What Shall Bajans Call Their New Political Party?

This article was first published in May of 2008 when the truth about the DLP hit home. We’ll leave it posted here for a few days to start the conversation again.

Robert thinks it’s nonsense, but Shona thinks that if the Green Party formally embraced and implemented ITAL (Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation) for its own candidates, the Greens would do some serious damage to the two old guard parties. They wouldn’t win, but they would sure upset the barrel of crabs that call themselves the BLP and DLP.

It is time to begin the discussion folks…

We were told that David Thompson and the DLP would adopt a Ministerial Code immediately upon forming a government. We were even provided with a draft document.

No Ministerial Code was adopted. Why not?

Did Thompson and the DLP only make this promise for expediency during the election? Or did the majority of Government MPs rebel at Thompson’s promise after they achieved power?

We were told that David Thompson and the DLP would not only act with integrity, but that they understood that they must be seen to be acting with integrity. We were told that the DLP and David Thompson understood the necessity of having rules about conflicts of interest. We were promised by David Thompson that his government would act with transparency and integrity.

We were told that David Thompson and the DLP would act within 100 days to implement ITAL – Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation, but the government has done nothing.

Not only that, Prime Minister Thompson has flown on private jets owned by people who do business with the Government of Barbados – an obvious potential conflict of interest where he has provided zero public transparency and accountability. This one action proves that Thompson and his bunch either don’t care about ITAL or don’t really understand the basic concepts of integrity in governance.

As far as the Opposition BLP goes, they are nothing but the same bunch of crooks who were just summarily dismissed by the voters… and they will still be crooks four years from now.

Barbados Needs A New Centrist Party Founded Upon ITAL

A new political party would not win the first time out, but they could easily hold the balance of power in various closely-contested areas. A political party that established ITAL rules and required candidates to follow them would stand in stark contrast to the “anything goes” policy of the BLP and DLP piggies.

So let us start by choosing a name for the new movement – then work on organisation, policies, fundraising and communications.

Naming something gives it power and presence.

What shall Bajans call their new political party – which has a foundation of Integrity, Transparency and Accountability?

Comments are open!


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85 responses to “What Shall Bajans Call Their New Political Party?

  1. Bimbro

    Hi BFP, knew that you guys would n’t let us down. Please name it The Barbados Progressive Party, if u don’t have one by that name, already! Any other name might be too, sophisticated or remote for the ordinary, man in the street to identify with!

    Best wishes!

  2. Red Lake Lassie

    Barbados Reform Party

  3. More importantly than forming a party is more of interest who will be part of that party, if it were to consist of ones such as mottley, arthur, clarke, marshall it would die before it got a look in.

  4. Amused

    and the leaders of this new movement to remain annoymous?

    better call it BSP, the Barbados Secret Party, kind of ironic when transparency is your key platform

  5. Amused

    oops sorry for the typo

  6. Straight talk

    It is VITAL .

    Voters for Integrity Transparency & Accountability Legislation

  7. Beefcake

    Christian Democratic Party

    This party is common in Europe and speaks to the core value of Barbadian society.

  8. Bimbro

    Wishing In Vain
    May 11, 2008 at 7:31 am
    More importantly than forming a party is more of interest who will be part of that party, if it were to consist of ones such as mottley, arthur, clarke, marshall it would die before it got a look in.


    If you did n’t know the meaning of irrelevant before, then u certainly do now, from that reply, at this point in time and not untypical of Barbadians, if I may say, so!


    May 11, 2008 at 10:32 am
    Christian Democratic Party

    This party is common in Europe and speaks to the core value of Barbadian society.


    Shall we then exclude all, non-christians! Lord, please, help me!!!!

  9. Banned Again From VOB

    the Ross Perot Imitation Party. RPIP.

  10. Green Monkey

    Will this new party go against a world wide trend to ensure their policies do not kowtow to anti-democratic plans of the international globalists? The globalists are very powerful and very persistent in their efforts to take away sovereignty from nations and peoples for increased profits and control by mega-corporations and the mega-rich.

