Thompson’s Problem: Many Of The Unethical Behaviours At Hardwood Housing Are Not Illegal

Hardwood Housing Audit Shows What Happens When There Are Few Rules

Prime Minister Thompson stood up in Parliament on Tuesday afternoon and reported that the initial forensic audit into Hardwood Housing Incorporated had revealed a multitude of “unlawful” or “questionable” actions by persons associated with the company.

Here is the way CBC wrote it up in their article Hardwood Report Raises Concerns

“Unlawful removal of equipment and materials from HHFI, rental by Hardwood Housing Factory Inc of equipment from a company controlled by the Chief Executive Officer and an employee of Hardwood Housing Factory Inc, the questionable use of Hardwood Housing Factory Inc in off book projects, the purchase of materials using Hardwood Housing Factory Inc funds for projects which cannot be identified, the use of Hardwood Housing Factory Inc materials and labour on projects where the proceeds have allegedly been paid to a company linked to the Chief Executive Officer, consistently high salaries and wages with little or no correlation in earned revenue or completed projects.”

The auditor has also suggested that government should seek legal advice.

“… with regard to the commencement of legal action against the Chief Executive Officer, specific employees and potentially others for recovery of funds, tools and equipment and related matters. It also recommended that legal advice be sought regarding possible breaches of the custom laws and violation of the Money Laundering Prevention and Control Act. “

Hardwood Housing Was A Typical BLP Government Scam: Just One Of Many In The Past 15 Years

My friends, we heard all the rumours of wrong-doing at Hardwood Housing during the run-up to the recent election. None of the allegations or the revelations of the audit are surprising to Bajans familiar with the way government projects were run during the fifteen-years of the previous BLP government.

The only difference between the debacle at Hardwood Housing and dozens of other corrupt BLP government projects is the fact that in the Hardwood case, an insider came forth with documents and other evidence.

By the looks of the CBC story, people at Hardwood committed illegal acts like theft of equipment and materials as well as money laundering and Customs offenses.

Theft is theft and if those people did it, I hope they are charged and go to jail. I also hope that the government uses every means at it’s disposal to recover the stolen money. Whether a civil lawsuit as well as criminal proceedings or seizing assets of the accused by some legal means, I support a strong response by the authorities to bring the crooks to justice and to recover OUR money from this government-supported company.

Conflicts Of Interest Are Not Illegal In Barbados – Because Politicians Want To Keep Making Money!

Here is where I’d like to focus your attention. It is the passage that is highlighted in the CBC article in red…

“Rental by Hardwood Housing Factory Inc of equipment from a company controlled by the Chief Executive Officer and an employee of Hardwood Housing Factory Inc,”

This is a typical conflict of interest scam where the people who issue contracts use their authority to award contracts and purchase orders to companies in which they have an interest. Sometimes the contracts actually at a fair price, but more often than not the price is either inflated or the products and services are not delivered.

In short, issuing contracts to companies in which you have an interest is an unethical conflict of interest – and it is not illegal in Barbados!

That’s right folks, every past Barbados government has refused to pass the integrity legislation that would make such conflicts of interest in government and government-sponsored corporations illegal.

Many Ministers and officials under the past BLP government had interests in companies that were awarded fat government contracts.

And there was big money made – so much that the two million dollars lost at Hardwood would look like nothing beside some of the scams.

The new prison at Dodds would be fertile ground for conflicts of interest audits. We’ve all heard the rumours about how some of the suppliers of materials in the United States were actually middlemen where certain Bajan big-ups owned part of the company. Hey… its easy to make money when you control the awarding of contracts. Have your USA company buy a stainless steel prison toilet in the USA for say $150, then sell it to the Barbados government for $400.

And that, friends, is how the politicians and government officials have been making money for years.

But… as I said… Conflict of Interest scams are not illegal, and no Barbados government will pass ITAL legislation to make them illegal.

Prime Minister Thompson promised that he would immediately adopt a Ministerial Code that would make such conflicts of interest scams illegal… but he lied to us.

