Barbados Abortion Provider Having Difficulty Finding Volunteer and Paid Staff

The Barbados Family Planning Association is struggling to staff their newly-renovated clinic. In the past few years the number of volunteers willing to assist the BFPA with clerical and other work has dwindled to the point where paid staff are now having to take on many of the tasks that used to be performed on a volunteer basis.

A recent article in the Nation News highlighted some of the problems, but according to our source, failed to cover another developing issue: the declining number of Barbados physicians and nurses who are willing to perform abortions.

This shortage of staff of all kinds – medical professionals, community volunteers and full time clerical and maintenance personnel – is becoming a reality in the abortion industry worldwide. Although community shunning of persons working in the abortion industry probably plays a large part in the decisions of many to reject employment, (as well as even fear due to the incidents of violence that have happened against clinic staff in America), for the most part the staffing shortage is because new medical technologies such as 3D ultrasound and other medical advances have changed the public perception of children in the womb.

The fact is, more and more people are now aware that even early in the womb, babies feel pain, learn and are self-aware. It is tough to get staffers for abortion clinics when the Discovery Channel shows mid-term babies playing with their feet, sucking their thumbs and responding to music and voices.

“Product Of Conception” Or “Baby” – Different Words For The Same Life

The abortion industry refers to a baby in the womb as “POC” – product of conception – at any stage of gestation. They have to do this to remain sane. They have to de-humanise what they are killing. No one who wants a baby calls their child in the womb a “POC” or a “Fetus”… they call it their baby. Only when they want to get rid of it do they call it a “fetus” or a “POC”. No mother who wants the child says “Oh Honey, come here. The product of conception just kicked me! Come feel!”

The abortion industry knows that words are important. That is why they use their particular brand of language and why the abortion industry treads ever-so-carefully when talking to the news media. Everything needs to be so carefully managed because they just can’t have the public thinking too much about the details of what they do.

That is also why the article in the Nation News didn’t mention the shortage of Bajan doctors and nurses who are willing to perform abortions.

They can’t have the public thinking too much about why highly educated medical professionals are increasingly refusing to perform abortions.

This article was co-written by Cliverton and Shona

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Shona Has A Few Words For Her Friends…

When I wrote this I don’t mean to hurt or make anyone feel bad. Many women and men have regrets about things they did and choices they made. Many women and men are angry at themselfs for things they did in their lives. People pretend to themselves that everything is ok when they have doubts deep inside. I let God handle my problems mostly, but even if you don’t believe in God you should try to find a way to find peace about mistakes you make in your life. In my experience, ignoring those feelings inside and suppressing thoughts is not healthy in the long run.



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27 responses to “Barbados Abortion Provider Having Difficulty Finding Volunteer and Paid Staff

  1. JC

    These people are so stupid.

  2. J

    Obviously BFP also understands that words are important. Why else would you insist on saying “abortion industry”?

    I doubt that anybody except you and people like you considers abortion to be an industry. An abortion is a medical procedure, just like a bi-lateral leg amputation is a medical procedure.

    Women have abortions because they believe that they cannot permit the pregnancy to continue.

    Maybe contraception failed, maybe they were careless and did not use contraception. Maybe they unwisely had intercourse with more than one partner, maybe the boyfriend or husband has deserted, maybe he has threatened to desert, maybe they already have one or more children and the husband or boyfriend has made it plain that he does not intend to stick around. Maybe they are already overburdened physically, emotionally, socially and financially.

    I do not believe that anybody takes pleasure in having an abortion, just like people do not take pleasure in leg amputations, but sometimes it is necessary to amputate both legs, and sometimes it is necessary to have an abortion. Neither leg amputations nor abortions are industries and neither are pleasurable activities.

    I myself have heard a surgeon say that she recoils every time she has to do a leg amputation, even though in each case the amputation must be done to save the patient’s life. (but perhaps for her as for me it feels like a mutilation even though a life is being saved) So maybe some medical professionals recoil at the thought of abortions, but there will always be medical need for and pressing social needs for abortion.

