Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Morgan Tsvangirai Flees To Dutch Embassy – Chaos

HARARE, Zimbabwe – The Dutch Foreign Ministry said that Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has sought refuge in the Dutch embassy in Harare.

Dutch television reported that Tsvangirai entered the embassy shortly after a police raid Monday on his party’s headquarters. (photo above is an old one found by BFP)

… report from MSNBC (June 23, 2008 10:45am Bridgetown) link here

Election Run-Off Canceled – Butcher Mugabe Secure

“Africa’s Breadbasket” is what they used to call Zimbabwe – or, should I say, Rhodesia.

After decades of the world and especially other African neighbours ignoring and even supporting the butchery of Robert Mugabe, it is too late to save the people of Zimbabwe as the country has already descended into a violent hell of a wasteland.

No agriculture and no industry. Despite being blessed with a treasure trove of natural resources, Zimbabwe has developed a national economy where the main products are fear and chaos. Iron rule enforced by intimidation, violence and murder.

This past weekend the Nation News printed an editorial A Conspiracy of Silence, that criticises Barbados and our CARICOM nations for remaining mum on Zimbabwe.

But this is the same Nation News that still referred to Mugabe as a “freedom fighter” as recently as last January!

Africa’s pleasure at seeing the whites, coloureds and indians being thrown out of Zimbabwe was such that it was willing to ignore and even support the most despotic abuses by Mugabe.

Now it is way too late for regrets by Barbados and all the nations who remained silent for so long.


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20 responses to “Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Morgan Tsvangirai Flees To Dutch Embassy – Chaos

  1. Justice

    I suppose that if he is in the Dutch Embassy that he is technically on Danish territory and thus out of Zimbabwe…but it is a stretch to say he has fled the COUNTRY… a sad situation indeed for Zimbabwe.

  2. BFP

    Fair enough Justice. Although technically correct the headline misleads so we’ve changed it.

    Things look different after we have our coffee!


  3. Straight talk

    Point of Order, Justice.

    Dutch Territory.

  4. Justice

    Touche, ST!

  5. Justice

    De nada, BFP.

  6. Sargeant

    Unfortunately, the only country in the region with any influence over Zimbabwe is South Africa but it is led by Mbeki who is a clown so don’t expect change any time soon.

  7. 7249.248

    Morgan T did entirely the right thing.
    Give up on the election and leave the barbarians to it!

    He furthermore called on the UN to restore civilization in the wretched country.

    Good Man, he did the right thing.
    Bring the crapcrisis to a head.
    It gotta get BAD before it gets any better!

  8. Ivan Taylor

    All I can say that if this was a white dictator the world would have gone in and sorted the ass out
    Such is life

  9. Beefcake


    The world has historically turned a blind eye to dictators of all colours.

    Hitler was allowed to annex parts of Europe, and the Munich Accord was signed by Chamberlain and Hitler where the promsie was made of no more incursions. Of course, Poland was later divided by treaty between Germany and the USSR…

    At the end of the day, nations are powerless against their neighbours, and people are powerless against their leaders. Once you push too far, you cause violent insurrection or war.

  10. Donald Duck, Esq

    We must ask the question why the Barbados Government is saying so little on the situation in Zimbabwe.

  11. politically incorrect

    I second that question DDE.

  12. reality check

    maybe the similarities between the last party in power and Mugabe’s thugs is not all that too disimilar the way things are run in Barbados—only a question of degree

    The Rule of Law does not exist in either

  13. Sad situation for Zimbabwe indeed.

  14. Sigh… where to start? Far be it from me to defend the tyrannical, murderous thug that Mugabe has become, but I hate to see you over-simplifying and demagoguing just for the sake of a good post. So…

    1) What exactly did you mean by that sly comment “or should I say Rhodesia” when you were referring to Zimbabwe’s better days? Are you inferring that Zimbabwe was only Africa’s breadbasket (ie prosperous) when it was under white minority rule?

    IF (just if) you are – please don’t go there. Just because Mugabe has become a caricature of the African despot, it is no reason to try to whitewash the cruelty and injustice of the Rhodesian regime. It was NOT a better time for black Zimbabweans. It just means that the Zimbabwean people have been unfortunate enough to suffer under both white and black rule.

    2) You said that Africa and the world has turned a blind eye to Mugabe’s butchery for decades. What exactly are you referring to? Because people who are less nerdy than I may well get from that statement that Mugabe’s current campaign of terror – running white people out of Zimbabwe, oppressing his political enemies and running his country’s economy into the ground has been going on for decades. And that is not technically true.

    This specific campaign began in mid-2000, after he lost a referendum in February of that year that he was reasonably expected to win – but as you know, referendums are often indicators of the people’s dissatisfaction with the government, not their feelings about the particular issue. So Mugabe see the writing on the wall and decide he ain’t going out like that. It was never, ever about land redistribution or targeting white Zimbabweans – that was just a red herring to mask his campaign to preserve his own power.

