Ikael Tafari Passes On – Will The Barbados Africa Connection Thrive Without Him?

Ikael Tafari Was Much More Than The Public Face Of The Regional Pan African Movement

Doctor Ikael Tafari passed on in Trinidad while attending a conference. The Nation News article (link here) provides some family and personal background but cannot even begin to cover his life’s work as the driving Caribbean force for Pan Africanism and closer ties with Africa.

We at Barbados Free Press had often disagreed with Doctor Tafari but respected his energy and devotion to his cause. Most of us live and die without impacting the larger world, but that cannot be said about Ikael Tafari. It would be foolish to say that the “Pan African” movement in the Caribbean depends upon any one person, but movements often wax and wane over the years on the basis of a single leader.

None of us at BFP can guess at how the loss of Ikael Tafari will impact the Caribbean Pan African Movement. We are not only thinking of his management and support of the Commission for Pan African Affairs, we are also considering Ikael Tafari’s role as the ideological crusader for the movement.

Dr. Tafari Had Been Removed As CPAA Director Within The Past Few Days

As recently as May 27, 2008, the Nation News reported that Doctor Tafari spoke as the Director of the Commission for Pan African Affairs (CPAA) at the May 25th African Liberation Day Rally in Jubilee Gardens. Today’s article in the Nation News says that Tafari had been recently fired from his position as Director, so it seems that he died within a day or so of being fired.

Perhaps the sudden change in his life weighed heavily upon his heart, or maybe it had nothing to do with his death – details of which are unknown at the time of this writing.

Our thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to his family.

Some of our readers left their respects, which we reprint here…

May 31, 2008 at 9:39 am
His soul has moved on to further existence.

May his journey be good.

May 31, 2008 at 2:07 pm
May he rest in peace. He was faithful to his beliefs.

Margaret Knight
May 31, 2008 at 3:34 pm
Sincere condolences to the Hutchinson and Hynam families.


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92 responses to “Ikael Tafari Passes On – Will The Barbados Africa Connection Thrive Without Him?

  1. JC

    It was a great pleasure to have known such a great stalwart in Pan Africanism. Sometimes, (regularly) Ikael and I disagreed on many issues.

    Only on Monday we met and exchanged pleasantries. I never thought that death was around the corner for my friend.

    Dr. Tafari where ever your spirit dwells –
    “Pan Africanism will live on since you have started persons like myself to be more conscious and aware about our Africanism and strength.

    For this Sir I salute you.

    May you rest in peace.

  2. Anon

    Pardon my ignorance, but is this the same Doctor Ikael Tafari that BFP did not have a good word to say about when he was alive?

  3. Anon

    Just put Ikael Tafari in the search box at the top and hit find….

  4. B B C

    Ikael Tafari was a good human being, committed to his ideas and sincere. Bravo. RIP

  5. QC

    i share the view of the above poster. bfp had NOTHING to say about this man when he was alive but absolute negativty, criticism, and even a disparaging photo in their banner. such nasty hypocrites.

  6. Centipede

    I salute Ikael for his passion and resolutness to the cause which flamed in his heart. These sudden happenings where one is unceremoniously cut down, makes us wonder what life is all about.

    And whether indeed it’s about anything.

  7. Bajanboy

    Pan Africanism is a waste of time. Maybe now that Ikael is gone, they can shut down that waste of taxpayers money called the Pan African Commission.

    Can someone tell me one that that the PAC achieved after spending millions of dollars over the years?

  8. Straight talk

    Michael Hutcinson lived his beliefs, and that is all a man needs to fulfil his life on earth.

    I, personally, disagreed with his politically dismissable, but BLP supported ideals .
    I thought they were divisive in a multi-cultural Barbados.

    I do hope Michael finds the peace and reconciliation he so sought under the giant African skies and which he so wanted to return to.

    Let us all decide where our future lies.

    Within a free Barbados or a subsummation of Afrikan sentimentality,

  9. Sad To Say

    May he RIP. My condolences to his family.

