Land Values In Barbados – Government Giveth, and Government Taketh Away

Own Land In St Philip? Hey… Thats Too Bad!

If you own a house or land in St. Philip – you just lost a pile of money. Your equity was slashed and burned while you slept.

The Barbados Government announced it will push through rules that will restrict your ability to sell your real estate to foreigners. Bajans are concerned that the country is being sold to foreigners, so the government has decided that large areas of St. Philip will be reserved for Bajan ownership only.

No, it is not law yet – but the announcement of the government’s intent was all it took to devalue your home in St. Philip.

The effect of this is that yesterday you could sell your land to a foreigner for big bucks, but today you can only sell to Bajans – who have much less money to spend than foreigners.

We who live in Christ Church and St. Michael thank you St. Philip homeowners for helping out with the land shortage while allowing us to sell our land for even more money! Its all about supply and demand, and the supply of land available to be sold to foreigners was just reduced so I guess we can ask those Brits for even more money for our Christ Church building lots!

Prime Minister Says “Don’t Even Think About Suing The Government”

Why was this area in St. Philip chosen by the government for restricted real estate sales? Well… they could hardly choose the west coast, could they? Just think if all those multi-millionaires woke up one morning to find that they could only sell their mansions to Bajans. Whaloss!

While we have no special information on land ownership, we suspect that neither the Prime Minister nor Sir Charles Williams have real estate in the “restricted sale” area. If we’re wrong, we’d love to hear it as it would be proof that the political and business elites will be sharing the pain with the equity-robbed St. Philip land owners.

Perhaps one of our DLP insiders who regularly visit BFP can inform us which Members of Parliament own land in the restricted zone. We await this information with excited anticipation…

Apes Hill Building Lot Sales Doing Fine, Thanks!

Meanwhile, COW Williams has announced that he is making a killing at his Apes Hill project. With prime building lots going for upwards of 3.5 million dollars each (yikes!), he’s raking it in. Yes, Sir COW is bragging in the Nation News that he’s sold 150 lots from $400,000 to 3.5 million each.

Do the math. Now you can see why the Government of Barbados isn’t going declare Sir Cow’s project as “restricted sale to Bajans”.

Hmmmm…. I wonder how much money the DLP received from Sir Charles in the last year? Ah… strictly “campaign donations” of course.

What Development Plan?

A big part of the problem faced by Thompson and the DLP Government is that during 15 years of BLP government, major land permission changes were strictly an arbitrary decision by Prime Minister Owen Arthur. Sometimes bag men like David Shorey would purchase land from a farmer who had been unsuccessfully trying to have development approvals passed for a decade. Then the land would be flipped and permissions granted within days.

Only a coincidence, I’m sure!

So we Bajans are naturally wary about another seemingly arbitrary land decision by another Barbados government. Why St. Philip? Why not, for instance, St. Andrew and Apes Hill?

So let’s hear from the DLP… How many Members of Parliament own land in the proposed restricted sale area of St. Philip?

Don’t be shy, Mr. Prime Minister. Let us know the answer.

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71 responses to “Land Values In Barbados – Government Giveth, and Government Taketh Away

  1. passin thru

    You are correct BFP. St. Philip homeowners just lost a pile of equity. Thompson wouldn’t dare do it on the west coast.

  2. The Devil

    The PM lives and owns property in St.Philip (near Mapps), MPs Adriel Brathwaite and Donville Inniss are involved in a housing development near Six Roads. Ministers Estwick, Sinckler and MP Stephen Lashley also live in St.Philip. Can it be assumed that they have introduced a policy to their own disadvantage?

    This policy (or a version of it ) was announced months ago before the general election. At that time, Mia Mottley (my memory may be faulty) countered that she did not support such as this would mean that some Barbadians would suffer loss of value and hence wealth simply because of where an arbitrary line is drawn on a map.

    Notably the only mention in the manifesto is on page 9 where it is stated “Many areas should be zoned for sale only to Barbadians.”

  3. The Devil

    Isn’t this what many people were clamouring for? Rich Bajans can now buy up land more cheaply.

  4. Rumplestilskin

    Actually I think that the PM’s home is in St.Philip. I also believe, stand to correction, that Sir Charles does own real estate in St.Philip.

    This is what bajans were generally clamoring for, but my preference is an overall land ownership and use legislation, encompassing an overall island plan.

    Thus, if restricted to St.Philip, this does not address the issue, far from it.

    Unless of course, Gov’t thinks that St.Philip may be an ‘oil’ parish and thus Gov’t may need to either pay royalties or compulsorily acquire at some time in the future???

    Sometimes things are different to what they seem, never assume.

    I am not saying that is the answer, only to keep you minds open to different scenarios.


  5. Straight talk

    Is it the whole of St Philip?

    If not, does it include The Crane, Sam Lord’s Castle and the proposed condos at Greenpoint, Foul Bay and Merricks?

  6. Sundowner

    Straight Talk
    Just what I was thinking, all those proposed developments and can sell to Bajans only? won’t be worth the construction!
    I heard of a spot of land in Christchurch going for $40 square foot, great eye level view of the planes coming in!

  7. RHM

    What wunnuh gripin ’bout??

    Wunnuh did-want soemthing do to stop”Precious Barbados” becoming a Foreigner Land
    -and now it get do.

    Wunnuh too RH miserable!

  8. Thistle

    BFP: Well, I could only open my mouth and gasp first thing this morning, when I read your Headlines and following comments. Normally, I am in agreement with most of your posts, but this one? PLEASE, BFP, you’ve gone overboard! It seems as if P.M. Thompson can do no right for you – whatever he does is wrong. Here it is, Bajans have been screaming (it was even an election issue) for the government to STOP selling out Barbados to foreigners. West Coast gone; South Coast almost gone. Along comes a P.M. who categorically states that the East Coast (or part thereof) must remain in Bajan hands, and while most folks are celebrating, you are berating. So, whatever Thompson does or says, in your books, is wrong. As far as you are concerned, foreign ownership must continue, then? Come on, now, you can’t be that childish!

  9. 244

    Thank You DLP for showing some common sense.

    That is why I voted for the DLP. The sensible Party who puts Bajans first.

  10. Anon

    Next step, the flood of Guyanese into Barbados………

  11. Vision Alert

    There appear to be many issues here. My view is, in a global village situation it will not really matter who OWNS the land. As a Bajan, I would prefer that the land be owned by people who can provide the necessary upkeep, and looking around St Philip this leaves a lot to be desired. Foreign investors will not only bring in their capital, they will bring in their expertise, and if retired, their pensions, all to the betterment of Barbados.

    What needs to be in place are strict laws, and ones which are enforced, concerning the nature of the development which any owner of land wishes to engage in. In private residential areas, strict rules concerning access, high rise, blocking of views, and the limiting of the use to which the property is put (e.g. no commercial activities, farming, renting, vehicle repairs, whatever, which causes inconvenience and irritation to the neighbourhood, in a residential area).

    A national plan outlining the farmland, the industrial parks, the residential areas and the reacreation/National Park areas needs to be drawn up. Concerning immediate economic considerations, I prefer golf courses to concrete, for instance, as they can be quickly turned back to producing food when required. If there are strict and enforceable controls on what prospective purchasers can do with the land, they may be less reluctant to buy.

