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Canadian Judge On Peter Simmons’ Testimony: “This Court Does Not Accept These Self-Serving Explanations” About Threats Of Violence!

“Peter Simmons also says that the words “watch your back” is innocuous and “means to be careful.” This court does not accept these self-serving explanations. In the Heaslet-Simmons August 10, 2007 “walk good” was certainly not used in the context of a “sending off phrase.” Likewise the words “watch your back” in the context of the conversation is not innocuous.”

… A Canadian Judge comments on the credibility of Peter Simmons’ denial of making threats against a Canadian lawyer involved in the Kingsland Estates trial.

Former Barbados Diplomat Politely Called A Liar By A Canadian Court

Canadian Judge Also Documents Unethical Actions By Sir David Simmons – Chief Justice Of Barbados

Folks, we at Barbados Free Press have been following the Kingsland Estates trial with great curiosity (or trials – were not sure how many people have how many lawsuits happening). When Keltruth Blog posts court documents we have a good look because they contain stuff the likes of which you just don’t read in the Barbados newspapers… not to mention tape-recordings and transcripts of big-ups talking!

Who would have thought that the Chief Justice of Barbados would threaten political action to kill a National Park for the people of Barbados unless a personal lawsuit against him was dropped!

Who would have thought that a former Barbados diplomat would make a threatening phone call saying that a Canadian lawyer should “watch his back” if he came to Barbados for a trial?

Who would have thought that the Chief Justice of Barbados and his brother would threaten that a witness would lose his job as a University of the West Indies professor if he testified at a trial!

All this and more is currently detailed in court documents published at Barbados Underground blog. (link here)

Why The Kingsland Estates Case Is Probably The Most Important Barbados Legal Happening In The Last 20 Years

Barbados Free Press has followed the Kingsland Estates matter because it goes right to the heart of what is wrong with our country: the news media, the courts, the legislature and business are controlled by a small group of elites who are not afraid to corruptly misuse their powers to gain wealth and retain control.

The legal disputes over a billion US dollars of Kingsland Estates’ land have been going on for over a decade but until blogs came along, we the citizens of Barbados never heard about how many big-ups have a personal interest in that billion dollars.

We were NEVER be allowed to know that the man in charge of our courts – the highest judge in our nation – felt so threatened by court testimony that he demanded a private meeting where he threatened to use political connections to get what he wanted. THAT, my friends, is exactly what happens when a Prime Minister stacks the courts with political crones including his own former Attorney General.

Barbados citizens are NEVER allowed to know the details of any “contentious” court case where big-ups might be embarrassed. Our broadcast and print news media regularly censor stories so as not to offend the political elites. And that is not just us at BFP talking… the news media says so themselves. (See here and here)

Now that the Keltruth Blog is publishing unedited evidence, tape-recordings and legal documents about a case that the Barbados media has refused to cover, the elites must be going crazy at their inability to control the flow of information to the Bajan public!

Nothing like this has happened before in Barbados… The elites have lost the ability to use their control of the news media to censor information from the public!

“Black Woman Who Reads” Publishes Article At Barbados Underground Blog

A reader who uses the handle “Black Woman Who Reads” (BWWR) has been leaving comments at Barbados Free Press concerning the Kingsland Estates matter. We believe that this person is involved closely with a defendant in the court case or is a defendant themselves, but as is our policy, we are happy to see them posting at Barbados Free Press. With the exception of a few “conspiracy theories” surrounding 9/11 etc., there is very little that is off-limits here.

We see today that “Black Woman Who Reads” has published an article at Barbados Underground called The Other Side Of The Kingsland Estates Court Matter.

The writer claims that BFP refused to publish this article, but the truth is that we were never sent the article for publication. IF we had received the article, we surely would have published it because some of the statements by the Canadian Judge that are quoted in the article are of tremendous interest to anyone who is interested in the Barbados justice system – as we at BFP are.

Hey… the Canadian Judge politely calls Peter Simmons a liar. You think we wouldn’t have jumped at that headline?

Anyway, it looks like both sides (or some of the many sides) in the Kingsland Estates court case are now publishing court documents online for all Bajans to see.

My friends: there has never been a better development for freedom and democracy in Barbados than the internet – because even if we disagree, nobody can stop us from talking about anything publicly.

Massa day is truly done!


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