Google Searches For “Mia Mottley” and “David Thompson” Are Surprising!

Suppose You Google “Mia Mottley” While In Dubai Or China…

… or in San Francisco, Zurich or Madrid – it all comes back the same and the result was a big surprise to me.

Out of over twelve thousand returns on Google, articles from Barbados Free Press are #1 and #2. (!)

Wikipedia is #3, while articles from Barbados Underground are #4 and #5.

Searches for “David Thompson”, “Barbados Prime Minister” and other politicians and government ministers produce similar results.

What it means is that when other governments, international financiers and business people use Google to research the political leadership in Barbados, more often than not the world’s premier search engine directs them to one or more Barbados blogs in the “top ten” first page of returns.

How the world has changed.

Special thanks to BFP reader Jason for writing this article and sending us the graphic.


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21 responses to “Google Searches For “Mia Mottley” and “David Thompson” Are Surprising!

  1. nun-sense

    This is very much the same as if a madman stands at the top of Broad St. and shouts the name “Bill Clinton” all day long for five years.

    Get lost!

  2. akabozik

    I have to disagree with nun-sense. In order to make a fair comparison, someone in Dubai would have to want to know about Clinton and then be instantly directed to the person shouting about him on Broad Street. Then if the person on Broad Street directed the Dubai person to other people with more facts so they could make up their own mind about various aspects of Clinton, that would be just like your comparison.

    Especially if Bill Clinton was hiding the fact that he lied under oath while testifying in a sexual assault trial and the person on the corner was talking about that.

    That would make the person on the corner Matt Drudge exposing the Clinton perjury under oath.

    Matt Drudge is a blogger.

  3. Jason

    It is unbelievable that two blogs from Barbados would monopolize the returns on the world’s largest web search engine. No matter what subject you search on Google, if you are searching the word “Barbados” you’ll find BFP and BU articles more often than not.

    If you search a Barbados politician’s name on Google, about 90% of the time up will pop a blog article in the top five returns out of thousands of hits.

    I don’t understand how Google works, but I have no doubt that the Barbados blogs have a worldwide reach and influence that far exceeds what people would expect.

  4. Jason et al…

    I *do* know how Google works (in the meta — there are many “signal channels” which are proprietary), and this is not surprising at all.

    You see, the Blogs are very regularity updated, and have a great deal of *content*. Further, they are linked to by many, many different sites. Lastly, they have been around long enough to have gained a critical amount of “internet cred”.

    What *is* unbelievable is that the Blogs are continuing to be ignored by the traditional Fourth Estate here in Barbados. What wasn’t stated above, but should be, is that neither of the Barbados print newspapers, nor our CBC, nor any of the radio stations, appear above the Blogs in almost all Google searches.

    It is also worth pointing out the total dominance of Google as a world-wide search engine. For example, for one site that I administer, Google is responsible for 13 TIMES the amount of search traffic as the next most popular search engine (Yahoo, if anyone cares) and 22 times that of the next two (Live and MSN).

    For anyone outside of Barbados searching for same on the Internet, the Blogs rule.

    In my mind, it is absolutely incredible is that the traditional Forth Estate continue with their head in the sand, not knowing how to react to same. Any fool knows how they could adapt, but they appear to simply be uncomfortable (unable?) to giving the People a voice.

    May we live in interesting times….

  5. ROBOT

    yes Jason

    that is true –I experienced what you say quite some time ago

    as a matter , I came to this blog because I google something on barbados. that was sometime ago –months ago.

  6. Mea Culpa

    My view is that its a bad thing. Blogs scandalise, defame and distort.

    For example, BFP’s FCO report. Its rubbish. The FCO report is merely descriptive but BFP acts as if the FCO has or will condemn David Thompson or anyone else. That is not the FCO’s role and never will be!!!

    BFP just doesn’t get it. Just a bunch of childish pranksters!


    BFP says,

    I think you miss the point Mea Culpa. It is the very availability of information that condemns – not the FCO. There was a time when the FCO would NEVER have mentioned corruption allegations against the Owen Arthur government. Never.

    The FCO is merely reporting the truth and it is available for all to see.

    Quite different from even four or five years ago, don’t you think?

    What has changed in that four or five years?

