Censorship And The Barbados Entertainment Industry

How Much Over The Line Should Barbados Allow At Live Events?

Ian Bourne is taking some flak at his Bajan Reporter Blog for his opinions and actions about censorship of live events. When even the Advocate describes a performance as “depraved” – maybe we should be talking about what we as a community should allow.

Ian has all the dirt over at Bajan Reporter: Backlash from Barbados’ Developing Spoken Word Community – Bajan Reporter Blog under heavy fire for daring to speak their own view


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5 responses to “Censorship And The Barbados Entertainment Industry

  1. Centipede

    There are two ways of looking through a telescope. You can spy through the focal end when you’ll see distant objects clearly and distinctly.

    Or you can look through the other end, when all you see is blurred.

    It is nothing less than scandalous to notice the opinions and view points many writers express in your columns. Where have they come from and who are they?

    All that goes down is talk, talk, talk. We want excellence but we seem to think it just happens. Your author in the column above says “Wanting to be classified, as a world-class destination does not happen by talking about it.”

    Frankly, as someone who has gone though the years I have seen the shift in people’s attitudes. We KNOW how this came about but nobody but Centipede will say it – from the time BDS became ‘independent’ and the Supervisors from ‘over in away’ departed these shores to be replaced by locals, all discipline and accountability also departed. It was replaced by slackness, ‘looking the other way’ and irresponsibility… and THIS is what had led us to the position we are presently at.

    OK ~ so what? (1) what we call ‘education’ (secondary school, UWI) is only going to make a minor difference in the short and medium term. (2) What is needed is people with balls who are ‘man’ enough to enforce discipline and call for accountability. (3) This is not going to happen anytime soon because ‘supervisor’ is living with staff members, or s/he goes to the same church, or her girlfrind is the staff member’s cousin, etc. etc. and nobody wants to offend anybody.

    In the meanwhile the situation continues to disintegrate while A FEW who look though the right end of the telescope move forward through the morass, see the opportunities – grasp them – and get somewhere with their lives.

    The rest who look through the wrong end of the ‘scope — and there are a lagrge number — bellyache and do nothing except talk about ‘colonialism’ and how their great grandfather was victimized…. etc. etc.

  2. ROBOT

    You are correct centipede
    your words are so true

    robot agrees with yuh and you should consider this an achievement

  3. Talking about censorship I would like to ask the radio stations in Barbados if they are censoring local music.

    I AM HEARING SOME REVELATIONS drom Admiral Nelson and others that I find interesting

    Who determines what is good and what song should be played on the radio.
    Is it for one or two individuals to say a song is no good or a song is good.

  4. Shadows of Enlightenment

    Censorship is merely the result of allowing others to have the ability to tell us what is good for us instead of figuring it out for ourselves.



    This is my ADVICE to bajan djs and radio personalities