We All Listen To Juicy Barbados Gossip – And Here’s Some For You…

Did You Hear, Child?

You know how it is… sometimes you’re waiting around for coconut water (hi george!) and you hear a bit o this and a bit o that. Maybe it is true, maybe it is part true, an maybe it is nothing but a cane cutting tale.

And maybe somebody is telling the story because they have an agenda. Best think on that before you get too excited about what you hear!

But we all love the latest gossip doan matta!

Here are two gossips we received today. Make of them what you will – just you remember that half the reason you come to the side of the road in front of the new office building is because of the gossip. Good coconut water you can find anywhere… but for some fine cane stories you come ta here.

Now if you will excuse me as I get back to chopping and filling. Did you bring your own jug today? Good…

Gossip #1: Customs Officers Being Bad Boys At The Airport

Dear BFP: I’ve heard that the new airport building is actually designed to facilitate intransit passengers but the Immigration and Customs departments (having signed off on the plans in the planning phase then refused to allow the airport to use the facilities for intransit. So forcing passengers to enter Barbados then walk around to check back in.

Also I’ve heard that customs officers regularly park in the spaces for tour buses, which then get ticketed for parking in the road. (because the spaces are taken up by the customs officers)

I’ve also heard that Customs are a law unto themselves at the airport refusing to go through the scanners or any other type of security screening.

Gossip #2: Cabinet Split Over Corrupt Activities

Dear BFP: I heard that Prime Minister David Thompson is increasingly becoming cut off from his ‘elected’ Cabinet Ministers and cowering to Hartley Henry ‘appointed’ and ‘Super’ Ministers. Deals a flowin thru HH and his Super Ministers.

Elected Ministers are getting vexx and more vexx as they become more powerless by the day to the Henry chosen Super Ministers. Elected MP John Boyce, Minister of Transport, Works, and International Transport is emerging as the leader. Health Minister David Estwick his most vocal supporter.

Seven elected Ministers met last week at Boyce home and vented their frustrations. Surprise attendee at the meeting was William Layne. It is rare for public servants to be openly political.

Loud complaints were heard that Ministerial decisions being ignored and overuled. Lone lady minister Esther Byer Suckoo was heard to complain that if she had known it would be like this, she wouldn’t have accepted.

Plans were made to block Henry initiated contracts. The oil sector is one of his main targets and talk was not good about his favoured Texan. Talk was sums paid to him sounded small but the cost to the country could be big.

John Boyce is being seen as long term alternative to David Thompson who is even being sinecured in his own Cabinet. He is not seen as either decisive or powerful. Decisions are coming from the Henry appointed Super Ministers and at Boyce house it was stated that Thompson is fast becoming a nonentity in managing the Government affairs.

“David is distracted by pleasures of the flesh and leaving the running of government to Henry”, one Minister said at the meeting. Estwick said Thompson is too sly and not to be trusted. Senior Civil Servants are also beginning to more openly criticize the administration because their advice is not heeded. Rules are being severely bent daily on orders of the Super Ministers and bank accounts are startin to be filled.

Boyce is planning a press conference to reveal how and why the laws of the land are being subverted and broken. That Hartley Henry is involved in arrangements is totally true but lets also wait and hear what the elected PM has to say about the latest development before rushing to judgment.


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46 responses to “We All Listen To Juicy Barbados Gossip – And Here’s Some For You…

  1. Wishing in Vain

    Very good case of utter rubbish and wishful thinking BFP.

    The PM has massive and full support of ALL his Ministers, MP and his Senators and from what we are seeing he has the support of at least 3 from the other side as well, his majority may well exceed his 20 DLP seats he has 20 DLP and 3 BLP seats as well.

    When will the non thinkers of the blp realise that the electorate have spoken, they spoke on the 15 th of January 2008 and REJECTED the crooks of the blp and threw them out to graze.

