Video: Chinese Soldiers Murder Tibet Civilians

Barbados’ New Best Friend: China

We love all that free Chinese money in Barbados. Free trips for politicians and reporters. Free equipment for the Coast Guard. New Bajan embassy in China. Prime Minister Thompson reviewing the Chinese troops and touring the Olympic venues.

Yup. What a wonderful friend Barbados has in Communist China.

And we have this very special agreement with the Chinese…

They give us money.

We keep our diplomatic mouths shut when they murder innocent men, women and children.

If you really want to see the video, click on the photo above.


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3 responses to “Video: Chinese Soldiers Murder Tibet Civilians

  1. Mathilde

    Poor Tibet. I dont know why China would do that after having the same done to them by Japan 60 years ago, and they are still whining about it, and yet here they are, doing the exact same thing to Tibet..

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