    Watch this Youtube video “New World Order for Dummies” to see what I mean:

    ( At least it could explain why there is so much emphasis and effort on the part of some to get the CSME off the ground and insist that is has to be brought in come hell or high water. Watch the video and you will see that CSME is just a small part of a much bigger and much more important overall world picture):

  11. Bush tea

    …. if you are looking for popular support…

    How about the SOCA party

  12. Georgie Porgie

    Why are you folk speaking as though this suggestion is a joke? This is a serious matter!

  13. Banned Again From VOB

    It is extremely expensive to market a political party. If Market Vendor could give ya a load a’ free time, if BBS could give ya some too, if OCM and the Advocate would give ya loads a’ space, after all you are doing the right ting, yeah, you could promise them all something in return, like granting new TV licences and reducing the licence fee, and giving them seats on the senate and so on and so on… maybe the solution lies elsewhere.

  14. action plan

    While people like Richard Goddard and Adrian Loveridge loathe the political process and all those that steal from the public purse and ruin our environment, it is people like them who are not easily silenced, who need to step forward and put up names of people who are beyond reproach and can start the process immediately.

    Lets start with all those that steadfastly opposed Greenland over the years, the many Thousands of petitioners for a National Park at Graeme Hall and all those that show up for the National Trust walks on a regular basis.

    This core respects all those things that are good for the long term sustainability of Barbados including ITAL and a common concern for our environment.

    The only thing they will have to fear is fear itself and the usual vicitimization.

    BFP —if you are serious, you may have to do monthly downloads to get the word out to the universities and the general public.

    WIV is correct. Who will carry the torch who cannot be bought off with the “politics of inclusion”?

  15. Anon

    Not another Barbados Progressive Party.

  16. BFP what will you do when the new party doesnt live up to your standards?

  17. Bimbro

    In all honesty, I think The Barbados Progressive Party sounds ideal and encapsulates everything we stand for! However, if there’s already such a party we might consider buying their name, joining forces with them or a benign taking-over of their party. They might even be happy to consider the proposition!

    Alternatively, The New Barbados Progressive Party (as per New Labour in the UK) or even The Barbados Peoples’ Party!

  18. Bimbro

    Now tell me, who does do de tinking pun hay!!!! 🙂

  19. Baje

    You wanted the BLP out and the DLP in you got what you wanted and helped to make it happen too, so you make the bed not lay down in it! Time for change – what a joke that was.


    BFP says,

    Baje, you don’t understand that flexing the muscles and influence of the blogs, forcing a reluctant DLP and Thompson to commit to ITAL, having the election and then watching the DLP lie and neglect to keep the ITAL promises…. were all necessary steps that had to be taken to get to where we are.

    We reluctantly backed Thompson when he came out at the last minute with his ITAL plans cut and pasted from the internet. We gave him and the DLP a chance and they failed.

    Thompson and the DLP have been seen to be what they are: just more of the same old, same old.

    There is now no argument that either the DLP or the BLP can be relied upon to adopt ITAL.

    Only by going through this process have we arrived at a place where thousands of our citizens are willing to listen to ideas about a new way and a new party.

  20. Bush tea

    Georgie Porgie

    Man GP, what serious what?!?

    I really cannot understand how grown people can continue to try to solve problems without proper analysis ….and expect better results.

    When did we determine that the problem was that we needed another party?

    …where did the persons in the PRESENT parties come from? Mars? …. and where will the members of this new party come from? what will make them different?

    Look people…

    …before GP prescribes medicine he checks the symptoms, considers the history, listens to the patient and carries out appropriate tests.

    …he then intelligently analyzes the data collected and prescribes a combination of medicines and advice that best deals with the ROOT cause of the malaise. …. even then the patient eventually dies..(LOL 😉 )
    …why should we adopt a different approach with our political patient?

    This kind of logic from BFP about ITAL sounds like high school debating stuff… it is far too simplistic – assuming that there are ‘good’ people and ‘bad’ people and that, like George Bush, our role in life is for the ‘good’ people to root out the bad or evil ones… the results are always like those achieved by Bush.

    I know many of the persons on both sides of the political divide, (including some that I cuss left and right) and I can assure you that individually, you will not find more genuine and well meaning people anywhere.