    Spreading mis truths and rumour has no effect on anything it will not prevent the exposing of the stealing and corruption that owing and company were so well entrenched in.

  2. Wishing in Vain

    Thanks for enlightening me as to the pecking order within the DLP, I am indeed very surprised to learn that Mr John Boyce according to your reporting is higher up the pecking order, ahead of the likes of Mr Richard Sealy, Dr David Estwick, Mr Ronald Jones thanks for teaching me something today.

    Where does GearBox or EasyBoy rate in the ratings in this setup?

  3. GAIA

    Both of the above comments concentrate on Gossip number 2.

    but what about Gossip number ONE – the shenanigans happening at the Airport??

    Convenient to ignore that one???

    Gentlemen.. Start your brains!

    Gossip number 1 is 98.765% valid.
    I believe most of it.
    The goings-on at GAIA are entrenched, i.e. ENTRENCHED..been going on long before this or the previous administration.
    This is generations-old civil service BS gyne down!

    How else do you think the dxxxs get into the island??
    HUGE profits
    (beyond your wildest dreams,Mr.Legit Businessman)
    are now being made on the average pound of vegetation matter!!!

  4. Jerome Hinds


    Another display of your warmed up PALAVER !

    You have truly become # 1 in the number # 2 business !

    Jose y Jose…..cannot compete with you guys since 16th January 2008 !

  5. Tell me Why

    You have truly become # 1 in the number # 2 business !

    Jose y Jose…..cannot compete with you guys since 16th January 2008 !
    Jerome, prior to Jan 15, 2008, BFP was numero uno, the light at the end of the tunnel, an inspiration to journalism; and the saviour for political manipulation. But alas! This same BFP are drawing attention to your party and now we are hearing a role of negatives. You all simply ungrateful. Do your job BFP. Maybe Jose y Jose can flush out Jerome.



  7. Dot

    what is the best way to catch a rat? cheese. so, put something out there like the “gossip” and watch the sea big make waves.

  8. John

    …. but then, how come we aren’t hearing anything about ITAL?

    I think we could all agree that the 100 days is up.

    A split seems quite a logical explanation to me, some for and some against.

    The detail of who is fighting whom, …. now, that is just that, a detail.

    Of course another explanation is that ITAL was just a lotta long talk and this set are hell bent on feeding off the fatted calf!


    Shouldn’t it be “born and bred”, not “bred and born”, I never heard that one before, anywhere, including here in Barbados.

  9. passin thru

    We heard rumours in February that some in the Cabinet refused to declare their assets and that is why the PM was unable to deliver on his promise to adopt a Ministers code right away. Then 100 days came and went with no mention of ITAL.

    The current rumour about a Cabinet split makes sense.

  10. Pat


    Shouldn’t it be “born and bred”, not “bred and born”, I never heard that one before, anywhere, including here in Barbados.”

    Yes John, you are right. My son also complains when I refer to something as ‘new brand” instead of “brand new”. Could be a form of dyslexia, no? lol. I dont think it is a malaproprism.

  11. Hants

    BFP are you trying to compete with the gossip columns in the Nation?
    This sounds like “puddin n souse”.

    For the record there are two splits in the Cabinet but I will leave you to figure that out.


    BFP says,

    Hi Hants,

    Puddin n souse? Nope… we’re not afraid to name names and we provide an open venue for folks like yourself to contribute more knowledge and discuss rumours and facts if they wish.

  12. J

    Dear BFP:

    Are you throwing out a sprat and hoping to catch a whale?

  13. Hants

    Ok BFP…more gossip from CBC website.

    ” Auditor General questions overruns on Oistins project.”

  14. reality check


    no ministerial code and no ITAL?

    something is rotten in Denmark

    people speculate when a veil of silence, very little information iand no action is forthcoming.

    it is reasonable to speculate that if the DLP has not kept their promises, there is serious dissension within the ranks. Members with real integrity and principles will not be happy.