  10. ROBOT

    was he recently fired by the david thompson administration ?

    did this have an affect on the man

    will someone in the government explain why the man was fired

    will someone accept responsiblity for this scholar and humanitarian

    —–stop firing people david thompson –do you want to be renamed HITLER
    —–these people are barbadians for crying out loud and they gotta eat man

    would you like it if somebody deprive you of food and

    come on david have a heart -where will you stop ?

  11. ROBOT

    food and shelter

  12. Gabriel the Horn Blower

    Straight talk insightfully wrote (and I concur)

    “Michael Hutcinson lived his beliefs, and that is all a man needs to fulfil his life on earth.”

    Requiescat in pace Dr Ikael Tafari.

  13. Banjoman

    Ikael in his unique way made his contribution to the Pan-Africanist cause. He was often alone,too often misunderstood. At least he was living evidence that you can seek justice despite the shade of your skin! More of us need to follow this example. Condolences to his friends and family.

  14. Saddended by his pasing

    I must say, that there is very little (if any) thing that Dr. Tafari said on the spiritual esoterical side that I agreed with. Many of his statements were quoted from obscure books and authors and bordered on outright blasphemy.
    Perhaps his eccentric views clouded people’s minds on his true potential.
    However, I am truly saddened to hear of his death. A relatively young man, passing away mysteriously will always leave a hole in our hearts, regardless of our personal views.
    I don’t think it is fair to fire cheap polictical shots at the Thompson Administration blaming them for his death (An autopsy hasn’t even been carried out)
    Dr. Tafari held a high level political job which shifts like the currents of the sea according to which political party is in power. Those who work under these conditions are well aware how “the dominoes are stacked and fall”.

    My condolences go out to his family and friends.


  15. Licky Lickum

    First let me say may he rest in peace but I must also say that he just used to talk alot of incoherent *stuff that when anybody took the time to research made absolutely no since.

    I must also agree with Bajan Boy in that the whole PAC * was a waste of time and money. I say remember your past but don’t live in it or the future will pass you by.

    ** This post has been edited by BFP to raise the standard of discourse.

  16. moonesh dharampaul (editor of Dharma Magazine)

    ” First ,they ignor you,then they laugh at you, they hate you and then you win”
    mahatma ghandi.
    ikel , may lord krishna lead you to mucksha

  17. Technician

    Pardon my ignorance, but is this the same Doctor Ikael Tafari that BFP did not have a good word to say about when he was alive?
    Yes it is…..sad to say. This is just another example of how many hypocrites are in the BFP household.
    You all should be ashamed to even post this article.
    To BFP he was just another weed smoker…I challenge anyone to show me where BFP ever said a good word about the man.

  18. Tony Hall

    We may have disagreed with his beliefs but he was principled. May his soul rest in peace.

  19. John

    The complete letdown by the charlatans who did the organising of the recent Ghana Airlines fiasco to which he lent his name must have been heartbreaking for him as it undid much of what his beliefs led him to attempt to achieve.

    He stuck to his beliefs, many of them contrary to those others held, myself included.

    I am one of the bloggers who gave him a hard time.

    May he rest in peace.

  20. Edward

    RIP! You did a lot to ensure that the people on the Island did not forget about the motherland!
    Your life was an inspiration to many people and, you will not be forgotten!

  21. Yardbroom

    “The wrong that pains my soul below
    I dare not throne above:
    I know not of His hate,-I know
    His goodness and His love.”


  22. zola khadija

    Ikael, was a great friend to me, and i am so sad to hear of his passing, he was a good man, may the mighty allah save him from the hearafter. allahoakbar.

  23. Jerome Hinds

    Barbados will be poorer for the lost of his social and conscious thinking and writings.

    May he Rest in Peace.

    Jah Rastafari

  24. Centipede

    Will Ikael Tafari and T. T. Lewis be added to the National Heros list?

  25. dog-bite-yah

    As a major player in the African/Ghana/Nigerian debacle, this phony took the easy way out of a major investigation. He didn’t do Barbados any favours by helping to strengthen the Rasta movement here. Alot of them steel my crops and coconuts talking about Jah rule. I tell it like it is.

