Stranded Africans Were Promised Caribbean Jobs At US$ Ten Dollars An Hour

Fraud Charges Launched In Ghana

Victims of the fraud that saw Ghana International Airways dump a plane load of Africans in Barbados will testify against one of the African-based organisers. From news accounts, it appears that Frank Emmanuel Duncan was not one of the organisers of the charter flight, but sub-contracted for some 43 seats which he sold to victims by promising them 20 days hotel accommodations in Trinidad and jobs at US$10 per hour.

In our opinion, the Barbados politicians and civil servants who allowed this to happen should be held to account as much as the crooks who organised the flight.

Any person with even a modicum of intelligence knew or should have known what that flight was all about.

But remember… there is no accountability for anything in Barbados. It starts with the Ministers of Government and works its way down from the top.

Don’t expect any real investigation or charges for the Barbados end of the fraud.

From Modern…

Frank Emmanuel Duncan, a social worker who is accused of organizing a trip for some Ghanaians to Barbados but got them stranded during the journey on Tuesday appeared before an Accra Circuit Court.
Duncan, whose plea was not taken is being held for defrauding by false pretences and issuing false cheque with face value of GH¢ 3,000.

Duncan is said to have collected from Mr Gideon Ansah Boateng, the complainant, 2,000 dollars and his VW saloon car with the promise he would take him to Trinidad and Tobago, secure a 20-day hotel accommodation, a job which would earn him 10 dollars per hour…

… continue reading this article at Modern here

Our thanks to one of our regulars for bringing this article to our attention!


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14 responses to “Stranded Africans Were Promised Caribbean Jobs At US$ Ten Dollars An Hour

  1. anonymous

    “illegal Africans Jailed in Trinidad!”

    5 West Africans trying to sneak illegally into
    Trinidad on March 12th, was sentenced May 15th and given 6 months hard labour.

    Perhaps, it’s a totally separate incident, but
    were any of these people originally fromthe ghana to barbados flight – passengers who were sent back from barbados to ghana on May 9th? Who would transport them there & and know the
    specific area of tnt to attempt to sneak them in at ?

    The whole thing seems to be much bigger than they are letting on!

  2. Concerned Citizen

    Now that the Ghanaian and Nigerian “tourists” in Barbados have been repatriated to their homelands, the attention must turn to uncovering those unscrupulous and criminal elements that organised and facilitated the entire charade.

    Authorities in Ghana have already arrested the so-called tour operator who fronted the trip. However, it has become obvious to them that the true brains behind the operation has to lie elsewhere.

    Investigations and conversations with the “tourists” have revealed the name of a manager at Ghana International Airlines. The manager allegedly conspired with Seasons Travel and Tours to set up a front to funnel Africans to the Carribean as a stepping stone towards the United States and Canada. The American facilitator was also supposed to be a former employee of the airline who fled Ghana back to Florida in 2007 after his role in a fake ticket scandal was exposed by the local media.

    Further investigation into the manager reveals him to have a long history of involvement in questionable activity, including multiple arrests and deportation from the United States for alleged involvement in similar people smuggling scams. He was also allegedly investigated by police in the United Kingdom as a result of his close association with a convicted pedophile and fraudster.

    Witnesses on the infamous flight of January 31 claim that this senior manager personally accompanied the flight to Barbados and was seen, among other activities, to be handing a large pile of banknotes to a local airport employee. When the Ghana plane first taxied out to depart and was called back by immigration, he was seen to make the neccessary arrangements to secure their escape. Who were the beneficiaries of his largesse that morning and what steps did they take (or omit) to secure their windfalls?

    There is plenty of evidence available to secure the arrest and indictment of this manager but his influence in Ghana has ensured that nothing will ever be substantiated there. Barbados must display that they have the impartiality and justice system to properly investigate and bring to book those who defrauded innocent people and caused immense loss to taxpayers of both Ghana and Barbados.

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  4. anonymous

    I have checked for recent news on this today, i found one -it mirrors the first story, on top.

