Wanted For Barbados West Coast Rape

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  1. I really do have real issues with beach Access areas but from my recall most of these problems are 100 % the cause of foreign land owners and not locals at all.

    I think that we the locals have to voice our opinions to get a hearing both with the officials in Gov’t and so to these foreign owners it could never be right to have a public used access like Colony Club, the Coach House Beach, Old Queens Fort cut off from public use by in each case a NON NATIONAL FOREIGNER.

  2. reality check

    This all begins and ends with a proper overall development Plan for the Island of Barbados which cannot be changed by people buying off those in Planning or those who can override the Town and Country Planning Department like the last Prime Minister and maybe the new one?

    The new Physical Development Plan must balance the needs of all Barbadians for the long term future including public beach access and adequate green spaces.

    Are there any men or politicians of integrity to ensure this will happen?

  3. Hants

    WIV says”cut off from public use by in each case a NON NATIONAL FOREIGNER.”

    It should not matter who does it. It is WRONG and MUST be stopped by any means necessary.

    Access to Beaches for Locals is vital to the well being of Barbados. We talk about culture and heritage and some of us grew up with the West Coast Beaches and Fishing as part of our “culture”.

    Fishing enclaves still exists.Six mens,Lower Carlton,Weston,Holetown,Paynes Bay to name a few.

    To replace all this with “Tourism” developement is not in the best interest of the people of Barbados.

    Taken to the extreme, Imagine all Bajans living “Inland” with only access to East coast Beaches while the West Coast is “Tourism only.

    Why not go the next “logical step and move Highway 1 inland? It would allow the development of 2500 room hotels and Resorts.

    Bajans have to decide what kind of country they want to live in.

    I may have to change my retirement plans.

  4. The Devil

    The “new” government is following all the policies of the “old” government (especially in the tourism sector). Why is that so?

  5. The Devil

    I have a fairly good standard of living thanks to the opportunities created by the many entrepeneurs in Barbados. It is easy for us with our guts full of food (we are most obese country in the Caribbean), two cars in the garage of our 3 – 4 bedroom house with all amenities, in this nation of free education including text books and school meals, free drugs and health care, and subsidised housing and heap scorn on those that facilitated the creation of wealth. The loudest critics are those that if they didn’t go to work tomorrow, nobody would miss them.

  6. Krzysztof Skubiszewski

    There’s a place they call “highly-desirable” in California with the highest real-estate prices, the biggest villas, the most exclusive boutiques, the best restaurants and the most Ferraris, Rolls Royces, Lamborghinis and private jets.

    It’s called Malibu.


    Sounds like our West Coast in 10 years.

  7. Duppy Lizard

    Don’t you guys think that it’s rather unfair to blame developers for the mess that has and is being created? Barbados and the government is caught between a rock and a hard place. How is the Barbados government going to find employment for it’s 300,000 plus inhabitants? Unless oil is found offshore in sufficient quantities Barbados will have no natural resources, no agriculture (read sugar cane).

    Having said that, development should not be allowed willy nilly – you want to blame someone? Put it where it belongs – the government agency responsible for planning and those taking bribes.

  8. no name

    Duppy Lizard

    consider this – it is those paying bribes not only those taking them who need to be reined in.

    Bring on the long overdue, amended Physical Development Plan.

  9. Thomas Gresham

    There are many solutions to our land issues. Here are just two. The government could initiate a five year program of buying plots of land itself. Not many. Say 10 plots of land on our underdeveloped coast line over 5 years. The purpose would be to ensure public access, provide windows on to the sea and experiment with sensitive development that does not infringe these priorities, like water sports and local catering. This would cost real money, but it would be a small price to preserve our heritage.

    A second, cheaper alternative is for the government to buy more strategic plots of land, and then re-sell 75 year leases on the land, where there are some basic requirements of the leaseholder with regards to maintenance of beach access. (The restrictions cannot be too heavy otherwise the price of the lease would be too small.) The difference between the full price of the land or a 75 year lease is very small – say 5% – yet after 75 years the lease wil be up and the land returns to the government ensuring that we do not lose our heritage in the long-term. This strategy makes sense for a long-term stakeholder in our heritage such as government.