  26. National Hero?


    I believe that you are being satorical or talking tounge-in-cheek.
    I’m sure that you can’t be serious in suggesting national hero status for Dr. Tafari.
    This Knighthood and National Heroes business need to be looked at carefully in order not to make the entire process a mockery.

    However, I would agree with you that T.T. Lewis should be accorded with natinonal Hero status.
    He is definitely deserving The problem is, that a lot of black Barbadians do not know of the sacrifice he paid on the behalf of us blacks.. TT was an outcast; shunned by his own white brothers and sisters; dying in exile, a pauper in St. Vincent.
    Blacks could not have brought themselves to this higher social standard of living were it not for the help of some whites.
    I believe that it smacks of reverse racism when some whites are excluded from this national honour.
    But getting back to TT Lewis, I think the book written by his great nephew should be mandatory reading for all Barbadians, black and white.

  27. .10

    This was a man that mocked God, mocked the church, mocked believers, believed in much hocus pocus, etc…

    Now that God took his life u lot are sorry…You people are fools

  28. Straight talk

    Not another Anonymous:

    Good God man.
    Have some respect.
    Give a little time before you come to us with your particular brand of mumbo jumbo.

  29. hardberry

    June 1, 2008 at 11:52 am

    Will Ikael Tafari and T. T. Lewis be added to the National Heros list?

    No! Th National Horrors List. De mortuis nil nisi bunkum!

  30. Pablo

    Wait where this Robot come from another time and place or wha? You gonna blame everything on The PM and his Administration wuhloss so many people dead in Barbados he responsible fuh them to!!! Until wanna know how Ikael the poor man dead why you don’t keep quiet before you burn out your batteries, as that seems to be what your brain runs off of. Before you pass on your condolences to he family you running down David Thompson, it looks like you don’t have nothing better to do. I would like to Send my Sincere and Heart felt Sympathy to the Hutchinson and Hynam Family and pray that God will see them through this Sad time.

    Ikael Tafari I Pray Jah Will Embrace You In His Wonderful Kingdom One Love Rasta!

    I Gone For Now


    A great intellect independent thinker and true patriot
    Latchman K issoon

  32. reluctant nonbeliever

    was he fired or was his contract simply not renewed?

  33. J

    Dear Anonymous:

    I do not ever recall Dr. Tafari mocking the church or mocking God. I don’t think that God took his life. It is reported that a heart attack took his life.

    Dear Anonymous: One of these days a heart attack or diabetes or a stroke or cancer will take your life and mine too.

    When the that day come as it has to, will it be said that God killed you and me also?

    Dear Anonymous Why does your loving life-giving God walk about killing people? And does God kill only people who mock him or does he kill Christians too? If it is not God who kills Christians how come Christians are dying at exactly the same rate as non-believers? Who is it that is killing the Christians then? In other words eventually 100% of Christians die and 100% of unbelievers die. Please explain to me in real simple language that everybody can understand why your God kills his Christian people at the same rate as he kills the heathens?

  34. J

    Dear Anonymous:

    “I was hungry and ye did not feed me. I was naked and ye did not clothe me, I was imprisoned and ye did not visit me” But Lord when did we see you hungry or naked or imprisoned?

    “In as much as ye have done it to the least of these my children ye have done it unto me.”

    I think that you are familiar with these passages of Scripture. But do you practise them?

    I do not recall Dr. Tafari mocking anyone. I recall him as a scholar and a gentleman. But on the off chance that he did mock anyone he must have been mocking church going hypocrites. A church going hypocrite is NOT the same as a Christian.

    Dr. Tafari regulary without fanfare visited children’s homes and out of his own earnings provided food, clothing and cash and toys to those excluded marginalized children. He did this without publicity and without earthly reward.

    Dear Anonymous: Do not be at all surprised if when you get to heaven (if you should get there)you see Brother Tafari there.

  35. J

    Dear Suckoo Doggy:

    You are beginning to annoy me.

    If you feel the need to curse on this public forum will you please stop using the he C**t word.