    I always wondered why the world’s press framed it as such though. I guess the referendum was such small news that people did not associate the two.

    If however, you are referring to the Gukurahundi of the mid-80s, well you may have a point though that was not at all similar to what is going on – that was more a post-independence ethnic power struggle between Joshua Nkomo’s Ndebele people and Mugabe’s Shona.

    3) Last thing – this is for Ivan Taylor – stop talking blasted shyte. The world sat and calmly facilitated numerous white dictators including in Rhodesia (Ian Smith) and South Africa (nuff) while branding the people who fought against them as terrorists! In fact, Nelson Mandela is STILL classified as a terrorist by the U.S. state department (they are trying to speed through some amendment to get that changed before his 90th birthday though).

    I can give you a raft of white dictators the world has ignored – so don’t give me that racist bull – they ignored Pinochet, Hitler (until he reneged on the deals he cut with them), Stalin (even fought alongside him WWII and handed over Eastern Europe to him after), Franco, that nutcase Saparmurat Atayevich Niyazov who renamed the months of the year after his family, Putin … you want me to go on?

  15. JC

    Beefcake you couldnt have said it better!

  16. Rumplestilskin

    I see Mugabe has said that the ‘run-off’ will go ahead, despite the withdrawal of the other contender.

    Methinks he is missing most of the six-pack, not just a few cans.

  17. Maat

    ‘Death to Black and white oppressors’ is the cry of the RastaFari movement and well said.

    The question is; where to now Zimbabwe?

    The answer lies within the problem.

    The previous white landowners were/are excellent managers, planners and possibly technically efficient in agricultural management. They were not the farmers, as the people tilling the soil and planting, maintaining and harvesting the crops have always been the mainly black Zimbabweans.

    The status quo has returned to it’s rightful place in Zimbabwe with the majority of the land been owned by the majority of the people (only a thief or believer in injustice would think otherwise). It is the reason that many Zimbabweans lost their lives, and that battle did not end when the last bullet was fired in the wars of independence.

    History is replete with the european methods for divide and rule, for economic manipulation and trade embargo to foment distrust and anarchy. From as far back as the opium wars with china when the British traded highly addictive drugs to counteract the Chinese dominance in the tea trade. To the near present where British terrorists were used to undermine the legitimate will of the majority of people in Northern Ireland.

    The answer is for all Zimbabweans to work for the benefit of all Zimbabweans. That is both black white and all the races in between.

    Let the white farm managers (formerly land owners) throw their skills into the economic pot. If they swallow their foolish pride and give up hope of reclaiming their stolen property, they can help to rebuild the agricultural sector of the country. The black land owners can swallow their pride a little and employ these white people; pay them for their knowledge and contacts; learn their skills and train one another to be better farm managers.

    President Mbeke can only be careful in his handling of Mugabe, as elements within South Africa are poised to do a Zimbabwe. The promise of a better life for South Africans has not materialised since Mandelas freedom and truth and reconciliation. Most urbanised South Africans still live in shanty towns, many barely surviving on a day to day basis, while they are told their economy is the strongest in the region. Recent polls indicate that more South Africans than ever want to get out of their country.

    Again the solution is to utilise the skills of the races in an equitable manner. Let the majority own the majority and pay the minorities for their expertise and to educate in the skills that are needed.


  18. I think no one interested in further Zimbabwe development and upgrading.

  19. ru4real


    Only problem is the ‘black land owners’ are all Mugabes war vets they ain’t farmers . You dont think he gave them to the poor tillers of land did you?
    The poor balck people of Zimbabwe are starving under this regime.
    Starving in what used to be the bread basket of Africa.

  20. Maat

    But brother RU4REAL, these war vets were not born war vets. Their parents and grand parents were not war vets. They had a life (probably in agriculture) before they were forced to fight for their lands.

    Friends of mine who have relatives in Zimbabwe tell me that many of the people in the countryside are doing OK. They grow most of what they eat, they are adapting. What we hear from the press is about empty supermarket shelves and for urbanised westerners who wouldn’t know one end of a hoe from another, this is the most frightening thing imaginable. Before there were supermarkets people survived.
    The major cash earning crop under the old order in Zimbabwe was tobacco. The people were not eating Benson and Hedges were they?
    The point is that it is not reasonable to expect immediate and complete justice after hundreds of years of injustice. It is also not reasonable to expect that a society that was being educated to accept injustice to turn around and maintain that injustice once they have fought for justice.

    Black Zimbabweans need maybe twenty or thirty years to be trained in how to manage their country. It would take a lot less than 2 generations to do this if the whites that gained so much from the Rhodesian regime, showed some compassion and helped in that training.