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Should Barbados Allow Casino Gambling On Docked Cruise Ships?

Adrian Loveridge Considers A Radical Idea For Barbados

If the Bermuda Government overturns the current restrictions, then cruise lines would be able to open their casinos after 10pm, allowing hotel based visitors and presumably locals, access.

I am not sure whether this could be a possible compromise to a Barbados solution.

As oil prices have risen, many of the ships that currently berth in Bridgetown have tended to actually leave earlier to ensure less fuel is burnt by cruising at a slower speed.

However, if they could be persuaded to remain in port longer, then this could possibly entice a few more passengers off the ships to spend an evening in a revitalised Bridgetown or enjoy the current offerings in St. Lawrence Gap.

This maybe, might be a possible trade-off.

Should this idea have support, there would also have to be other considerations. As an hotelier, I already feel that cruise ships have several advantages over their land based colleagues…

… excerpt from a letter by Adrian Loveridge as published on Caribbean Net News (link here)


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Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Morgan Tsvangirai Flees To Dutch Embassy – Chaos

HARARE, Zimbabwe – The Dutch Foreign Ministry said that Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has sought refuge in the Dutch embassy in Harare.

Dutch television reported that Tsvangirai entered the embassy shortly after a police raid Monday on his party’s headquarters. (photo above is an old one found by BFP)

… report from MSNBC (June 23, 2008 10:45am Bridgetown) link here

Election Run-Off Canceled – Butcher Mugabe Secure

“Africa’s Breadbasket” is what they used to call Zimbabwe – or, should I say, Rhodesia.

After decades of the world and especially other African neighbours ignoring and even supporting the butchery of Robert Mugabe, it is too late to save the people of Zimbabwe as the country has already descended into a violent hell of a wasteland.

No agriculture and no industry. Despite being blessed with a treasure trove of natural resources, Zimbabwe has developed a national economy where the main products are fear and chaos. Iron rule enforced by intimidation, violence and murder.

This past weekend the Nation News printed an editorial A Conspiracy of Silence, that criticises Barbados and our CARICOM nations for remaining mum on Zimbabwe.

But this is the same Nation News that still referred to Mugabe as a “freedom fighter” as recently as last January!

Africa’s pleasure at seeing the whites, coloureds and indians being thrown out of Zimbabwe was such that it was willing to ignore and even support the most despotic abuses by Mugabe.

Now it is way too late for regrets by Barbados and all the nations who remained silent for so long.


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Google Searches For “Mia Mottley” and “David Thompson” Are Surprising!

Suppose You Google “Mia Mottley” While In Dubai Or China…

… or in San Francisco, Zurich or Madrid – it all comes back the same and the result was a big surprise to me.

Out of over twelve thousand returns on Google, articles from Barbados Free Press are #1 and #2. (!)

Wikipedia is #3, while articles from Barbados Underground are #4 and #5.

Searches for “David Thompson”, “Barbados Prime Minister” and other politicians and government ministers produce similar results.

What it means is that when other governments, international financiers and business people use Google to research the political leadership in Barbados, more often than not the world’s premier search engine directs them to one or more Barbados blogs in the “top ten” first page of returns.

How the world has changed.

Special thanks to BFP reader Jason for writing this article and sending us the graphic.


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