SHOCKING: Hospital Nurses In Barbados Allowed To Practice Without License Or Proper Training!

Unqualified Nurses Allowed To Work For As Long As Six Months!

That nurse who looked after you or your child at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital last week might have previously failed the General Nursing Examination.

The story of this outrageous abuse is carried in the Nation News article Nurses Must Go.

The Nigerian nurses were hired, brought to Barbados and allowed to work even though they were not qualified and could not pass the basic nursing exam.

Even after this expose, the National Union of Public Workers has the stupidity to insist that the recently fired unqualified nurses be paid for the entire two years of their contract.

As to the previous and current Ministers of Health… what do they say about this idiocy? What do the hospital Board of Directors have to say for themselves?

Apparently the professional “journalists” at the Nation News never thought to interview anybody in charge and ask some deep professional questions like, “Have you lost your mind?” or “What the hell were you thinking when you hired unqualified nurses to look after our children?”

What is it that our leaders don’t get about setting and maintaining standards for the public good?

One of the jobs of governments everywhere is to set and enforce standards that are in the public interest – especially in critical areas where mistakes can cause grave consequences.

We don’t let plumbers or carpenters or teachers wake up on Monday and decide that they now want to fly airliners or design office buildings on Tuesday!

But we allowed unqualified nurses to treat our sick and injured.

We’re there any “incidents” involving unqualified nurses? Were any patients injured?

Will somebody please tell me why the QEH Board of Directors shouldn’t be fired this minute?


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39 responses to “SHOCKING: Hospital Nurses In Barbados Allowed To Practice Without License Or Proper Training!

  1. Wishing in Vain

    The new Minister has his hands very full in terms of trying to clean up this mess that he has being thrown into.

    He has a clear and precise plan for the management of all operations falling under his care.

    He has already addressed the matter of corruption at the SSA, he has removed the single largest source of corruption within that department.

    He also has a grip on the issue of the rush and influx of those awarded contracts at the QEH in the dying days of the last admistration.

    Please tell me what qualifications does GREGORY NICHOLLS’S wife have to sit on the hospital board ???

    ZERO, ZERO, ZERO, ZERO more fraud cast on us by the BLP.

  2. Bajanboy

    I was shocked when I read that as well and also could not believe that the Nation did not question why unqualified nurses were allowed to work.

  3. Amused

    This is what Barbados really coming to…….If u have a law degree in Barbados you just can’t up and practice law in the United States you still would have to pass the bar…..stupse. ANd the thing that got me them gone to NUPW…..lmao…and they want these women to be paid…stupse…they should be on the first flight back out…I really want to see what decision is going to be made about this issue…..waiting patiently.

  4. Bimbro

    Mercifully, I’ve only had a little experience of Barbadian nurses which has, in most cases, been satisfactory to impressive. However, I have also encountered one or two who were an absolute, disgrace not to mention racist, towards their own people, and here, in the UK! Regrettably, perhaps, some Barbadian patients might be grateful for anybody to attend to their needs except an actual, BARBADIAN nurse, even if they’re unqualified.

  5. Hants

    Wishing in Vain
    June 24, 2008 at 2:47 pm
    The new Minister has his hands very full in terms of trying to clean up this mess that he has being thrown into.”

    The entire Government has a 15 year mess to clean up but they knew what they were getting into. Added to this is a recession.

    Hopefully the economy is their priority.

  6. Hants

    BFP you need to show that these “problems” were created during the previous BLP administration.


    BFP says,

    Hi Hants,

    That is true that many (most?) of our most serious problems were created during the BLP’s reign of corruption…

    …. but after 6 months in office, the government of the day starts to own those problems, and the DLP is approaching six months in office. The story about the nurses is unclear but it looks like some of them might have been hired under the DLP. Yes… you can’t just inherit a situation and be instantly blamed, and it takes a while to set a new course…

    But six months is coming up fast and I don’t see a whole lot of changes, frankly.

  7. Ivan Taylor

    I am saying again and again that Barbadians settle for mediocrity and are not interested in perfection any longer

    You can see by the way we are living, caring about our land, about our behavior, our education, our health, agriculture, music and how dirty the island has become, in fact it ain’t getting any better and unfortunately we depend on a very fickle
    industry tourism and if we don’t watch it we loosing that too

  8. ROBOT

    This cant be true !

    i dont believe it

    cannot accept it as fact

    simply not true !

  9. JC

    I dont understand this thing atall atall atall; When I saw this article in the newspaper I went mad. How can they allow this. This is not good enough. Utter rubbish!

    Imagine we have nurses who decided not to go with the board and Jerome and crew decides that since they did not go with the board that they should not work at all. Why cant these nurses be given a contract. I know for a fact that some of these nurses would like to work on contract but are not being allowed to work. Full of crap!