And now as David Thompson stands there clucking his tongue at the excesses of the Hardwood Housing scam, he has a problem…

Because many of the behaviours that the Prime Minister is clucking about are conflict of interest scams that are not illegal… and the David Thompson government has deliberately left the door open so the DLP piggies can feed from the same trough.


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38 responses to “Thompson’s Problem: Many Of The Unethical Behaviours At Hardwood Housing Are Not Illegal

  1. reality check

    How about the forensic audit of the CBC?

    That should be interesting.

  2. Mea Culpa

    BFP, wrong again. Breaches of the Money Laundering Act are criminal. Likewise Customs for under-invoicing. Similarly the misappropriation of funds or theft of equipment. You are, as usual, only highlighting one aspect of it.

    And, I might add, the practices outlined by Thompson are all going on in the private sector. Is there ITAL for private sector operatives? Or for Blog Site operators who tell lies and destroy characters or businesses?


    BFP says,

    Well, Mea Culpa, you sound like one p’d off political elite who doesn’t like free speech.

    If there is anything you disagree with, you or anyone are welcome to say so here before the same audience that reads everything else. If there is some specific statement or article or issue on BFP that you think is a lie, please say so and we’ll be happy to print your response and opinion.

    Now, as far as this article goes, yes customs and money laundering and theft occurred – and probably other criminal activities yet to be announced – but the focus of this article is that conflicts of interest in government service are not illegal. Persons who have the authority to award government contracts and purchase orders are free to award them to family members and companies where they have an interest.

    Thompson like Arthur refuses to make such conflicts of interest illegal.

    So… take two Valiums and call us in the morning. Don’t kick the dog or bark at the kids or the wife. Take a vacation. You need at least a week off.

  3. Tell me Why

    Should this forensic audit consist of the in appropriation of funds by individual(s), the amount of money removed and who are the culprits, who managed the contracts, to whom and the occasion, who received high salaries and the amount, the value of the equipment removed and finally the start up cost, with the various debits and credits including the outstanding liabilities, the assets prior to the audits and the final financial position. If none of these are within the forensic report, I can say without prejudice that this forensic audit is a total waste of taxpayers money since the real reason was to expose Mascoll and Arthur as outlined prior to the general elections. I dare anyone to contradict my reasoning including my friends at BFP.

  4. Tell me Why

    What about Carol Phillips the person who screamed about wrong doings in the Hardwood saga?

    Was her name mentioned in the report? What about the person(s) she mentioned? I did not hear anything about them in the report.

  5. politically incorrect

    Hello……… topic but what about CELEBRATING Obama’s victory?

    Seems to me when you all wrote about his campaign 3 or 4 months ago, mostly all of the bloggers were on your case stating how great HRC was blah, blah, blah.

    Well you were proven wrong. Thank God! This is history in the making Barbados.

    Get off the insular track for a few minutes and think about more profound things that will affect the world besides the usual same old taking place on the “rock”!

  6. Tell me Why
    You speak about what you do not know or what you do not understand.

    The Forensic Audit is complete and it is intensive and you will eventually learn that it addresses dishonest and fraud at all levels of this shell of a company.

    It even addresses a matter pertaining to actions dealing with Customs and Duties.

  7. Mea Culpa

    Come on BFP. Don’t be so childish. You have an agenda and we know that. That is why you take only one aspect of the report and give the impression that because there are no laws covering that aspect, he process is a waste of time even though other criminal breaches have been found!

    As to Tell Me Why: Are you deaf? CBC said that the Prime Minister indicated that HE WILL NOT call names or list events or identify documents AT THIS TIME. There is a phase two to the report! What do you think phase two is all about? Hopefully the additional $700,000.00 tha taxpayers now have to pay BNB!

  8. News reaching me states that mottley was the only blp member to sit thru and face The Hon Prime Minister David Thompson during his delivery of his speech on HARDWOOD HOUSING.

    Reports reaching me state that she was the happiest person in the house as the licks flowed, so much so that at the end of the sitting she asked if the Gov’t had anything else on him meaning arthur, she must be in her glee to hear both arthur and Mascot being exposed for what they are frauds but if I were her I would not go overboard with her enjoyment as she has many questions that she needs to reply to as well.

