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Barbados Abortion Provider Having Difficulty Finding Volunteer and Paid Staff

The Barbados Family Planning Association is struggling to staff their newly-renovated clinic. In the past few years the number of volunteers willing to assist the BFPA with clerical and other work has dwindled to the point where paid staff are now having to take on many of the tasks that used to be performed on a volunteer basis.

A recent article in the Nation News highlighted some of the problems, but according to our source, failed to cover another developing issue: the declining number of Barbados physicians and nurses who are willing to perform abortions.

This shortage of staff of all kinds – medical professionals, community volunteers and full time clerical and maintenance personnel – is becoming a reality in the abortion industry worldwide. Although community shunning of persons working in the abortion industry probably plays a large part in the decisions of many to reject employment, (as well as even fear due to the incidents of violence that have happened against clinic staff in America), for the most part the staffing shortage is because new medical technologies such as 3D ultrasound and other medical advances have changed the public perception of children in the womb.

The fact is, more and more people are now aware that even early in the womb, babies feel pain, learn and are self-aware. It is tough to get staffers for abortion clinics when the Discovery Channel shows mid-term babies playing with their feet, sucking their thumbs and responding to music and voices.

“Product Of Conception” Or “Baby” – Different Words For The Same Life

The abortion industry refers to a baby in the womb as “POC” – product of conception – at any stage of gestation. They have to do this to remain sane. They have to de-humanise what they are killing. No one who wants a baby calls their child in the womb a “POC” or a “Fetus”… they call it their baby. Only when they want to get rid of it do they call it a “fetus” or a “POC”. No mother who wants the child says “Oh Honey, come here. The product of conception just kicked me! Come feel!”

The abortion industry knows that words are important. That is why they use their particular brand of language and why the abortion industry treads ever-so-carefully when talking to the news media. Everything needs to be so carefully managed because they just can’t have the public thinking too much about the details of what they do.

That is also why the article in the Nation News didn’t mention the shortage of Bajan doctors and nurses who are willing to perform abortions.

They can’t have the public thinking too much about why highly educated medical professionals are increasingly refusing to perform abortions.

This article was co-written by Cliverton and Shona

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Shona Has A Few Words For Her Friends…

When I wrote this I don’t mean to hurt or make anyone feel bad. Many women and men have regrets about things they did and choices they made. Many women and men are angry at themselfs for things they did in their lives. People pretend to themselves that everything is ok when they have doubts deep inside. I let God handle my problems mostly, but even if you don’t believe in God you should try to find a way to find peace about mistakes you make in your life. In my experience, ignoring those feelings inside and suppressing thoughts is not healthy in the long run.



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When was the last time you visited your National Museum?

Artist Ingrid Persaud Shines A Light On The Archives

The Barbados Museum has definitely moved on since that school trip you took when you were 10 years old. A great excuse to visit the National Museum in the Garrison is the new art exhibition by their artist-in-residence, Ingrid Persaud, who has made a series of works based on her research into the archives of the Museum’s collections.

The exhibition, called You Go Down The Ladder, I’ll Shine The Torch, features sound, installations, etchings and photography. You can also read the diaries of those who participated in Make Today History.

On now until 20 June.

Barbados Museum & Historical Society Website (link here)


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