    Will you please use the d**k word instead, since I am sure that you are male and d**k’s are more stupid than C**t’s any day of the week.

  36. dog-bite-yah

    It’ll be interesting to see how the funeral service will be constructed. Jesus said no one commeth to the Father but through Him(Jesus), Rastas go through Salassie despite his dubious track record. An inteligent man like Tafarki should have known that. Now the Christian Priests have to pray for his soul and bury him, how ironic. Rastaman! Jesus Christ is the only Saviour

  37. Sheshemini

    Dr. Tarfari is finally free, and hopefully he back on the Mother Continent. God Bless Him. Love you

  38. June Parris

    I am deelply sorry to hear of Dr. Tarfari’s death, I can thank him for his help during my studies at Cave Hill, truly a great man.

  39. Rumplestilskin


    Although not knowing the man, from what I read about him, I expect that he would himself have known that the Almighty would ensure the passage of his soul onwards, without relying on any dogma to ensure such.


    ps – exactly who has given whom you call as the Christian priests authority as sole agent for the Almighty in this existence?

  40. Rumplestilskin

    Bu the way, although I disagreed with some of Dr.Tafari’s thoughts, nevertheless that does not mean one cannot respect his rights to think independently.

    Indeed, the representation of independent thought is of itself a contribution to any nation.

    If all of us thought as some intended and would wish, then we would indeed be sheep as fodder.


  41. cobweb

    There is some mystery about prominent Bajans dying suddenly in hotel rooms in Trinidad. Remember Clifton Maynard the diplomat guy . Former PM Erskine Sandiford also suffered a heart attack or something like that in Trinidad. Any others?hmmmmmmmm..

  42. Littleboy

    Condolences to the family. Michael was different, but academically bright.We were in class together at Harrison College…(I am not suggesting that I was bright too, so do not get on my case…hee,hee,hee) .
    The Samaritans were different from the Jews and Jesus commanded his followers to think of …”Who is thy neighbour?…”.
    Dare to love and respect thos who are “different”.
    God gives, not takes, LIFE.
    I am a Christian, but we are some of the most intolerant beings of “the different”.

  43. David 'joey' Harper

    It is with the deepest regret that I note the passing of Ikael Tafari he was a man one of the few left who was willing to stand by waht he believed regardless of if the subject was controversial or not. God speed my brother and may your passing not be shrouded in unnecessary gossip and innuendo. The new dimension our country has now become famous for.

  44. National Hero?

    Dear “J”
    I don’t believe that Anonymous has the facts right when he blames God for Dr. Tafari’s death.
    However, history is replete with examples of men renowned for blasphemous statements coming to strange and untimely deaths.


    BFP Says

    History is also replete with examples of good Christian folks renowned for their love of God coming to strange and untimely deaths.

  45. Pablo

    J it is great to see another person who respects Dr. Ikael Tafari for the hard work and wonderful kindness he showed to the excluded marginalised children with love in his heart he represented what true Rastafari is all about for those people who are now pointing there fingers please show a little respect for the Dead as you would like done to you on your passing.

    I Gone For Now

  46. 156

    My deepest sympathy to the family and friends of this true son of Barbados. He will be missed by many. Peace

  47. HH

    Joey Harper that position you hold is it a NGO or government? If its government you should be fired the day after elections. You are a unrepentant BLP lackey.

  48. National Hero?

    I agree with the timeless motto: “bad things happen to good people”. The ultimate Example is found in the death of Christianity’s founder, Jesus
    History tells us that He spread His philosophies and beliefs for 3 years, and met a “strange and untimely death” at 33.

    I believe, however, that one should exert extreme caution in making statements that belittle, insult or conflict with what we believe to be the Word of God.
    BPF, what do you think? What’s your opinion?

  49. Wishing in Vain

    HH, for some there is little or no moral standpoint, Harper will hold on to anything he has, remember his involvement in Carifesta here some years ago?