    The worse solution is what was in the govenrment’s manifesto. That current owners of land would be denied the ability to sell it to the highest bidder through the planning process. This is in effect a theft of part of the value of the land from the current generation of owners. It is the same as the government saying that it was going to take away 50% of the value of the savings you have in your bank account for the good of the country. Perhaps that land was held as your pension? It is bad policy, designed to give the impression we can get something for nothing. Its incidence is ad hoc. The land may be owned by a national or non-national. It may represent the entire wealth of a poor family or the third home of a wealthy person. Maybe a hardworking Bajan decided to sell their pension to buy the plot, feeling it represented better value and now she has lost that value. And its implementation is fraught with difficulty. Under the Treaty of Chaguaramas we cannot stop Barbadians selling land to Jamaicans or Trinidadians. This could just end up being a device to make our land even cheaper for foreigners to buy.

    This is an important issue so I hope the government will consider the options, forget the easy politics of xenophiobia, and come up with a more sensible policy for us all.

  10. Straight talk

    Except for Dover what beach land is the GoB selling.

    Someone soon has got to get real.

    Our short term tourist dollars, will soon collapse, due to prohibitive airfares, from where will we get our foreign exchange.

    The only possible source , given our lamentable export capability, will be from super-rich foreign immigrants, and their clients who they can rent their mega villas to.

    There is no more.

    Sugar? Solar water heaters? You gotta be joking.

    The sooner we realise we have to become a truly world class service economy the better.
    No amount of teeth sucking will save us from that reality.

    This island and its people will become the new infrastructure ( read slaves ) of the mega rich or it cannot survive.

    Even Adrian, our great white hope, cannot come up with anything better than airmiles to promote our country.
    No one person can buck the market, and the market dictates that tourism as we know it, and have planned for, is dying.

    When it comes it will be very swift.

    We should prepare for its consequences now.

  11. Hants

    There are areas on the West Coast that should be “earmarked” for permanent absolute ownership by the Government of Barbados and should not be changed.

    The Esplanade by Jordans in fitts village,Paynes bay fish market and the beach to the south,Holetown Police station and Post Office and the land on the North side of the River,
    Weston Fish Market.

    All Government owned properties between Batts Rock and North Point in St.Lucy should be “earmarked” for preservation in their current state.

    The private property Owners on the West Coast should be required to provide an access lane to the beach.

  12. The Devil

    ” Unless oil is found offshore in sufficient quantities Barbados will have no natural resources, no agriculture (read sugar cane)”

    well Duppy Lizard, thanks to the work of Miss M Mottley and Miss L Thompson, there is real possibility of oil being found and commercially exploited to the benefit of all Barbadians. The BLP knows that once the DLP can hang on for at least 5 years, they (DLP) are going to be “home free” when the oil money starts coming in. Dubai anyone!

  13. Is it not funny to all of us Barbadians that we could have the major developer of this island C O WILIAMS attempting to rob us of our valued lands at Harrisons Point?

    When the Williams Brothers can seriously believe that an offer of $ 15 million should be seriously considered as a sensible offer for this property as was the SWEETHEART DEAL that the Williams Brothers and David Staples were able to extract out of Owing and his former cabinet.

    I need only ask one question and it is what is C O Williams asking for 1 one acre of his land at Apes hill or Waterhall both NON BEACHFRONT PROPERTIES ?

    If the response is in excess of $ 2 million then the real value of the 82 eighty two acres at HARRISON POINT must well exceed the meager $ 15 million that they so graciously offered, this land must exceed $ 50 million that should go towards the treasury’s kitty, as opposed to the C O Williams clan’s kitty.

    My information suggest that this real estate is many times more valued than the pittance being offered by the Williams Brothers and we should put it out to public tender to gain a fair price for something we cannot replace our treasured land.

  14. Redds

    WIV, since you seem to be knowledgeable about all things DLP, maybe you can enlighten St. Lucy natives like myself who are curious as to know what Evelyn Greaves who was just appointed as ambassador of Canada is preparing to do with Pickering plantation(St. Lucy), I was told Brathwaite Construction Co. was seen clearing away the land, what is he fixing to do with that arable agriculture land.

