When was the last time you visited your National Museum?

Artist Ingrid Persaud Shines A Light On The Archives

The Barbados Museum has definitely moved on since that school trip you took when you were 10 years old. A great excuse to visit the National Museum in the Garrison is the new art exhibition by their artist-in-residence, Ingrid Persaud, who has made a series of works based on her research into the archives of the Museum’s collections.

The exhibition, called You Go Down The Ladder, I’ll Shine The Torch, features sound, installations, etchings and photography. You can also read the diaries of those who participated in Make Today History.

On now until 20 June.

Barbados Museum & Historical Society Website (link here)


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5 responses to “When was the last time you visited your National Museum?

  1. Adrian Hinds

    …..and what is the excuse for employing this person? Artist-in-Residence???, what benefit is this assignment to the museum? Who pays her salary? how much is it? Is this a private exhibition? any sales? who gets the money? schuupppsseee. I hope that when the academics once again embark on their productivity measurements they take into account such positions and job titles.


    BFP say

    Good Morning Adrian!

    I am drinking Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee right now and oh….!!! Like Heaven. Yes, they must serve Jamaican Blue Mountain in Heaven.

    ABout the museum artist in residence. I don’t know if this is a paid position or not. Interesting question though, however – if we were to look at everything from a simple cost-benefits analysis we’d probably burn down the museum and build condos.

    If you get my drift.

    The point being, a museum is no good if it is only a collection of rooms with old stuff in them. It needs life and publicity and new ways of drawing folks into seeing the museum. New ways of seeing our history because our history is vital to the present (IMHO).

    If we could take a tiny fraction of what was wasted on Cricket World Cup and give it to the museum, I suspect it would have done Barbados a lot more good than the debacle that was CWC.

    Now back to that gorgeous cup a black joe!

  2. It is good that the Museum is being proactive, even if for their 75th Anniversary; I hope the public comes forward and makes the right donations to keep this NGO running for at least another 75 years

  3. Adrian Hinds

    BFP I am focus on your reporting of this person as the “Artist in Residence” which i assume to be a paid position. An art exhibition as a marketing effort to drive up public awareness of and attendance to the museum is not my issue, I actually endorse such activity, but if indeed this lady is an employee of the Museum, as it’s resident Artist, I am questioning such an appointment.

    I could do with some blue mountain right now. De flavoured crap i does get bout up hey doesn’t do much for me, tuh tell yuh de trute i believe that 60% of the coffee i does get does be artificially coloured sawdust. 😀 good ting um free. 😀


    BFP says,

    Hi Adrian,

    Our dear friend Robert always brings back the best coffee when he works in Jamaica. He knows someone there, but when we run out it is torture to drink the ordinary sand that passes for coffee.

    You have an excellent point about the museum. In the larger context (not just the resident-artist position) we should be looking at how the museum spends its monies. Of particular concern to me are all the precious old papers and books that line the stairwell and the reading room. One bad storm and we’ve lost them all! They should be stored away safely and even scanned and available for research online. I would love to see a major programme to scan and place all those historical records online.


  4. Thomas Gresham

    The position of “Artist in Residence” is an unpaid position – which is a shame really, because this will not encourage others to fill a position that has helped to bring alive the museum and raise its relevance to ordinary Barbadians.

    I was at the opening and many of those there said it was the first time they had been there since a school trip many years ago and before this exhibition they had not thought of it as a place for them to visit.

    Its a small exhibition and I would recommend anyone near the Garrison with a few minutes to spare to pop in and put their views down in the comment book.

  5. J. Payne

    I have a few things (memorabilia) from over the years that I’ve collected about Barbados. I’ve always thought that I should check and see if the museum is interested in keeping some of it.

    One of the more recent things I acquired was able an unused postcard showing an areial of the 1960s expansion of the Deep Water Harbour.

    Besides that I have some old coins, maps and other things.