    ….there is a more fundamental problem than personalities and parties… Time to consult the ‘political doctors’ for a cure.


    BFP says,

    Respectfully Bush Tea, we tell you that you are wrong. It is not about the people. It is about the absence of rules and accountability.

    Even Owen Arthur was at first a man who was committed to doing so good, but then he saw how easy it was without any conflict of interest rules, integrity and transparency laws.

    A new party will first and foremost have rules in place. ITAL will be the very foundation of the party because if that is not there, everything else becomes tainted.

    The current parties have both proven that they are unwilling to enact ITAL for their own members let alone as laws for the country.

    Change the rules and you will change politics and political accountability forever in Barbados. Nothing is perfect, but to continue as we have been doing is the height of foolishness.

  21. Tony Hall

    Not realistic. Barbados is too small a society. The amount of social interaction there is in this country will not allow what you are looking for. I am sorry!!!


    BFP says,

    Then stick with your old party while thousands of us move this country forward in ways that you and your tired old ideas and weakness cannot.

  22. PoOPster

    Bush Tea
    Given the ‘nonsense’ you write – yuh must have lived on the nac or spent too much time on the void.

    My suggestion for a name for BFP’s new party –
    The (P)arty (o)f (O)ptimistic (P)eople. PoOP!

  23. reality check

    “Time to consult the ‘political doctors’ for a cure”

    assuming Bush Tea is not recommending Bush Tea as a cure for all that ails Barbados

    “Rooibos ( AKA Bush Tea ” ) is becoming more popular in Western countries particularly among health-conscious consumers, due to its high level of antioxidants such as aspalathin and nothofagin, its lack of caffeine, and its low tannin levels compared to fully oxidized black tea or unoxidized green tea leaves.[citation needed] “Green” rooibos ”

    surely a strict ITAL which is enforced is at the root of Barbadians malaise and cynicism about dishonest politicians.

    The DLP ran on this ticket albeit at the last moment and half heartedly. Thompson needs to step up to the plate as promised.

    Whats your gameplan Bush Tea because waiting for another politician to suggest a cure is like asking a quack for a cancer remedy?

    A healthy body starts with an honest politician and ITAL as the foundation.

  24. Bush tea


    I like nonsense… the everyday ‘sense’ that I see displayed around me has produced the kind of results that now confront us all… and stop envying the ‘nac’sters

    Reality Check,
    I agree wholeheartedly that ITAL is vital. I am only asking (maybe provocatively…) how did we get to the point of needing a new party?

    The ‘cure’ that is needed must be equally effective no matter which party is elected.
    The ‘cure’ must address the ROOT problems that we face in achieving ITAL in government.

    If we realize that our face has become swollen is our first reaction to look for a face transplant?

    What new party what?!?

    Here is a fundamental question…

    If Democracy means ‘the will of the people..’ where is the mechanism in our political system that reflects that reality?

    … and don’t tell me about any stupid election every 5 years where everyone’s ballot paper is tagged with personal ID data- thus providing the means by which the elected government CAN reward or punish individuals who vote one way or the other.

    …such a system SURELY encourages the following:

    – Politicians who LIE and make UNREALISTIC promises to get pass that election date.

    – Politicians who come to believe that they are BEYOND question or recall

    – Politicians who thrive in a DEM and US environment which is divisive, counter productive and outdated

    – Politicians who find it VERY difficult to turn down BRIBES that may reach into the MILLIONS of dollars in overseas accounts… (and who therefore cannot reign in civil servants who get into the act too…)

    — I could go on – but you get the point…

    …..I can’t take any more licks from Poopster, so here is a simple Bush tea proposal to promote democracy…

    ….every year, an election is held on Errol Barrow day for a Council called the “Barbados Electors Council”.
    The council is made up of 60 persons who are elected from a group of 600 ( 20 nominees from each constituency)
    All nominees must be proposed and seconded by a taxpaying member of the constituency, and ALL SERVICE will be completely voluntary.

    The 20 nominees are selected by Ballot one month before election, and each on will be granted a 30 minute TV spot to promote their CV. Ther will be no other mass canvassing.

    This Council will then have the identical power that a Supervisory committee has in a Co-operative society.

