Justice In Barbados – Shut Up Or Else! Court Witness Fired From University Of West Indies Professorship. Brother Of Chief Justice Simmons Delivered The Threat

Former Barbados High Commissioner In London Threatened Court Witness With Loss Of University Of West Indies Job – And That Is Exactly What Happened!

A professor at the University of the West Indies was told he would be fired by the University if he continued to be a witness in a court case (unrelated to his job) where the list of defendants reads like a “whos who” of Barbados political elites.

According to court documents found at Keltruth Blog, Barbados Government diplomat Peter Simmons delivered the threat that Professor John Knox would be fired if he continued to be a witness in a court case involving Kingsland Estates – a dispute involving a billion US dollars of prime Barbados lands.

John Knox is now an “ex-professor” with no job at the University of the West Indies.

And for those who might have doubts… a tape recording exists of Peter Simmons delivering this and other threats.

No Outcry From The Lapdog News Media – Or UWI’s Academic Community

The brother of the Chief Justice of Barbados was tape-recorded delivering threats against witnesses in a trial where he and Chief Justice SIR David Simmons are defendants…

… and not one word has been spoken about the threats in the oldstream Barbados news media.

A University of the West Indies professor is fired because he is a witness in a court case and the academic community at UWI says nothing.

What an example for the young people of Barbados. All those high words and lofty ideals mouthed by so-called Barbados journalists and proud academics at the University of the West Indies are now proven to be so much garbage.

photo: Peter Simmons, former Barbados HIgh Commissioner in London

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40 responses to “Justice In Barbados – Shut Up Or Else! Court Witness Fired From University Of West Indies Professorship. Brother Of Chief Justice Simmons Delivered The Threat

  1. Bimbro

    This should n’t surprise anybody, at least not any more! You’ve seen the way they behave on here. Express a view which is contrary to their own and they want to murder you!

    So much for the ‘civilised’, Barbadians!

  2. akabozik

    God this is so bad. Where can a person find justice if not from the Chief Justice? This is witness tampering. In the USA people go to jail for a decade for this kind of stuff. Here in Barbados, our Chief Justice is in on it! Go figure…!

  3. Birmingham Girl

    This cannot be true. Some other countries like Mexico but not Barbados.

  4. Condo Man

    I don’t believe a word.
    Easy to say ” a tape recording exist”
    Let me hear it . How east to fabricate
    with no evidence.

  5. Birmingham Girl

    I just read the docuemnt at Keltruth. There is an awful amount of smoke for there to be no fire!

    Too much for it to be all made up Condo Man. This look bad for Peter Simmons and he brother.

  6. passin thru

    There must be some sort of public enquiry. The government shouldn’t stand by and do nothing. It undermines the courts the entire justice system. We have a new government and this is not supposed to happen any longer.

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  8. passin thru

    I found a listing for John Knox on the UWI Academic Staff Cavehill Internal Directory…


    The question I have is this a old listing? Does Professor Knox still work for UWI at the Department of Computer Science, Mathematics & Physics?

  9. Passing Thru all you have to do is call UWI and ask a question. You want me to call them? I am having a difficult time accepting that an old man like Peter Simmonds can issue threats and disrupt people’s lives in the manner that BFP and Kelthrusth are suggesting. I don’t believe um. De kinda street justice person that i am, where i would be more than willing to visit with Peter whether he likes it or not and in the most uncivilized manner possible, that person can allow him to get away unscathed with this. Uh don’t believe um. No way. They are no untouchables in Barbados, none, all are within easy reach.

  10. Oh Boy!

    John is the son of Marjorie Knox. His contract at UWI was not renewed after Peter Simmons was tape-recorded making the threat. Everyting will out sooner or later and it will not be pretty.

  11. Oh Boy!

    Every law office in B’town has a copy of the tape. It is a best seller!

  12. justice

    A university lecturer cannot be fired just like that. He may not have his contract renewed if he is not on tenure, but that is dependent on his department’s assessment and promotions committee, head of department and dean, not just one person. And you say the document came from Keltruth? Ahh….


    BFP says,

    There are many way to effect a purpose and a dismissal.

    As to the document coming from Keltruth, are you saying that they faked the tape, forged the document that is filed with the courts? Faked the whole thing and the Chief Justice of Barbados has not immediately launched a lawsuit to have it taken down?


    People have been claiming that this lawsuit has been thrown out every week for the last year, and yet the court documents keep on coming.

    At a certain point folks who dismiss a billion dollar lawsuit out of hand look silly, don’t they? Do you know Peter Simmons so well that you know he wouldn’t relay a threat about firing John Knox? Obviously Mr. Simmons did not know the recording tape was running!

    I wonder if a recording exists of the meeting with the Chief Justice? This is turning into a most interesting commentary on how things operate ’bout hey.

  13. ROBOT

    john knox is not a genuine name


    BFP says,

    What are you saying now, robot? That the University of the West Indies faked their website with his name on it? You guys are hilarious the way you dismiss every piece of evidence coming forth in this lawsuit. According to supporters of the Chief Justice and his crones, all the evidence is faked. All the court documents, the tape recording… everything! How silly you folks look.