  9. (6 for a 9)

    BFP you constantly refer to PM Thompson as a liar. What I have noticed over the last few months is that he uses the word “immediately” too often. Nothing happens that quickly here in Bim, but to brand him a liar I think is a bit premature.

  10. Mea Culpa

    BFP has its agenda. I hope Thompson is considering ITAL for the private sector including blog sites. This is the only way we can have true democracy uninfluenced by the monied classes. BFP rates me as an elite.

    You would be surprised about my lowly status. But I know of the influence of certain interests in Barbados – the poultry lobby, the gas station lobby, the PSV lobby, the COWilliams lobby, the flour lobby, the “transparency” lobby, the Kingsland lobby, the “slot machine” lobby.

    Their philosophy is that we must have it our way! And no doubt BFP is helping some lobby. But how would we know since they can snipe, attack, criticise, declare war, damage reputations and so on BUT REMAIN ANONYMOUS!

    How ironic that an anonymous entity can call for transparency!!!


    BFP says,

    We all know what happens to journalists and citizens on this island who cross the elites. They have been calling for our identities for over two years, and when they couldn’t find us they started with the illegal hacking attacks and finally death threats and threats to our families – just as they did with three other Barbados blogs who spoke out.

    Those who are banned from BFP are banned because they will not adhere to our editorial standards. We often print comments from those who absolutely hate us – like you. But the comments have to adhere to standards. Commenters are usually given a few chances and warnings, and if they choose to persist with foul language or topics that we will not feature, they are banned. You’d do the same thing if you had enough energy and commitment to run your own blog.

    Our agenda is worn openly: we want to change our society through ITAL. We also care about our environment and human rights issues worldwide. Although we don’t cover every topic, readers are more than welcome to submit articles on almost any topic and they are published unedited all the time.

    If you want to fight what we are saying, you can continue to post comments, send us an article or start your own blog.

    Folks tried to say we were DLP. Then they said we were a splinter BLP group trying to depose Arthur and put in Mia. Then they said we were environmentalists gone wild.

    The truth is we are ordinary people trying to change our country for the better, and now there are no gatekeepers that can prevent us from talking to our fellow citizens.

    It is a level playing field on the internet, but that is what bugs people like you.

  11. 198.1

    A Ministerial Code that would make such conflict of interest scams illegal…? You outdo yourself BFP! And conflict of interest “scams” by a Government Minister are illegal, contrary to your belief!


    BFP says,

    Really? wow! I guess we can all go back to partying then.

    By the way, what law prevents a Minister of Government from awarding government contracts to a company that he or she holds an interest in?

    Please just quote it here and we’ll close the blog tomorrow.


  12. John

    Mea Culpa
    June 4, 2008 at 12:42 pm

    But how would we know since they can snipe, attack, criticise, declare war, damage reputations and so on BUT REMAIN ANONYMOUS!


    You have a point. How do we know?

    What is the Nation’s agenda?

    What is the Advocate’s agenda?

    Do they have an agenda?

    Do we need to know what their various agendas are?

    Do we even know for a fact who is behind them?

    The thing about the blogs is that anyone, …. with access to a computer …. can sit and take part in a discussion namelessly and facelessly.

    I avoid the term anonymously.

    Their contribution can be spontaneous or it can be well thought out and given over time.

    I don’t need to worry about any inferiorities I may feel when confronting a good debater face to face.

    All I need to do is read the point and try to respond to the point as best as I can. If I have nothing to say I just keep quiet.

    I can think about the point in the car, in the shower or just walking about before responding or I can on the spur of the moment respond.

    Bloggers can support any side of any argument they are so moved to support.

    It is the point that is discussed.

    Bloggers can even support both sides of an issue under discussion for in life there are seldom any clear cut issues that are worth discussing.

    It is only the shades of gray of a particular issue that demand discussion, and my experience is that the blogs do give a forum for this discussion which no newspaper in print edition could ever give.

    What is a newspaper’s or a particular blog’s agenda?