    …for those unaware of the powers of the Supervisory Committee in their Credit Union – ask Caswell Franklyn…

  25. Asiba-The Buffalo Soldier

    Bush Tea !
    yeah call it -SOCA party
    yeah and Iwill come and sing my new hit song called–‘still 2 much FAT on the road——-the sequel and second in the series. –The first song in the series being the very much talked about -“Too Much Fat On the Road”

    I believed though that a third party must consist of persons who are willing to challenge the status quo and be prepared to fight and fight hard. This country is ripe for change and trust me-change in Barbados is inevitable

  26. PoOPster

    “and ALL SERVICE will be completely voluntary” where these people coming from? Mars?

    You like you went for communion nuff times dis morning! LOL But I like the basic idea – remove the REAL incentive for corruption, the rest follows.

    Lord come for your world but then again…that too I suppose is your message!

    not me and dem kiss drawers – TFN rules!

  27. akabozik

    Call it the Barbados Integrity Party.

    If you call it something that doesn’t have the party’s main purpose in the name, it will degenerate or devolve. The main purpose must be front and center for both success and as a reminder.

    People will fail to live up to the standards, and when they do they must step down from positions of leadership. The leaders will be attacked on integrity issues daily, so they must be solid people.

    The charter of the party must recognize that individuals will fail, but when they fail in a big way to live a life of integrity, they cannot continue in leadership. BFP is right that the party could not win first time at the polls, but with a few years to go they could do a lot of damage. They would upset the status quo and force the voters to see the DLP and the BLP for what they really are: two sides of the same coin.

  28. Bush tea


    …that song tight, but if I was you I would watch my backside…. them fat people ain’t easy hear? I feel you should have called the song “A lot of fat on the road…’ this ‘Too much’ thing could get you some fleshy blows….

    I had a mind you was from up by where the oxygen levels low… good view though…

    Don’t knock voluntary service my friend. This is where you get really committed, genuine people who serve for the right reasons. (Why you think that Credit Unions did so well – especially before people like Lynette got involved?)

    In fact, (it is a mystery), but I would bet you that if you wanted to raise the level of quality even further we could CHARGE citizens a modest fee to be nominated to the unpaid position….
    Check out Rotary, Lions, the old Barbados Regiment, the various Youth leaders etc

  29. Johnnie Too Bad

    All you BFP out there, it is not the name of the party that is important.What happen when the grasshoppers like Malik and the others come, you think name change is going to make a difference.
    Thompy is a clear disciple of expediency politics, the man will say and do anything to get what he wants.
    What we have to do is to withdraw our support for him at the next election.Let him be a one term PM, right now it seems that even Bimbro could do better and thats not saying much. I may be wrong but it seems that maybe, just maybe, there are some DLP people who are planning to do the same as the Deadwood BLP gang, and so Thompy has no way that he is going to get rid of them. I already planning to check my friend Hoadie , I plan to join the goat party of Hoad.


    BFP says,

    And what? Elect the BLP thieves again? Same old, same old.

    Time for real change.

  30. theNickster

    New party? still can’t even get an over 50 BLP zealot, to admit Owen was (is I guess) a fraud, how you plan on selling that (new party) to these psudeo-literates.
    Besides look at the world climate, it is only a matter of time before the (CU) Caribbean union) hands over the reigns to folks up top.

    not following? let me spell it out:
    CARICOM~CSME~CCJ (caribbean criminal justice sounds more accurate, crooks are still getting the better deal)= Caribbean Union (CU)

    Making the planet an easier to manage pie. One world government is coming, you can throw all the parties you like.

  31. Johnnie Too Bad

    BFP …. “How about the Barbados No Thieves Party”?

  32. Banned Again From VOB

    Maybe BFP you should say when is the best time to post to avoid this “Your comment is awaiting moderation” thing.


    BFP says,

    Two points BAFV…

    1/ A schedule is simply not possible. We get to it when we get to it. Sometimes like right now we can moderate within a few minutes because two of us are online together. Sometimes everybody is doing something else and we don’t get to it for hours. That’s life.

    2/ We believe we know who you are BAFV. And whether it is you or not, don’t try and sneak in the little phrases or concepts that we have already banned you for under your old name.