  15. Pen Power

    Hants and the others here on BFP seem not to understand B’dos politics. The more things change, the more they remain the same. Successive governments fail the people of Barbados – they all pay lip service to the issue of land use, beaches, tourism development and agriculture.
    The only people who are ever restricted in the use of their land are the locals who are often given very legitimate reasons for being turned down by Town Planning only to see business interest purchase their land at a “killing” and flip it for huge profits and they immediate get change of use without any restrictions from Town Planning.
    Now that the west coast is eroded – beaches are gone or are disappearing, they are still people asking for Tourism only beaches and coastline – are these people brain dead? Can’t they see what’s happening to our environment?
    Money is important, I will be the first to admit, but it is not everything. If it were, the rich would purchase everlasting life but thank God it is not everything.
    Almost the entire USA is now under water or have been devastated by some natural disaster because we have been polluting and eroding our planet all for the almighty dollar without any regard for the fragile eco-system.
    We are not here alone, we rely on plants, animals and other living organisms to survive. We are spending billions to travel to the moon, billions on a war in Iraq but cannot spend any money on health care, finding alternative sources of energy to cut our dependence on foreign oil – a resource that’s not renewal.
    When are we going to use our brains and think before we act simply out of our own self-interest?


    Constructive suggestion – Make it mandatory for anyone buying West Coast beach property and planning to build a structure more than one storey high to make and maintain a satisfactory wide beach access for the general public.

    And for those who’ve already built their private beach villa more than one storey high and thought they got away with it make the mandatory law retroactive.

    And if the “Wanted” land robbing parasite barons object send the backhoes to do it for them under police protection.

  17. Equilibrium

    i was really enjoying free press last year when it was pressuring the government and various flaws it had in it….can i be given the assurance that free press will do like wise with the new government?


    BFP says,

    For you to ask that question, it seems that you haven’t been paying attention to many of the articles we’ve posted since the government took office!

  18. xenophobe chick

    Isn’t it completely insane that on our paradise island totally dependent on the income from tourists who pay a fortune to come here to enjoy the beach and sea we’re reducing (eliminating) the number of places where they and us locals can access the beach.

  19. Redds, What has the plantation been producing over the last 10 years or more ?

  20. 168.168.321.518

    Poor Tubby!

    As someone said above…….
    – you want to blame someone? Put it where it belongs
    – the Government Agency responsible for planning
    and those taking bribes

  21. JC

    That is not the point wishing in vain. I am a loyal supporter of the DLP for years. But I hope that they are not going to take that land out of agriculture.

    When my party is wrong I say they are wrong.

  22. htmlKode

    Any thoughts of a Dubai-like existence for Barbados,
    once “Oil” has been found offshore
    should be tempered.

    It’s doubtful there’s any big quantity out there, that’s somehow been hiding all these years,
    yet to be discovered,
    that then seismologists somehow overlooked.
    Ain’t gonna happen,ppl.

    If it was there all along,
    it woulda been a known fact
    and gone after!

    Yes there will be ‘shows’,
    but no YeeeHaw Dubai-style quantities,most unfortunately.

    It’ll help,yes..
    but it won’t pay for our new subway system,
    or for our new Bullet-Train running Bottom Bay-to-Bridgetown!

  23. Ady Hotep

    Pen Power – a well written piece, I’d like to add,mankind has lost all balance.Bajans seem intent on joining this insanity.With people like you around with critical/analyticalthinking…. maybe there is hope.

  24. The Devil

    Those in “the know” suggest that there are commercial quantities of oil not only in Barbados’ economic zone but in the areas around the other Eastern Caribbean islands. The present high price and demand can now justify the high cost of production due to the deep waters.

    check the following

    Click to access Barbados_Geological_Presentation.pdf

  25. Redds

    WIV, it doesn’t matter how long the land has not been producing, the fact is that Minister Benn was just a stone throw away in Spring Hall chastising the farmers in the Lease programme. Isn’t one of the stances of this new administration is to preserve agriculture land. When did ambassador Greaves receive permission to move this land out of agriculture?

  26. Hants

    Auditor General Leigh Trotman in his report for 2007, has raised concerns pertaining to renovation work at the Palmetto Square Mall, located in the old Griffith’s Reliance Pharmacy building.

    BFP take note.

  27. Hants

    Pen Power
    June 16, 2008 at 6: says ,”Hants and the others here on BFP seem not to understand B’dos politics.”

    I understand Barbados politics very well.

    I only have to decide how I want to deal with these issues.
    The one thing I will not accept without a fight is the elimination of Government owned Beaches currently used by fishermen in Barbados.

    At least we can fight the Government if they try to sell OUR property. Fish markets,Fire stations and Police stations and West Coast land owned by Government MUST NOT be used for Tourism development.

  28. crossroads

    I would like to find 100000 born and live in barbados bajans, each of us would put up $500.00 and create an organisition that will purchase our sacred open shoreline properties
    100000 x 500.00 = $50 000 000.00
    A board of directors/ some laws to keep things in order and we are ready to go.No foreigners
    Any takers????


