Guyana Government’s Death Squads Have An Important Lesson For Barbados

Guyana Government Hired Death Squads When The Police Failed To Curb Crime

News is coming out of Guyana and New York that the Government of Guyana sponsored death squads that summarily executed over 200 persons in the last few years.

Now, doesn’t that just make you want to take a vacation in Guyana?

How did that start in Guyana?

Easy… successive governments decided that policing and the rule of law were not that important. Endemic corruption in the political and judicial systems made it impossible for honest and hard-working police officers to accomplish their mission. Low pay and little training made sure that Guyana’s police were unable to attract and retain high quality personnel.

So when it all fell apart, the government decided that death squads were the way to go. And, just like Jamaica, we now see the rise of turf areas where the police don’t go. And just like the turf areas in Jamaica, “village policing” and settling of disputes are handled by the thugs who often have far more respect from the populace than the government.

We have said time and time again at Barbados Free Press that our police are the foundation for everything we have on this island. Unless Barbados remains a relatively safe holiday destination, our foreign currency will dry up overnight. You think things are getting a little tough now? Imagine if the tourists stopped coming.

Look at it this way folks – Barbados is at the very end of the world for North American and European tourists wanting a Caribbean vacation. There are many other islands that are closer to our major markets and thus cheaper to get to. There are many other Caribbean islands that are as beautiful as Barbados – maybe even more so. (Ok… we won’t go there.)

The ONE SPECIAL THING we have that attracts the tourists and the offshore financial business is that we have always been a safe destination. Others are closer, prettier and have beautiful beaches and the same sun we all share. But on some of these other beaches, there are guards with machine-guns to keep the tourists safe.

Not here in Barbados, though.

At least – not yet.

But things are changing all over and Barbados is not exempt from those influences. We hope that the new government recognises how fragile everything is. The Royal Barbados Police Force needs a massive injection in funding – to immediately increase salaries by about 50%, and to provide training and modern equipment.

Because without an effective police force – it will all fall apart.

Thanks to Barbados Underground for discovering the article on the Guyana death squads.

Read what David has to say about the Guyana death squads at Barbados Underground: Guyana Officials Fingered in Plot To Purge Criminal


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8 responses to “Guyana Government’s Death Squads Have An Important Lesson For Barbados

  1. 247

    I am in shock about the above news. Here I was believing it was bad men from other countries creating havoc in Guyana. Please let me say Barbados is one of the most beautiful places in the world. You are a major Caribbean nation, highly developed, but yet tourists can come and get that island holiday. Your country is well packaged, major university there, community college, a world class airport with connections to Europe, North America, Latin America, and so on. Nice shopping and, a busy bustling capital Bridgetown, and a quiet north coast area. So with that all you have to do is keep out the unwanted.

  2. reality check

    Its not a great step from government sponsored threats of arson, violence and death to actually carrying them out.

    In order to prevent this kind of behaviour Barbados requires a scrupulously clean and politically independent judiciary as well as Police Force.

    Thompson needs to clean house as well as build bridges.

  3. Sister B

    My goodness such important happenings in meh kuntry and no one commenting. I want to read comments.

  4. Anonymous

    I hope all of you are coming to Carifesta!

  5. you guys are peddling some mis.information about Guyana we can help you set the record straight as the writer of this story couldn’t possibly be from Guyana. or if he/she is, they’re far removed from reality

    “Easy… successive governments decided that policing and the rule of law were not that important.” – what successive govts? the violence you see today in Guyana began under the current govt which has been in power for 16 years and it is all related to their support of people in the cocaine business and other such activities…money laundering etc

    “So when it all fell apart, the government decided that death squads were the way to go” – the govt didn’t decide death squads were the way to go because things fell apart. the govt have always had death squads, you’re now hearing about them because the killing have increased to higher levels and their killing to expand their cocaine business, eliminate competition etc

  6. Beefcake

    Propaganda Press is correct. Burnham was a dictator with death squads on his payroll. It is nothing new. People easily forget history, or re-write it to suit their needs.

  7. I would like to make a contribution here, but since I already did something relevant for the Guyana Stabroek News, let me share it.
    Link to full story :

    I wish if I could elaborate on the subject you have just touched. Probably sometime in the future I will. The societies of North America are merely Pawns and Players systems. They want people with College Degrees to work in factories and warehouses. There is a limit as to what one can accomplish here. I have friends whose daughters have secured University Degrees in Accounts and Management and the best job they can find is that of a Receptionist, answering phones for local Kia Sales Office in Waterloo. There are thousand of stories all over North America like this. As the economy gets worse in North America, more and more minorities would come under attack.
    Crime and corruption is what have Guyanese “knocking about” all over the place. It is not jobs. There are enough Guyanese to create adequate jobs, should they return home. Guyanese are innovative enough to create jobs. Nobody wants to have their wife and children in a lawless society like Guyana, where men, women and children are not safe. Nobody wants to be part of a system that has no transparency and justice – see how Government business is given to selective companies. Nobody wants to live in a country where bullyism is all around us. The lawlessness is so evident in Guyanese society.
    Take a tour around Georgetown and you will see what I mean. Walk through the Vendor’s Arcade and see the vendors molesting you as they peddle their jeans, shirt, whatever. Engage them for a while and do not make a purchase – they are mad at you. Drive by the Stabroek Market and the KFC area. People are vending almost on top of the streets, and you dare not cause their stuff to fall over. What about the Mini Van operating at the Berbice Park? Sometimes you are in one bus while your bag is in another. Enjoy sights such as the woman doing her laundry in the Main Street Canal. Go to the Supreme Court Registry, the Dept of Births and Deaths, Customs Office, License Revenue Dep’t, Passport Offices and so on to conduct your business and just keep your eyes open. You will notice that while you are standing in line some men are going from behind. Even at the Customs Dept, some men with parcels (looking like gifts) go through the door and head straight upstairs. It is a sad situation to see Guyanese going for jobs all over the Caribbean, but the lawlessness of the society there have caused the massive exodus of potential employers. Government alone does not provide jobs. How much can the Public Service take? It is already overstaffed, carrying a lot of inefficients and incompetents. I would love to go on and on.
    Red Lion

  8. JC

    Red Lion I have a question. Now that your ‘Guyanese family’ have been scattered all over the Caribbean. What is going to happen to your beautiful country?

    Are you all going to allow Jagdeo and his cronies to destroy such a great country. One of my friends recently visited your country and he said it was in an awful state.

    Red Lion, Every one in the Caribbean are tired of helping your people because you all refuse to help oneself. Instead, you complain.

    This is not good enough. Why arent you all fighting together as a nation for your beliefs and principles.

    Please answer my question because I do not understand how a country with so many resources could be so corrupt and poor.