  10. cherry2enpowered

    Clarke told the DAILY NATION that when officials from the hospital visited Nigeria to recruit the nurses, the latter were given contracts indicating that they had to meet the requirements of the General Nursing Examination to be eligible to work in Barbados. He stated, however, that the nurses were not informed that they would have to sit the examination in order to work here.
    He said some of the nurses had failed the exam on two or three occasions and now their contracts had been terminated.


    What sort of high class nonsense is it? If I was interested in a job overseas and had to meet the employer requirements how am I going to meet those requirements? By looking into his/her eyes?
    But worse is how the blazes you can fly to a foreign country put contract in person’s hands and then let them sit an exam later failing not once not twice but three times and these unqualified ‘nurses’ still pracising nursing?

    I always said to myself I prefer a bajan nurse first. A crash course in English just does not cut it. And now this.
    First World. Who are we really fooling?
    Bring back the nurses who didn’t sign on to the board. The NUPW advice them wrongly in the first place.

    BTW BFP Where ya get such a picture from? Dat nuff ta gimme nightmares?

    BFP says,

    Shona find it on the web.

  11. cherry2enpowered

    lol lol just saw the above cartoon my my my.
    If the nurses contracts were terminated after six months and six months for the DLP is coming up, july 15, how can the nurses be hired under the DLP?


    BFP says

    Hi Cherry,

    The article is rather ambiguous, but can be read that some were hired more recently.

    If only we had accountability and transparency in the public sector we wouldn’t be guessing.

    Nonetheless it is a DLP problem now. One of many that they inherited from the BLP government.

    The DLP had better work harder, but more than that if they don’t implement the ITAL they promised it will all turn out the same again. People are people and right now there are simply no rules of accountability for elected and appointed government officials.

  12. Bajanboy

    The one thing I hate most about politics is that too much time is spent blaming. Stop blaming and start fixing.

  13. Bimbro

    Ivan Taylor
    June 24, 2008 at 6:35 pm
    I am saying again and again that Barbadians settle for mediocrity and are not interested in perfection any longer


    My point, exactly, Ivan which is precisely, why I need to keep bashing them verbally! Complacency, is their middle-name – and I don’t even live there!!!!

    What higher-level of patriotism can a man manifest, than that!!!! And I’m not even appreciated, for it!!!! 🙂

  14. Bimbro

    Shona, that graphic reminds me of the nurse who attended to me last year, however, it was in London not Bim!

  15. of interest

    This is truly amazing wasnt the NUPW represented on the same board when these nurses were hired? wasnt this same Dennis Clarke head of the negotiating team when the transition was being made to the board? isnt this the same Dennis Clarke who said the then Director had signed pn to the Board and the nurses should only to find out the then Director never signed?

    You have a situation where Barbadian nurses purse a three year programme in General Nursing and are hired as Nursing assistants and you bring people from the other side of the world and hire them as staff nurse with lesser qualifications, the NUPW says nothing about our local Nurses yet insist that Tax Payers money be used to pay out contracts that werent valid in the first place.

    Its time Union members send a serious message t o their executives our dues pay these delinquents and we get little or no representation.

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  17. of interest

    Mr Dennis Clarke if these nurses are paid retroactive does this mean that the 90 nurses who graduated that the then Minister Walcott spoke about who were refused employment by the then QEH BOARD AS THE BOARD DOESNT HIRE GRADUATE NURSES ONLY REGISTERED NURSES does this entitle them to a retroactive payment seeing that the status quo was broken when these nurses were hired without the same RN Qualification? how is it possible that I can have an associate degree in genreral nursing from BCC with a grade point average of 3 and above and cant be employed and persons who dont even have a generarl nursing certificate hired at the higher level?

    How many of these same Nigerian nurses came in pregnant and would have spent more time on maternity leave than actually working? how many were diagnosed with HIV and eventually died here in Barbados, Mr Clarje while people will shout that the previous government is to blame u r just as much to blame as you sat on the then board, you were the one who did the negotiations on the behalf of the workers who then ended up being short change SHOP STEWARDS LETS CALL FOR AN EMERGENCY MEETING OF THE EXECUTIVE THIS KIND OF SLACKNESS CAN NO LONGER BE TOLERATED. Mr Joe Goddard breached the protocol with regards to the secretary who he tried to dismiss got upset that the executive didnt support him and resigned END RESULT OVER $400,000.00 in gratuity and pension and he rode off into the sunset fellow comrades we me must not allow this to happen again people like Mr Clarke needs to be removed from their comfort zone lets mobilisie and call on the executive to deal with this matter

  18. 8365.735946.85.00.32

    If all you offer is peanuts
    then all you get is monkeys.

    When Barbados starts offering decent nurse wages
    they’ll get decent nurses.
    U get what U pay 4, no?