  14. justice

    Oh yes it is, Robot. I know him.

  15. so how come the blogs have not release yet?

  16. Sundowner/Merricks

    Time for another BFP print edition I think!

  17. Jason

    This business of subverting justice by threatening witnesses is nothing new in Barbados. The threats are usually more subtle than this. I guess Peter Simmons never thought he would be taped and if he was who would publish what he said?


    May you stay protected and free (and anonymous). 🙂

  18. Tell me Why

    Every law office in B’town has a copy of the tape. It is a best seller!
    One thing I don’t condone is lies to substantiate a point. Oh Boy! yuh hear lie, dat is lie. Come on my friend, if as you state that every law office is in possession of a copy. Don’t you feel that one of the Democratic Labour Party candidate or partisan supporter would have made that tape public?

    Since Keltruth are posting various articles on the blog, don’t you feel that a video or a tape recording can also be posted? But again, a case cannot be substantiated minus facts. This is where I have a problem. Unfortunately, BFP is afraid to call for the evidence which could place BFP as a reputable Investigative Blog with answers.

  19. Cat

    Does the Barbados Free Press have an email address??? If so, can someone please tell me what it is?




  20. Tell me Why

    All the court documents, the tape recording… everything! How silly you folks look.
    Why is BFP so hyped about court documents. Once a document have been declared in court, it automatically become a court document. That document can not be deemed as concrete facts, only the judge or jury can make that final decision.

  21. Cat

    Never mind about the email address for Barbados Free Press…I got the info already.

  22. If you actually have a copy of the tape recording, and wants to make it available to everyone with-out disclosing you’re self could use the freenet.org softwar. Prevents anyone from knowing whose viewed it to.

  23. Bush tea

    ..seems to me that the question is ” why is ROBOT and TELL ME WHY so sure that the evidence is fake?”

    Why would Kentruth or BFP go out of their way to convince TMW one way or the other? who cares what they think?

    … I would think that larger strategic legal considerations would drive their timings in releasing or withholding such evidence….

    Bajans are so typical…. you could juck us in the eye, spit in our face and kick us in the behind – and we can be depended to respond like political yardfowls.

    …BFP, you see why politicians feel that they can do anything and get away with it?!?

    ….some of us will accept anything from politicians on our side of the political fence.

    ..all we need to do is get to the bottom of the matter, find the facts and then act on those facts.

    The point that most commentators seem to be making is that the circumstances appear to be sufficiently incriminating that in the interest of OPENNESS and professional behavior, clear official steps need to be taken to clear up the whole issue as soon as possible.

    If I was in the CJ’s shoes, I would certainly step down now for multiple reasons…. but then again Bush tea is driven by high personal moral values.

  24. Poor Us

    The Chief Justice should step down until the results of the trial are known. If he threatened to stop the National Park as said in the other article, he should permanently resign in disgrace.

  25. Asiba-The Buffalo Solstill too much FAT on the roaddier

    The evidence suggests to me that there is truth in the accusations brought against the parties involved in this matter. I looking for some official reaction.

  26. Tell me Why

    If I was in the CJ’s shoes, I would certainly step down now for multiple reasons…. but then again Bush tea is driven by high personal moral values.
    Two words missing ……personal and PARTISAN moral values.

  27. Tell me Why

    ..seems to me that the question is ” why is ROBOT and TELL ME WHY so sure that the evidence is fake?”
    My arguments are based primarily on unsubstantial evidences that Keltruth are constantly failing to produce and the photocopying of information by BFP. Yes, looking at the articles published by both Keltruth and copied by BFP look foolproof, but by disseminating the information, you are just hearing “we have this” and “we have that” but yet, we are not hearing or seeing the real evidence that can link the Simmons’. So legally, the Simmons’ are innocent until proven guilty……and that’s my point.


    BFP says,

    Golly, and here we always thought that sworn testimony was “real” evidence. Sure, there should be other evidence to back it up – perhaps multiple witnesses, documents or… ahem… a tape recording… – but eventually all that will or will not come out.

    In short, there is “real” evidence that is presented on Keltruth so far.

    How much more will be posted online will be very telling. Keltruth has stated that they have “a box” of documents that they are going to post.

    If each one continues to be as shocking and credible as what we’ve seen so far, the Simmons brothers will be in real trouble.

  28. Tell me Why

    BFP says,

    Golly, and here we always thought that sworn testimony was “real” evidence.
    Tell me Why says:

    Sworn testimony given by an accused simply do not mean that he/she is telling the real truth. An accused can be linked to a crime with witnesses et al, and he/she will give sworn testimony that he/she was far from the scene of the crime.

    BFP, I am sorry for the Knoxes, but I can bet my last dollar that this case will fall flat like the Barbados and Privy Council cases. Too much “they say” and “they going to do” without hard facts to align them to any fraudalent acts will only go in the defendants favour. Speculations by commenters with egotistic feelings will draw zero.

