Margarent Knight Fights For Holetown: “So Help Me… They Will Wish To God They Were Never Born”

I see over on Barbados Underground, David has written an article concerning a proposed $5.5 million upgrade for Holetown beach. (link here)

Well, so help me God, if they (the Coastal Unit or whomever they are) so much as touch the Holetown Police Station, the Court and the Post Office and Surfside Beach Bar, in order to pave the way for condos or an hotel, I will gather up a crowd and we will kick up such a storm they will wish to God they were never born.

Sometime back in the 1970’s, there were plans to widen a dangerous corner in the road at Fitts Village, just close to where Jordan’s Supermarket is. No problem – or so they thought. Well, it was a problem for me, because their plans involved the cutting down of a tree that was over FOUR HUNDRED YEARS OLD. (The late Mr. Edward Stoute said so).

I wrote them (Ministry of whatever it was called then) and threatened to chain myself up to the tree if they did not withdraw that part of the plan. I’m happy to say that the tree survived, but was badly damaged years later during a violent storm.

So I’m now giving this lot fair warning if they have their beady eyes on Holetown Police Station. They nearly did it in Oistins a few years ago, but I think Stella (Yes – THAT Stella) made some noise and thankfully Oistins Police Station is still intact.

Margaret Knight

Comment By Barbados Free Press

Margaret, we love you dearly when you are on a rant! Don’t stop in your defense of what little of this island that we have left.

Thanks from all of us,

Marcus, Shona, George, Cliverton, Robert and Auntie Moses


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28 responses to “Margarent Knight Fights For Holetown: “So Help Me… They Will Wish To God They Were Never Born”

  1. jack

    So you chain your self to a tree to prevent them from widening the road to make it safer for people. hmmmmmm
    rather ignorant

    In regards to the rest of the article, i think everything must be done to protect the land from huge condos and hotels that arebeing built selfishly destroying the country.

  2. Ivan Taylor

    Margret I will gladly join your fight when you ready to tie yourself to a tree I will also

    I Just Feel after reading Margret’s Letter and then reading the one comment from Jack that Barbadian people have missed the point. We hate trees! that seems to be the norm, they hide thieves, they will fall on our house, leaves drop, people can hide behind them, they crack foundations.

    What has gotten into us, we don’t have any use for Nature, it does seem to me that the mass populous if left to them will have Barbados treeless, just drive through St Philip running paralleled to cul-pepper how baron can this island keep getting, payed yards no trees around anyones houses but hey when the limers on the block need somewhere to play dominoes they find a tree. Lord help dominoes when they are no trees left.

    I really don’t like to comment about trees as I see them being cut everyday, it hurts me as trees mean life and the death of a tree warrants a death of a civilization, look at whats happening all around the globe people are trying to save forests, preserve old trees, keep the earth green. They have to be laws put in place to protect what we have left, but it seems to me that the environment takes a back seat to progress, but hey if a people cant see that, we are waisting our time, as far as the majority of Bajans go trees are a hazardous.

  3. Sad To Say

    I fully support Margaret on this one. However, it may be too late for any of us to amke a big difference to what ia happening along the West Coast. Look at The Sands – a condo development obliquely opposite to the Coach House. The penthouse just sold for 15 million USD. While this price may seem outrageous to most of us on the other hand it just shows you the type of money that the developers are getting on their investment. With this type of money to be made I suspect that within the next 12 years there will be double the number of condos compared to the current number, along the West Coast. And with a faltering economy the Thompson administration will have no choice but to go along with this concept.

  4. Sundowner

    Good for you Margaret, we’ll join you, I’m tired of tourists complaining they can’t find access to the beach, well neither can we! we used to swim not far from The Lone Star, there was a piece of ground on the land side of the road where cars could park, then a gap to the beach opposite. Now that piece of ground is cordoned off, so nowhere safe to park, and the piece of ground, going to be developed of course!

