, Cheques, an Act of Law, and a public prosecutor was first mention by me with regards to Owen Arthur and the Cheques made out to him by Mariano Brown. Do you remember the cheque accusation by Thompy that made Owen sweat profusively and unable to stand up?

    I predict : that the DPP will rule that the case against Stanton cannot go forward, that it has no merit. He must do this so as to not risk setting a precedent that can cause some discomfort to Owen.

    In Barbados the Law applies to small fish alone, and will bypass the small fish if it threatens to capture a big fish as well.”

    Now tell me wuh mek dis board think that they could get the DPP to rule on the merit of accusations base on the Law and the evidence when Thompy said he had no where or entity to turned to when he too had checques, and set of circumstance that question the integrity of Owen Arthur? This is Barbados and this Board needs to wake up and realize this. 😀 curruption is and has always been part and parcel of public administration in Barbados.

    ……But folks make no mistake about it, we only hearing about Stanton’s under handedness because the Board playing politics. At least one Board member is a known DLP supporter and former “Brass tacts” pest, known as the St.Thomas man. This is all good becuase if and when this DLP lot engage in their “under-handedness, the BLP whenever next them come to power will be just as fired up to tuh “tell pun dem” 😀

    …..But wuh happened wid all dese Bajans from over in away flying back tuh Bim under the pretense of giving back, only tuh end up engaging in less than above board behaviour? It would seems as if, Barbados has to be weary of returning nationals in general and not only the US deportees. 😀 people seems to be learning all kinds uh behaviour in “foreign” and are only to eager to put them into practice once back on the rock.

  55. Wishing in Vain

    Much is not right, this same scamp is also part of the scam of buying parts for the SAA thru none other than the one and only HALLAM NICHOLLS.

    What does this indicate to you??

    I have had a birdie tell me that his days in that post at the SSA are numbered, we cannot tolerate corruption at any level in the affairs of state and once disclosed the party or parties involved need to be exposed, charged and jailed, no rocket science applied here just straight forward logical thinking.

    The likes of this Alleyne and Brewster have no place in this society it is made even worst by the fact that OWING ARTHUR knew fully well that Brewster was stealing from us and he willfully refused to address the issue because of politics and elections, in my books he would have scored more points by exposing Bewster and sending him to the DPP than to ignore the theft but then they were cut from the same bolt of cloth, crooked.

  56. Wishing in Vain

    there is no offense in Alleyne accepting a “gift” from anyone unless it can be shown to be a direct bribe for a specific outcome.

    Not many of you would be aware of the fact that there is a witnessed and signed document stating by the contractor that this was money was paid in cosideration for the favourable awarding of work to him.

  57. Wishing in Vain

    How come the eerie silence about the proposed shakeup of the CBC. Are we going to have a new Barbados?

    The best thing to happen at CBC for 15 years, let us put round pegs in round holes not as it was at CBC under mottley where she installed all of her ilk and liking in post around her control.

  58. excuse me?

    “The mistake was firing the gentleman before passing files to DPP for perusal.”

    I hope you are not refrring to the “Ronja Juman” DPP.

    This man should have been turfed well before now, along with the CJ

  59. Vision Alert

    When a person is hired, expecting to be in the job for many years and build up a pension, he/she can become complacent and slap-dash. They think that the job is theirs and no-one can touch them. But he/she may be medically unfit, and not functioning properly, for instance. It appears to me that there had been a loss of self-esteem as a manager with Mr. Alleyne and he had become one of the boys.

    If there is any truth that this man has acted in an unprofessional manner which drew the board’s attention, I think he should have been suspended at this first discovery until an enquiry had been completed, with full pay. As a result, if there was any doubt at all about Mr Alleyne’s guilt, he should come back into the workplace, in a different capacity with the same pay. All of his private and domestic commitments could still be met.

    If the enquiry found him guilty, and because he had a good service record, he could still return with full pension rights, but demote him to a lower paid position.

  60. Sargeant

    In today’s Nation is the following statement: “Among the several attorneys retained in the past on his behalf in a quest to claim outstanding monies owed to him is senior lawyer Hal Gollop who was Alleyne’s counsel in the recent impasse”

    Hmmmmn Isn’t there something unethical about that?

  61. John

    …. not in Barbados

  62. John

    …. besides, how do you know the two gentlemen do not have similar interests?

  63. Sargeant

    Hi BFP…… Remember ITAL and Conflict of Interest? Isn’t the goodly gentleman Mr. Gollop in a Conflict of Interest? I wonder what the Law Society would say about this matter. It would be interesting if it lands in court, but somehow I doubt it will happen

  64. Hants

    The citizens of Barbados deserve an explanation of the events that caused them to endure the “stench”
    of this SSA event.