    A future government might, of course, do a Mugabe and kick out all of the foreign investors. If they do, let us hope that Bajan born and bred have the knowledge and expertise to keep Barbados as a promising fully developed nation, otherwise we would end up like present-day Zimbabwe.

    Of course, other motives may be in play. Perhaps the plan is that only the rich will live comfortably here, Barbadian or otherwise, and the general population will be reduced to a mere service class, and housed in meagre government-provided dwellings (does anyone really admire the development at Six Roads?). Would this be a return to slavery?

  12. Tony Hall

    Sometimes you confuse me. Many posts ago you were complaining about land being sold to foreigners and Bajans not having the opportunity to purchase. Now that the PM has begun to take steps to address the imbalance you are complaining. What do you really want? I just got back from Barbados last night and the past couple of days traversing the island and speaking to persons I suspect that a lot of people who have agricultural land were letting it remain in rab land with the hope of someone approaching them to purchase for development purposes. The PM is right. He is not only going to do it in St. Philip. Stop fretting. You ask the gov’t to take action with things which bother you and as soon as the gov’t does something which will be to the benefit of the populace you complain.


    BFP says,

    Hi Tony,

    One of our purposes is to create public talk and discussion about important subjects that are never fully discussed in the lapdog media. You seem to be very upset that we have SAID these things and land values, but you certainly don’t argue that our position is inaccurate.

    So… is it the public discussion that upsets you? Or the truth about what we said?

    Or both?

  13. Vision Alert

    *more* reluctant to buy!

    I am a born and bred Barbadian. Adrian Loveridge also has some of these ideas, I think, and it was Cuba who made the suggestion about golf courses.

  14. 198.1

    What do you want thompson to do, BFP? allow all the land to be bought by foreigners so that bajans will spend the money on cars?


    BFP says,

    We’re not sure what should be done, my friend. But whatever and however it is done, we believe that there should be an overall development plan for Barbados that is public and written in stone insofar as the ability of individual public officials to change it for friends and / or personal profit.

    We don’t see anyone arguing about the main premise of the article – which is that land values are significantly impacted all over the island by this single decision, and that the decision itself was rather arbitrary and not based upon some public facts or published study.

  15. Beefcake

    I note the comments above about BFP’s apparent Janus position on the land ownership issue.

    However, try to look at it this way, as I have done:

    The role of the BFP should be to criticise the government (constructive criticism, perform a true critique). This role is undertaken by the news media in other parts of the world; the local news media is useless and incompetent in this regard.

    Therefore, I appreciate whatever the BFP can do to highlight the inadequacies and potential pitfalls of government policy (for either party). This helps to stimulate our discussion on the pros or cons of these policies.

    We will never have everybody agreeing on an entire discussion thread, and that is what keeps this interesting. If we were a bunch of head-nodders, then BFP would become boring and meaningless; if we were a bunch of head-nodders, we could possibly all get jobs in the civil service.


    BFP says,

    Hello Beefcake,

    Folks should remember that the staff at BFP are often in conflict about issues – just like everyone else. Most of the time we have no unified position on one subject or another. While there are seldom five differing opinions on an issue, we usually have two or three within our writers and staff.

    Which is another reason why every day we garner the largest online readership of any Bajan website or blog (and that includes The Nation News).

  16. Hants

    Where has the PM singled out st.Phillip. Has he said this in public?

    Sir Charles does own real estate in St.Philip.He owns Groves plantation but I think he intends to develope part of it but for sale to Locals.

    “the government has decided that large areas of St. Philip will be reserved for Bajan ownership only.”

    Where are these areas BFP?

    Is Bushy Park included?


    BFP says,

    Hi Hants,

    It is all a mystery except for this phrase in the article…

    “an extensive area of land, extending from Pico Teneriffe to Skeete’s Bay in St Philip”

    Any other areas to come?

    Why should anyone (Bajan or foreigner) purchase land in Barbados until this is settled? Land purchases in Barbados have just become a crap shoot until the government produces a WRITTEN PLAN about which areas will be included in this plan… and that means for the whole island.

    If Thompson’s plan is to add a new and arbitrary area every year – it is a bad plan that will destabilise the real estate market on the entire island except for the west coast where everybody knows he won’t dare touch the rich.

  17. Wishing in Vain

    My only comment is this is just a little too late, we should have taken measures 10 years ago to restrict the massive complexes that have being allowed to be erected, case in point the THE SANDS BUILDING a massive property built right on the road and the most amazing aspect is that it consist of six apartments.

    I know that some may say that it will aafect their ability to earn massive profits from their land but so be it.

    We should have had a policy that in every application for a beachfront development they would have to give up some portion of the beachfront as a window to the sea with ample facilities for car parking.

    We also seriously need to consider the options we have with regard to the HARRISONS POINT LANDS do we really plan to continue the plan first started by Owing to donate and be a godfather to Bizzy and COW?

    These sweetheart deals need to cease and let us attain the REAL VALUE for these fantastic BAJAN lands.

  18. J

    So who cares.

    My father bought 2 acres at Gibbes, St. Peter in 1957 intending to give it to his children for housing. Some of those children were yet unborn. He was forward planning.

    In 1962 the government of the day zoned it as zone 1.

    None of my siblings and I have been able to build on this land. We all had to work hard and pay hundred’s of thousands of dollars for other people’s land.

    We are charged with keeping this land out of housing, industry and dirty animal agriculture so that the water table is not polluted and so that other people can drink clean water.

    Yet we have never received a cent of compensation.

    Our land taxes are always paid in full and on time.

    We are not the only family so impacted. Dozen’s of working class Barbadian families have been similarly disadvantaged.

    Why are we acting surprised now? This had been happening in Barbados for 46 years. No government from 1962 to 2008 has cared.

    I do NOT want my tax money going to anybody for compensation. At least not until I have received mine first. I have been waiting for 46 years. My father’s children wait, my father’s grandchildren wait, my father great grand children wait. Tell the people on the East coast that they must get in line behind us.

    How do you think that the rich West coast has been able to draw clean water from the Bull’s Eye reservoir at St. Alban’s?

    Poor people have been keeping the water clean for rich people on the West coast for nearly 50 years and without compensation.

    Don’t get me started on this now.

  19. Peltdownman

    I agree with Vision Alert. What is needed is a proper Physical Development Plan that is made LAW. To restrict development in the area outlined by the government just needs it to be made a National Park. The problem has been that, over the years, governments have been reluctant to make physical development law, because it restricts their ability to grant special “favours”. I am really sceptical of any plans to restrict development or sale, without it being made law.

  20. Rough Times Ahead

    PM should be commended for this move. Long overdue, however this is too piecemeal…..Barbados needs a comprehensive land-use policy.

    In the short-term though, this problem of high valuations of real property will correct itself ….land/property prices in Barbados will decline as the world enters a stagflationary economic crisis in the future, the magnitude of which has not not been seen for decades. As occurring in the US and UK while prices for everything else are going up, real property value is declining at a good clip….no more annual home equity withdrawals to take those vacations to Barbados or buy those condos.

  21. John

    BFP says,

    Hi Hants,

    It is all a mystery except for this phrase in the article…

    “an extensive area of land, extending from Pico Teneriffe to Skeete’s Bay in St Philip”


    Cove Bay is just outside this stretch of coast, so too is ………….. Culpepper Island, all part of the developers plans for Bushy Park I believe.

    Grove, Mapps etc. are safe I would guess as this stretch is probably part of the stretch of coast in the 1996(??) ARA (?) proposals for the National Park ….. modified and repackaged to suit various interested parties.