  29. Tell me Why

    In short, there is “real” evidence that is presented on Keltruth so far.
    I will rewrite your statement
    In short. there is “unsubstantial” evidence based on speculation that is presented on Keltruth so far.

  30. Black Woman Who Reads

    Staggering that John Knox’s contract was not renewed, simply because he gave evidence against Peter Simmons in a case in Canada.

    I wonder how many other contracts were not renewed for the 2007-2008 academic year by Cave Hill? Does anyone know? Was John Knox the only one?

    It is not at all true, in fact it is a lie, to say that Peter Simmons threatened John Knox.

    I have heard the recordings and read the transcripts in issue – and I am surprised that the transcripts, which are now public domain, have not been published by the Nation and the Advocate – and even more shocked that Barbados Free Press has not published them, since the Knox family clearly have it in their back pocket and would, if required, produce these to BFP.

    I see that a decision was made regarding this alleged threat by Peter Simmons in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (Justice J. Brian Shaughnessy) on February 8, 2008.

    With all the facts in front of him, including expert testimony from both sides, the Judge decided that no threat had been made by Peter Simmons.

    I am perplexed as to why this decision was not published in full by the Nation and the Advocate and by their self-appointed and self-annointed conscience, the Barbados Free Press?

    Maybe the Judge made the wrong decision for you, BFP?

    Justice Shaughnessy does deal with the issue of John Knox’s employment and the claim that he was discriminated against at Paragraph 64 of his judgment. He says:

    “[64] ……Mr Knox states that his employment at his former job as lecturer was not renewed for the 2007-2008 academic year. Apart from a vague reference to a Mr. Leonard Nurse no further particulars relating to the termination of his employment are provided………. ”

    Well, since Mr. Knox’s affidavits cover in great detail the gamut of every part of Bajan life going back 50 years and more, including the construction of the new prison, it does make one wonder why he has not provided more details on his own circumstances. You know, document-backed facts and not speculation.

    Now I don’t know. I merely offer an alternative interpretation for your review, discussion and determination.

    These are some facts that cannot be disputed by way of background.

    First, John Knox is over 50 years old.

    John Knox lives with his mother in a house the property of Kingsland Estates Limited on which he pays no rent – presumably because he thinks that his mother is a still a shareholder of Kingsland Estates Limited and therefore it is owed to him to live and run his business affairs rent-free.

    John Knox has operated several (now defunct) businesses from that house. John Knox has never paid rent and, until he was almost 40, did not pay any utilities either.

    So his businesses had none of the overheads that we other poor mortals have to endure to make a crust – yet those businesses have not succeeded within the terms that any reasonable person would measure success by. In other words, no matter what John Knox would like to think, they failed.

    The tone of Peter Simmons’ alleged threats as regards John Knox are far from threateneing. Peter refers to this middle-aged man as a boy. Peter says that John Knox is being misled. Nowhere is there anything that can be construed as a threat. Indeed, Peter’s comments could be fairly charaterized as paternal, fond, but disappointed.

    Therefore, I ask you to consider that, given John Knox’s record in his own business, he merely made an almighty mess of his work at Cave Hill so that the UWI felt that it could not in good conscience continue his employment due to its responsibility to provide its students with better lecturers than “Professor” Knox?

    Seems reasonable to me, but there again I have the advantage of being able to access the same documents as BFP which BFP, in the interests of truth and fair play, refuses to let its readers participate in. Naturally, they will say the matter is sub judice and you must then ask since when that has stopped them.

    By the way, in these days of the internet, smoke can definitely be generated without there being a fire. You all know this.


    BFP says,

    We look forward to seeing reading and hearing all of the public domain evidence so that Barbados citizens can finally judge for themselves. Why are you surprised that the Bajan media will not cover this story? That is only one of the lies in your hit-piece.

    Although we haven’t seen the judgment you talk about, I would think it will eventually be published. As to a judge saying that Peter Simmons made no threat, perhaps he meant that Simmons was delivering the threat for others which seems to be the case from what I read at Keltruth.

    Thank you for confirming that Mr. Knox was dismissed from UWI. Interesting that the story is now his lack of performance… when he was told prior to the firing that he would be fired if he didn’t stop being a witness.

    That must eventually come into the public eye, and we expect that Keltruth will continue to publish the evidence as they said they would.

    We wonder what other secrets of the Bajan elites will be revealed. These next few months promise to be very exciting around these blogs.

  31. who

    Why no body write their names? is every one in Barbados afraid of the system?

  32. Straight talk

    who… is asking?

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  37. Buckinham puppets of Barbados continue to belittle the integrity of justice. Modern day slaves–ambassadors etc should hung their heads in shame when trying to pull down the name of the iconic and majestic name of Bob Mugabe.

  38. ru4real

    Mugabe is a MURDERING EVIL THIEVING B******D
    Anyone who thinks otherwise wants their head examined don’t know what its got to do with this thread anyway.

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