    To put the health of the people and visitors at risk is extremely serious.
    Prehaps that is why the matter was “resolved”.

  65. John

    I love the banner.

    Brings back memories of the Up angle and Down Angle photos when Owen appeared in the Nation to complain!!

    I suspect in some exceptional cases, Up or Down Angle probably won’t make too much of a difference and in others the Down Angle is more flattering.

    “Savvy media watchers spot it right away: the Nation News used a “down angle” while photographing the former Prime Minister. It is all a subtle trick of perception and media technique, but it boils down to this: “up angles” are shot from below the subject’s face level (looking up at the subject) and are perceived by the viewer to show the subject as taller, more powerful, in control and with increased status.”

  66. bussa

    Ian bourne to get rid of the problem solver from the SSA will be a problem in itself can you remember the day you left the SSA and went to CBC where you did the lotto double draw and on your way back to the SSA you met stanton at the shop nearby and he warned you of your actions and since then you have taken heed .Mr alleyne have been a problem solver for years at the SSA but he made a mistake and he should pay for it.

  67. Two Cents

    Ye I just type this in over at another site I was shown so if you read it already I am sorry.

    Do most of you type because you have fingers? Do you base most of your opinions in life on assumptions?

    I will preface this by saying I work for the SSA. I am not management or got any sitdown job like Mr.Bourne.

    You are lumping in Mr.Alleyne with the likes of Owen and other known thiefs of the BLP and private sector, when ironically Alleyne has had years of stress inflicted on him from same said BLP because he remains to be neutral on the political scene. He has been acting for 6 years, if he was a member of the BLP boys club do you think he would still be acting? Did you know that during that time a new GM was appointed and stepped down due to not being able to handle the pressure?

    This situation is not the boards fault or Mr.Alleynes fault even though I think the firing was utter nonsense , I commend the board for wanting to rout out corruption. However if you are gardening and looking for weeds make sure its a weed first before you rush to pull it out of the ground. The Board was too over zealous in trusting evidence from a questionable person with clear motives to create this situation. They did not realise however that Mr.Alleyne is an excellent leader and has taken care of us for many years so it was only right that we stand in solidarity.

    The people to blame are the real thiefs of the past administration and private sector that have created a environment where we now EXPECT people to be up to no good. Where the slightest hint of unexplainable data is automatically wrongdoing. We as a people have been wronged into adopting this cynical and pessimistic view of our leaders and figures. I only hope that the people who are trying to clean up these messes dont wrong the people more by being over zealous and accumulating the collateral damage of good men like Mr.Alleyne.

    I agree the union leaders have too much uncontrolled power and we should have someone to regulate the Unions but in this case , I can guarantee you that even WITHOUT a union. We ,SSA workers would not have touched
    a single bag of garbage until Mr.Alleyne was reinstating. We DO NOT care about the process, we care about the fact that he is innocent and most of us that have been around since those times know the issue with that contractor.

    I dont think the Board should resign, I dont think Mr.Alleyne should be forced into retiring. I think the Minister, The Board,Mr.Alleyne and the Crook should get together and issue a statement to the Barbadian public. Take the high road and say corruption will not be tolerated, we made an error in judgement and we will continue to be vigilant in all areas of the government. The fact that they fired him because they believe he was corrupt (even though they were wrong) shows me are the right men for the job.

    The people need the full story and a resolution, a little knowledge is a terrible thing, speculation is a terrible thing.

    Thank you for your time.
    You can continue your partisan back and forth.
    I hope you are as vocal when someone comes to lynch you wrongfully


    BFP says,

    so why did a government employee Alleyne take money from a government contractor?

  68. Tell me Why

    Who give the order to investigate Mr. Alleyne?
    Who give the order to fire Mr. Alleyne?
    Who give the order to re-hire Mr. Alleyne?

    Today’s Nation shows that a tete a tete was held in 1999 between Mr. Thomas and the Opposition leader at the time.

    BFP can you shed some light or WIV will be willing?

  69. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    Barbados continues to set very distasteful precedence. There is so much hypocrisy, double standards, and convenient laws in this country that if any one in their right mind is expecting justice where such should be meted – THINK AGAIN!

  70. yatinkiteasy

    I would love to see what $75000 of “refurbishment” to an office looks like …sounds like another ackee tree cut down job!


    The allegations are not that he took the money that Mr.Thomas says he hasnt been paid. The allegations are Mr.Thomas bribed him with a $1000 dollars in cheques to give him the contract.