  15. Reality Check, do you realise that you have another 4 1/2 half years of being uncomfortable and sulking ?

    Your garblings are merely that garblings of pure nonsense.

    Let us ask why is your former Minister of Housing and Lands now a real estate agent ?

    Is it because in his post in the FORMER Gov’t he conducted deals that transferred massive amounts of land to his ownership?

    I know that you would rather not reply to that because that really is the case he fixed himself up well while in office staking claims to pieces of land for favours done for owners of these lands.

    If I were you I would be the last to try to share play play lashes as for every one you attempt to give they are about five coming back to haunt you.

    Least we forget the Holders land that Shorey, Nicholls, Harris, Arthur and Cox contorted to arrive at a lovely going away package.

    Let us not forget your involvement in the VECO AND DANOS scams against the taxpayers the request for a 7 % commission to secure the contract for a local group to which the Bizzy Williams one who has conceded that he paid his first bribe 43 years ago and that is the only way he knows how to do business was the first willing party to pay the 7 % to a company HALLAM NICHOLLS and OWING ARTHUR OWN to FACILIATE the awarding of the contract, thankfully they are still honest ones involved and they refused to pay your request for a bribe, maybe they should have paid the 7 % as it would have been less than the final cost of US $ 145 million up from the local quote of US $ 67 million.

    Please also tell me why it is that even though Owing Arthur was armed with the information pertaining to the theft of in excess of a million dollars at Coastal carried out by Dr Leo Brewster and his girlfriend that he Arthur choose to do NOTHING about this incident, does Brewster have something holding for Arthur?

  16. Passin thru...

    WIV you pratt.

    If the former Minister of Housing and Lands had done as you say he wouldn’t BE a real estate agent, he would employ them.

    If he had all this land cheap (as you say)he would be retiring to enjoy his ill gotten gotten gains. The fact that he has started working as a real estate agent suggest to me that he’s trying to get on with life and pay his bills.

    You really will try anything slimy to direct attention away from your party won’t you?


  17. Is this the same Richard Cox of CBC fame who get put in there by Julius Gittens (that was separate from Owen’s directive, the two were in concert w/o knowing), and then he turn around and kick the man out over doing a programme on the Police beating Jimmy Gittens at Tiger Woods Wedding?
    This the same so-called Editor (joker) who claimed he had a minor stroke during Elections coverage at beginning of year?
    The man who accuses everyone of being a drunkard when he himself was so mackered he had to hope another colleague like George Hall or Jr Evanson would bail him out and prepare the next day’s news for radio for his hungover self?


  18. Passin thru… I would not expect you to know or to want to accept that Farley and your entire cabinet were crooks of mega sizes.

    Sadly they were and we are only now beginning to see the real extent of their dishonesty.

  19. Hants

    Even Dr William Duguid, an Opposition parliamentarian who put up a stout defence of the previous Government’s airport development project, was forced to concede that the process for allocating duty free and other shops at the airport “did not encourage small entrepreneurs”.

  20. Tony Hall

    Too much gossip. Let us stick to the issues. This is just to try to make persons believe that there is a split in Cabinet. BLP propaganda!!!


    BFP says,

    Did the meeting happen as indicated? Yes or no?

    Why didn’t the Prime Minister adopt a Ministerial Code from day one as he promised? We heard at the time that it was a split in cabinet with some Ministers openly rebelling against ITAL.

    If you wish to defuse this rumour, you’ll have to do better than simply stating it is gossip… you’ll have to directly answer the concerns without any weasel words.

  21. Thomas Gresham

    I do not know whether there is a split in cabinet or not. It would seem rather early for there to be a split, but then again, while in opposition there were splits and maybe power has undone some of the healing. What is clear to me is that something is distracting the government from getting on with the job.

    We face a major global energy crisis and yet we still have no articulation of a strategy from the government, other than a policy of removing all subsidies, then putting some back on and no yet providing support to those affected most, or even promising support to come. Detail can wait, but what is the strategy? Is it no subsidies, but income support? Is it subsidies for some and not others with a plan for how to implement something like that? Is it policies for conservation? What is it?