    Nobody enjoys it. But then it is not supposed to be fun.

    And yes I am a parent both natural and adopted. And yes I have had to consent to an amputation, and yes it haunted me for months afterwards.

    Dear BFP: You should stop giving the ladies grief. They do not deserve it. They are already dealing with very, very difficult situations.


    BFP say;

    You are not the only woman who deal with bad situations an a leg is not a baby.


  3. cherry2enpowered

    At the time of conception there is life. Anyone with a basic understanding of nature would know that a seed reproduces after its kind. When a sperm meets an egg everything that comes with it like genes etc is transfer to the egg. The sperm in this case would represent rain and sun.
    The egg is alive just like any other organ in the body and becomes human at the point of contact with sperm.

    The egg sheds if not fertilize.

    The powers to be will continue to advocate abortion as it is one means to depopulate a society in my opionion.

    Not necessarily in Barbados case. Then again……….

  4. cherry2enpowered

    I see the BLP operatives are at it again. What a crying shame. Just goes to show to the outside world what dumb jackasses we have here in Barbados.

    For a country with 98.9% literacy this is all you can contribute?
    Or did you not learn anything at school?
    Or are you one of those “growing up stupid under the union jack.”

  5. You should change your username to hatedeath. Then you would not be writing so much nonsense.
    Ever hear the phrase “What’s in a name?”


    BFP says,

    To clarify, this comment was directed at a BLP operative who’s comment has been deleted by the moderator.

  6. 194

    Should old peoples be killed when they become inconvenient and senile?

  7. 110.36

    and sum yung ppls should be injected wen dum gives tummuch trubble to sen back home

  8. Sundowner

    Then there are women who have abortions after being raped, or just can’t afford another child, and stupidly not used a contraceptive or it’s failed, maybe the partner doesn’t want the child………maybe maybe maybe, maybe the choice is for the woman in question.
    I think it must be a horrendous decision to make and far too personal an issue for other people to make comments on, each case is individual, and the woman in question is the one that has to live with her decision.


    BFP shona say:

    But waht if the woman is lied to? What if they tell her that it is some red jelly not a living baby? What then? What if she want it but the man run away an she has no money to raise the child? What then? What if she being force by her boss? Her father? Her brother? What if the girl is 12 years old and the father is her uncle and the BFPA give her an abortion without telling her parents or the police? What then?

    It all happened at the BFPA. NOthing is simple, but “let it be don’t ask any questions” is not a proper answer.

  9. Sad To Say

    Abortion facts:

    1. Very underreported
    2. A multi-million $ business.
    3. Most are illegal – the law is most instances is never followed. The law clearly states that (a) two doctors have to approve the procedure and (b) It can only be carried out if it will save the mother’s life
    4. A doctor was stopped at GAI in 1992 with a Chivas Regal box filled with 20K USD. This was from a week of abortions. Imagine how such earnings have soared since then?
    5. If it weren’t for abortions Barbados would have triple the number of births that it now has
    6. Most politicians and “big ups” in the society have utilized these services for their outside women and daughters. This means that such persons will never close the loop holes in the current abortion law
    7. Inland Revenue has never collected a single cent of taxes from this procedure. Receipts are never issued therefore there in no paper trail for Mrs. Denny to follow
    8. Drs. Walcott, Estwick and Suckoo know who the abortionists are here in Barbados
    9. Abortionist commit murder of the mother in some instances and get away with it. Does anyone remember Dr. Springer?

  10. Goldenbead

    Abortion is a personal choice. It is no one’s place to judge. If you want to look at the scriptures to condemn the practice remember, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.

    In my humble opinion, it is a woman’s right to a safe abortion if she feels she needs it for any reason. I have four children and have never had an abortion but I vigorously support the right of women to have the choice.

  11. J

    Dear Shona:

    I hate to tell you this but an early pregnancy is NOT a living baby. It is not red jelly either. But is is as foolish to call it a living baby as it is to call a new born baby a mature adult.