    To BFP

    The contractor and Alleyne knew each other previously and he had done previous work for them. The two cheques for $500 were in exchange for US currency that Alleyne sold to Thomas after coming back from a recent trip. Mr.Alleyne made a mistake but it was not corruption. Would any of you apply favoritism to any aspect of your jobs (furthermore hundreds of thousands) for $1000 dollars in two separate amounts AND take them in two separate cheques made out to you personally?. Mr.Alleyne is guilty of being naive and not thinking about how it may appear to other people. This man Thomas only realised he could use and did use these cheques to create this situation after he had fully exhausted his avenues (see Pay up) in getting the money he thinks he is owed by the GOVERNMENT not Mr.Alleyne. As you can see in the Pay Up article he is quick to dismiss Mr.Alleynes role but jumps nicely into recampaigning for the money he is owed.

  72. yatinkiteasy

    Isnt buying or selling US currency illegal i Barbados?

  73. Dumpling

    Not sure it could be, but I know alot of people who do it. Bulling is illegal too but we all know that goes on and noone in jail for it. Maybe thats why he aint speak up?

  74. Sargeant

    Did the reporter at the Nation ask Mr. Thomas if the cheques were payment for any services rendered during the “exclusive” interview? Seems to me that is the crux of the matter now that we have “Two Cents and a Half” alleging that the payment was for foreign currency which Mr. Alleyne accumulated during an overseas trip. This is plausible enough until you realize that Mr. Alleyne met with the Board to give his side of the story and was fired. Do you think any reasonable person would dismiss someone who gave that explanation? Mr. Alleyne also have union reps and a lawyer wouldn’t they be singing to all and sundry that the cheques were issued as payment for foreign funds. If the penalty for purchasing foreign currency from friends and acquaintances was punishable by job loss in Barbados half the nation would be unemployed including Members of Parliament. What about Mr. Thomas? Would he keep cheques issued to Mr. Alleyne in exchange for foreign currency for nine years and then forward copies to the Board? I would wager that he told the Board that the cheques were for a quid pro quo, you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours

    Now they put their heads together and come with a “Cock and Bull” story figuring that we are so gullible we’ll believe anything. Try again.

  75. Dumpling

    The Nation said Alleyne refused to answer when called to the board which was supposedly after they already asked him to resign. Under advice from his lawyer I would think.

    Thomas probably has accounting for his business or order copies of the cheques from the bank. I think the US money story holds weight. Alleyne hasnt come forward with this neither has anyone is his circle so I dont think anyone put their heads together to trick us.

  76. ROBOT


  77. J

    You all know of course that Stanton has long been married to the Chief Justice’s first cousin.

  78. J

    The workers went on strike in support of the manager not so much because workers like management – because largely workers do not like management – but because the workers knew that if the boss was dealt with in such an arbitary fashion then when their turn came they would be dealth with in like fashion.

    If you would get out of your air conditined palaces and actually talk to some of the men who clean up after you they would have told you so.

    The truth is if you have ever build anthing even as slight as a sheep pen you would know that disputes about the value of work done and the amount of money due arise all the time. Nothing unusual there.

    Did I read the front page of the Sunday Sun of June 29th correctly? when it was written that “contractor Andrew Thomas produced cheques that led to to allegations of the breach of the Prevention of Corruption Act” Does this mean that Mr. Thomas may have paid a bribe to Mr. Alleyne. If so has any of the many lawyers whom Mr. Thomas consulted told him that paying a bribe is as unlawful and immoral as receiving a bribe?

    And that the courts will not and cannot and indeed MUST not enforce an inherently illegal transaction.

    No wonder the foolish man is running from lawyer to lawyer.

    And if Mr. Thomas paid a bribe in order to get the contractor, then I wonder what happened to the contractor whose bid did not include bribe money?

    And could the building have been built for less if bribe money was not included?

    And did my tax money pay for this nonsense?

    And now Mr. Thomas expects more money and more court time (and time is money) to resolve this nonsense?


  79. bob

    These discussions are wonderfull and thank you BFP for creating a wonderfull “Thinking Tank” that brings Bloggers from all over with their Views & Opinions… it’s good open discussions.

    The writer “supposedly works at Sanitation”.. is a very good writer with clear thoughts… He/ She must hold a senior position there or must be an imposter posing as a worker…. very enlightning article of an alternative point of view.

    My contribution follows “J’s” submission… the BRIBER… Perhaps as with the fox and the sour grapes.. these payments had the USD$ truth to it and then the throwing in of the monkey wrench. I feel that if Contractor Andrew Thomas claims that the $1,000.00 was a bribe in 1999 … then it follows that He may have been bribing other officials for contracts in other areas of business. His books should be forensicly audited for similar payments.

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