    We have the start of a major economic slowdown. Tourism is highly income-elastic and so will get hit. We have had no discussion about the economic strategy to diversify the economy into areas uncorrelated with tourism. I understand there is confusion at the agencies set up to promote and attract business. The new Chairman of Invest Barbados openly admits to having no knowledge of “investments” his word. He has appointed an advisor who has little knowledge of investment promotion either. What is the strategy?

    This government has capable people in it. I have high expectations of Senator Boyce and Esther. The civil service has some very capable stalwarts. I have high expectations of William Layne and Grantly Smith. But where is the discussion of policy options? Where are the big policy speeches to lay down the principals that will guide the government through its challenges? Is this government in hiding? It would appear that the ministers are fiddling around with political or personal advantage while the Barbadian consumer burns.

  22. A True Believer

    I hear that the labour man walters going get fired soon. It is said that he frighten for trotman.

  23. Tell me Why

    Good point TG. I am also having a fundamental problem with too much critique of the past administration by this administration instead of hardcore economic ideas that will cushion this global crisis. Morning, noon and night we are hearing ministers complaining about this and about that instead of creating policies. Lets stop the talking and start doing the walking.

  24. A True Believer

    I cant understand what my party, the DLP, is doing. We in charge of the goverment and have a budjet to do and we asking people to give we ideas. That look like we dont know what we doing.

  25. Anonymous

    Thomas Gresham, you didn’t share. The new chairman of Invest Barbados is Anthony Bryan the owner publisher of the Advocate. Not a Bajan. God help us all.

  26. Waterboy

    Even Dr William Duguid, an Opposition parliamentarian who put up a stout defence of the previous Government’s airport development project, was forced to concede that the process for allocating duty free and other shops at the airport “did not encourage small entrepreneurs”.
    —————————————————————–Hants, I think Dr. Duguid was referring to the fact that the requirements were formidable. Not easy for the small entrepeneur.

  27. K

    You know there is something here in Duguid’s comments. Wouldn’t his uncle have gotten a pick if the shops went to party favourites?

    If the government says they don’t want to tap the public purse for the airport then can they say the airport SHOULDN’T rent to the highest bidder.

    Can’t have it both ways.

  28. Darnley L. Pinder

    That is just BLP propaganda. We all know that since the DLP got back in power every thing is ok now. The Blp had big splits in their cabinet too as we all know .The only problem the PM had was Kelli and he was not included. (in davids cabinet that is because Owen almost had him)

  29. Darnley L. Pinder

    That is another one of their rumours from way back. Kelli was never thinking about leaving the dees when we all know that he was going to get a ministry.

  30. Sony

    Does anyone know what has become of the 2 industrial disputes being mediated by Senator Walters. Strange that 2 issues that threatened to close down the island just “went away”.

  31. Eric Sealy MBE?

    I give due respect to Mr. Sealy, especially now he is in his sunset years, but for the life of it, how did he earn an MBE award?
    This award business needs to be looked at carefully. It is now becoming a mockery.
    Give Sam-Pooch and the Duppies a knight hood as well.

  32. Warrior

    I was surprised with Arnie Walters position. Remember him as a sleepy and slothful looking character at BEC BCCI and HRM seminars and meetings.

    Oh well, kisses go by favour

  33. Darnley L. Pinder

    Eric Sealy MBE? , the award is a mockery, look who it coming from.

