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Wanted For Barbados West Coast Rape

Barbados Underground has the story LINK HERE


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Air Jamaica “Bankrupt” – Government Support Of Airlines Will Never Be Profitable, Why Not Try An Island Ferry?

Air Jamaica is bankrupt – again. Like all small island “national” airlines, it was and is a black hole that will suck in as much money as can be thrown at it.

But maybe that is just the way things are with airlines in the Caribbean. Governments and people are reluctant to let them go because we would then be at the mercy of the larger carriers with no loyalties to the area.

So we continue to pay and pay – one way or the other. And it doesn’t seem to matter how much money Caribbean governments put into airlines, ticket prices remain so high that average folks are hard-pressed to fly.

If we accept that Caribbean island governments are going to be subsidizing inter-island travel anyway, shouldn’t we try something different? You know that old saying about doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result? That’s all about Caribbean governments bailing out airlines with a promise that this time a reorganisation will “lead to profitability”.

Sure. Right.

So let’s take our next airline bankruptcy and do this…

1/ Let the airline fail.

2/ No bailout.

3/ Let the Americans or the Brits provide whatever airline service the market will support.

4/ Take the money that would have been used to bail out the airline and set up an inter-island ferry service for cargo and passengers.

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Barbados Sesame Street – Both Of These Things Are Like The Other…

I was updating our Cartoons! section this evening when I came across this October 2007 cartoon and was reminded that both leaders promised integrity legislation during the recent election.

Remember? Back in October of 2007, election fever was heating up and the Democratic Labour Party assured us that integrity legislation was just around the corner if we would only vote DLP.

What a joke!

Have a look at what the DLP were saying in October and then make up you own mind as to what happened between then and now…

Here is how our October 29, 2007 article started…

Promises By Thompson And Arthur Are Worth Nothing – Bajans Demand Real Actions

We don’t believe that either Prime Minister Owen Arthur or Opposition Leader David Thompson are serious about introducing integrity legislation….”

Read the whole article here.


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