  5. Peltdownman

    Jack, I see no problem along that road right now, but the tree was saved. It probably cost a little more to find ways around destroying it, but it just proved that it could be done. There are many more things that affect road safety in Barbados before it comes to cutting down trees. Ivan Taylor is right. It does seem that Barbadians just hate trees, or at least do not consider them to be important. Remember the fuss over the trees on that piece of land just developed across from the Cuban air crash memorial? Well, they just killed them, seeing as they were not allowed to cut them down. Around where I live, I see neighbours lighting large fires around the trunks of trees that cannot legally be cut down. On Sandy Lane estate, a large section of mahogany trees have just been bulldozed to lay the land bare for construction. And don’t even mention Four Seasons.

  6. Jex

    “It may already be too late” is the recurring phrase I hear when this issue comes up for discussion. Funnily enough, most of these conversations USED TO occur at Cocomos Bar, which is no more- guess what’s happening- the owner is not renewing the lease and it’s going to be.. you guessed it, condos. Forty-four people out of work, and yet another affordable watering-hole gone. When we have all these condos, where exactly are the tentants going to go to eat and drink, by that time even second street will be gone. I suppose they’ll go down the south coast… then buy a condo down there to be closer until there’s no space left there either! Its a viscious cycle, and “it may be too late already”.

  7. Margaret Knight

    Hello Peltdownman,

    And what about acres and acres of land, with what were beuatiful casuarina trees at Merricks, St. Philip. burnt to the ground – probably, as you said, because it was illegal to cut them down – in order for a vast development project in that area. There was an article and some pictures about that recently on BFP.

  8. Peltdownman

    I, too, am sorry to see the demise of Cocomos, but I think that the developer might catch a cold. The increasing cost of air travel is going to make potential investors, particularly from Europe, think twice about making an investment in property so far away. Right now the realtors are “flying a kite” in trying to persuade everyone that there is no dampening in demand for these properties. We’ll see.

  9. JC

    Margaret when you ready let me know!

  10. Hants

    Holetown Police Station, the Court and the Post Office and Surfside Beach Bar,

    The Holetown Police station, the Court and the Post Office should be preserved as Historic buildings but the area is prone to flooding and a new “Hurricane Proof”Police station should be built on higher Ground.

    Rebuilding Holetown beach from chefette North to folkestone is important.

    This Government has an opportunity to create proper access to Beaches in Barbados.
    Nuh lotta long talk.Just do it.

  11. Jex

    Can we chain ourselves to Cocomos- I’ll bring the food and water!

  12. Peltdownman


  13. Hants

    BFP my comments should be rescued from moderation. They were positive and in no way offensive.

  14. Jex

    Dear Peltdownman,
    I think we all know what I meant by ‘water’! Comes in a brown bottle

  15. Pablo

    Well Ms Knight I agree with you and hope that Bajans will stand firm and not see Holetown be distroyed by more concrete jungles and stop the Beautiful scenery that beholds Holetown at the moment I too would join you and tie myself to a tree as well if that would help but Developers are ruthless people and will try anything in order to make money We as Bajans need to stand up and say no to more destruction of our Little Rock and Ask the Government to intervene and stop all these Condo’s and Hotels from Popping up all over the Island MY PEOPLE OPEN WANNA EYES BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE


  16. rumboy

    Ms Knight, did you not read on the plan for Culpepper Island. Lose that and we may as well change our passports.

  17. Margaret Knight

    Rumboy, yes, I most certainly did read something about Culpepper, and I am trying to get more information about it. But I’m not quite sure exactly what Culpepper Island has to do with beach upgrade at Holetown. It is a separate issue.

  18. ivan taylor

    To all the above well done we aint all tearing up our island so keep on trucking and whenever you need my help just shout as I would chain myself to anything also, but not water

  19. reluctant nonbeliever

    What about those lovely casuarinas outside The Beach House?
    Hate the way they’ve been hacked down.

  20. Paradox

    In communities, towns/cities throughout the world, the word “CHANGE” has been the ‘BUZZ’ word for many. In Barbados, the same word have the same meaning. We all should be motivated by the word , because of the number of times we have been duped by the main parties.
    When the present government was fighting for office, it promised many things and now seems to have reneged on some of those promises.