    So, …. does the last act of the BLP in Parliament approve the so called Physical Development Plan in the absence of the Opposition who had walked out, stand?

  22. Time Will Tell

    Tony Hall
    June 24, 2008 at 12:29 pm

    Sometimes you confuse me. Many posts ago you were complaining about land being sold to foreigners and Bajans not having the opportunity to purchase. Now that the PM has begun to take steps to address the imbalance you are complaining. What do you really want?
    Well said Tony.

    To assume that BFP is the authority on policy is some what naive .

    Opinions are like ***-*****, everybody’s got one.


  23. Mathilde

    oh Lord, dare I hope???


    This is clearly discriminatory.

    Why only St. Philip? What about the last remaining beach property in St. Peter and St. Lucy that hasn’t yet been raped?

    And the proposed marina in Six Mens that’s about to be?

  25. Kay

    How far inland will this apply? Somewhere down the line the cloth will be cut to suit the fabric and someone will end up making loads more money. What we need is a comprehensive developement plan with no loopholes.

  26. Hants

    BFP says “and the supply of land available to be sold to foreigners was just reduced.”

    Is that not what we were hoping this new government would do?

    What we need is a land use policy that ensures enough acreage for farming and an adequate supply of affordable building lots for the average Barbadian.

    None of this is as important right now as the downward spiral of the North American economy.

    Barbados is in for a rough ride.

  27. J

    Reported in the New York Times today that in 6 years U.S. Sugar, the largest cane sugar producer in the United States will be going out of business. U.S. Sugar and the State of Florida have reached a tentative agreement to abandon 187,000 acres of sugar land and let the land return to its natural state. The State of Florida will also pay U.S. Sugar for its railway and sugar factories. In return the State of Florida will pay U.S. Sugar $1.7 billion. U.S. Sugar currently employs 1,700 people. The parties hope to reach final agreement by September. It is hoped that this move will restore the Florida Everglades.

  28. cherry2enpowered

    In times like these is this a wise decision? What is more important environment or food?

  29. Tony Hall

    I am not afraid or upset about discussion. You are just inconsistent-rambling all over the place. By the way ITAL will be in place by August, 2008. Everything takes time. The world was not made in one day. I can criticise and also take criticism anytime.

  30. no name

    They say “an extensive area of land, extending from Pico Teneriffe to Skeete’s Bay in St Philip”

    Oh oh! Mia had better apply for exemption in the early or change plans.

  31. Keltruth Corp.


    That is good news about U.S. Sugar going out of business.

    For many years runoff from the Cane Sugar fields south of Lake Okechobee has polluted the Everglades.

    Massive subsidies from the US Government have kept the sugar business afloat in Florida. I recall seeing reports that Sugar Growers in Florida have made big contributions to politicians. Many feel that Big Sugar wields too much political influence in the US.

  32. Hants

    Web Posted – Wed Jun 25 2008
    By Shawn Cumberbatch
    GOVERNMENT should have the outline of new laws governing integrity, freedom of information, and defamation, by August and final drafts by year-end.

    This means the island should have Freedom of Information, Defamation and Integrity Legislation on the books by the first quarter of next year if not sooner, Minister in the Prime Ministers Office, Senator Maxine McClean said yesterday.

  33. Donald Duck, Esq


    Readers should note that the 2003 Physical Development Plan stated in the introduction that “The Physical Development Plan Amended 2003, policies seek to ensure sufficient land use levels to meet Barbados’ export market and current levels of domestic production, translating into the need for approximately 18,000 hectares (45,000 acres) in agricultural use, of which 10,000 hectares (25,000 acres) would be under cultivation of sugar and1,600 hectares (4,000 acres) for cotton, Agriculture presently occupies approximately 53,275 acres, of which it is estimated that approximately 10,000 is fallow.
    Compare and contract this policy with a recent statement made by Prime Minister Thompson in New York with the land use policy enunciated by the DLP in the Throne Speech delivered in February this year.
    Tony Best reported in the Nation Newspaper on June 24 that Prime Minister Thompson sent a strong message to landowners and others to forget about taking arable agricultural land suitable for food production and turning it into housing development. He reported that Thompson went on to add that the Government intends to set an example by returning some of its own land to agriculture.
    Whereas in the Throne speech the acting Governor General said “On a larger canvas, my Government’s land use policies and the need to save agriculture, are part of the commitment to preserve the natural environment. It will therefore introduce the Agriculture Protection Act that will require a 2/3 majority of both Houses of Parliament for a change of use of land from agriculture. At least 30, 000 acres of land will be reserved for agricultural use.”

  34. Judy

    The following is my recollection of what transpired and personal experiences during our stay on the beautiful Island of St. Lucia

    Two of my colleagues and I flew down to your island on June 16, 2008, after receiving information from reputable and confidential sources in Washington DC, with firsthand knowledge of what appears to be systematic patterns of fraudulent land stealing scams, by several persons in conjunction with a handful of sleazy lawyers, supported by corrupt land registry employees and members of your island’s judiciary.

    The objective of our trip was to interview several parties who apparently had fallen victim to two known con artists, Leroy John and his brother Winston John, from the village of La Croix Chaubourg/ Babonneau.
    We spoke to several persons who were quite knowledgeable to the John brother’s scam, and in fact we made several attempts to interview the Johns on June 17, to no avail.

    On June 18 2008, we attempted again to make contact with Mr. Leroy John and he agreed to meet with us at his residence that afternoon. Upon arrival, we were asked to wait outside by a young lady who said her father would join us shortly. To our surprise, two black men wearing military style camouflage, exited Mr. John’s residence and walked toward us in an intimidating and confrontational manner. One of the men wearing dark sunglasses with no name tag on his uniform, told us he was with the police and was here to warn us about interfering with issues that “was not our concern and we should leave the island immediately if we did not want to end up sleeping with the fish”.

    He demanded to see our passports which we told him had been accidently left at the hotel. He threatened us with arrests if we did not leave the island within 24 hours.

    Based on the information we were able to gather during our short stay on that lovely island, we are convinced that this story warrants an in depth investigation to expose what appears to be a well organized gang of land swindlers operating with complete impunity from the island’s criminal justice system

  35. Time Will Tell


    Trinidad and Tobago News

    Bajan Piracy Must be Resisted by T&T and Venezuela
    Posted: Tuesday, June 24, 2008

    By Stephen Kangal
    June 24, 2008

    The arrogance inherent in the decision of the new incoming David Thompson regime of Barbados to offer publicly leases for, inter alia, two potential hydrocarbon-bearing off-shore blocks that are clearly located south of the 18 year- old 1990 TT/Venezuela maritime boundary is indeed a dangerous act of Bajan piracy that must be stopped in its tracks.

    These blocks, inter alia, have been formally recognized for 18 years since 1990 as being within the maritime jurisdictions of Venezuela and T&T. Accordingly Caracas is within its rights to issue the strongest diplomatic note of protest and to defend this unwarranted Bajan invasion and piracy of its maritime patrimony.