    Read the article or blog and find out, if you have the time.

    … in the case of the blog, ask a question or say what you feel is the agenda!!!!

    Can’t do that with a newspaper article.

    … and yes there is a dark side to blogging and it is shown up when we bloggers stop discussing the issue at hand and start on the reputations of people …… but that is also what life is about, on the whole it is great …. but it does have a dark side!!

    In life we say hurtful things on the spur of the moment and forget them.

    On the blogs those hurtful things if they remain posted are always there for us to be directed to and asked to give an account of.

    Sometimes I write impulsively and regret my comment.

    I review some of my previous comments occasionally and examine if the positions I take are still valid in my mind.

    That is why I don’t go with the anonymous description.

    I believe that each blogger who appears on any blog over time is identifiable by the position he/she takes on the issues discussed.

    He/she however in most cases, is nameless and faceless.

  13. Mintue Mouse

    Well Well Well, for your information, Tell me why!
    Carol phillips DID not leak the wrong doings to Prime Minister Thompson, so get your facts right,
    and there is a whole lot more to come,Nothing can change the fact that Asscoll and company theif all of the Gov’t money,Ms Phillips only get blame as the person giving out the information because she was fired,these people in authority knew that the money was being stolen but did nothing because they thought that the BLP was going to win the elections and Asscoll would make that illiterate clown who was CEO a senator.and they would of gotten lands in Kendal to build a new housing project.This is just a little bit of what was happening ,what about all of the contracts from UDC that the monies were paid up front for houses before the ink could dry on the contracts and the same houses were never built . As bajans says a blind eye was turn to all of the wrong doings. This is just the smoke,wait until the real fire comes.I know what i talking ’bout.

  14. Tell me Why

    I believe that each blogger who appears on any blog over time is identifiable by the position he/she takes on the issues discussed.
    Well said John. By the way, it seems that you might have a bearing on my position. Do tell me.

  15. Tell me Why

    This is just the smoke,wait until the real fire comes.I know what i talking ’bout
    Can we say that your post is based on substantial evidence or just a continuation of political electioneering. Boy Oh Boy! looka how information can get out from the horse mouth. No one ever stated that the Hardwood information was delivered directly to opposition leader at the time. You now confirmed that fact.

    Since you know what you are talking. Feel free and let the public know. For I am one who would give a free passage for all the guilty persons to be prosecuted. I am responding to information on the public domain. I am still of the view that this audit seems to be personal.

  16. 198.1

    Your difficulty, or ignorance, BFP is that you think the law is only contained in statutes. It is not. And there are common law of offences such as misfeasance in public office, corrupting public morals, committing public mischief which cannot be found in any volume of the laws of Barbados. By the way, do you know of any Government Minister who has done such a thing? And I don’t mean whether you have heard, as in the shoes from China…


    BFP says,

    and when was the last person charged with these offences you talk about ?

    Thought so.

    As to a Minister breaking the public trust – yes, lets start with Gline Clarke who built his woman a home on land that his government expropriated… and paid for the home through money withdrawn from his ScotiaBank account into which he had placed political campaign donations.

    Yes… let’s start there.

  17. Tell me Why

    Wow. these operatives jump from the pan into the fire and then…….an eerie silence. Come on WIV and
    Mintue Mouse, don’t run off leaving us to reach our own conclusion.

  18. 214.198.1

    Funny, my post which was critical of you just disappeared. Just like that. Funny…


    BFP says,

    Not funny at all 214.198.1.

    We invite you to read the section at the top on moderation. Also, please choose a name for yourself or we’ll simply use your IP number.


  19. Tony Hall

    BFP, You were asking for investigations into corrupt practices. Now that these investigations are producing some evidence you are finding fault. What do you really want?


    BFP says,

    We are pleased that the government is investigating wrong-doing. Of course, it remains to be seen if they have what it takes to really pursue not only the easy stuff like Hardwood where an insider came forward, but also the more massive projects like the VECO jail project where both Dees and Bees have their fingers in the soup.