    “CEO dupes Barbados returnees”

    I find it hard to believe that only 1 person
    is totally responsible for plotting, arranging and orchestrating this matter alone, on one shore
    without any help.

    I also think that following this thing in the news, uncovering the many layers & players, those running shell game of the recent tour fiasco, will eventually be much better than reading any mystery novel.

  5. 176

    now this is bizarre!
    Guess who’s name pops up in this april 14th,
    passionate plea ?

    Ghanaian businessman wants to go home!

    is this the same man they are charging above
    for duping people, doing a deflect or fall guy routine, in the caribbean news_weeks earlier?

    This can’t be the same man? of the“CEO dupes Barbados returnees” maybe there’s more than one
    with this name.

    When this thing is finally solved, This is going to be better than novel!

  6. 176

    again the same name pops up on april 9th in

    “Three want to go back on own steam”

    if it is indeed the same man that duped the others?

    It’s right here in plain view on the internet_ This is horrible!

  7. Tony Hall

    I want to see the persons at the Barbados end dealt with because as I previously said someone in or very close to the last administration was involved in this fiasco.

  8. anonymous

    I think it would be interesting, on the Barbados end.

    Is this the same name mentioned in press conference with Israel Lovell Foundation, above ?
    His name is hyphenated differently with additional last name but?

    Maybe the Officials in Barbados were “on to this”
    for a while? Maybe that’s why their request to leave the island
    before the other stranded passengers, by other means _ended in rejection?

    This stranded “tour gone awry” is starting to sound really horrible !

  9. 114

    I am happy to finally see a photo
    of the Man Duncan, published in
    the Nation New this morning, but
    I’m also very upset too!

    “Charged!” –

    He could have been trying to manipulate or scam
    My Relatives & Friends _ pretending while
    stuck here, or trying to slip off the island.

    _ Many Thanks to this Blog for posing questions
    and keeping People informed, of upcoming
    news developments in advance!

    some of us have been reading about & discussing this strange matter for months!

  10. 235

    most vocal stranded Ghanaian, or performance actor may be a good title. We’ll see when He goes back to trial.

    Here is the Man, of the same name who is being charged on video- before returning to Ghana being a distresssed stranded tourist in Barbados.

    I’m a student if I can find this stuff in the media – It’s not rocket science.

    _ I’m trying to figure out Why so Many were left in the dark _ out of the loop, concerning the latest developments with this ?


    BFP says,

    Excellent! That is the great thing about blogs… they represent the cumulative efforts of readers and bloggers. The oldstream media can’t possibly keep up.

  11. 235

    true, oldstream media is slow! This forum broke the news of his arrest on this shore First,
    days ago, i think?

    _ April 10th

    Ghanaian blasts ‘inhumane treatment’

    Guess who the “uber” Vocal Ghanaian is?

    Here the suspected scam culprit of “Duncan”
    is seen here in a photo posing and holding up a copy of the Nation up for the cameras of the world to see & complaining !

  12. J

    If Mr. Duncan collected $5,000 USD per person and paid the airline $2,000 USD per person for the flight to Barbados my question is where is the left over $3,000 x 96? people. Tha is a fair amont of money?

  13. J

    I doubt very much that Mr. Duncan intended to get himself stuck in Barbados. If Mr. Duncan had promised his passengers onward visas to Canada and/or the U.S. how did he intend to “organize” those visas? Did Mr. Duncan pay somebody who would have issued these visas? Is anybody looking? I don’t think that any visa office in the Caribbean would have granted visas to Canada or the U.S. to over 100 Africans who were in the Caribbean on a 2 week holiday. Questions would have been asked such as why did you come to the Caribbean to apply? Why did you not apply in your own country? Did somebody promise Mr. Duncan that the visas were a done deal?

  14. 235

    Research to be Done on Human Trafficking in Barbados.

    Human Trafficiking Protocol.
    Barbados is moving a step closer to finalising its protocol for the identification and protection of victims of human trafficking.

    Human trafficking protocol by year-end .