Brother Charged In Muslim Honour Killing In Canada

Back in December, Barbados Free Press wrote about the murder of 16 year-old Aqsa Parvez in Canada. Aqsa’s father was charged with murder and her brother was charged with obstructing the police investigation…

“It happens all the time in countries ruled by Islamic law and nothing is said or done about it, but when it happens in Britain, Europe or North America it is news.

Aqsa Parvez was an ordinary 16-year-old Canadian teenager who dared to refuse to be subjugated as a woman according to Muslim religious law. She would leave her home dressed in a Hijab and then change her clothing at school. Her father found out and decided to make sure the “family honour” was preserved…”

… from BFP’s article Canadian Father Murders Teenage Daughter Over Refusal To Wear Muslim Headscarf Hijab.

Now Canadian police have upgraded the charges against the brother to murder. It is alleged that 27 year-old Waqas Parvez assisted his father to murder his 16 year-old sister.

BFP will continue to follow this and other North American and European honour-killing cases along with several other human rights issues that interest our writers.

Toronto Canadian Sun Article: Aqsa’s Brother Charged


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16 responses to “Brother Charged In Muslim Honour Killing In Canada

  1. me

    The things people do in the name of religion!

  2. 34667.64.87

    the utter nonsense people do “in God’s name”
    If I were God, I’d be doing some serious smiting!!
    “Honour Killing” is pretty much an oxymoronic phrase, isn’t it?
    Kinda like ‘Military Intelligence’?
    or ‘Fighting for Peace’?

    How about ‘Screwing for Chastity’?

    thought U’d like that last one!

  3. Devolution?

    How do you resist the onward march of societal evolution?
    By holding fast to Islam,whereby you can pretend, ad infinitum,
    that it’s still Mohammed-time(7th.century) forever!

    This is a religion that prides itself in being backward.
    How come they use CARS?
    That should be against their religion!

  4. Sargeant

    As we are on this subject here is a slightly related story that may pique your interest

  5. Jax

    Nice try, bud…but this had nothing to with religion. The father has history of mental problems, and his son was trying to protect him from the law.
    Both are guilty.

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  7. Rohan

    He’s probably hoping to get executed so he would become a martyr. 72 virgins anyone?

    There is no end to the depravity that can be brought out of a human being if he/she is brainwashed long enough and from an early enough age.

  8. The Devil

    Voltaire (French philosopher, 1694 – 1778) once wrote “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities”.

  9. bob

    On this subject… There is an interesting book called “PRINCESS a true story of life behind the veil in Saudi Arabia”. Written by Jean Sasson.
    This is a MUST READ for persons who care about the mistreatment of Women

  10. J

    Dear Rohan:

    Canada does not execute murderers, so there is no hope of 72 virgins.

    Father and son will likely spend the rest of their lives in jail.

    The girl will remain in her grave.

    A self inflicted family tragedy.

    1 woman dead and 2 men in jail.

    I know that this is NOT the will of Allah.

  11. This is Jean Sasson, author of the PRINCESS TRILOGY.

    Since the first day I arrived in Saudi Arabia so long ago in 1978, and quickly saw first-hand that many men in that country practiced extreme violence against women under the prideful and false “guise” of “protecting” them… (Please bear in mind that I write a disclaimer, or many individuals will accuse me of condemning EVERY Muslim man– NOT TRUE: I am not condemning every man as there are some very nice Saudi men, as well as very fair-minded and kindly Muslim men in every country. The truth is that I only condemn the cruel, brutal men who deserve all our scorn and wrath… The same for any Muslim woman who takes offense, I say to you if you are enjoying life with a good man, celebrate it, and help your sisters from your “freedom perch.” Don’t get offended as I hereby acknowledge that I personally know MANY Muslim women who are educated and happy and going forth with a productive life — as you well know, many of your “sisters” do not share your good fortune.)

    Having said this, I must also add that the most surprising and disturbing point for me me was when I discovered that in many cases, women of the family not only condoned the honor killings and other primitive abuses against females, but they actually encouraged it against their own sisters and daughters. It has been documented in various cases that some mothers hold their daughters down while their husbands or sons kill them!