    If mother nature cared so much about early pregnancies then surely spontaneous abortions would not be so comonplace. In fact most conceptions spontaneously abort in the first 2 weeks or so. That very heavy period is very likely an early miscarriage, and no we do not register these “deaths” and no we do not have funerals for these products of conception. Because they are NOT people. In fact neither the state nor the church cares about early spontaneous miscarriages. You may not know this but mothers are only required to register the “birth” if the pregnancy has progressed beyond 20 weeks. If you give “birth” at 19 weeks you are not required to run over to the registry and register that a “baby” has been born and that a “baby” has “died”. And this is so because the state (and the church) and common sense has long recognized that there a difference between an early pregnancy and a new born. It is a cruel fact of life that nobody, except maybe your spouse (and sometime not even him) cares about what happens to your pregnancy before it is 20 weeks along. The state has no interest, the church has no interest, and if you are smart you will desist from boring your friends, relatives, colleagues, and neighbours and whoever is foolish enough to listen with the details. Life is tough Shona. Miscarriages happen. Abortions are done. Get used to it. Yah born and find it so and you will surely die and leave it so. Stop trying to confuse people with nonsensical arguments.

  12. J

    Shona you say that you let God handle your problems “mostly”. You mean to tell me that there are some problems that you do not let God solve? Why? Are these problems too big for God to solve? or to small to bother him with? Or just too dirty to let God know about? I can’t imagine what problems you would withhold from God.
    Women who have abortions also have your God to turn to for solutions or salvation. Why don’t you leave the women alone so they can “mostly” let God solve their problems too?
    Shona the women have God to turn to, they do not need you.

  13. J

    Dear BFP:

    I hope that you do not feel that I have had an abortion, because I have not. But nonsensical arguments bother me.

  14. Tony Hall

    I think this topic should be left alone. Abortion is a personal matter. You might end up creating some hurt.


    BFP says,

    Hello Tony,

    While I see where you are coming from, I must disagree. Abortion has far wider impacts that just with the woman who is having an abortion. Society has an interest in children and human rights – including the rights of the mother and the child – which is why we have laws regulating this activity.

    If society didn’t have an interest, we wouldn’t have any laws about this.

    Also, if the fact that someone’s feelings may be hurt becomes the litmus test as to whether something may be discussed in public, then you’ll have to close just about every newspaper and blog in the world.

    As far as I am concerned, it should be the law that prior to any abortion, an ultrasound of the fetus must be shown to the mother. So many women later discover that they never really knew how far along they were.

    We shall continue to discuss abortion once in a while.

  15. J

    Nobody is trying to depopulate Barbados. I’ve lived in Barbados for more than 45 years and nobody has ever suggested to me that I have a pregnancy, or an abortion or a living child. Nobody has ever compelled or coerced me in any way.

    I think that it bother Barbados UnFree Press that each year hundreds of Barbadian women in consultation with their partners and or parents, and their physicians freely decide to end unwanted pregnancies. You would like to stop women acting freely in their own best interest wouldn’t you? You would like to stop women freely deciding on when to begin their families and when to end it them wouldn’t you? and you would like to prevent women from deciding on an appropriate family size wouldn’t you?

    You would like to be the decider wouldn’t you?

    But nobody has elected you to be a ruler or a judge over us.

  16. J

    You are so right. A leg is not a baby.

    A product of conception is NOT a baby either.

  17. J

    Dear Sad to say:

    Dr. Springer was or is without doubt a rascal. But it is NOT murder if someone dies during a surgical pocedure. Everyday at some hospital someplace in the world people die during surgery. The doctors are not charged with murder, because the death is not intentional. Murder requires that there be “malice aforethought”. Deaths during surgery and other accidental deaths, such as traffic accident deaths are not murder. Stop telling lies and trying to mislead people.

