Barbados Chief Justice Threatened Political Action Against National Park If Personal Lawsuit Against Him Was Not Dropped – Secret Meeting Not So Secret Anymore!

“I was invited by Peter Simmons to this house on March 14, 2007 to meet his brother Sir David Simmons. He had with him a copy of a document which I understood to be a lawsuit which named him. Throughout the course of the discussion Sir David expressed his displeasure at being included in the lawsuit and that he wished to be removed from it. He also let me know that the existence of the lawsuit could compromise the efforts of FOGH to see the creation of a National Park.”

… Sworn documented testimony of a secret meeting with Barbados Chief Justice David Simmons, his brother, Barbados diplomat Peter Simmons and environmental consultant Stuart Heaslet.

Evidence Shows Chief Justice Simmons Violated Every Rule In The Judges’ Book… And A Few Others Too!

According to sworn documented testimony, Barbados Chief Justice David Simmons linked the creation of a National Park at Graeme Hall to the dropping of a personal lawsuit against him – a lawsuit that had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE NATIONAL PARK!

David Simmons, who was once the Attorney General of Barbados and a Senior Minister in the Cabinet of the former BLP Government under Prime Minister Owen Arthur, is probably one of the most powerful, influential and well-connected people on this island. His controversial and inappropriate appointment by Owen Arthur forever tainted the office of the Chief Justice with the stink of politics.

Now we see exactly what it means when a senior politician is appointed as the highest judge in the land: because David Simmons unethically linked the dropping of a personal lawsuit against him to the efforts of citizens to create a National Park.

Shame! Shame!

What foul lack of integrity and bad character would cause a man to try and save his own skin by destroying a national initiative that would have benefited all citizens of Barbados?

I spit on the ground in front of Chief Justice “Sir” David Anthony Cathcart Simmons.

Keltruth Blog has the disgusting story and publishes the court documents HERE.

Damn – this court trial is getting interesting. Don’t hold your breath waiting for the oldstream Barbados news media to cover it!

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43 responses to “Barbados Chief Justice Threatened Political Action Against National Park If Personal Lawsuit Against Him Was Not Dropped – Secret Meeting Not So Secret Anymore!

  1. Jason

    I read the court documents at Keltruth Blog and I am stunned. I didn’t understand BFP’s constant criticism of the Chief Justice but now I understand the danger that you were talking about. There is no way that a politican (who was never a judge at any time anyway) should be made Chief Justice. As you say “the highest judge”.

    David Simmons should resign at least until this matter is taken care of.

    I would like to say that I don’t believe he did what he is accused of, but I can’t. It rings so true.

  2. Tell me Why

    The more I keep hearing about this alleged lawsuit, the weaker the case is becoming. How on earth can you have over 20 defendants to a case and only pinpointing two (2) of them. It is either the plaintiff vs the two Simmons with the others as witnesses or dismiss the whole charade.

    I read the fiction of a story and find a weak submission. As a matter of fact the blog used a
    Disclaimer: “We wish to remind our readers that, while these are public court documents, the contents of these documents should be taken as unproven allegations pending the outcome of the case. What we state here is our opinion. On the other hand, we welcome and value comments. We would especially like to hear the opinions of those with knowledge of the case. Anonymous comments are most welcome”.

    That language shows ‘a swiping for information”

    PM Thompson and the others are having one great laugh. Sorry Jason, but you are overlooking substantiated facts for fiction of a proposed story book.

    BFP, you should have read the disclaimer before posting.

  3. West Side Davie

    Tell Me Why, I don’t agree about the “weaker it is becoming”. Read the whole thing over at Keltruth. Some of it was taperecorded. There are so many questions that should be asked by the Barbados reporters. Don’t forget this is all over a billion dollars of prime island land. You can’t just dismiss the entire thing. Keltruth has promised to publish a box of court documents and the more I read, the more I am convinced that something does stink!

    Was there a meeting? Did the Chief Justice say what is alleged? Is there a tape recording?

    I cannot dismiss everything I have read. There is too much smoke around this for there not to be some fire.

  4. West Side Davie

    The “disclaimer” looks like a safety valve to me. Read the court documents. They are powerful!