    Additionally the Manning Administration must also get into the protest mode quickly for two reasons. Firstly if it is serious about submitting a strong and legitimate claim for consideration by the UN Commission of the Limits of the Continental Shelf (CLCS) to extend its continental shelf beyond 200 miles as Foreign Minister Gopee-Scoon asserts, then the designation and location of the Barbados blocks summarily pre-empts the submission of any valid claim by T&T. Secondly the location of these off-shore blocks beginning immediately eastwards of the 2006 Arbitral Tribunal-determined bilateral boundary means that oil companies operating within Bajan maritime jurisdiction by directional drilling can potentially extract hydrocarbons from fields that are within the marine areas of T&T and/or straddle the 2006 boundary. There is no provision or protocol for sharing/management of trans-boundary mineral deposits at present between Barbados and T&T.

    The recent June 21 announcement by the Thompson Administration inviting bids from international oil-companies for leases of off-shore maritime acreages as shown and illustrated in the published map has the following implications:

    · It confirms my view expressed since 2006 that the boundary fixed by the Arbitral Tribunal shelf-locked and zone-locked T&T without any potential economic or resource jurisdiction to be exercised beyond 200 miles or any maritime “salida” to the Atlantic as alleged by former AG Jeremie;

    · Barbados is conducting its maritime relations and claims in the Eastern Caribbean under the mistaken belief and delusion that the decision of the Arbitral Tribunal completely obliterated the validity of the 1990 TT/Maritime boundary in the South-East;

    · Barbados based the location of the above-mentioned southern-most blocks on the use of the 200-mile arc measured from Barbados and the hypothetical equidistance boundary with Guyana that it now uses to legitimize its maritime claim to an area or block that is situated south of the 1990 boundary in violation of the Arbitral Award that recognized the legality of this latter boundary;

    · Barbados ignores the dictat of the Tribunal that ruled that the limits of its southern jurisdiction terminated on the TT/Venezuela 1990 boundary. That is to say that it has no locus standi in exercising any jurisdiction over areas located south of the line and accordingly no longer has a valid EEZ Co-operation Agreement with Guyana that has automatically lapsed following upon the 2006 Judgment.

    · The 2006 Judgment of the Arbitral Tribunal has opened a Pandora’s Box that is a prescription for chaos in settling the maritime claims in the Eastern Caribbean.

  36. 133

    As others have commented upthread, the world is entering a period of global economic recession. The economic turmoil and uncertainty is being caused fundamentally by world oil production starting to max out (aka Peak Oil) leading to rising energy prices, and not too far down the road the situation will probably get even worse with actual energy shortages. I too wonder for how much longer we will have viable markets in the UK, the USA and Canada for vacation condos, time shares and 2nd homes in the Caribbean.

    Here is a snip from a post at regarding the dire energy and economic situation the UK is facing now that its North Sea oil and gas fields have clearly peaked and are in terminal decline. This also means the UK has switched over the last few years from being a net energy exporter, exporting relatively cheap energy, to becoming a net energy importer, importing increasingly expensive energy.

    A state of emergency

    We should hopefully by now have reached a point where all stake holders in UK, European and Global energy are able to grasp the simple fact that we are now in the early stages of a full blown global energy crisis. The focus is currently on oil but this will soon turn to concerns over natural gas and coal supplies.

    This crisis has been turned into a state of emergency by the indifference of political leaders in the UK (and throughout the world), fluttering in the wind of poorly informed public opinion while they have prevaricated about expanding renewable energy resources and building new nuclear power stations. All warnings of this pending energy crisis have been ignored in favor of pursuing popular policies that created the illusion of prosperity whilst the fundamentals of our nations security and well being have been draining away. (my emphasis /GM)

    The chart below shows the current state of the UK trade balance. This is the position at the end of the good times North Sea oil and gas have provided. The situation now is about to get a whole lot worse as our energy surplus turns into a crippling deficit with no plan on the horizon of returning the books to balance.

    I have not attempted a forecast since some major changes to UK trading status are to be expected. Higher food, fuel, domestic energy and bank interest bills will squeeze the disposable income of many individuals and families. Thus, instead of buying consumer goods and going to Spain on vacation, families will instead spend this money on food and energy. Thus we can expect the deficit in goods and tourism to reduce while the deficit in energy balloons.

  37. reality check

    Bam Bam can rest assured that his comments to strangle Judy the ” bitch”, which would get him or her jail time in many parts of the world will go unchallenged in Barbados due to the complicity of Cable and Wireless, the RBPF and the AG.

    Judy must have been bang on to provoke such a reaction.

    The use of sleazy and lawyer in a Barbadian context, in many cases, seems to be redundant.

  38. J

    If Judy has a problem with St. Lucia why is she complaining on a Barbados blog?

    Does Judy understand that St. Lucia and Barbados are 2 different places and neither the Barbados authorities or Barbados blogs can help her?

    Surely she must see that she needs to raise the issue with St. Lucia authorities.

  39. Thewhiterabbit

    How to kill the goose laying the golden eggs. 1. Consider the source of money that drives this economy. Do we produce anything for sale overseas? Is our level of productivity competitive in the world marketplace? Could we really survive on our own resources at anything above the level of subsistence peasantry? Do we have any real natural resources that we could utilize? I hope you answered these questions with a “no”, otherwise you are living in a dream world. 2. Consider the source of money that drives this economy, again. Do we need the $$$ flowing in from overseas visitors? Do “foreign” land owners contribute to the cash flow? If we discourage foreign investment by making ownership of land and other resources unstable and uncertain will those investors go elsewhere, leaving us in the lurch and broke? I hope you answered these questions with a “yes”, or else you are living in a dream world.

    The details of Bajan-only land ownership are irrelevant. The “foreigners” will immediately find ways around the problem (trusts, dummy corporations with “Bajan” directors, etc). What counts is the image. If our image is one of stability, certainty, and rule of law we will prosper. If we become seen as just another small, remote, unstable socialist workers paradise where instant laws suddenly appear, the capital will flow away from us and we can join the ranks of Jamaica and Guyana, blessed with wonderful resources but unappealing to folks with money to invest. Can’t wait until we all have to emigrate to Guyana to find decent jobs and decent prospects!

  40. Hants

    There is enough land in Barbados already in foreign ownership and this is a good point in our history to start retaining what is left.

    The value of West Coast RESALE property will keep going up and you will see some improvements to Hotel properties after the “recession”.

    Bajans must continue to buy and own land and houses.

    The working class must be given the opportunity to own a piece of the rock.
    Not just scotch in an apartment or chattel house waiting to provide a cheap labour pool and hoping their children bright enough to go to UWI and lef de place.

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  42. J


    All governments have eminent domain.

    All governments haul it out and dust it off and use it when it suits them.


  43. Mea Culpa

    BFP is wrong again!!

    Pico Teneriffe is in St. Lucy. The stretch of land from Pico Teneriffe (already delineated in the physical development plan) to Skeetes Bay is already designated as a national park. It passes through St. Peter, St. Joseph, St. Andrew, St. John and St. Philip.

    So what is all of this misleading pup from BFP about St. Philip all about?

    All I understand this government (and rightly so) to be doing is to restrict the sale of land in the national park to foreigners! This is a planned, announced, identified area of land. It is not ad hoc and it is not arbitrary! It was announced in the DLP Manifesto for which ordinary black Barbadians (67% of our voting population) voted! How can you attack the PM for not implementing one Manifesto pledge (ITAL) and then selectively and spitefully criticise him for implementing another? I agree with Tony Hall.

    ITAL doesn’t need any discussion or study but a land use plan does? What’s the difference BFP? You are inconsistent and you have an agenda.