    BFP says,

    Sure… we’re in.

    But we have to agree as to who is NOT allowed on the board.

    First name not allowed: David Shorey
    Second name: let the discussion begin!

  29. Sargeant


    “I would like to find 100000 born and live in barbados bajans, each of us would put up $500.00 and create an organisition that will purchase our sacred open shoreline properties”

    Why should membership in this organisation be limited to bajans living in Barbados? What about bajans living in other countries?

  30. Cheapskate

    One hundred thousand Bajans who gyne put five hundred dollars each??

    Lookah..you best lower dah down to somewhere in the $50-100 range and bless your heart if you get 500 of dem to put even dat!

    Bajans en’t generous enough of spirit
    far less wallet -to gi’ way money so, for some hi-minded purpose?

  31. Ivan Taylor

    We cant blame Paul Altman
    Blame ourselves, do we care?

  32. Thistle


    This comment deleted for racist content.

  33. BFP

    Bimbro’s Comment and Thistle’s Comment

    …. deleted for racist content.


  34. Thistle

    I apologise, BFP. I get a bit carried away when it comes to over-development of Barbados.


    BFP says

    Apology accepted, Thistle. Shona says it looks like you hit “send” before you read it a couple a time.

  35. Cheapskate

    Thistle, if you care to the point of becoming all over-heated, then put your money where your mouth is.

    You’re hereby nominated to be the first one to contribute the proposed Bds.$500 suggested by an optimistic poster above
    to start buying up small/TINY windows-to-the-sea at about a half-million dollars apiece.
    Lots of luck.
    Bajans THINK they care. They pretend to.
    They talk about caring – a lot.

    TALK cheap, but it tek money to buy Rum, and LAND,
    -unfortunately MONEY talks
    and BS walks.
    Barbados has been SOLD – past tense.
    get used to it.

  36. Thistle

    Cheapskate, if my comment had not been deleted you would have read that I stated exactly what you are saying – there is ALL TALK and NO ACTION. How do you know I have not taken action in a different form? Maybe I have!

  37. Green Monkey

    Yes there will be ’shows’,
    but no YeeeHaw Dubai-style quantities,most unfortunately.

    Hollywood CA and Mrs. Driesdale can therefore relax. There is little chance they will be inundated by 300,000 salt fish and coucou and puddin and souse eating, “moving on up” Bajan bumpkins a la Jed and Granny Clampet clan.

  38. Beefcake

    So if you’re not born in Barbados, you can never be Bajan?

  39. Bimbro

    Sorry to hear that BFP. A little tip from my wise old head, if I may: as a general principle, whether u believe me or not, excessive censorship is the route to misfortune and disaster! It may seem fashionable, but not everything which is fashionable, is actually, desirable!

    Nice day!

  40. Bimbro

    BFP, please clarify the situ for me – are you saying that we’re not allowed to criticise white people on this blog?


    BFP says,

    You sound like you just don’t get it Bimbro. You can criticise anybody for what they do.

    When you start saying that they act that way because their skin is a different colour than yours, that’s not permitted here or at any other fine establishment.

  41. crossroads

    I would prefer if your navel string was buried here beefcake. However, it was an idea that could be developed, and the logistics could be carefully planned.

  42. Jerome Hinds

    Sometimes I know it iritates some visitors to this BFP site…..when you have to politely remind them that the development and sale of our beach lands in Barbados has all to do with the misguided policy of Owen Arthur and his gang of BLP hoodlums !

    Can anyone remind me…… Who said that Bajan lands must fetch the highest bidder ?

    Can anyone remind me……who told white rich investors on the West Coast….that they are welcome in BIM and black ” negrocratic ” bajans only jealous of them ?

    Yep…….that no teeth rat….Owen Arthur !

    Therein began our troubles………!

    My esteemed DLP party has given the undertaking to clean up the mess !

  43. Cheapskate

    Humblest apologies, Thistle!

    I’m happy to know
    that U2 have identified
    the NATO complex among locals!

    NATO = No.Action.Talk.Only.

  44. Bimbro

    BFP says,

    You sound like you just don’t get it Bimbro. You can criticise anybody for what they do.

    When you start saying that they act that way because their skin is a different colour than yours, that’s not permitted here or at any other fine establishment.


    Hi BFP, and thank you for that, not so elucidating answer! If you’re saying that certain races, depicted by the colour of their skin, have n’t displayed certain prejudiced kinds of attitudes towards black people over the generations, then I CAN NOT agree with you and would have to wonder whether you’re not trying to take us for fools. Anyway, I’m not here these days to fight this cause for Barbadians who are evidently, not interested in it, themselves! So, whatever you say! It’s your blog.