    The main point of our article is that the Thompson Government will not be able to fault anyone for Conflicts of Interest like ordering products from their own company on the side because the DLP Government and the previous BLP Government have deliberately neglected to make that an offense.

    So please tell us Tony…. did David Thompson deliberately lie when he promised to implement a Ministerial Code immediately upon forming a government… or was he stupid or naive or what?

    What’s the story?

  20. A True Believer

    Everything that the PM said in the house of assembly, he said in deacons last year. i aint hear nothing new. He got to come better if he want to catch the blp rats. I want to hear about what he going to do about the illegal guyaneese in barbados.

  21. JC

    I agree with true believer, as well as BFP. I want more. I voted for this party and I need to see people (once there is proof) to be charged for their criminal activities.

    If my friends on the block can be charged; I cry out that those who are here illegally, or that have commited illegal crimes, SHOULD BE LOCKED UP WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT.

    Thompson Administration we young people are watching you.


  22. Mea Culpa

    BFP, are you aware that Barbados has a Prevention of Corruption Act Chapter 144 of our Laws? Why don’t you read it instead of misleading people?

    BFP, I don’t hate you and you don’t have to act like a cry-baby when exposed. You have your definition of integrity and I have mine. Mine is that all of us stand to be judged not just politicians!

    Yours is that politicians are inherently bad. You don’t understand the meaning of the word “lie” and hence your captions about politicians and while you say you don’t allow persons to defame others in their blog comments, you do it in your editorial comments.

    You are amazing! And if anyone in the DLP or BLP attacks you, you shout democracy and freedom and start your tirades on Cuba and China.

    I find you petty and arrogant.

  23. Mintue Mouse

    Evidence that is so strong that it is unbreakable,
    these culprits want locking up,innocent people trusted them ,to build afforable houses for low income earners but they swander Tax payers monies on high living and travelling,and wait until the Jeeps and fancy cars that were brought come to light.What about the houses that were built in Asscoll area with out one red cent reachng the books of HHFI,what about the women who walk into the office demanding that them got to get a discount because Asscoll sent them and if the house cost $50,000 He say they got to get it at 25,000 and them aint leaving until the contract sign.even if approval has not been given from Town and Country planning.

    Like i said all of those involve want LOCKING UP!
    Corruption at the highest.

  24. Friends you wanted to see the evidence of gross corruption in the last 14 year blp Gov’t it is coming at you fast and furiously.

    We have this event taking the limelight with arthur and the Mascot, but we have so many others coming to light.

    Lets hear more about Booza King and when will he be charged?

    Lets hear about Leo Brewster and when he and his girlfriend will be charged for the million dollars in fraud that they have been involved in?

    What about the one at Sanitation that has robbed us there as well?

    Lets hear about the Hallam Nicholls , Glyne Bannister, Owing Arthur scam that they played on us with VECO and the DANOS 3 S scam?

    Let us hear about 5 other Forensic Audits that have been ordered?

    Let us understand that in excess of $ 2 Million of our taxpayers dollars was given out to blp cronies in consultant fees, to the likes of clows and idots like Henderson Bovell to call in radio programs?

    Do not expect to start crying now and for everything to evaporate and go away, it will not, the CORRUPT MORALESS BLP RAPED this country blindly and they and their friends MUST NOW PAY IT BACK TO THE TREASURY IF NOT DIRECTLY TO PRISON THIS MUST GO.


    BFP says,

    WIV, your thinking is flawed when you say “they and their friends MUST NOW PAY IT BACK TO THE TREASURY IF NOT DIRECTLY TO PRISON THIS MUST GO.”

    No Sir! That is the old way. You pay it back only if you get caught and so avoid jail. No penalty except giving back what you stole!

    NOPE! Not going to stand for that any more.

    Jail no matter what. Civil action to recover the funds.

    Don’t you DLP types try that nonsense ’bout hey. Jail for stealing. End of story.

  25. News reaching me states that mottley was the only blp member to sit thru and face The Hon Prime Minister David Thompson during his delivery of his speech on HARDWOOD HOUSING.