    Yes, Barbadians accept mediocrity.
    Have done so for years!
    Not only accept it, but pretend it’s two notches higher than it really is.
    That’s why we buy mediocre Grades B and C services and products
    at Grade A prices,
    and everyone’s happy, especially the importers!

    Funny little country…Barbados!
    Take nothing seriously,here.
    Trust me on that one.

  19. JC

    You couldnt have said it better (tmfont)

  20. QUEEN

    why should the QEH Board be fired? The nurses came to B’dos under the BLP administration. It was another Board then idiot! This new Board is rectifying the situation! for pete’s sake, give it a rest!

  21. Bimbro

    Not only accept it, but pretend it’s two notches higher than it really is.


    This confirms my experience, too! However, with regard to this:

    When Barbados starts offering decent nurse wages
    they’ll get decent nurses.


    I thought nursing was a vocation, u know, selfless effort irrespective of the financial reward! Afterall, you’re dealing with sick people who can’t do much for themselves! Anyway, a pay award is always helpful.

  22. This is another matter which the media in Barbados should be trying to expose by asking some more delving questions. Maybe the questions can be answered by former Minister Jerome Walcott and Deputy Chairman of the QEH.

    Here is a question for the local media to pose to anyone willing to answer. Is there another reason why the African nurses are being tossed out of Barbados?

  23. JC

    Oh Lord David dont tell me no crap and off set my head! You mean there is more to this anecdote!
    Oh Lord !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Our information indicated that there is more.

  25. Sargeant

    David BU….. You run a blog don’t you? If you have more information on this file why don’t you publish it? I thought that’s what you do on these blogs i.e. expose all the hidden dirt.

  26. We also do it in as responsible a manner as we can.

  27. Sargeant

    David BU….. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. If you are blogging in “ as responsible a manner as we can” , why are you encouraging others to ask questions of which you claim to have the answers?. In your submissions you indicated that perhaps there were other reasons why the Nigerian nurses were being asked to leave and implored the local media to ask those questions. If the local media ask those questions and receive an unsatisfactory answer based on your knowledge, what then?

    As the saying goes either “ P… or get of the pot”.

  28. Canada Goose

    So, why don’t YOU, “p … of get of the pot”, PATRICK?

  29. Sargeant you are right of course. We withdraw!

  30. Justice

    That’s chicken David-BU, chicken and irresponsible.

  31. Pure Bajan

    Disease-laden Nigerian nurses want to end their contract. Thank you! Go along, carry the guyanese wid wunna. good riddance to rubbish.

  32. just me

    Thompson should be careful b4 the men around the world teach him some lesson, he should just watch out what gonna happen to we Bajan in near future cuz he is touching the lion tale

  33. just me

    we in the usa had all plans, he should remember we got nothing to boost of there are men out oil rich mogul who can deal a rat like him just mess him economic within a month
    learn how to treat whoever dont be idiot

  34. sorry4u

    “Do not oppress foreigners in any way. Remember, you yourselves were once foreigners in the land of Egypt. – Exodus 22:21

    Well, well well so you mean even with all the free education people still think like this. I am sure you have family abroad, and even if you don’t let me educate you to the fact that bajans are all over the world both legally and illegally. Even in Nigeria and Guyana, why don’t you try and think outside of that box which you call a “brain.” Did these nurses beg to come here, find out if the Indian nurses or Phillapino nurses had to take any exam. I won’t waste anymore of my time trying to reason with stupidity, but i’ll say this.
    I had two occassions where i had to deal with the QEH both for a minor and an adult patient. On both occassions it was the nigerian nurses who were more approachable, caring and understanding, in fact I felt ashamed at the way “our people” behaved themselves. If we had to rely solely on the bajans, well I don’t know how we would have gotten through it.

  35. Steve

    The newspaper carrying those news did not cross-check there facts,Nigeria nurses were eminently qualified,most of them have post basic nursing professional training in many specialties,and were healthy,only one was found ill during there two year contract.I hate when people just make sentimental statements,I believe these nurses who offered selfless services in terrible working conditions were heros….please ask those patients who have had contacts with them,they were simply caught up in politics and sacrificed on the altars of political ambitions,we Bajans know that we can not match up with these guys in any way.We should be grateful they ever came,check the statistics,most of them have gone to far bigger places like USA,Canada,Australia and many other neighbouring islands like the Bahamas,Bermuda,St Kitts etc earning very good money.Recently a few of them told me that there being denied further contract in Barbados was a big blessing in disguise

  36. omosare omogbagi

    it is quite amazing to see a site or newspaper carrying ill-mannered NEWS.

  37. Nrs David Ndukauba

    How possible is it that it was a Nigerian Nurse? If so was it her fault or the fault of her employer? I guess she must have performed beyond expectation that made the hospital to over look her registration. Nigerian Nurses can still be equated worldwide.

  38. respect

    Well Well Well