    The two major parties are both the same. Now is the time to make a mark,why wait? Many have concluded there will be no change by either party. While we sit and observe and do nothing the haemorrhage goes on.
    BFP, a few weeks ago names for a new party was being touted, why not ‘ THE CHANGE PARTY?’
    Commence with a series of ideas one wishes to implement and commit the new party to the ‘CHANGE’ idea.
    No more development on the West Coast; A sustainable energy policy to cater for the needs of all;Better transport policy;Better roads and walk ways…(Side walks);A programme to ensure the best care for our elderly, physically& mentally challenged;ITAL in government/ministries; better health care for all, to name a few.
    We must show our disgust at the two main parties; focus on a committment to change, a change from the ‘old ways’; a change for the better.
    We must elect ‘leaders’ who are idealogically committed to improving life for all and not in it for personal gain.

  21. Green Monkey

    Peltdownman wrote:

    I, too, am sorry to see the demise of Cocomos, but I think that the developer might catch a cold. The increasing cost of air travel is going to make potential investors, particularly from Europe, think twice about making an investment in property so far away.

    And then I saw this on the Telegraph web site:

    Gordon Brown is embroiled in a major diplomatic row with the United States over controversial plans for new airline taxes which could see British families paying £400 extra for transatlantic flights.

    An official letter sent by the US Embassy to the British Government – which has been leaked to The Daily Telegraph – reveals the Americans have “deep concerns with the proposal”. They threaten the Treasury with legal action over the planned tax increase.

    Ministers are planning to sharply increase the amount of money raised from airline taxes in a move that will net an extra £520 million annually.

    Airlines – already struggling to deal with record fuel prices – calculate that the tax per person on a flight to America or other long-haul destinations will rise from £40 to about £100 from next year. The levy will be passed on to passengers.


    A source close to the discussions said: “The whole thing is a total nightmare. The Treasury have made a major mistake and not thought through the consequences. The Chancellor will have to sort this out or he will threaten the health of the airline industry in this country.”

    Under the plans unveiled by Alistair Darling, the Chancellor, last year, the way in which flights are taxed will be changed from autumn 2009. Instead of each passenger paying a fixed levy per flight, the Treasury will instead tax each plane. Airlines will then pass on the tax to passengers.

    The amount paid per plane will depend on how far it is travelling with the world divided into three taxation zones and European flights charged less that American and other long-haul destinations.

  22. J

    Dear Ivan Taylor:

    Thanks for your “Ode to Trees” I am glad to know that I am not the only tree lover left.

  23. Whistling Duck


    The sea was beautiful today near Lone Star / Royal Pavillion. There is plenty of room to park.

    Do you think they will ever build ‘Golden Acre’ on the fenced off vacant lot? It sounds a more suirable name for a retirement home or a funeral parlour.

    I hope that Holetown isn’t spoilt, the history of the place and the buildings need to survive.

  24. Hants

    Holetown does not need more developement.
    It is one of the few areas in Barbados with a nice mix of tourists and locals.

    Even if the post office and the police station and courts remain,developement will stretch from Chefette to surfside.
    The beach in holetown is being restored. get it?

    There will soon be no window to the sea between Paynes bay and Holetown.
    The politicians won’t even notice. Their cars are airconditioned with tinted windows. They can’t even feel the pot holes in the road.

    Hopefully the recession will last long enough to slow down or stop some of the projects.

    I am curious to see how the new developement at Limegrove survives flooding in the area. If the new drainage system works it will be amazing.

  25. Hants

    moderation again? I try to be so careful.

  26. Mathilde

    oh Lord no! say it aint so! When will these blasted condo developers leave the West Coast ALONE!!

  27. Mathilde

    somebody explain to me why people oversees are buying small 2 bedroom condos for $4 million USD when that same money can get them a mansion in Sandy Lane???

  28. liz

    Maybe if the Town & Country Department made it a requirement that every developer had to leave 10 or 15 feet on each end of their land plot to be used as a window/access to the coast it would help with the problem of “concrete walls” along the coast.
    Would this work or would more space be needed?