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Barbados Land Sold At 16 Cents Per Square Foot!

Keltruth Blog Exposes Land Fraud In Barbados

We have been following the saga of the Kingsland Estates land fraud ever since we discovered Keltruth Blog – a website apparently operated by members of a family who owned a billion dollars of prime Barbados land only to have it stolen from them by persons who represent the elite of the Bajan political, business and legal communities.

As an indication of just how high up the rot goes, some of the persons being charged in civil court with conspiracy to commit fraud include the current Chief Justice of Barbados, David Simmons, current Prime Minister David Thompson, past Prime Minister Owen Arthur and a host of similar big names. The case is rather complex, but as we at BFP have been able to decipher the court documents so far it looks like people engaged in a long-term conspiracy to strip the value of Kingsland Estates Limited – a company that at one time owned a billion dollars of prime Barbados land.

The theme that runs through the court case is that some shareholders of Kingsland Estates Limited were robbed when the Board of Directors sold company assets at a fraction of their value.

Think about it folks. You have shares in a company that owns a billion dollars of beautiful Barbados land, but you do not control the company and the Directors do as they please without producing financial records for your inspection. Even the courts are in on it, so you can sue all you like… demand all the financial records you want – you’ll NEVER see the records.

When the Chief Justice of Barbados received a piece of the action, what are your chances for justice before the Barbados courts?

One of the ways that fraud was committed was when valuable land was sold off at a fraction of it’s true value. Why would land be sold off at 16 Barbados cents a square foot?

Good question!

Who purchased prime Barbados land at 16 cents a square foot, and… MOST IMPORTANT… who purchased it later? Which big-ups own it now?

Yes folks, when an old widow owns millions and millions of dollars worth of Barbados land, she has very little chance of retaining any of it once the elites decide that she is easy-pickings.

“There has been a mammoth and far reaching conspiracy not only within Kingsland Estates Limited, but outside it as well”

Iain Deane, Executor of the Colin Deane Estate

Keltruth Blog Posts More Court Documents Online

Keltuth Blog has been posting court documents on their website for some time now, and it is stunning to read the allegations and evidence. The oldstream Barbados news media have totally ignored the court case and even ignored tape recorded threats against witnesses that were delivered by the brother of the Chief Justice of Barbados! (What did you expect… a feature article on the threats in the Nation News or the tape recording played on Brass Tacks?)

The latest installment of court documents posted at Keltruth Blog is a 1997 letter by Iain Deane alleging “a mammoth and far reaching conspiracy” in relation to Kingsland Estates Limited.

Most strange… this same Iain Deane who in 1997 alleged a massive conspiracy is now a defendant in the lawsuit. Why did he suddenly change his mind about the existence of a “massive conspiracy?”. Why did he suddenly shut up about the sale of Kingsland Estates land at prices such as 16 and 21 cents a square foot? What happened to the business records of the land sales and who purchased the land for virtually nothing?

Keltruth Blog has the court documents posted online LINK HERE.

This is one messy court case. In our opinion, the revelations so far indicate that something is deeply rotten in our fair country.


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