    Fair warning.

  33. Banned Again From VOB

    Not Fair that you have time to explain the policy above (thanks anyway) but not time to moderate/censor my sentiments. What is there about me that you object to and find a need to warn… in public?

  34. Georgie Porgie

    Bush tea

    I take your medicine in the manner meant. However, I have seriously thought of another party for years.

    And I honestly believe that there are honest, capable, intelligent Bajans left, who are not given to graft who would put their hands to the wheel, and thier heads to thinking out practical solutions.

    Bush tea, I want you to know that there is room in my cabinet for you.

    I am sure you have a valuable contribution to make.

  35. Banned Again From VOB

    Process seems long winded but if as a result “There will be no other mass canvassing” well Co’ Blin’ Ya the problem solve.

    Call it the Barbados Integrity Party.
    If you call it something that doesn’t have the party’s main purpose in the name, it will degenerate or devolve.

    Does B Labour P and Sandy’s D Labour P live up to the main purpose in the names?

  36. politically incorrect

    I think you all should be trying to do something about the boat you are in and not be looking to the hoped for boats on the horizon.

    I recall making a statement months ago — same horse, different colour. It has come to pass.

    You can scour Barbados north, south, east and west and you will not find “electable” persons with integrity.


    There are many people with integrity but they do not have the elite and the their money behind them.

    Haven’t you figured out yet that those who are elected are puppets? There is a “shadow government” behind them. Check out the Sir Cows and Sir Kiffins et al. Come on people wake up. I am not being racist. I am caucasian but the truth has no colour.

    If you all don’t understand yet that your salvation is not in political parties, I guess you will have to continue “playing this game” until you do.


    BFP says,

    then what do you advocate, PI? Status quo? Armed Revolution? Timothy Leary’s solution?

  37. politically incorrect

    None of the above, BFP.

    I am sure that you are more than able to reach the conclusion without my help.

  38. Anon

    I am not switching to any new party. So you can count me out.

    I do not have many years to go and I am not about to spend them following some pie in the sky.


    BFP says,

    No problem, anon. If you feel too old to embrace integrity, that’s your problem.

  39. J

    When integrity needs to be legislated we are already too far gone.
    Any new party will not be any better (or worse) than the old ones.
    All power (and money) corrupts. People who enter politics tend to love having power over others. And not a few love money real, real bad.
    We already have laws against t’eifing, lying, murdering, etc. If we are unable to enforce these current laws what makes BFP think that we will enforce a whole new set o’ ITAL laws? We won’t ya know. Because the t’eifing, lying, deceitful politicians are we family, friends, neighbours and school mates and we don’t want to see them lock up. And too besides they does “help” we out every now and then. Anybody who does not understand this musse’ a foreigner.
    And besides a long long time ago a fellow name God made laws against teifing, lying, adultering and murdering and all o’ we enjoy some or all o’ dem tings from time to time. And God promised to send we to hell to be burnt forever by an unquenchable flame ans still we tief, lie, commit adultery and bear false witness and murder. If we are not frighten to break God’s laws what make you feel that we will not break a few foolish ITAL laws. Get real. Colour me CYNICAL.

  40. J

    Dear Banned From VOB:

    I’d abolish the Senate altogether. The Senate is a colonial relic. Why do we put those non-elected people to sit “over” our elected MP’s. As though our MP’s – full grown men and women all – need a Senate to baby-sit them. If we need a bigger “lower” house so be it. But I see no reason to keep a non-elected Senate.

  41. Bimbro

    May 11, 2008 at 4:34 pm
    Call it the Barbados Integrity Party.


    I really, want to keep quiet now and let others express their views but I think the above suggestion could give the appearance of its being a one-issue party, which it could n’t be but would need to be responsible for the whole gamut of issues which any party which holds power is responsible for!!

    Thus, sounds a good and logical, idea which must have occured to all of us, but I’m not sure!


    Let him be a one term PM, right now it seems that even Bimbro could do better and thats not saying much.


    Me for PM, Johnnie?!!!! Yep, I like the sound of that! Not too, sure ’bout the last part though!!!! 🙂


    BFP says,

    No problem, anon. If you feel too old to embrace integrity, that’s your problem.