  50. FreeBajan

    What a loss.
    I was a big fan.
    It takes a lot in a small society like Barbados, to stand up in something you believe in – especially when that has to do with Africa!
    I have found (and the recent Ghanaian debacle was so unfortunate) that Bajans are not encourgaed to embrace Africans – which suggest that we don’t really love ourselves.
    My condolences to his friends and family.

  51. ROBOT


    Jesus said no one commeth to the Father but through Him(Jesus), Rastas go through Salassie despite his dubious track record. An inteligent man like Tafarki should have known that. Now the Christian Priests have to pray for his soul and bury him, how ironic. Rastaman! Jesus Christ is the one-
    i can assure you that Ikael always maintained that jesus was the christ –he never disrespected christianity

  52. J

    Dear National Hero:

    I thought to check the UN Human Development Index. The life expectancy for Barbadian males born in 2005 is 73.6 years, for men like Dr. Tafari who were born 60 years ago it is significantly less; that is it is 60 something years; so even though Dr. Tafari will be mourned by family and friends his death of a heart attack at 60 cannot truthfully be described as unnatural nor untimely. Check yesterday’s paper and count the number of funerals planned this week for men and women who are 60 or younger.

    And for those church going fools who feel that God killed him because he was not a Christian, please expalin for me how come the men in 30 countries live longer than Barbadian men. And in many of those countries the men are NOT Christian. In fact Japan a country with virtually zero Christians has the highest life expectancy in the world. Do those church going fools believe that God loves non-Christian Japanese men best of all?
    And that God loves the men from Japan, Brunei, Korea, Singapore, Israel, Hong Kong; all non-Christian countries more than he loves Bajan men.


    Other men and women younger than 60 will die “suddenly” this week. And many, many more before the year is out. Death of a heart attack or stroke at age 60 or older is very, very, very commonplace

    It has always been so. It will always be so.

    It has nothing to do with Christianity, Rastafari, Islam, Judiasm or Hinduism. It has nothing at all to do with religion.

    And no Christian priest or pastor can act as an advocate before God for us. And the first person to tell you this truth will be any knowledgable priest or pastor.

    May Ikael’s soul rest in peace and may the ever loving God who first gave Ikael breath bring him at last into his everlasting glory.

  53. ROBOT

    yeah !

    i genuinely hold david thompson responsible for contributing to this event

    firing ikael would have weighed heavily on the man

    we are so cruel that we say things and do things to people believing that people are made of stone and not of flesh and blood. it is always easy and cruel and hateful to carry out actions against others without sensitivity and pretend that we are so cold that we are not affected.

    thompson seem to be exhibiting this coldness as if he does not have a heart. after what thompson did to mascoll what else he would not do to others. stop firing people thompson.

    look at the statements made by cranston browne re crop over and foreigners in reference to trinidad and we get a picture of what this thompson government is all about–(vicious and vindictive ideas and actions)—

    thompson ! stop firing people–barbados belongs to all o we not only the d l p —one for all and all for one

  54. yatinkiteasy

    I totally agree with you…its like those Christians who believe that the people in the Amazon Jungle and elsewhere, that have never heard of Christ (and therefore could not accept Him) are condemned to Hell when they die. What foolishness!

  55. Banjoman

    The rumour mill and finger pointing about Dr. Ikael’s death continue – broken heart, etc. etc.. But upon assuming these posts the incumbent must never forget that he / she has accepted what we in these parts deem as ‘political appointments’. Implicit is the condition that in the event of a change in administration your appointment will most likely be revoked. Am I getting too complicated for anyone out there? It comes with the country.

  56. HH

    WIV please educate me on Harper’s involvement in Carifesta. Harper is a big up BLP die hard operative who campaigned to actualize Owen Arthur’s wish that Dems never hold office again. Why does he remain a chairman and on my tv talking down arrogantly to us. He cant be trusted by GOB to carry out their policies. He is like Johnny Tudor. PM Thompson hurry and replace these jokers with competent deserving people who support your programs and plans for this country.