  7. Justice

    International financiers using Google to research the political leadership in Barbados? Why would they not go to the official Barbados Government website first? Why would they look up a name and its internet-mentions? What exactly are they trying to find out?


    BFP says,

    Is your point that international financiers only attend at the official government website when they wish to know about the political leadership or other factors at issue in a country where they may or may not invest?

  8. To both Mea Culpa and Justice…

    There is something called “Due Diligence”.

    This is the responsibility of anyone considering a financial, political, or personal move to do *all* the research appropriate to ensure one is completely and fully informed.

    To presume that “traditional” or “authoritative” sources of information are correct is at best nieive, and at worst stupid.

    I often do not agree with the positions presented on the Barbados Blogs. But, you see, I was born with this wonderful thing called a brain, and was trained to use it (it’s called critical thought).

    Right or wrong; the Blogs are. Deal with it.

  9. BFP

    Hello Chris:

    You are 100% correct, of course.

    We have two models on the dissemination and discussion of information – the government and “professional” media want to be gatekeepers who control not only the information but also public discussion of the information because THEY know what is best for us stupid citizens.

    The other model is that citizens are capable of examining all the information in a free marketplace of ideas and make their own decisions.

    Guess which model the elites of government, media and business most fear?

  10. Justice

    So, CH, you consider it due diligence to have regard to populist sources to do research? Use your brain, man!

  11. BFP

    Ah yes…

    Justice makes his point that only “official” government sources are credible.

    That is quite the unsupportable argument in Barbados – a country where even the media feared to report that the contractor for the flyover project had confessed to bribes and kickbacks for a similar project in Jamaica.

    Highly relevant to all Barbados citizens, yet the “official” Barbados news media sat on the story for two weeks while the blogs taunted them.

    Give your head a shake, Justice!

  12. Justice.

    Thank you for your counsel. However, I would argue that I do already use my brain. In fact, it’s how I make my living…

    And yes, Due Diligence is *all* about seeking *all* disparate points of view, and then analysing what has been *claimed* by *others* to try to find the *truth*.

    Remember: the world used to be flat, and the sun used to orbit the earth….

  13. Justice

    How did reference to the official Government website become “all Government sources” and then metamorphosed into”official news media”? Sometimes you amaze me, BFP!

  14. Jason

    Justice is dissecting language not looking for truths.

    There is a difference.

  15. Spiders!

    When we spiders come a-crawling
    we finds all sortsa things.
    Barbados is a ‘schitzy’ country
    that pretends it’s First World on one face
    and yet wants to continue on in the lackadaisical 1960s,refusing to modernise -on the other face!

    Can’t have it both ways,fellas!
    The calendar doesn’t lie.
    This year IS 2008,
    not 1968, ’78 or even ’88.

    The internet is beyond being just “here”
    it is now part and parcel of the international landscape
    of which Barbados is a part, like it or not!

    and btw… email is a valid form of communication despite what many ppl think,as they wait on a phone call as being somehow ‘more valid’ (???)

  16. Straight talk

    I too missed the news of Danos’ bribery admission on the government website.

    As that is the case we would expect the media of any so called democracy to pick up on it.

    Our government and, initially, our media failed to report the news so it was left to the populist blogs, who performed the nnecessary to keep the nation informed.

    I agree with CH read everything relevant with a critical eye, and form your own judgement based on experience.

  17. politically incorrect

    Furthermore Government websites worldwide are simply Propaganda.

    Do you really believe that they are going to say anything negative about themselves and by extension about the country they govern?

  18. Adrian Hinds

    ha ha ha ha ha I can’t wait for Mia to become the PM of Barbados. I plan to pay off all my liabilities at the end of her first year in office. 😀 The comedic value that she represents will be exploited to the fullest. 😀

  19. Mintue Mouse

    Wait on :):)
    Barbados needs strong leadership,at this time.
    We have had enought corruption to last until the next ten centuries:)

    Let us breath a little ….ha ha ha

  20. For what it’s worth, googled my name and two BFP articles popped up in the Top Ten – that’s w/o qualifier of Barbados… When I add Barbados, those same items become 2nd & 3rd reference!

  21. It’s also how I learned of BFP’s existence, they said in July 2006 that I was at odds with Liz Thompson, LOL! I stepped in to correct the remark… By that December, my own blog existed too.