    Well, said BFP! Some people do make u wonder!


    May 12, 2008 at 5:16 am
    Dear Banned From VOB:

    I’d abolish the Senate altogether. The Senate is a colonial relic. Why do we put those non-elected people to sit “over” our elected MP’s. As though our MP’s – full grown men and women all – need a Senate to baby-sit them. If we need a bigger “lower” house so be it. But I see no reason to keep a non-elected Senate.


    I got the impression that our country’s politicians have been in need of greater, monitoring and checking their actions, not less!

  42. Inkwell

    I told you people during the election campaign that the only way to get the DLP to commit to and enact integrity rules for its members was to keep them in opposition for five more years. Anybody remember?.

    The DLP people on the blog said I was only trying to keep the BLP in power. Now look what we have, a new set of piggies at the trough, scoffing at the code of conduct and integrity legislation they promised you gullible lot and we can only punish them by voting them out in five years and re-electing the previous set of piggies, a sad reality….the new proposed party is a non starter, because the people with real and incorruptible integrity are too few and too far between, and are loath to get involved in the nastiness of politics.

    I hate to have to say I told you so, but “I told you so”.

    Five more years of the BLP would not have killed Barbados, despite their arrogance and alleged thiefing, but it would have forced the DLP to accede to the will of the people and establish rules of conduct and accountability.

    I hope that BFP has learned a lesson and got over its naive propensity to trust and endorse politicians too readily as it did the DLP. Now we are in real doo doo with nowhere to turn. Now we can only beg and plead with the DLP to please, please give us ITAL. You promised!!! You promised!!!

  43. Beefcake

    The benefit of a senate is that it is a source of “sober second thought”. It should reflect individuals who have made a contribution to society in various areas such as business, education, culture, diplomacy, medicine, and more. In this way, an effective senate can review and criticise legislation and require it to be modified and not have a political tyranny force bad legislation on the people of a country.

    By having the senate unelected, it reinforces the legitimacy of the elected Parliament. In some ways, this is part of the problem encountered in the USA – which is more important, the elected Representatives or the elected Senate? Are the interests of the people more important or those of the individual states? While Barbados doesn’t require an elected senate, the current structure has the senators as *potentially* giving good guidance to Parliament.

    The problem with the senate is when it becomes a mechanism for favour or reward at the personal level of the appointer or for party patronage. The senators should be above the poltical spectrum. A senate full of “Yes” men serves no purpose, and a senate of patronage appointments will not give the effectiveness that a senate should carry.

  44. Bush tea


    You are on the wrong track altogether. Don’t expect any support from this blog.

    Your analysis and comments MAKES TOO MUCH SENSE, and are too simply put for most of us to appreciate.

    The Senate is a complete joke. Just a useless talk shop with NO effect on ANYTHING.

    …. and as you say, we are obviously operating in an environment where ‘thiefing’ and dishonesty is commonplace, and BFP and others who are looking for an ‘Angel’ party must be asleep and dreaming…

    The only sensible solution is to elect a special independent group whose ONLY role is to police the process of governance.
    They must have access to ALL state information; they will adjudicate disputes of state and will ultimately have the power to take matters back to the people (call elections) if unable to resolve discrepancies with the elected Government.

    Check out the effect of Supervisory Committees in Credit Unions…

    Of course the REAL problem as you correctly say is that we all ignore God’s laws and guidelines (..do unto others…) – but that is another matter altogether.

    …and don’t mind ‘Banned from VOB again’, Clive soon ban he from BFP too…. 🙂

  45. You know what

    You all are talking a lot of nonsense about naming and forming political parties. That is not what we want. We need real social and political activism, broadbased with significant grassroots appeal. A resistance movement that will influence a tangible number of people to refuse to buy goods (think groceries, farm inputs) and services (think phone and electricity) at the current riduculous prices being offered.

    Are we prepared to make the sacrifices, or will it take a storm this summer?

    And who are willing to be the leaders?