    I support it 100 percent. Bajans wouuld be advised not to let Peter Allard’s BFP lackeys fool them.

    As to those who want to fool you that it will affect foreign investment, many British (don’t most of our investors come from Britain?) dependencies practice land zoning for ownership purposes. They understand this even better than us.

    As usual, this is BFP speaking for its main financier who wanted to buy a beach house and couldn’t get it!

    Will there be ITAL for blogs, Mr. Prime Minister. I really hope so!


    BFP says,

    REALLY? ALL the land the PM spoke about is IN the National Park? It is ALREADY a National Park?

    Gosh… I didn’t know that we ALREADY had a National Park and that ALL the land the PM is restricting is IN the park!


    So… please publish the map.


    Or STFU!

  44. Mea Culpa

    Moderation again? Not surprising!

  45. Mea Culpa

    Publish the map? Are your crazy BFP or what?

    No wonder you are so caught up in ITAL. You want government to grind to a halt so that everyone – except those who have money like you – will avoid serving and will find their personal business exposed to your gossip-consuming admirers.

    They can then sit in their living rooms and titillate themselves and get orgasms over talking peoples business as is your preoccupation.

    The Physical Development Plan was already published, girls and boys of BFP! So, why do I have to publish it?

    Go and get off your lazy, distorting, defaming, misleading bums and get a copy for yourself. That’s what people committed to the truth do.

    They get the facts. They don’t continuously peddle untruths!


    BFP says,

    Oh the language! You’re lucky that Auntie Moses isn’t here tonight or she would kick your butt right off North Point.

    So… about the physical development plan. I thought that was a draft and not law?

    Like so many other initiatives by the BLP, I thought that they ignored the rule of law and hadn’t produced or formally adopted the physical development plan as required by law.

    Am I wrong here?


  46. QUEEN

    RHM, please write with total clarity. It is pitiful to read such crap (that is being misinterpreted by today’s uneducated-making-belief-they’ve-seen-the-light people), as English. Do you comprehend?

  47. John

    So, …. does the last act of the BLP in Parliament to approve the so called Physical Development Plan in the absence of the Opposition who had walked out, stand?

    I think one of the MP’s back then commented on how well things went in Parliament without an opposition.

    Do we actually have a bona fide, legal, lawfully adopted Physical Development Plan?

  48. Waterboy

    John, as you mentioned the resolution to approve the Physical Development Plan 2003 (Amended) was passed at the last sitting of Parliament in December by the BLP government.

    There was a government notice in the press in March 2008 that read “NOTICE BRINGING THE BARABADOS PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN AS AMENDED IN 2003 INTO OPERATION”.

    “The 15th Day of April 2008 is the date on which the amendments made in 2003 to the physical development plan, shall come into operation”

    “Given this 11th day of March, 2008”

    Signed by Minister responsible for Town and Country Planning – David Thompson

  49. Hants

    Time for T and CP to put the entire document online instead of this,

    Click to access toc.pdf

  50. Straight talk

    What possible use is a table of contents with no content.

    Is someone having a laugh?

  51. Waterboy

    Straight talk, it has been like that from the day they launched the website in June 2006 – a table of contents and no content!

  52. Straight talk

    Rather like their manifestos!

  53. Jinx

    BFP I applaud you on this one. It’s easy to criticise and say that the PM can do no right for you. But if you analyse his statement, it is clear that this is a miniscule part of one parish, where foreigners are highly unlikely to buy anyway.

    He is doing a shameful pantomine of taking back our land, and I’m truly upset about that. The South Coast and the West Coast where I’m from are the parts that need protecting. And if we can sell to only Bajans, what’s to stop St Phillip landowners selling to COW and him building Apes II?

    I find disgusting the PM saying we should have an area reserved for us, where we can ‘feel the African breeze,etc’
    That means soon we will all be pushed further and further east, into the Atlantic,
    eventually he will provide us with boats to make our way back to Africa.

  54. Jinx

    I have to copy the exact phrase here as it makes me so angry:

    “Any suggestion that all of our coast line is available for tourism development does not sit well with me. I want to make that abundantly clear. There are parts of our coastline that Barbadians must be able to see the beach, and enjoy the fresh breeze from the African coast,” he said.


    Also, ‘all the coastline’ implies that some of our coastline, and I would argue MOST of it IS available for development. There are only ‘parts’ that we should be able to see the beach from. I for one am not a fan of East Coast beaches, so what will I do? I’m afraid of those Atlantic waves…

  55. TheWatcher

    Greed destroyeth a country! Sell you 166 Sq Miles to those who can then own it for an eternity and when you greed-mongering fools are dead, your children and their children will have to live on reservations…crowded plots of land designated for those who have no land of their own! And no money to buy land.(If any is left) At this rate, if some rich cat wanted to buy Culpepper Is, it would be up for bids!

    What folly!

    Germany is thousands of times larger in sq milage than Barbados and you cannot own land there as a non-German. I guess that has sent their land values down significantly too. As far as I am concerned, land in Barbados should be leased to foreign interest for a set period of time. Not owned for ever. Everyone needs money to exist within the confines of our society. Those who choose not to are sometimes the outcast and disenfranchised. The remainder of us need that “dollar” to help us “get-by”, but we seem to want to do so at our brother’s expense.

    Foolhardy, you will learn soon that Barbados does not belong to you and it is then at that time I hope that all those who proliferated this need-for-greed attiude are dealt with swiftly and harshly!

  56. Bush tea

    The Watcher !!!

    Thank you!! thank you!! thank you!!
    At last a sane position on the whole issue of land ownership in Barbados.

    ….in summary:

    Bajan Idiots selling their birthrights for a pot of porridge…. and condemning future generations to second class citizenship…..

    …where there is no vision…

  57. Yardbroom

    I have not been on this site for awhile but I could not resist the temptation of endorsing the views of “The Watcher and Bush Tea.”

    Short term “naked greed” will destroy the sacrifice of “all” Barbadians, made over hundreds of years.

    As gentle as the flutter of a tamarind leaf on the wind, we have given up for eternity the land…the security of our children and grand children.

  58. Hants

    Yardbroom says,
    “Short term “naked greed” will destroy the sacrifice of “all” Barbadians, made over hundreds of years”.

    Let us give this Government a chance to show they are serious about keeping land in Bajan hands.

    In the Interest

  59. Hants

    In the interest of food security, all Agricultural and even so called rab land should be kept for future food production.

  60. concerned

    The Prime Minister’s Office
    Government of Barbados
    Bat Street

    re = Ministry of Housing and Lands
    Whitehill St Andrew Ancestral Land

    Dear Mr Thompson,
    I write to you as I has done to Mr Arthur concerning the situation that affects the residents of Whitehill St Andrew;
    First of all, I am aware that COW Williams has a blueprint to develop Whitehill as a tourist village, and as an extension of his land empire to entertain the elites, including cutting a new road in George Murry corner where houses not affected by slippage now stands to replace the run down road the people in Whitehill have to put up with.
    Overall it is the same problem, African people complicity versus the European cleverness and black leaders that are willing to sell us out to Europeans at their first whimper. This is exactly what is causing the death of our people in the Congo, in Rwanda and many parts of Africa, leaders who are willing to sell out to the west, along with the ignorant masses who are willing to take a bag cents because it is bigger and heavier that a bag of bank notes.