  34. Tell me Why

    I give due respect to Mr. Sealy, especially now he is in his sunset years, but for the life of it, how did he earn an MBE award?
    I see no problem with Eric Sealy being awarded a MBE. Your language simply shows that due to the gentleman poor economic background that he is not fit to receive such an award.
    Mr. Sealy was one of the best platform speakers that ever grace a political platform. He can speak at length without prompting from notes, he can recall history better than some of our intellectual historians using data and dates. The late Errol Walton Barrow spoke glowingly about his command on the platform, The late Tom Adams spoke positive about his ability, Sir Erskine Sandiford spoke about his platform skills. I can tell you firmly that Eric Sealy deserves such an award.
    In boxing – he was the best, he was able to rub shoulders with the great Mohammed Ali, Floyd Patterson, George Foreman and all the greatest boxers in the world. In entertainment he was one of the best organiser and producer.

    Should I say more!!!!!!!!He deserve it.

  35. The Devil

    Ah Darnley what are you saying – “The award is a mockery look who it coming from”?! Well I would not like to think that Dr A Brathwaite, Dr John Gill or Canon Ivor Jones are involved in any mockery! Maybe you think that the PM (who really is the person who recommends such awards) is mocking the Queen by giving Eric Fly such an award but why drag the others in this mess? Ah, 2013 can’t come fast enough.

  36. Sony

    And so the reality dawns on some of us that the energy displayed by the DLP in the run-up to the January general elections was just another non-chapter in our political history.

  37. The Devil

    The electorate had grown tired of the BLP so the logical next step was to put in the DLP. Some naive people actually thought that the business of government would then be done differently. Such innocence is so charming, deluded but charming.

    Everyday I scan the horizon for that boatload of vegetables and fruit from Dominica, sigh…

  38. Eric Sealy MBE?

    Devil/Tell me why,

    Tell me why. I am not in anyway suggesting that Mr. Sealy shouldn’t get it based on his socio-economic background.
    My reasoning is due mainly due to his “questionable and suspect political legacy”
    He could be given an award, yes, but not the MBE.
    Your comments?

  39. Tell me Why

    My reasoning is due mainly due to his “questionable and suspect political legacy”
    Should he pay for his past injustice over and over again. Mr. Sealy was man enough to admit to his fault. How many people ever admitted doing wrong. Are you one of them?

    His case was not a capital offense, so what’s your negativity of the man. His positive attitude is good enough for others to emulate.

  40. Eric Sealy MBE?

    Tell me why,

    Please stick with politics and not social background. You are deliberately trying to miscontrue what I am saying.
    What Mr Sealy has done in the past has nothing to do with the award of MBE.
    It is the way he carried out his political manoeuerings which were below par and could be construed as “yardfowlism”.

  41. The Devil

    Mr Sealy has lived a colourful life and if he did anything that was less than honourable, he has been man enough to admit his errors. However, in the evening of his life let us focus on the good that he has done. I believe that one such area of good work has been his long standing effort to help ex-convicts to avoid returning to a life of crime and to assist in their re-entry to society on release from prison. Regardless of his success or failure in this endeavour, this effort is deserving of the MBE and more.

  42. The Devil

    As to Mr Sealy’s political legacy, I would deem this to have been the production of political theatre which resonated with ordinary folks and ‘intellectuals’ alike.

  43. Rumplestilskin

    Hear Hear!! Mr.Sealy indeed deserves this award at least as much or more than many who have received higher honours.

    What has been his ‘personal gain’, other than satisfaction, unlike some who have received more????

    Well done, Mr.Sealy, well done!!!

    Barbados says, Thank You!

  44. Tell me Why

    It is the way he carried out his political manoeuerings which were below par and could be construed as “yardfowlism”.
    Wow!!! Yardfowlism is an art that call for real discipline. If Mr. Sealy mastered this art and have been endeared by the many intellects in our society, I hereby say with a firm conviction that he deserves every M (meticulous) and B (Brilliant) and E (Entertaining) in his MBE award. Hail to a grassroot MBE recipient.

  45. When I was a school boy I never missed an Eric Sealy meeting

    Eric Sealy inspired me and for that alone he should be given an award

    I dont believe in the award crap or sir this and sir that
    but within the context of Barbados, a colonial satellite, he deserves the award.

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