  18. Sundowner

    Quite right

  19. Thewhiterabbit

    This topic is too convoluted to handle in a blog. However, a few observable facts of life (and death). J is entirely correct, death happens, all the time. Every time you eat, something died. Whether it was pig or potato, something died. Death is an integral part of life, so it is a mistake to try to stake out some sort of ethical high ground on the basis of protecting life. Every meal you eat requires death.

    Abortion is a highly personal decision, and hopefully always difficult (it would require a real psychopath to not feel something wrenching at an abortion). But, the issue is never life at any cost (remember, you eat death) it should always be a question of the quality of the life that will follow the birth. For many it is clearly recognized that they are not able to support the life appropriately. Yes, adoption is an option. But, the reality is that in this world there are already far, far, far too many of us. Noticed the high price of food lately? Main reason: too many folks to feed, not enough food, high prices follow. World-wide population is rising so fast that there are more people alive today than the sum total of dead people (a strange but true statistic), which equals the fact that we are collectively straining the resources of the Earth. You can’t take a “life at any cost” stance on the one hand and then decry the degradation of the environment on the other when most of that degradation is the result of efforts to produce the maximum possible quantity of food to just keep us alive; not give us a decent standard of living, but to just keep us alive. We here don’t see it because we are blessed, but across the world starvation, or at least serious malnutrition, stalks the land every day.

    It would be best to keep down the population by means other than abortion which is always a tricky business in which the mother can lose the ability to produce children later, or even her own life, especially if the abortion is done underground because the “laws of the land” outlaw abortion or it is made to be socially unacceptable. But, if other means fail then abortion must be available, cheaply, easily, but mostly safely.

    This writer recognizes that the issue is highly emotional, and this writer respects the depth of feelings aroused in the discussion. However, this writer believes that at some point in the discussion real world facts need to be brought to bear to temper the emotive element in order to obtain a balanced view of what is at stake.

  20. Rohan

    thanks for bringing some intelligence and logic to the discussion. This was classic:

    “Shona the women have God to turn to, they do not need you.”

  21. J

    If a woman is so stupid as to believe that the product of conception is “some red jelly” then perhaps she is too stupid to be anyone’s mother.

    Dear Shona: Would you want such a fool to be your mother?

  22. Celeste

    When a good Christian woman has a miscarriage presumably this is God carrying out an abortion? (as God is all powerful etc etc) – if God is allowed to get away with it why can’t we mere mortals? humans are pretty much en a par with God after all (we have learnt how to create new species in labs, wipe out our planet etc etc)

  23. me

    as usual hyperbole and regurgitated religious fundamentalism with little facts to support the anti abortion view point…

    As with all aspects of life , the rich will continue to have abortions no matter waht so why deny that right from the poor women?

  24. J

    Dear Celeste:

    Now, now Celeste don’t let us take it too far. Fortunately, fortunately we have not yet learned how to create life, if we had then there would be no need for sex, and J is not yet ready to live in a sexless world. To create life men and women still have the very great pleasure of sex. Don’t write off sex yet ya hear. And no we are not likely yet to wipe out the planet. The planet was here long before we were, and the planet will be here long after we are gone. The planet is pretty resilent and has done fine without us in the past and no doubt will do fine without us in the future. The planet is not dependent on us. WE ARE DEPENDENT ON THE PLANET.

  25. tammie

    dear shona,

    i am thinking about having an abortion, i have a two year old and i cant even afford to send her to school. i have no fixed place of abode no job and no one wants to help me. i’ve tried to get a job and nothing has come has come through as yet i’m breaking down and there’s nothing a could do about it. i feel there is no hope because i’ve tried everything.And to make it worst for me i’m twenty two and i have been taking oral birth control for nearly two years and i cant keep this baby.

  26. PiedPiper

    tammie: The decision is yours and yours alone to make. You must do what is best for you and the child you already have. Do not give up hope. Make your decision and do it swiftly so that the procedure is relatively simple. I wish you Good Luck. Keep your chin up and just remember that life moves forward and as time passes you will find yourself in a happier place.

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