    WHITEHILL LAND SLIPPAGE CAN BE MAINTAINED BY SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT AND CONSERVATION, our foreparents did it, with a fork, hoe and natural planting techniques, today with modern technology, mechanical and scientific research and advancement they are more advanced methods. The same method that COW will use to develop Whitehill, our ancestral land (the land first to be owned and planted by the first free slaves) for the Europeans (tourist and local elites of Barbados. Word has leaked that Whitehill is to be the residential Heights for Lion Castle, to be made a a tourist village, though a telephone call from myself to COW taken by his son denied this, the blueprint has been seen in his office.
    We the people of Whitehill whose eyes are wide open, are calling on our government ( and I flew all the way from London to campaign and vote for the DLP) to implement the same rural conservation development project to contain land slippage for the people of Whitehill what COW want to do for the tourist, a sustainable conservation plan that involves opening up the springs, creating a dams to contain the water and to supply the area in the face of often water shortages, and agricultural development that will utilise the land creating drainage making way for the water to the sea and producing the tons of food once produced by our granparents from this same now neglected land.

    I am asking the government to research and publish a report on the history of land slippage in the area because I was told from the oldest folk who lived there, that in the days when our ancestors used to work the land, landslides were not imminent, all the now gullies were cultivated, they made land banks to plant figs, buffut and bananas, with drains between each bank, they used the fresh water springs which are now chocked , causing the water basin inside to swell with excess rain fall and cave in the land over head resulting land moving from that vacuum creating landslides.

    It is not that alnd slippage is a problem, it is that we lost our awareness of what to do with the land and COW is tapping his feet anxiously not telling us just enticing us to abandon it for him to move in laughing at the fools we are, and then show us how it can be done to his enormous profit.

    With the development an education system that taught us nothing of the great deeds of our grandparents or of the value and importance of maintaining the land, even the nigga pepper tree and the small tomato vine was not cherished and soon disappeared.

    To show how complacent we are these two item are in constant supply in the largest chains of supermarket in the UK, respectable called CHERRY TOMATOES, yes the small tomatoes we neglected for tomato ketchup, which contained the banned red dye no2, health hazard substance.

    It is time for the black race to wake up and stop being the laughing stock of other races, our blindness is to the point that I can be called a racist for telling the BLACK RACE TO WAKE UP AND ‘NOT TELLING THE OTHER RACES’ who control the economic power that we are merely manure for, the people who have used, abused, divided and rule us for the last five hundred or more years now tell us to mention our the word black race is racism, reverse psychology, of course to further silent us identifying ourselves as one, an oppressed people.

    We seem to have no knowledge of the value of our natural resources, and can be easily fooled to exchange a bag of bank notes for a bag of pennies, while the Europeans, seem to know how to use our natural resources wisely and get richer while we get poorer, like in Africa.

    WHITEHILL/HILLABY THE SCOTLAND DISTRICT IS THE BREAD BASKET OF BARBADOS, my sister family has one piece of land there that has a fresh water spring and thirty two pear trees, twelve mango trees, four lemon trees, mamyapples and fruit trees, A RUFFLE OF BREADFRUIT TREES, all planted in our granparents time, the only place I ever see a purple yam, wild yam, ginger and tumeric grow naturally out of the earth ( evidence of our forefathers agricultural prosperity that was wiped out with’ anti agriculture education’ , ‘leave the land get a job’.

    Today I wish to call on the government of Barbados to conduct a WHITEHILL BREADBASKET research, by simply asking the residents to make a list of all the fruit trees on the land or a abandoned neighbouring lands, and revaluate WHITEHILL, and to implement a re education program for the residents on the value of the land they inherited.
    Not only will the tourist enjoy the magnificent view of the East Coast and the medicinal Atlantic pure winds that seem too good for us,, the white mists of condensation that comes up from the earth in WHITEHILL, but they will inherit all the labours of our ancestors achieved and left us as inheritance and when Barbados gets the prophetic flooding they will be safe on what high ground we have. I can imagine people of the south coast waiting to move into the highlands of White hill once COW develops it.

    In Farmers, where I believe it is COW in collaboration with the government, offering the people to BUY a HOUSE SPOT in bare grass land, in a bottom, lower ground, in exchange for the acres of fruit trees, stretching from the main road to the river in the highest region of the country,
    To show how blind we black people can get, St Andrew has the highest amount of rainfall in the island the highest amount of fresh water springs and maybe the only place where you can find a natural river running, yet our water supply is inconsistent.
    A classic model of what I am trying to alert you of Whitehill, COW showed us what we can do when he created the dam at Dunscombe, but instead of doing the same as COW, open the springs water basins create to dams to supply water to WHITEHILL and surrounding areas, we start to blame COW for water shortages that were occurring even years before COW built the dam. What is wrong with us? are we a dammed people, is it true we are a cursed race that know only how to fuss and fight each other? How come the European can use his head while we stumble around like blind sheep behind him.

    By the way, this reminds me, there may well be a gun in every household in Blue Waters, etc but you never hear one report of them shooting each other, but as soon as black people in Barbados got hold of guns they start shooting each other at the slightest dispute without mercy, my JAH what is wrong with us black people, someone please help me here with an answer.

    It is time for us to take stock and start thinking as a people, not first and ‘foremost as bajans’ as they would like to blind us to think, but first and foremost as the decendants of a suffered raped and disadvantage and brainwashed BLACK RACE.
    UNLESS WE START THINKING RACE FIRST (NOT RACIST), AS THE DECENDANTS OF THOSE WHO STIKK OWN EVERY INCH OF OUR BLOOD DRENCH ACRES OF PLANTATION LANDS DO, WE ARE DOOMED. An example, when Mugabe started on the white farmers in Zimbabwe the red necks of Barbados came to Queens Park to air they concerns, did you hear or see them when the genocide was on in Rwanda, or do you hear them comment on the genocide now in the Congo or Darfur? What that tells us is they think as one race one people we do not.

    With our lives sufferings and labours, built their empire of riches was built worldwide from the foundations of the slave trade, in Barbados it built the Shipping and Trading, The Chamber of Commerce he land ownership seen today,( don’t let the few scattered trees blind you from seeing the forest), with the economic transfer from the slave plantation free labour, to the industrial revolution of commercial empires that control our economy today by the same European slave masters descendants; the elite of Barbados, who own 90% of the arable agricultural land and now happy to use any excuse to rob us of 7% of the 10% our forefathers struggled to own, our children children now live in a sophisticated form of economic slavery and can be forced back into physical slavery in generations to come if we lose the land we now managed to own.. WHY? Because the land is the basic of survival, without owning land your generations have no choice but to do as told if they want to survive, WAKE UP BLACK PEOPLE, PLEASE WAKE UP OUR LEADERS The education system has not done us good on this subject, remember the old lady in St James that refuse to sell her land foe the highest of offer, I bet if or when she dies her educated offspring will sell it at the first offer, then to be treated like thrash by those who it was just pennies for to buy it, (economic slavery again in another form) that is if this has not yet happened.