    Reports reaching me state that she was the happiest person in the house as the licks flowed, so much so that at the end of the sitting she asked if the Gov’t had anything else on him meaning arthur, she must be in her glee to hear both arthur and Mascott being exposed for what they are frauds but if I were her I would not go overboard with her enjoyment as she has many questions that she needs to reply to as well.

  26. FORMER CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER (CEO) of Hardwood Housing Factory Inc. (HHFI), Anthony Murrell, and others may face legal action over the recovery of company funds, tools and equipment.

    That is the recommendation of forensic auditors who have also suggested Government seek legal advice regarding possible breaches of the customs laws and violation of the Money Laundering Prevention and Control Act.

    A ministerial statement on the preliminary findings of the financial audit was made in the House of Assembly yesterday by Prime Minister David Thompson, who first called for an investigation into the operations of the company when he was Opposition Leader last September.

    The report, dated May 2, 2008, highlighted the following issues:

    * the unlawful removal of equipment and materials from HHFI;

    * rental by HHFI of equipment from a company controlled by the CEO and an employee of Hardwood Housing Factory Inc;

    * the questionable use of HHFI in off-book projects;

    * the purchase of materials using HHFI funds for projects which cannot be identified;

    * the use of HHFI materials and labour on projects where the proceeds have allegedly been paid to a company linked to the CEO; and

    * consistently high salaries and wages with little or no correlation in earned revenue or completed projects.

    Furthermore, the preliminary report recommended that a corporate search be undertaken to determine the link, if any, between two separate companies and HHFI or any of its related parties.

    Against this background, the unnamed private and “reputable accounting firm” that conducted the preliminary audit said that there were “sufficient and serious grounds” to warrant further investigation into the company.

    As such, Thompson said a recent request by the Barbados National Bank seeking a letter of comfort from Government to support an overdraft facility which had been extended to the company prior to January 2008 for $700 000, would not be honoured – at least not until a full investigation was completed.

    “I am most reluctant, Mr Speaker, to give any specific details relating to names, events and supporting documentation upon which the forensic auditor relied on at this point in the interest of justice,” Thompson told the House during the post-luncheon session.

    He however added: “But it is vital that I keep this Honourable House and the people informed of the Government’s efforts to pursue this matter to its legitimate end.”

    He expressed extreme concern about the financial decisions taken by the previous administration as they related to Hardwood Inc. as well as the alleged involvement of senior members of the former Government in the operations of the board of the company.

    According to Thompson, this brought into question the integrity of the previous Government’s financial systems and raised issues of transparency and accountability.

    “I have therefore accepted the advice of the forensic auditors that Phase 2 of the review be undertaken with a view of ensuring that those guilty of any criminality are brought to justice,” he concluded.

  27. Mea Culpa

    Can you imagine BFP asking Tony Hall whether David Thompson lied when he failed to do certain things he promised to do.

    But BFP’s headline shows Thompson saying “I told a lie this big. “Why ask when you have already concluded?

    It is precisely this kind of problem I have with BFP.


    BFP says,

    I wonder if you have a problem with all of us or only some?

    Now… about the PM. He could have lied, or he could be stupid. Or naive.

    If you have some other alternatives, we’d be happy to hear them!

    So what will it be… stupid, liar, or naive?

  28. I honestly think that you are rude and out of place, the PM has done nothing to be accused as a liar or stupid, for one I find it almost impossible to fathom out how the PM an ATTORNEY AT LAW could have gotten to position he has reached while being stupid.

    He has done more in the few short months in office to correct the ills of this country the results of 14 years of neglect and mal treatment that was inflicted on the people of this island by the BLP gov’t of the day.

    Let us grow up and finally give praise where praise is due and the PM deserves much praise for his efforts to maintain balance and harmony and to keep this economy moving forward.

    We are hearing that people from all walks and classes and positions in life are saying that finally we have a PRIME MINISTER that is at last approachable and someone that anyone can speak with, this opinion ranges from the elite to the man in the street this is the complete opposite to arthur and his gruff uncouth manner.

    We are all Barbadians wanting to live here to destroy without a just cause is simply gross stupidity, to those on the outside it must make them wonder about us as a people.