  5. Tell me Why

    Keltruth. I have been reading your blogs on BFP and on your site. You cannot expect to win a case by preempting the actual case by disclosing legal weapons on the internet. The more you talk by post pertinent information, the weaker your case will become. Further more, you might end up getting the case dismissed by your constant mouthing. Reduce your talking and act with your brain within the court setting and you possibly will get empathy.

  6. Jason

    Tell Me Why, the court documents are not part of the Keltruth thing I think. They are from a Canadian court where a “nelson barbados” is suing the Chief Justice. I think.

  7. Tell me Why

    The “disclaimer” looks like a safety valve to me. Read the court documents. They are powerful!
    Do not get carry away by the term “court documents’.
    All court documents are subject to challenge. For your information on have been reading affidavits of this case from day one. I am also saying that a sale can only be completed if the majority approved. In this case, only one director objected to the sale. By naming so many defendants, the more difficult it will be for “a burden of proof” to be accomplished.

    Just a note of law. Purchasers always try to get the lowest price for a commodity. Such behaviour is not deemed to be fraudalent since the seller has the final decision. Do you understand my friend?

  8. Bimbro

    Just shows the depth of corruption at the heart of Bajan society which needs to be rooted-out! For a long, time thought Bajans were more honourable than this. Just shows man’s proclivity for lying, cheating etc., even including our own people!

  9. akabozik

    Peter Simmons was tape recorded threatened a lawyer and David Simmons threaten to stop the National Park over this trial.

    Two Simmons brothers behaving like cornered rats. not gentelmens who are in a courts trial. Dey act guiltily!

  10. Oh Boy!

    BFP says ‘I spit on the ground in front of “Chief Justice” Sir David Anthony Cathcart Simmons.’


    Don’t you think you’re being too strong there, BFP? 🙂

  11. BFP

    Too strong, Oh Boy?

    Well, maybe you’re right. He is the Chief Justice like it or not…

    … so we’ll remove the quotations from around “Chief Justice” and put them on “Sir” – which was nothing more than another gift from Owen Arthur for an old crony.

    Then we’ll spit on the ground again.

    How’s that?

  12. Red Lake Lassie

    You are in fine form today, BFP. 😉

  13. Tony Hall

    The whole thing went wrong when David Simmons resigned as a Member of Parliament, got knighted and then was made Chief Justice. There should have been a national outcry, demonstrations, etc. But I forgot! The BLP was in power. Barbadians have that fear of the BLP. They only demonstrate when the DEMS are in power.

  14. no name

    Keep the documents coming. Let us make our own determinations.

    Our “oldstream” media is famous for covering up.

  15. Tell me Why,

    Thanks for your contribution.

    I did not get your point as to why I should keep this a secret.

  16. ROBOT

    if what you say is true
    you must realise that this is the way some persons in our society operate and trust me , they do not see anything really wrong with it. herein lies the problem. this is an inherited situation from way back and must be corrected by going back and dealing with issues from the colonial period.

    its societal and subsequently political , it cuts across party lines. if what we are calling for on these blogs is transparency and honesty then i believe we are on our way to achieving such.

    however, i am not yet trusting these blogs because i do not want to respose so much confidence in the blogs then to have my confidence undermined in some form or fashion.

  17. tip of the iceberg

    “and the the truth will set you free”

    In civlized countries, legal representatives try to make it right.

    Where does one start with an independent and fair judiciary when the legal system has been corrupted from the top?

  18. Hants

    Barbados Lawyers should be treated like they are in north america.

    Only criminals need to be “nice”.

    A Lawyer should be treated no differently than a Plumber or Electrician. You pay them and they do your work epeditiously.

    In Barbados Lawyers behave like they are doing their clients a favour.

  19. no name

    Tell me Why says,

    “Further more, you might end up getting the case dismissed by your constant mouthing. Reduce your talking and act with your brain within the court setting and you possibly will get empathy.”

    Yea, right!

    Are you talking about a Canadian case or is there a case in Barbados too? How will the production of public documents on keltruthblog affect a Canadian case?

    Getting a case dismissed by constant mouthing is so in Third World Barbados but in First World countries the media has a duty. Can you imagine a case being dismissed in a First World country because the media covered the case?