    Please realise that the onset of any world crisis, oil, bombings, etc, that can affects tourism can bring our economy down on its knees, without access to land we have no survival source, there is no TRUE INDEPENDENCE. Why do we sing the anthem– In plenty —- Our forefathers sow the seed—- , when these fields are stills owned by the masters descendants while the Few Hill Beyond Recall (like WHITEHILL) are now being recalled so strangers can enjoy the fruits our forefather planted while we live on a house spot in Farmers bottom and cant even get a breadfruit when hard times come as the supermarket prices grow are bigger in comparison to paypacks.
    Should we allow the robbing of our ancestral land, handing it up at the first guesture without even trying to use modern developmental techniques to contain and maintain it, the time will come when we will have to buy from COW and his guest, the breadfruits which our grand parent planted. Recession is not healing, but getting worst and even the rich nations are ‘suffering’, and woe to us who may dare wonder in the Heights that used to be our homes and fruitfull land, we might end up BLACK BLUE AND PURPLE with licks in we backside, much deserved this time .

    The solution.
    A few years ago I developed and submitted to the Rural Development a proposal based on sustainable agricultural development, for WHITEHILL , HILLABY and POREY SPRING to start,in the Scotland District, which was put to Parliament through the assistance of Martin Cadogan, the then Rural Development Officer,. Among other points, it suggested that government offered financial assistance in form of a agricultural grant or loan and access European Funding the available for agricultural development in third world countries, to employ the young unemployed people of Whitehill, Hillaby and Porey Spring to start, ( many of whom now gone to work for COW ) ( that was when concerns about block culture the talk of the town), in clearing the fruit trees of wild vines choking the fruit trees ( the cashew tree have since disappeared choked by vines), and to revive the utilisation of the land by clearing and replanting the fields of banana, figs and introduce plantains, as this would create a drainage system for the water saturating the earth, and it would also cause the waterholes and springs to be open up through use of the land accessing them, it would also cut our import bill of these foods.

    Perfectly blessed, or coincidentally at the same time, a bajan returning home to Hillaby from living in the UK , bought with him a blueprint for a pulperisation plant, that would make box juices and pulp from the fruits, thousand of wasted mangoes and guavas that are in the hill sides, and make fllours of the ground provision, yam, cassavas, eddoes etc, both flour and juice from the breadfruits, and they are loads in WHITEHILL, creating healthy organically produce food that would ease the health bill.

    His proposal like mine was turned around by the authorities and then rejected, no reason given while health hazardous pop drinks were imported from Trinidad, to big up the hospital and import bill, and extend diabetes to the very young, healthy organic replacement options went to waste.

    I suggested to the brother to go back to England and send a European, a goodly English Gentleman of course, with the same project as a way of getting it accepted, but he declined, got frustrated and went back, he said they copied his print and made fun at him, his dreams of returning to make a valuable contribution to his birth land, utilising what he had left behind for so many years were thrown in the bin, so did his dream of taking the skills learned in university in the UK to benefit his country. Are we not bent on our own self destruction?

    I, on the other hand, could not believe it when I was told my proposal too was turned down by Parliament. Martin said no reason was given, instead I was offered land in Bawdens bottom, bush land with only a few coconut trees, not allowed to develop our rich fruitfull backyards where we lived like our forefathers did, I was perplexed just coulnt get it WHY ?, until, I was ON DE BLOCK one day complaining about it when someone said , ‘ wait, you aint know wha gine on, you don’t know that COW has a blueprint to turn WHITEHILL into a tourist village as the Heights for Lion Castle, and that it contains a lay out of a new road to be cut through by Pastor Ward house to replace the run down patch up one we got ‘, wait, was that why Parliament turned down my proposal without any explanation???

    I started to wonder know how dey gine do da, cause I don’t think Pastor Ward moving till Christ come and not him alone, a lot more, trust me COW must realise that not all black people are foolish and blinded, my gran used to say ‘every dam fool got he own sense’ some of us have a sense of worth and enough respect for the labours and aspiration of their grandparents, to defend the inheritance left us by them, some of us know the value of WHITHILL and that the land slides can be contained for us the same way COW will do for the tourists.

    Here I would like to take this opportunity to appeal to the DLP government, ‘the poor people party’ not to sell us out to COW, help those who want to go to go or reeducat tem,, and support those who want to stay with sustainable development and conservation and the revival of agriculture in the area..
    It was said by a member of the last political administration that it is possible to contain the landslides with irrigation and conservation through sustainable development, every one in the House of Assembly seemed to kept hushed when he said it, as ih he has innocently let out a well kept secret.
    I wonder what government is being offered for WHITEHILL by COW.

    Sometimes it is not the European any more who is our direct enemy, certainly they remain in the shadows pushing and pulling the strings, but our leaders who we elect who DONOT HAVE to dance to their music, we elect them to consult us of our needs, not to force on us the needs of the elite of Barbados and the rich people of the world.
    In WHITEHILL case, I believe our leaders are acting on of misinformation, lack of their history and the NEED TO WAKE UP.
    Our leaders are treated in some cases like house servants, and are willing shut their ears to our proposals and give ear to the whims and wishes of the masters. We then are mocked in our anthem, because , ‘ theses fields are not and now hills being recalled soon wont be our very own’, and only the seed the slave master sowed when the land was young in confiscation of land after the murder of the natives and the forced enslavement of our grandparents will be the only pride that is sprung in to modern economic wealth. While we bow our heads in landless shame, and economic hardship, most of us without even a spot to put a house pun, bawling for ‘Lord havist mercy’ at the supermarket cash register announcement of the weekly food bill, with not a small tomato or nigga pepper in our back yards.

    For years, WHITEHILL was the only place a young family could find a spot to put a house pun) while Europeans enjoy golf on the land drenches with our blood, as the trees that we were hung from for trying to escape bow the branches of their heads in shame against the Atlantic wind, that silently whispered the forgotten / unforgotten secrets of the crack of the whip on our backs and echo of the shrieks and scream of the hell we endured in slavery.
    Hide our ture history before slavery, yes keep us without an anchor, NOT FOR MUCH LONGER. I can assure you that in the honour and glory of our foreparents who suffered and struggled to own and plant WHITEHILL, will never be RECOLONIZED using land slippage and ignorance as a vehicle.

    The people of Whitehill are calling for the DLP government to hire COW to implement the same sustainable project that COW will implement for the tourist and to honour our proposals for agricultural development and for the processing plant, and cut a new road for us or rock pack George Murruy corner as they did Struges Hill SEVERAL times, none of this was ever done in WHTEHILL.

    I understand that the notorious Mrs R now owns all the land at the foot of WHITEHILL, Freindship plantation and the lot down there, it seem that every other race knows the value of Rural Land except us black people.. I am appealing to our leaders to wise up for the benefit of our future generation and please realise that in the face of independence Europeans are bent on recolinising all the land owned by black people, Congo is an open example where 45,000 are being murdered monthly and thousands of women raped and sexually mutilated daily bt British and American backed rebels for the mineral rich land of the Congo using Hutu vs Tutsi as a front.

    COW should consider ‘moving the earth to please’ the people of WHITEHILL instead of being the white shadow enticing our complacent leaders
    to move us to please him with his plan to make millions off our rich rural land.

    Government should make an effort to cut the same new road COW will cut for his tourist village by applying for EU funding available for such rural structural projects in third world co

    People of Whitehill, let those who don’t know the value of what they have and want to go let them go and those who know and want to stay, stand firm as one.