  29. passin thru

    So if the PM is not stupid, and he didn’t lie, then why did he not adopt the Ministerial Code when he formed a government like he promised?

  30. Equal Time

    When Barny Lynch was Minister of Tourism, BFP questioned the source of his money when it was revealed that he had purchased some property. Well have you seen the new Jaguar motor cars Sinckler and Estwick are now driving (>$300,000)?

  31. 194

    Very eloquent, Wishing in Vain.

    I must be stupid because I can’t figure out how an intelligent lawyer like David Thompson could say his government ministers would adopt a code, and then only a few weeks later when he won the election Thompson and his ministers did not adopt the code.

    Did the government ministers rebel at the code? Is that what happened? Did Thompson lie? Was there something that he failed to consider when he made his promise.

    So far David Thompson has not told us the truth about why he promised and didn’t deliver the Ministerial Code.

    You are eloquent, WIV. You are also a spin machine. Like thompson, you don’t intend to give the public the truth about what happened.

    Under the circumstances and the PM’s silence on the issue, I can’t blame BFP for calling Thompson a liar.

  32. Straight talk


    “We are all Barbadians wanting to live here to destroy without a just cause is simply gross stupidity, to those on the outside it must make them wonder about us as a people.”

    You have gone beyond the pale now, man.

    Using your good friend Mia’s argument about the opinion of the outside world towards the incompetence and inaction of the GoB, and its complete denial of the promises from the hustings and its own manifesto, is laughable.

    Have you not re-read your posts of six months ago, and, agreeing with your anti-Arthur diatribes, seen how we all derided Greenidge’s feeble justifications for the government’s non-performance?

    You are now assuming that court jester’s motley (pun intended ).

    We voted for for change , not rhetoric.

    Until Thompson delivers on his promises, you should stop your lapdog yapping.

    You are now the joker, defending the indefensible.

  33. Tell me Why

    I have a fundamental problem with the state affairs in the country since elections. Yes, we might have questionable undertakings by the previous administration, but are we going to be constantly bombarded of talk about inquiry here and inquiry there and the daily criticism of every ministry or the condemnation of every building with inadequate facilities. Whilst all the talk and criticism going on, we must also be reminded that the economy will be going down hill since I have not seen any positive signs of economic activity. I was surprise hearing Dr. Estwick admitting on my TV that we have the best health and medical facility system in the Caribbean. He was smart in continuing that we still have room for improvement.

  34. Sad To Say

    David & Co. seem to be no different from Owen & Co.

    Some observations:
    1. The politics in our dear little island has been hijacked by a bunch of crooks on both sides of the political fence
    2. Thompson et al is going to be providing excuses for the next 4 + 1/2 years why they fulfilled very few of their election promises
    3. I strongly believe that this DLP administration will be the first government to only serve one term
    4. While I do believe that Thompson as a person has good intentions, however, he does not have the balls to stand up to some of the crooked elements of his party – in and out of parliament
    5. I am very sad because I voted for the THIRD TIME in my (50 yrs of) life for the DEMS. I strongly suspect that if a snap election were held today the BEES would win – hands down. This is in spite pf the fact that most of us would have a difficult time stomaching Mia as Prime minister
    6. We have once again been screwed by a bunch of unprincipled crooks who will say anything to be elected
    7. WE HAVE NO CHOICE but to come together as concerned citizens of our dear little rock and lobby for new laws that would stamp out corruption in the current political system
    8. There has to be a paradigm shift where we move towards political emancipation. There are too many Bajans who are incapable of thinking outside of their political confines.
    9. Political tribalism is alive and well in this new Thompson administration. Unfortunately our little country with limited resources can not afford such a luxury

  35. Darnley L. Pinder

    You all people dont like to see poor black people like Estwick and Sinckler getting thru. They could have gone to the bank and get aloan. You can do that you know.

  36. Equal Time


    I agree with you but when your cousin Barney Lynch (Pinder) bought his house BFP and others were shouting for murd#r.

    Tell your brother Beresford L. Pinder hello for me.

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