Ian Bourne Changes Mind… or Gets Caught

You Can’t Always Believe Everything You Read Or See Folks!

It looks like our old friend Ian Bourne of Bajan Reporter Blog is getting along just smashingly with (as Ian refers to her) the curvaceous Rhona Fox“.

Hmmmmm. No argument from me, Ian!

Of course, it might be that Shona is having a little fun with PhotoShop this morning too! Thats why she left the little bad area by Ian’s face so he could deny everything when his womany hits the roof. 😉

So some things aren’t always what they seem.

Like last year when Barbados Free Press lamented the fact that the Barbados news media ignored the visit of the Royal Navy warship HMS Southhampton. Ian went on a bit of a rant about BIM not being under Britain’s thumb anymore saying

“I knew about the warship, I couldn’t make it – so it was like “big frigging deal”…. BTW: we should be a republic, no flippin monarchy, just leave Nelson alone as I do not want MY tax-paying bucks to move the old geezer”

and then in a following comment…

If a UK group want to drop off their pounds while here and so forth, I would not refuse it…

But does this mean I have to genuflect and scrape as a warship tips ashore or when the grandson of a hereditary leader whose type of rule no longer applies to Britain and its FORMER colonies decides to snog/shag at a West Coast hotel? Bloody hell, NO! As a calypso from Tony “Commander” Grazette says – “Tell dem, slavery done”

Visit all you like & remember your days of glory, but if you expect a spit-shine like the old days? Tek a long walk off a short pier, dearie – Doan let um hit ya where da Good Lord split ya! Peace

That Was Then – This Is Now

Good old Ian is at heart an honest man, so today he had to admit that last year’s rant was a bit of “sour grapes” for him. It appears that Ian is as fascinated with the warships of the Royal Navy as we are. 🙂

And like most of us, Ian is probably still conflicted about history, the Monarchy and our current relationship with “them-they” over the pond.

Then again… we haven’t seen too many folks ’bout hey turn down the title of “Sir” when offered – no matter what they bravely say about Bajan independence with a rum in one hand on a Wednesday night!

Anyway, Ian has written a good piece about the visit of the Royal Navy warship HMS Iron Duke. You can check it out at Bajan Reporter Blog…

IRON DUKE RETURNS TO BARBADOS – or the Bajan Reporter turns into Charlie Brown


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10 responses to “Ian Bourne Changes Mind… or Gets Caught

  1. strange hat

    Come on Ian. Sing “Rule Britannia” for us!


  2. Anon

    Whatever happen to Barbados free press radio?


    BFP says

    Hey… we’ll try this weekend. I takes a whole lotta time for the conversion and Clive has been VERY BUSY lately and I don’t know how to do it.

    So Clive should STOP BEING SO BUSY (whatever her name is) and remember his old friends once in a while! 🙂

  3. Red Lake Lassie

    Ian looks so happy in the top photo. 🙂

    Nice cartoon too BFP!

  4. I have not laughed so hard in a LOONNGG time, I thank you – I deserve it!


    BFP says,

    Oh yes, Ian… and we know you will be hitting back shortly!

    Great to be alive, isn’t it?

    Cheers, old friend!

  5. John

    I see a sailor from HMS Iron Duke got hauled before the court for assulting a woman at Cricket on Friday.

    He slapped her on her buttocks and appeared before Magistrate Pamela Beckles today to answer the charge.

    He had to surrender his travel documents.

    Wonder what happens when he returns to his ship and it is time to depart.

    Hopefully it wasn’t the captain.

    Guess after all that time at sea he could not control himself and had to face the music.

    There were lots of distractions at Kensington if the Nation story on page 3 today is anything to go by.


    Scandalous, we simply don’t do these things in Barbados, ….. do we ?!!!

  6. B A F BFP

    Time to lose the gut friend. It’s massive… Heart Disease is just around the corner.

  7. Technician

    John says……Scandalous, we simply don’t do these things in Barbados, ….. do we ?!!!
    You should have seen the party stand…..

  8. Knight of the Long Knives

    anyone who thinks that sailor will get anything but a slap on the wrist (very quickly) to allow him to sail, has another thing coming. Anyways I think independence is overrated. I think our leaders would be more honest with our taxpayer money if they knew the could be snatched up and taken to London to face charges. Thats my two cents worth.

  9. Tony Hall

    The charges were reduced and he was fined $1000.00

    Drunken sailor says sorry
    Published on: 6/24/08.

    Petty Officer Steven Wilson and his attorney Tariq Khan (right) on his way to court yesterday.

    SELF-INDUCED INTOXICATION was no excuse for the behaviour of a petty officer on shore leave, a magistrate said yesterday.

    However, the same magistrate feels that a senior naval officer should have been at Kensington to monitor his troops to make sure they did not embarrass the Royal Navy.

    Magistrate Pamela Beckles made these comments as she dealt with a self-confessed drunken Petty Officer Steven Michael Wilson in the District “A” Magistrates’ Court yesterday.

    Wilson, 31, who is serving aboard the HMS Iron Duke, pleaded guilty to assaulting Heidi Straughn on Friday,
    after the original charge of indecent assault was reduced yesterday.

    Both Wilson and Straughn were at the Twenty20 match between Australia and the West Indies at Kensington Oval in Fontabelle.

    Magistrate Beckles ordered him to pay $1 000 costs immediately or spend six months in prison. The money was taken out of a $5 000 bond which was posted on Saturday.

    “I sincerely apologise. Anything I did, I did not mean to do,” Wilson later told the court.

    “There was no doubt in my mind,” said Magistrate Beckles, “that the alcohol was flowing left, right and centre and this fellow was under the influence of alcohol.

    “But self-induced intoxication is no defence,” she stressed.

    The court also noted that given that that was the first time in weeks that the sailors had had shore leave, that “someone of senior rank” should have been there to “monitor him and make sure he did not embarrass the Royal Navy”.

    However, Magistrate Beckles said she would be treating Wilson like any first-time offender who had made a mistake.

    He showed genuine remorse and had apologised, whether or not that apology was accepted, and no medical expense was incurred by the complainant “even though there may have been chronic embarrassment”.

    Wilson’s attorney Tariq Khan explained Wilson had been at sea for the past three weeks and Friday was his first opportunity at shore leave.

    “This will not end the matter for him. He will face certain consequences, especially with the navy,” Khan said.

    Prosecutor Inspector Martin Jones had earlier said when he reviewed the matter he was satisfied there was no evidence to support an indecent assault charge.

    The prosecutor said the woman was walking near the pool in the Party Stand at Kensington Oval when she felt someone squeeze her buttocks. She turned around and Wilson was behind her. (HLE)

  10. Military Police

    The man could not resist a nice looking Bajan bottom. I am glad he didn’t bite it . LMAO