    When I first reported these practices in the early 1990’s, I was ridiculed and attacked worldwide, including in my own country by practically everyone as I was instantly and falsely accused of “making propaganda against Muslims” — nothing is further from the truth as I judge each individual I meet on their personal conduct, caring not a whit if they are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddist, Jewish, etc., — I do understand that I was heaped with scorn because anyone who had not lived in Saudi Arabia truly could not could believe that a father would drown his own daughter in the family swimming pool, or stab her death, for the “crime” of merely talking to a boy over the telephone, etc. (When I first arrived in Saudi, the most popular way of murdering wayward daughters was to tie them in a rock-filled bag and lower the bag into the family swimming pool — I was proudly “assured” that it was a “clean” way of getting rid of a daughter who had dishonored the family — no hand-to-hand combat when holding down a girl to stab her or strangle her, etc. I

    n the early days, they even had such events proudly publicized in the newspapers with praise for a God loving father who upheld the tradition of washing away the stain of dishonor by murdering “bad” women in his family– when the western community got wind of it and started howling in protest, the local newspapers were ordered by the government to stop reporting on honor killings…

    Even in the year of 2008, my Muslim female friends (and yes, I have some very good girlfriends from the Muslim world) have confided in me than when they turn to their mothers or in some cases, aunties, for assistance after being abused by their husbands, that the women they need attack them, rather than condemn the abuser, with such comments as” “What have you done to upset him?” “Don’t bring dishonor upon this family! Do what your husband requires and make him happy!”

    It is appalling when women in a family don’t immediately go to battle for their daughters or sisters or nieces in such circumstances… I listened in horror as one friend recently confided that if she told anyone of the sexual abuse she was enduring at the hands of her husband that she would be branded a prostitute by everyone who heard about it, even her own sisters and mother.

    There is no doubt that men in the Muslim world have set up a wonderful system for themselves — basically they get their way all the time — should anyone question their maltreatment of women, then that person is accused of attacking Islam, rather than the truth of what is happening, which is an attack upon the actual attacker. Most come back on me with statistics about male to female violence in the USA — as if that releases them from any blame for the violence in their own societies — while it is true that there is abuse in my own country and that we have terrible problems, at least here, as in most of the world, there is someone to turn to when one is being abused –whether family or official organizations–while there is nowhere for women to turn in so much of the world — It is the single most frustrating thing I’ve ever encountered in my life –In fact, I have received many death threats for speaking out and it is with the greatest pleasure that I laugh in the villian’s face, telling him that he has NO control over me or other women in the rest of the world.

    If I get a chance before they hang up on me, I always remind them that I will write the truth that I have personally witnessed and know about for so long as I am able to lift a pen in my hand. I am so glad when I see other people such as the bloggers on this site who are as outraged as I am at such atrocities aimed specifically against females…

    The most miserable women I have ever met are women who feel that the world does not know, nor care about, their sad plight. When they read such blogs or hear of anyone fighting on their behalf, they have a glimmer of hope that their world will one day change, if not for them, for their daughters, at least. This is why I do what I do. There is no other reason.

  12. ERS

    I’ve worked with dishonor killings for years now, and I have had very similar experiences to Jean’s. The only “hate” mail I’ve gotten has been from women. It is something I just cannot understand.

    Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
    “Reclaiming Honor in Jordan”

  13. Hi Ellen… It’s good to know one is not alone in this dilemma. It is very difficult to understand when women are cruel to other women, but I have come to think that the women who become very angry have basically been brainwashed by the social system in their societies. If they are mothers, they are also worried that the rest of their children won’t find a marriage partner unless the shame and dishonor are erased by the death of the offender.

    They also seem to feel shame that the rest of the world looks at such female issues in their lands in dismay. In fact, many spend their time telling me how wonderful lives are for women in their world, because they are treasured and protected by the men — and that I am the one to be pitied because I don’t have a “man protecting me.”

    At one of the weddings I attended in Saudi Arabia there was a lot of curiosity about me, and when the women found out that my father had “allowed” his unmarried daughter to travel around the world to “work” for a living, I vividly recall one beautiful Saudi woman’s horrified expression and her words: “You have to work or you don’t eat?” Then she trembled as she said, “If this is your freedom, you can have it. I am not interested.”

    All we can do is to keep on exposing these practices and hope that the entire world joins us one day in condemning such practices and that action will be taken. For certain, the governments don’t care about what we women say, but if western governments were to make it a practice to “grab hold” of these issues and not let go until all women are guarenteed basic human rights, then that would make a difference, eventually…

    Good luck with all your good and hard work.


  14. Sargeant

    Here is another story about an “honor killing”. Once again the spokesman for the community said it was “domestic violence” which is the same reason some community spokespersons said about the Toronto case. It is never about “honour killing”.

  15. carly

    i absouletily agree that honor killings have nothing to do with religon but just the stupidy egostical men who think they have the right to say that the female members have shamed their families for innocent doings, but what disgusts me the most is when a male member will rape the female then get her preganant and say she is a whore and is a shamefull disgrace to her family. they might say this is in the name of god but this is in the name of madness.

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