  57. sampouche and d duppy

    A gag order is needed for David(joey)Harper whose motto is “I’ve never seen a microphone I did’t like”. Before he got fired as Chairman of the Child Care Board, he WOULD NOT let the the professional staff there speak. Today, however, we are becoming familiar with the thoughts of Director, Joan Crawford and her able staff members such as Senior Child Care Officer, Colin St.Hill and Acting Senior Child Care Officer, Delvina Waithe, and it is refreshing. Harper used to HOG THE SHOW. Now he’s doing it again as Chairman of the Council for the Disabled. His latest gimmick is wasting money putting down benches around town each month so he can see himself on TV. Wouldn’t it be better to place garbage cans Joey?? Please! STAY OFF MY TV WILL YAH??????

  58. sampouche and d duppy

    Joey; Henderson -I want to be somebody- Bevell and Commie song; love some publicity I tell yah!! All stupid looking faces on my TV. Geez!

  59. ROBOT

    His latest gimmick is wasting money putting down benches around town each month so he can see himself on TV. Wouldn’t it be better to place garbage cans Joey?? Please! STAY OFF MY TV WILL YAH??????

    i ROBOT of the 5th dimension is desirous of you telling Dr. the Hon Esther Byer-Suckoo
    the same thing

  60. National Hero?

    Banjo Man,

    I totally agree with you. I don’t know why people are being so hyprocritical on “political dismissing actions”
    This is normal. When people take high level political positions they are very aware of what happens when the govt. changes.
    I note that when the govt. changed, the political appointees were so accustomed to the “gravy trail” they didn’t have the decency to present their resignation to the PM. Remember how Gabby said that he was “waiting on the PM?”. Waiting for what?

    Dr. Tafari
    With due respect and regard to the deceased and his family, Dr. Tafari publicly championed the free
    useage of Ganja.
    If the man was a liberal user of this poisonous cancerous weed and dies at 60, why should that suprise anyone?

  61. sampouche and d duppy

    Hey ROBOT! I rather c and hear Dr.Suckoo on my tv than to have that broaaaad-band on d other side with the deep male voice taking up every horizontal inch of space on my 45 inch tv. Her tongue must really hurt when she looks at real beauty on the government side. Just think of the mental strain government MP’s endure watching those 10 besotted faces of the sore loosers.

  62. Banjoman

    Okay, some are saying that Dr. Suckoo is being overexposed by the media and maybe she is! Even though she is definitely intelligent, genuine and every man’s dream and a lady compared to what we’ve been force-fed with for 14 years, she needs to be sensitive to the real consequences of overexposure. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. We love you but just pull it back a bit. Don’t allow yourself to get stale.
    Constructive advice, dear.

  63. Banjoman

    Has anyone noticed how we are falling down like flies? We all need to take time out and smell the flowers. If this is too cliche, too many of us are either smelling the coffee or the credit cards too often. Depending on where you are prepared to set your ambitions, it’s easy to live n this country.
    Problems come when we try to match a $3ooo / month pay to $6000 expenses along with compounding debt. Check yourself. Isn’t this your real problem??

  64. Centipede

    Hello dog-bite-yah… you wrote – June 2, 2008 at 3:29 am “It’ll be interesting to see how the funeral service will be constructed. Jesus said no one commeth to the Father but through Him(Jesus)”

    JESUS TOLD A LOT OF LIES. Jesus is quoted many times in the Bible saying that a believer can ask for anything through prayer and receive it. He even goes so far as to say that mountains and trees can be thrown into the sea simply by praying for it. This is clearly a lie.

    And Jesus answered and said to them, “Truly I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but even if you say to this mountain, `Be taken up and cast into the sea,’ it will happen. “And all things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.” (Matthew 21:21-22 NAS) This, quite simply, is not true.

    What you can do is pray for me to be converted to Christianity right away. Or better yet ask God to move the mountains behind my house. If I’m converted today, I’ll post a public apology and devote my life to kissing God’s backside. If I’m not converted it would only be fair for you to apologize and devote your life to kissing my butt.

  65. JC

    Centipede you in trouble the people on this blog will make you snort with their redicule.

    Oh dear!

  66. khadija

    Please let the people know the truth .