    I have my doubts that this is about “empathy” in a court setting in Barbados because such a thing does not exist here especially where a Chief Justice benefits from the land deal which happens to have found its way into his court.

    Keep up the good work!

  20. PiedPiper

    Re: Court Documents, Plaintiff’s Claim, Affidavits and Motions only outline the case. I am quite sure that the Canadian law firm has evidence that will only be revealed in court. Lawyers think long and hard before deciding that a case is actionable and the Canadian Judicial system will not support “frivolous” cases. The information that has been posted here and on Keltruth is only the tip of the iceberg.
    It is a very commn legal tactic to name all those associated with a particular legal matter, even those on the periphery, in order to obtain testimony from those defendants that may in fact incriminate the real culprits.

  21. passin thru

    Chief Justice Simmons should resign. Barbados members of parliament should be demanding answers from the government.


    Oops…. I forgot… THEY appointed Simmons as Chief Justice.

    What a mess!

  22. Beefcake

    At the end of the day, it is helpful that this and other blogs keep us informed about the corrupt practices of government.

    However, apart from bringing awareness, the blogs are powerless to make any change.

    Government is stagnant, the local media are cowards, and there is little hope for any real change.

  23. Munchies

    When the Chief Justice starts threatening political action to kill a National Park, it is time for the government to launch an inquiry. Simmons should have his resignation ready.

  24. Tell me Why

    After reading the various posting I have come to the conclusion that commenters are just looking at politics in the equation instead of logical reasoning. Forget the hype in headlines and read the stories before jumping on the bandwagon. Yes, I empathise with the Knoxs especially if that person find themself fighting an entire directorship because of them rushing to conclude a sale below the going price of land.

    What I am observing is the Kelthruth blog using advance tactics that should be aired in the courtroom, whilst commenters having a field day being the judge and jury for two of the defendants. That’s where I have a problem.

  25. ROBOT

    But I forgot! The BLP was in power. Barbadians have that fear of the BLP. They only demonstrate when the DEMS are in power.


  26. Fool me once

    The Chief Justice has crossed the line- again. He is supposed to be a neutral person who we can all look up to and respect as fair and instead we see that behind the scenes he threatens to hurt our country if he does not get his way and dropped out of a lawsuit where he has been in up to the top of his head.

    Does anyone remember the Simmons brothers- two politicians- and their company SBG trying to feed at the trough? David was attorney General and about to award juicy permissions to his own company also owned by little brother Peter.

    Please somebody find those reports in the press from a decade ago. It is all there where they were bragging about getting the deal that would pay them and their friends off.

  27. cancerman.bgi

    As an avid reader of this blog I find sometimes that the information presented is done without the basic modicum of journalism.

    So let’s start with the Keltruth blog. As far as I know the case has been thrown out by the Canadian with prejudice as laid in the wrong jurisdiction. Futhermore as we seen in the BS+T takeover once the majority of shareholders agree to sell one shareholder cannot hold up the deal.
    If there was a threat put it on You Tube since maybe what you are purporting to be a threat is in fact local slang and we would then be able to justify it.
    My great fear is that with the lack of anything for BFP to talk about they are now re-hashing old stories so as to stay relevant.
    I recommend that they continue to state that the Keltruth Blog is run by the daughter of the person who brought the case – as could be ascertained by doing a free online lookup of the owner of the domain address.
    If this blog is to stay relevant and of value it needs to consider the information it disseminates.


    BFP says…

    Now, now, now, cancerman.

    Last year the minute that the Canadian case came to our attention folks like yourself were saying “it has been thrown out with prejudice” etc etc etc.

    That was a lie.

    Now… why don’t YOU do a little more research and see if you can give us the date that it was thrown out…

    Because as far as I can tell… you are full of horse manure.

    Unless you think those documents at Keltruth Blog are all forgeries… which was another lie that was going around last year.

    So… given that the Keltruth Blog is run by a known person with a known name, I would think that if they said that the case was still a go and it wasn’t, the Chief Justice would be suing them like yesterday.

    You are sooooooo full of horse manure.

  28. Barbados the Beautiful

    I for one have a friend who got screamed and yelled at not in court by the Chief Justice (D. Simmons) who was not getting his way in a business deal. Lost his temper all the way. Not the only deal he has interfered with or promised to interfere with.