  46. Johnnie Too Bad

    BFP, it seems we have strayed clean away from the point. Personally I say, no integrity legislation, no rest from the blogs, no honesty, then no hiding place for such politicians, If any of them thief a blade of grass we expose them on the net. BFP we simply declare war on their backsides in the full glare of trial by internet.We just get them.

  47. Anon

    If you want to hold the DLP feet to the fire, then that is ok by me, but I am not supporting any new party no matter what the name is.

    What ever happened to the NDP?

  48. Fool me once

    Can anyone name one time that the senate overrode or voted down something that was passed by the elected house?

  49. John

    Fool me once
    May 12, 2008 at 5:26 pm
    Can anyone name one time that the senate overrode or voted down something that was passed by the elected house?

    ……… I do vaguely remember two senators getting fired for not toeing the part line some time back!!

    Think it was Erroll Barrow who fired them. Seem to remember one was John Connell but I could be mistaken.

    I can’t even remember what they voted against …. or for.

    We the people also are partly responsible.

    We looked the other way.

    We had no position one way or the other.

  50. Anon

    Good point Caswell.

  51. John

    How come we are able to find a cricketer, Marlon Samuels, guilty of taking bribes and ban him for two years for bringing the game into disrepute and we are unable to lock up a single politician or civil servant?

    We really mekking mock sport!!

  52. Bush tea

    Georgie Porgie

    “Bush tea, I want you to know that there is room in my cabinet for you.”

    Thank you for that flattering comment GP. Coming from you this ranks as a special and rare compliment for me.

    However, Bush tea is already committed to joining another cabinet and has been under intensive training for three decades now in preparation for that attachment.

  53. Pat

    I would suggest the Barbados National Party. We have been clamouring for an elected Senate in Canada for many years and it seems we will have the first this year, although Harper wants to “choose” from the elected list. So change is no change.

    A third party would be good for Barbados in that no one may get a majority. In that case, you will have a minority or, worse case scenario, a coalition government. Both minority and coalitions, if manged well, produce good policies. Failure to do so results in an election.

  54. Bimbro

    At face value, Pat’s suggestion seems a good one. However, bear the following in mind: in summary;

    DLP suggests left wing politics, BLP right wing. What would ‘National’ suggest? Nothing immediately, or a national govt. which is n’t what we’re seeking!

    Think ‘Progressive’ gives the right message!

  55. justice

    How can we guarantee that this new party will pass the legislation it promised if it gets elected?

  56. Bimbro

    Because it’ll be headed by decent, BFP personnel! How do u think!


    BFP says,

    Respectfully we point out that BFP personnel are no more decent or honest than most other Bajans. As we often point out, Owen Arthur was an honest man when first elected and he meant well.

    Anyone can be and will be tempted if there are no rules.

    So the difference with the new party is that there will be ITAL within the party. Members standing for office will already be following a code and it will be enforced. When the party forms a government, it will already have legislation ready to go – and it will be easy to implement because all elected members will have been living by the rules for years before they form a government.

    You see, that is why the DLP and BLP have never implemented ITAL – they don’t already have it in their parties’ rules.

    Once again, it is not about finding “more honest” people than the other parties. It is about keeping them honest through rules, oversight and genuine accountability.

  57. justice

    BFP, you keep saying that OSA was honest when first elected. How do you know this? Could it not be merely that there was no opportunity for him to sin before? And your “thing” about anyone can be tempted if there are no rules. Aren’t some people tempted even if there are rules? The fault’s in us…

  58. Bimbro

    Once again, it is not about finding “more honest” people than the other parties. It is about keeping them honest through rules, oversight and genuine accountability.


    BFP, I could n’t agree with you more, and congratulations on the immense wisdom displayed in that reply.

    I’ve every confidence that if any party can govern this country in a decent, honest and honourable manner it’ll be the one which you guys found! You have my total, support!

  59. John

    The only difference between Marlon Samuels and this particular Caribbean PM seems to be the big ticket lawyer, himself a former MP and if I remember correctly disciplined by no less a personage than O$A hisself when he was a PM, …. and MP!

    Mitchell: No proof of bribery

    Date May 13, 2008

    ST GEORGE’S, Grenada – Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell says a report

    of a commission of inquiry has found no evidence

    to support claims that he received a substantial sum of money from his former trade ambassador during a trip to Europe

    a few years ago.