  67. khadija

    Dr. Ikiel Tafari went to the spirit world, is is safe there.

  68. EDDIE


    How do you know?
    Prove it via the Word.

  69. Centipede

    Hey JC ~ Bajans, like most of the world’s “Christians” have been indoctrinated from birth with a belief system. It’s installed in their psyche like Windows XL is in a computer … and just about all of them are comforted by it, so why bother to wonder if the rubbish they believe is fact based or not?

    They long ago threw out the Santa Claus story when they found out that nobody was indeed sailing through the sky on a sleigh on Christmas Eve and bringing them gifts… but they hold on like a drowning man clutches on a cork, to the Invizible Man In The Sky belief … for a lot of different reasons… one is: where else will I be able to dress up in my pretty clothes, look ‘moralistic and upright’ and go … were there no ‘church’ on Sundays???

  70. JC

    Fair enough

  71. ??

    Centipede,When reading your submission I am reminded of psalm 37.

    always remember forgiveness is there for the asking, making fun of others belief serves no purpose. we will pray for you

  72. Susan MacKenzie

    It is with great sadness that I learned of the passing of Dr. Ikael Tafari. He was an influential, well-educated, wise man who helped many people. I thank him for assisting my daughter, Ivory, with her books on the history of slavery and the story of Makeda and Solomon.
    I have never known a man more dedicated to his work than Dr. Tafari. Barbados should be thankful to him for bringing the world to its doorstep.
    My sympathy to all who knew and loved him. He will be truly missed!

  73. Centipede

    ?? – you are right … you said: “making fun of others belief serves no purpose. we will pray for you.”

    That is why I very very seldom make comments (publicly or even in private) about a person’s religious beliefs. Of course, if someone wants to have a legitimate discussion with me on biblical history, how the ‘church’ changed the scripture to create an infrastructure to support the dogmas they were creating… and so on … I’d acceed to that.

    I once was “a man of the cloth” but my conscience just would not allow me to keep on with the masquerade so one sunday after leading the devotions I said to my fellows “I’m sorry but I just can’t keep on” and I walked away.

    I very much endorse the Christian principles of love and forgiveness … I can’t think of a better philosophy, but when it comes to the ballyhoo — it nauseates me —

    Prayer can be useful… it allows the person to focus their mind on what they’d like to see accomplished. But other than that…….

    I say to you … hold on to what makes you steadfast and gives you strength and purpose.

    Blessed be.

    PS – if you feel up to it, visit this URL:


  74. khadija

    Why did Dr. Ikiel Tafari (Peace be upon him) go to prison in Ghana? Why?

  75. khadija

    Why was he made a scapegoat by the Barbados Government? Why?

  76. khadija

    seek the truth about Ikiels DEATH.

  77. Reports are that he suffered a massive heart attack, it would be fair to say that he was living under tremendous pressure since the Ghanaian issue and so to the massive cost over run to the tune of nearly a million dollars on a conference that his department held, it would certainly be reasonable to assume that was not business as usual for him but rather he would have been under a tremendous amout of pressure.
    May he rest in peace.

  78. dog-bite-yah

    Centipede! I wouldm’t go as far as to proclaim myself a “Christian”, but I can tell you and others that attacked me and the word.
    I was raised reading King James and have proven the POWER OF THE WORD. I say unto you, any man or woman who fails to acknowlege Jesus in their prayers to the father God will not be heard by God. Furthermore anyone who sidesteps Jesus and hails Mary and Mohammed and the Budah and all those false profets who never died for our sins I wish them luck. I find that the more education a man has the bigger an ass he becomes. So keep on my friends. By the way, the goodly Doctor was buried by his cousin and Christian Rev., and not buried by a Rastaman even though they were at the funeral. Who is Salassie I other than one dead duck. If any of u get into a threatening serious accident or something of the sort, call on Salassie or Mohammed as hope for the best. My advice……..your insurance policy is in saying Jesus save me meaning your soul. Good Luck

  79. Centipede

    Sir- Mr/MS d-b-y … what evidence have you to support your contentions? Don’t quote chapter & verse because that isn’t evidence.