    He thinks he is in charge of everything and lo trouble be the name of anyone who will not obey.

    How many cases since he was appointed have been misplaced never to appear again? Some when his wife was registrar some not but all the same tell me why he should be allowed to do that.

    How come David didna do the right thing for some people? He think he still in govt running the country bullying along with Owing.

  29. Sad To Say

    David Simmons oops my apoligies, Sir David Simmons is lower than the snakes belly button in a botomless gully. He and his brother are two old crooks who got caught shagging their neghbours’ daugthers when the spot lights were turned on. I know for a fact that BFP is a big thorn in their sides. They have been quoted, “If we ever get hold of the owners [of BFP] we will shave him without a drop of soap”. These MFs always believed that would be large and in charge. What part does my friend Glyne Bannister play in all of this?

  30. no name

    Fool me once

    I remember seeing the SBG newspaper articles and only today was wondering if the blogs would publish them. What year was SBG?

    The newspapers once reported on the story. What was it that stopped them?

  31. Sad To Say

    NO NAME: You need to link the dots. Before Sir David entered poitics he was a shareholder in the NATION’s parent company.

    Sir Fred Gollop, Sir David’s best friend, has been Chairman of the Nation Group of Companies. Currently he is Chairman of the Board of Directors of One Caribbean Media. Sir Fred will NEVER ALLOW his BEST FRIEND’s NAME TO BE SMEARED – even if it means surpressing the truth.

  32. ??

    Keltruth in recognising the weakness of the case is trying smear tactics.

  33. no name

    Sad To Say says

    “Sir Fred Gollop, Sir David’s best friend, has been Chairman of the Nation Group of Companies. Currently he is Chairman of the Board of Directors of One Caribbean Media. Sir Fred will NEVER ALLOW his BEST FRIEND’s NAME TO BE SMEARED – even if it means surpressing the truth.”

    You just fitted another piece into the puzzle.

    Can you tell me what other boards does/has Sir Fred serve/served on?

  34. Duppy Lizard

    I see Mr. Wickham has the population of Beijing at 170 repeat 170 million – actually, the population is 17 million. In all fairness to him though, many friends have visited China, some for extended periods and they all have had positive things to say about conditions. Which is not to say that there are not abuses. The logistics of running a country of China’s size and population must be a nightmare.

  35. Real Ting

    i will only inform the readers that in some cases where majority shareholders take decisions that are deemed prejudicial to minority shareholders there is a concept called minority relief which can be invoked, usually by going to court, to protect the interests of minority shareholder. this is usually applicable where one majority shareholder or a group which combine to make the majority take decisions which are more in their interest than the company’s best interests. This can include siphoning off or gutting of company assets at firesale prices or encouraging takeovers in return for juicy positions or favours with the acquiring company. It is therefore ignorant and erroneous for any one to suggest that once the majority decides that minority shareholders have no recourse. Their recourse is governed by a set of rules and criteria the offending action has to meet but it is available. The rules, criteria and offending action are open to subjective interpretation and application usually by a court.

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  37. Sad To Say

    No Name: Sir Fred Gollop is on the board of First Caribbean and a few other companies. He is chairman of CGI Consumers’ Guarantee Insurance Co. Ltd. Member of the Hearing Committee of the Securities Exchange of Barbados; Director of Fortress Mutual Fund Ltd.; Ex-Chairman, Government’s Advisory Committee on International Business; Chairman, Caribbean News Agency Ltd. A VERY WELL CONNECTED MAN IN DEED!!

  38. no name

    Thanks, Sad To Say.


  39. Straight talk

    Sad to Say:

    Are you saying SBG is Simmonds, Bannister and Gollop?

  40. Sad To Say

    Straight Talk: The truth is I don’t know what or who SBG stands for, however, metaphorically I’m sure that SBG could = Simmons, Bannister & Gollop. For I know for certain that Simmons & Gollop are so tight that light can’t pass between them. Their friendship goes back to their boyhood days and there is nothing, yes I said nothing, they would not do for the other. BTW could the G stand for GAVIN?

  41. SHEILA

    who owned the land in question? and where in barbados is it?

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