    BTW, it’s occured to me – are any of you guys white, if it’s permitted to ask?


    that’s not permitted here or at any other fine establishment.


    It WOULD be permitted at any HONEST, open, COURAGEOUS and REALISTIC establishment!

  45. Bimbro

    BTW, it’s occured to me – are any of you guys white, if it’s permitted to ask?


    Do u find this question too, difficult to answer, BFP? I’m sure there’re more than a few white and brown people in Bim, so your ID would n’t be revealed or jeopardised!

    I don’t apologise for being passionate about a person’s right to free-speech with one or two provisos, none of which I breached, yesterday i.e. profantiy or harassment!

    Plus, how much longer do u propose to remain secretive? U realise that every further, moment u find it necessary to hide is a continued blot on the reputation of Barbados!



    BFP says,

    Yes it is a disgrace that citizens of Barbados should have to hide their identities when calling for integrity by government – but that is the reality of our country. It is not our individual disgrace as people or as writers, but it is a disgrace for the country.

    When we have the official website of the BLP government linking to a website that posted a threat to murder a government critic and rape his wife, it is a disgrace (link here)

    When we have experienced professional journalists declaring that the Barbados media “gave a free ride to the governing party…” that is a disgrace (link here)

    When the news media is sued and harassed for acting in the public interest, that is a disgrace (link here)

    When the government targets citizens who ask too many questions – by threats, audits and legal actions in a corrupt justice system where the Chief Justice is a politician, not a judge… that is a disgrace (link here)

    When experienced journalists state that the government created “a climate of oppression” in the news media, that is a disgrace (link here)

    When agents of the government of Barbados make death threats against citizen journalists, that is a disgrace (link here)

    When the Barbados government and the Barbados news media are happy to jointly profit from an ongoing fraud against Bajan consumers, that is a disgrace (link here)

    When the Barbados news media withholds a story of corruption charges against a government contractor for 11 days because it is embarrassing to the government, that is a disgrace (link here)

    When professional reporters are roughed up by police for doing their jobs and then the case just “disappears”, that is a disgrace (link here)

    As to the races of the folks who contribute to Barbados Free Press – we are all the colours of the rainbow (which you would know if you had been reading us for any period of time), but we all say our race is “Bajan”.

    Now stick all that in your pipe and smoke it.

  46. Beefcake

    Well said, BFP.

    But be careful, you aren’t Bajan unless your navel string is buried here (according to Crossroads and others of a similar mindset)…

  47. Bimbro

    Thanks, BFP. I entirely, agree with u and u can’t begin to comprehend the rage I feel when I read such things. However, I had hoped the situ may have changed now, in Bim!

    Ok, leave it to you guys, before I blow a fuse, myself!!


  48. 523

    Y do bajans have such a HUGE problem with anonymity??
    becoz they insist on pigeonholing each and every individual..so when the time come u can kill the messenger bcoz of the distasteful message he delivered. i hope bfp ppl remain anon for ever and ever amen.do not EVER reveal who u are!

    one is NOT permitted to b bajan unless one’s navelstring bury here.
    bin there done that.half a century later still not permitted to be a bajan. done give up trying.dont even care again

  49. Wishing in Vain

    While discussing development it is ok to have development but why accept and tolerate the likes of the BIZZY WILLIAMS who has set up the best sweet heart deal with Owing possible to sell us the taxpayers back our own good supply of BAJAN WATER at a Premium and if that is not the best then he runs up a Water bill in excess of $ 2 million which he refuses to pay.

    Let me try to work this out a SCAMP in BIZZY WILLIAMS is selling us our own water because the brackish supply that he once drew from has long expired but to add insult to injury he refuses to pay our water authority the in EXCESS OF Bds $ 2 MILLION owed to them????

    then he turns around and is trying to sneek the lands of 82 acres at HARRISONS from right out under us and a silly cost???

    I must once again ask him what an acre does his brother’s land at Apes Hill inland with no beachfront property as per the lands at Harrisons sell for??

    Should it be $ 20,000.00 per acre then I will agree with his offer at Harrisons however if it is in excess of Bds $ 2 million he needs to review his offer seriously.

  50. Eurika

    Here in England, if you have been walking or using an area (eg Beach Access) for 12 years or more, then a Right has been established, that must now be maintained.