Barbados Free Press Welcomes Visitor Number 3 Million!

Yesterday at about 3:14:17pm, Barbados Free Press welcomed visitor number 3 million since we started our blog in January of 2006. Our special guest visited from Barbados – unlike visitor number 2 million who arrived from Switzerland on January 1, 2008.

Interesting visitor curve: 2 years to reach 2 million visitors, but only another 6 months to reach 3 million visitors! Yes, folks… since the election that gave us worldwide exposure, things are getting rather hectic around here with visitor traffic. We keep saying that this growth just can’t continue because our blog is primarily based upon a tiny Caribbean island, but so far we’ve been proven wrong.

Even in the statistics of WordPress Blogs worldwide, Barbados Free Press continues to find itself in the “Top 100 WordPress Blogs on a regular basis. Back when there were 300,000 WordPress Blogs worldwide, we were pleased to be found in the Top 100 – but since that time many superlative blogs have come online. Nonetheless we are still to be found in the Top 100 List out of over 3.2 million WordPress Blogs world wide.

Not bad for a nothing little part-time blog from Barbados!


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6 responses to “Barbados Free Press Welcomes Visitor Number 3 Million!

  1. John

    Don’t start the day without it!!

    Even when I have to travel I still contrive some way to see what is going on.

    Invariably there is something interesting going on which I am sure drives detractors bananas!!

    Good work BFP and bloggers. It is fun being a part of something worthwhile.

  2. Sundowner

    Quite agree, I check the BBC World News BFP and BU, I very rarely buy a paper these days, more truth and information here!
    Congratulations, keep up the good work!

  3. rumboy

    Congrats BFP.

  4. Mea Culpa

    Is there a Code of Ethics for blog sites in Barbados? Who finances BFP… are we entitled to know this since they want to know who finances other opinion makers? What standards will BFP adhere to? Truth… no! Accuracy… no! Honesty… no! Verifying facts… no! Avoiding inflammatory statements… no!

    So how clean are your hands BFP? What is your agenda on Kingsland? Or Greame Hall? Or Duguid who you supported?

    Come on, if you want ITAL you should subject yourself to it too. Simple.


    BFP says,

    Who finances BFP? That’s easy….

    They provide everything, all the software online for free. You can create your own blog yourself in about 15 minutes. The learning curve is not hard. Then do like BFP does: put up at least one article every day. It helps when there are a few people involved so each person only has to write one or two articles a week, but you can usually think of something. Even if you were blogging alone you’re only looking at 20 or 30 minutes per day to post something and tidy up the comments.

    And when you haven’t got time to write a big long article, once again, do like we at BFP do. Find some article on the web and write a few lines about what you think about it. It doesn’t have to be long. Throw up a photo and let the readers discuss everything.

    That current article about the 140 days of broken promises only took about 15 minutes to throw together. We’ve used all the photos before and WordPress stores them in a database so you can easily retrieve them.

    Many folks spend more time per day making comments on our blog than we spend writing!

    It is about free speech. it is about a people who have been held silent for too long by vengeful political elites who controlled the media as well as the government and the courts.

    As far as Kingsland, Graeme Hall and Doctor Duguid goes, they are only a few of the topics that we have developed an interest in. Kingsland is a very interesting court case because of the corrupt big-ups that appear to be involved in fighting over a billion dollars of prime Barbados land. That, my friend, is NEWS. Graeme Hall, Greenland, waste disposal and alternative energy are all environmental issues that interest us. As far as Doctor Duguid goes, we have never made a secret of the fact that some of us know and respect him. Plus the fact that he started the BLP blog and asked us for some help which we gave him. He also visited and commented on BFP quite regularly when we first started and still comments once in a while.

  5. Mea Culpa

    No doubt Word Press writes your articles, infliences your views, and motivates you! Do you think that we are idiots BFP? Don’t you think that the ordinary blogger knows:
    1. You are not objective
    2. You have an agenda
    3. You are financed
    4. You moderate only certain contributors

    And the list goes on..

    In other words, you might appear to be “just providing the service” but we know you are in the service of some greater good, or bad, as the case may be.

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