Worth Repeating – The Words Of Our Readers

A Few Select Quotes From Our Readers

On Integrity Legislation…

“From what I have seen and heard in 18 months here, public life is a bit of a free-for-all, or maybe “free for accountability for those in office”, with little real sense that ministers and public officials have a clear idea of what integrity means or how they should be accountable to the electorate and the public. Amongst the local bloggers, Barbados Free Press (BFP), has been trying to kick life into this issue–cutely acronomyized as ITAL–but holds out little hope that this will be more than another piece of fooling most of the people most of the time.

I take a different view, believing that fundamental changes such as these pieces of legislation will represent cannot, and should not, be the things that get rushed into play, just to confirm some electoral promise. But, I also hope that Bajans are getting ready to hold a government’s and its public servants’ feet to the fire, or to fire their ******, good and proper.”

BFP reader and fellow blogger Dennis Jones on Living In Barbados blog

On Land Values…

“If our image is one of stability, certainty, and rule of law we will prosper. If we become seen as just another small, remote, unstable socialist workers paradise where instant laws suddenly appear, the capital will flow away from us and we can join the ranks of Jamaica and Guyana, blessed with wonderful resources but unappealing to folks with money to invest.”

… BFP reader “the white rabbit” on Land Values In Barbados – Government Giveth, and Government Taketh Away

“What is needed is a proper Physical Development Plan that is made LAW. To restrict development in the area outlined by the government just needs it to be made a National Park. The problem has been that, over the years, governments have been reluctant to make physical development law, because it restricts their ability to grant special “favours”. I am really skeptical of any plans to restrict development or sale, without it being made law.”

… BFP reader “peltdownman” on Land Values In Barbados – Government Giveth, and Government Taketh Away

On Nurses…

“You have a situation where Barbadian nurses pursue a three-year programme in General Nursing and are hired as Nursing assistants and you bring people from the other side of the world and hire them as staff nurses with lesser qualifications, the NUPW says nothing about our local Nurses yet insists that Taxpayers’ money be used to pay out contracts that werent valid in the first place.

Its time Union members send a serious message to their executives. Our dues pay these delinquents and we get little or no representation.”

BFP reader “of interest” on SHOCKING: Hospital Nurses In Barbados Allowed To Practice Without License Or Proper Training!

On Casino Gambling…

” ‘We’ missed a golden opportunity in the Caribbean when European Vision was moored in Carlisle Bay for months. It was eventually sold for about US$250 million which means each cabin cost 50% less than the average land based hotel room.

Just think if we put in half the money that has been squandered in GEMS into our own ship and had it initially operated for us with a Caribbean crew, sourcing regional produce and consumables

Just think we might have even by now be benefiting from some of the vast profits Carnival Group and others are extracting from our doorstep.”

BFP reader “Adrian Loveridge” on Should Barbados Allow Casino Gambling On Docked Cruise Ships?

“Why allow cruise ships to reap benefits from our tourists and locals alike? Seems the opposite of what we should want.

The measure we need is to acknowledge the casinos that already exist on land and allow all major chains who come to Barbados the right to operate casinos.

This will encourage major chains and at the same time push land based businesses, including ancillary services.”

… BFP reader “Rumplestilskin” on Should Barbados Allow Casino Gambling On Docked Cruise Ships?

On Barbados Blogs And Google Searches

“It is unbelievable that two blogs from Barbados would monopolize the returns on the world’s largest web search engine. No matter what subject you search on Google, if you are searching the word “Barbados” you’ll find BFP and BU articles more often than not…

I don’t understand how Google works, but I have no doubt that the Barbados blogs have a worldwide reach and influence that far exceeds what people would expect.”

BFP reader “Jason” on Google Searches For “Mia Mottley” and “David Thompson” Are Surprising!

“What is unbelievable is that the Blogs are continuing to be ignored by the traditional Fourth Estate here in Barbados. What wasn’t stated above, but should be, is that neither of the Barbados print newspapers, nor our CBC, nor any of the radio stations, appear above the Blogs in almost all Google searches…

For anyone outside of Barbados searching for same on the Internet, the Blogs rule.

In my mind, it is absolutely incredible is that the traditional Fourth Estate continue with their head in the sand, not knowing how to react to same. Any fool knows how they could adapt, but they appear to simply be uncomfortable (unable?) to giving the People a voice.”

BFP reader “Chris Halsall” replies to Jason on Google Searches For “Mia Mottley” and “David Thompson” Are Surprising!


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3 responses to “Worth Repeating – The Words Of Our Readers

  1. Donald Duck, Esq


    Readers should note that the 2003 Physical Development Plan stated in the introduction that “The Physical Development Plan Amended 2003, policies seek to ensure sufficient land use levels to meet Barbados’ export market and current levels of domestic production, translating into the need for approximately 18,000 hectares (45,000 acres) in agricultural use, of which 10,000 hectares (25,000 acres) would be under cultivation of sugar and1,600 hectares (4,000 acres) for cotton, Agriculture presently occupies approximately 53,275 acres, of which it is estimated that approximately 10,000 is fallow.

    Compare and contract this policy with a recent statement made by Prime Minister Thompson in New York with the land use policy enunciated by the DLP in the Throne Speech delivered in February this year.

    Tony Best reported in the Nation Newspaper on June 24 that Prime Minister Thompson sent a strong message to landowners and others to forget about taking arable agricultural land suitable for food production and turning it into housing development. He reported that Thompson went on to add that the Government intends to set an example by returning some of its own land to agriculture.

    Whereas in the Throne speech the acting Governor General said “On a larger canvas, my Government’s land use policies and the need to save agriculture, are part of the commitment to preserve the natural environment. It will therefore introduce the Agriculture Protection Act that will require a 2/3 majority of both Houses of Parliament for a change of use of land from agriculture. At least 30, 000 acres of land will be reserved for agricultural use.”

  2. Grumps!

    It amazes me that y’all really expected anything terribly different from what obtained over the last 40 years of post-colonial politrix!

    Barbados and most countries enjoy 2party politrix, where the 2 play wunnuh off against ea.other,in turn, with agreements not to screw-up de system in place.

    Any attempts to devise a Third Party are usually dooomed.
    Axe Richie!

    Wunnuh like it so!
    I’m reminded of the saying
    the more things “change”
    the more they stay the same!

  3. JC

    Grumps I hope your words are not ‘true words’. For all of our sakes!