    May the sprit of our ancestors, our grandparents who once planted and conserved WHITEHILL to raise funds to send us to school, not to betray them, go before us and may we black people stop being the laughing stock of the European race and being counted by them as gullible foolish dumb sheep

    Many Thanks
    Marguerite Bellamy

  61. concerned

    I just cant overstand how we changed the goverment and the present one that was criticising the land selling policies of the past one is now doing the same at a more excellerated speed, I refer to the money giants turning to, and being supported by goverment in buying out whai hills we have in Barbados ie the country land, the hiohest points, and instead of goverment putting in action a revised agricultural program, I was told that they are selling Hilliaby St Andrew for the building of a multinational hotel that will become condiminiums after a few years, I heard that COW has a hand in this . and they are selling off Whitehill, to set up conservation programmes to control the land slippage they did not do for the poor people, if all I heard it true, well I tell you I am totally convinced that black people ARE THE LAUGHING STOCK OF ALL OTHER RACES ON EARRTH, in simple terms we aint got no sense.

  62. concerned

    but, are we going to sit back and let that prove true, because my gran used to say that every damm fool still got he sense, so lets see , I am going to start a campaign asking bajans to sign a petition to stop the sale of our country land starting with Whitehill to COW and crew or whoever the france they are, lets ask the goverment to use some of the hundred million they are plunging the country in debt by borrowing to fight aids, that they apply common sense and borrow that same money to promote sustainable agricultural development, especially in the country scotland district that is the breadbasket of the island or what we have left of it.
    To apply to the European fund for agricultural development and sustainable development in third world countries and to several world agricultural and sustainable development funds and grants for funding to support the same land development programmes to be developed for those who want to to contain slipage, which are minimal on a scale and to develop the land for the tourist ( the europeans not the africans is simple reality terms).
    I just can’t imagine what we are going to do that cost so much to stop AIDS spreading if we are not raising our moral standards, upholding sodomy and prostitution as normal elements of society etc etc. The simplest way to fight aids dont cost a fraction of that sum, that is to follow the teaching of the bible and our original African tradition where sex was sacred and a component of marriage, sex out of wed lock was prohibited and marriage was in the virginity of both young people, followed by sex for the upbringing of a family and that relationship the responsibility of the community at large, but modern day colonial christianity destroyed that system. That is why we have so much churches, so many christians yet so much AIDS. To prove this, how many muslim communities that still practice these principles as part of the culture are riddled with aids, how many of the muslims communities for example in Barbados has been diagonosed with AIDS or even in Africa where aids is rampant I have noticed that subsahara countries like Gambia that is a muslin country and practice early marriages in viginity of the couple are not counted amoung the states in Africa ravished by aids, so what is that telling us? That large debts are not the answer, it is instilling high morals at an early age, substituting the mindset of young people from sexy to comely etc etc.
    Back to the land sellout business, once I get the link for the petition set up, I will ask you all to sign the petition on line copy and to volunteer to print it and put it in supermarkets churches etc and all public places where people can sign it. This is a self help people’s campaign, where each volunteer who prints it off and distrubutes it, will check on the petition at times to ensure it stays in place and has a pen tied to it. then when it it full post it to the address that will be provided.
    I vow that there enough of us, even Tony who can stop the sale of our agricultural land. What Tony must realise is that the sale of Barbados would not look so right to people like him if goverment had promoted and supported agricultural development. My proposal of an agricultural development plan was rejected by parliament. The enemies of the poor masses plan these things years in advance, hmmm, wipe out agriculture from the school curriculum, once thats done the people mind taught to scorn the land, a few generation down we move in and get it for nothing, re Tony’s concept. But if people like Tony has seen a prosperous agricultural program in every back yard he would have written different. That how easy it is for some of us to fall foul to the master plans, with the high cost of food rising daily we cant afford to sell the what left of the bread basket of Barbados, we must revive and redevelop it beyond the standards our old folk had done because we have access to modern technology.
    Now my dear people of Barbados please please dont sit back and just complain , we are the power of this nation we must have faith in ourselves and our creator and realise that the Nubian or so called black race time has come and despite how much money they have if we UNITE ON ANY ONE CAUSE WE CANNOT BE DEFEATED ESPECIALLY WHEN OUR RIGHT IS AT STAKE. Let us prove this that we got this one right. Look out for and support the petiton, the surveyors are in the hills, they have started to draw up the land that has our friut trees and our bread basket for sale , I was told that Hillaby our higesth point has already been sold for the building of a hotel , I dont know how ture, this is the masked face of the phantom of recolonilisation with planned years ahead of the re-introduction of phycical slavery. If we dont act now there will be nothing for our generation to inherit but servitude. LOOK OUT FOR, PRINT AND DISTRUBUTE THE PETITON JOIN IN THE ‘ THESE HILLS AND FEILDS BEYOND RECALL ARE NOW OUR VERY OWN’ CAMPAIGN ‘. The power is in the hands of the people, you believe it on election day, believe it all the way.

  63. concerned

    yuh hear muh, if yuh cahn read bajan QUEEN doah hurt yuh head we bajans can, go to de next comment, rememba english language , names ,culture was forced pun we in slavery
    wuh brekkup english we call bajan dialect is a mixture ouh wuh lil bit of we african tounge dat get lef, an by de way, english is a borrowered language wif no ture origin of um owm so hushup
    fa real starr

  64. Ah, Good Morning,

    I break my silence for something important.

    If there is indeed more happening on the land sale front then I am concerned.

    All of us have been awaiting a Land Use and Ownership Policy and if such is not forthcoming then we have a problem.

    I request that those Government members reading this raise this urgently with the PM and note that we have addressed land ownership and use repeatedly in the last few years.

    We cannot afford to go ahead without an adequate land use approach, let alone in the current world state, where food stocks cannot be guaranteed, we need to be able to feed ourselves in a world emergency scenario.

    We elected this Government for change, we are reasonable people and have given time for implementation of policies and plans.

    While the actions themselves will take even more time, a year is good time for the policies to have been addressed.

    The world crisis should have ensured swify action on land use, fisheries and agriculture.

    Peace & Live Strong

  65. Or are we to assume that the elected Government does not hold the cards, that specific individuals and multinationals call shots, as is partly the case in the large nations?

  66. ru4real

    Wishing in Vain
    June 24, 2008 at 1:38 pm

    My only comment is this is just a little too late, we should have taken measures 10 years ago to restrict the massive complexes that have being allowed to be erected, case in point the THE SANDS BUILDING a massive property built right on the road and the most amazing aspect is that it consist of six apartments.
    It is not often that I find myself in agreement with WIV but on this monstrosity I concur.
    What happened to the ‘palm tree ‘rule of houses built by the sea?

  67. J Peter

    Hmmm…….the PM has indicated you will not be able to sue the Government, well why sue when you can CHANGE!!!!! the Government. A quiet word to the wise, it can happen to you to PM.

  68. Sir V

    I would like to see all de Foreigners in Barbados that own land or House … treated in a mannor that they would GET OUT OF BIM!
    We don’t need them ..if they want to visit ok but they should not be allowed to own land unless married to a bajan or living i Bim forat leasrt 10 years …This is what Thailand does and it works tio jeep Thai people happy …There will be RIOTS in barbados If all thes Limeys and Rich Foreigners keep taking our land and JOBS …

  69. concerned

    We are being taken for granted, trust me we are

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    that I actually enjoyed the standard information a person
    provide on your guests? Is going to be again frequently in order
    to check up on new posts

  71. Anonymous

    I can see more bajan flooding to trinidad….. Too much bajans in trinidad gosh you all complain bout d Guyanese and Jamaican but you bajan do d same non sense in Trinidad yuh here