  80. JC

    I told you centipede.

  81. RL

    I agree with the comments about this Thompson Administration. Someone needs to seriously advise these people about political protocol. Dr. Tafari was the head of a Government body for several years. Whether liked or disliked, agreed or disagreed with, he was a Barbadian who served his country upon appointment to do so. Not a single member of the Thompson administration was present at his funeral. NOT ONE. That is a shameless display of poor leadership at best, and inept politicking at worst. The opposition leader was there. Permanent Secretaries were there. Not one member of Thompson’s brigade could have put in even a token appearance. When I consider this along with the firings with a vengance and the apparent policies of vindicitiveness, it does not bode well at all for this Government. It tells a story of much more than absence from a funeral, but a long litany of incidents suggest that unless you are a product of the DLP, this administration is not for you. This is a government for DLP supporters not for Barbadians.

  82. JC

    I know for a fact that that is a lie RL. Sometimes I feel as if nothing has changed. The big up BLPs still getting to go away on training and so on; and they are still getting the promotions. It is a fact cause I see it with my own eyes. So dont play that oneRL. It aint working with me.

    If a party changes it is customary for persons to give their resignations so dont use that one. You BLP people’s problem is that ya all thought you were going to be there forever, but newsflash RL Ya all lost. Dont use my friend’s memory to talk crap.

  83. Samuel

    bless Tafari!

  84. Rl you are out of place totally, let us simply say his untimely passing may well have avoided the need to spend loads of money on a public enquiry into the misuse of funds and the million dollar cost overrun for a conference or his involvement with the arrival of yhe Ghanians, maybe we ought to consult with Trevor Prescod to open our eyes on these matters.
    I had opted to stay out of this matter but your untruths prompted me to say something.

  85. This is a website in Dr Ikael’s Memory – Please leave your kind words here THANKS


  86. Concerned

    Why is Dr Esther Byer Suckoo on TV so frequently. I can understand being the pretty face of the party, but it gives the impression that she has no serious business to get down to… apart from shifting around ‘days of our lives’ so Barbadians may have ‘family time’.

  87. ROBOT

    every night Suck–oo is on my tv

    i am counting her town elsewhere

    she has been on every night for the week so far
    sunday monday tuesday

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  89. Jah Rastafari

    And I suppose god not going to take your life. Jah Rastafari Live. Jah Bless.

  90. Nebiy Yaqob

    RIP Dr Ikael Tafari he was a true Rastafarian, all those so-called Christian should stop criticising him you people are not true followers of Jes-us Christ all wunna go to church on sunday accepting the Roman Catholic Sabbath of the first day of the week rather than the true seventh day Sabbath, read wunna Bibles & stop wunna hypocrisy, King Selassie I kept the true Sabbath that Jes-us Christ kept as he said that he never broke down the Laws of Moses but came to fulfill them, it is wunna so-called Christian that are fake as you are not true followers of Jes-us Christ as he is a Nazerite, it is only I&I Rastafarians that are true followers of Jes-us Christ hence our Dreadlocks, search the pages of History with an open heart and you will find the truth, we Rastafarians read the Bible from Genesis 1 unto Revelation 22 a chapter a day to get the full understanding of its message but its wunna so-called Christians who only go to church on sunday & only read wunna Bibles on sunday and go to Church to be indoctrinated by men who go to college to learn about God but we know HIM naturally from our Heart.

    Peace and Love

  91. RUMPIG

    WOW—-i just sober up and hear the news about Dr.Tafri.
    But tell me,-what a blued eyed, white man, got to do wid AFRICA.
    He be more European that African—-leave the BACK TO AFRICA movement to an African not a blued eyed European.

  92. melanatedspook

    I was at Jubilee Gardens the last time he spoke to the crowd.
    He VERY clearly stated that there exists an ongoing long term campaign of GENOCIDE against so called ‘black’ people, perpetrated by Europeans.

    This is the reason why he was fired. I also suspect that this is also the reason why he is no longer with us.reason