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Barbados Free Press Welcomes Visitor Number 3 Million!

Yesterday at about 3:14:17pm, Barbados Free Press welcomed visitor number 3 million since we started our blog in January of 2006. Our special guest visited from Barbados – unlike visitor number 2 million who arrived from Switzerland on January 1, 2008.

Interesting visitor curve: 2 years to reach 2 million visitors, but only another 6 months to reach 3 million visitors! Yes, folks… since the election that gave us worldwide exposure, things are getting rather hectic around here with visitor traffic. We keep saying that this growth just can’t continue because our blog is primarily based upon a tiny Caribbean island, but so far we’ve been proven wrong.

Even in the statistics of WordPress Blogs worldwide, Barbados Free Press continues to find itself in the “Top 100 WordPress Blogs on a regular basis. Back when there were 300,000 WordPress Blogs worldwide, we were pleased to be found in the Top 100 – but since that time many superlative blogs have come online. Nonetheless we are still to be found in the Top 100 List out of over 3.2 million WordPress Blogs world wide.

Not bad for a nothing little part-time blog from Barbados!


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