    The 83-page report, carried out by prominent Barbadian jurist

    Sir Richard Cheltenham, was handed over

    to the Governor-General’s Office last weekend,

    seven months after

    the conclusion

    of public hearings.

    Mitchell had consistently denied that he had done anything illegal after the opposition parties here called for an investigation into a 2004 article in a Miami-based publication that claimed the prime minister

    had received money

    for granting a

    diplomatic posting

    to German businessman Eric Resteiner.

    Addressing a political meeting here over the weekend, Mitchell quoted from the report which explained why he was not called as a witness despite appeals from the opposition for him to do so.

    “You will see that these were all allegations and they were concocted by people in this country for their own purpose.

    “But if you look on Page 44 of that report, the most telling statement made in that report concerning the evidence on this issue [is] there is no shred of evidence against the prime minister of this country.

    It went on further to say because there was

    no shred of evidence

    they could not call the prime minister before

    the commission.”

    Mitchell was also critical of opposition Shadow Minister of Finance Nazim Burke over his recent claim that the Governor-General’s Office had received the report since last September

    but was withholding

    it from the public.

    “This was a vicious attack on the Office

    of the Governor-General. This is not an attack on (Governor-General) Danny Williams. Let us not mistake this. This is an attack on you,” he told supporters.

    “This is an attack

    on the highest office holder in this land. If this gentleman cared at all,

    in this day and age

    of telephone, fax, Internet

    he could have made one simple communication

    to the Governor-General’s Office.”

    Personal assistant

    to the Governor-General, Margaret Jawhir, who received the report

    said that copies would be sent to the relevant stakeholders, including the Leader of the Opposition and the lawyers who appeared at the inquiry.

    She also denied allegations that the report had been received in October last year. (CMC)

  60. John

    …. 83 pages just to say Keith Mitcell took no money!!!

    Wonder how many pages Marlon Samuels got.

    Lord have mercy.

  61. Rumplestilskin

    Hello again, hello.

    Ah. Now is the time to bring questions on long-standing issues to the fore once again.

    Now that our new administration has had time to mull things over and peruse existing documents, may we common citizens now ask as to what action will be taken, by this administration, which we support as one that promised and we accepted and we still accept, as commitment to transparency and accountability, action in respect of the long-standing issues hereto.

    1) GEMS of Barbados audited financial statements from inception, including valuations of the properties on acquisition and current valuations.

    2) Will there be a new published Land Ownership and Use Policy or will such a critical issue for our futures be ignored for either expedience or conventient reasons?

    3) Where is the CWC 2007 report including financials? What was the final, total, net cost to Barbados?

    4) What is the final cost of the prison, the highway to date and when will a breakdown of these costs be publicly available at GIS or published?

    5) What plans does the current administration now envisage for the water supply, including more reservoirs etc and what charges will be levied for ‘luxury use’, such as golf courses, rather than residential consumption or productive consumption?

    6) What was the final cost of the Airport Expansion project and where is the breakdown available publicly?

    7) What definitive plans and expenditures have been laid for the healthcare services, including the hospital, whether new or renovated?

    8) What work is the current administration now doing to inject life into our local industries, including grants, duty concessions, capital inputs (to industrial parks and expertise assistance)?

    9) When will the current administration make it compulsory for all statutory corporations to make expenditures publicly available i.e. published at GIS for those interested? What will be the recourse where this is not done?

    10) What news of Greenland and will the administration accept the need for an incinerator?

    This should do for starters and should be taken in the spirit intended i.e. not as a critique on the administration per se but as a request for these matters that are critical to the best governance possible to be considered as urgent and implemented soonest.


  62. Bimbro

    Dear BFP, I’m now not so stupid as to expect anything concerning Bim to be done with haste but when might we expect a name to be announced for the new, party? Anytime this year?

  63. Bimbro

    Dear BFP, an actual, reply would make a very pleasant change not to mention would be a wonderful demonstation of refine, manners!


    BFP says,

    we ain’t got none no manners. It be the peoples that should call the party what they wants!

  64. Bimbro

    BFP says,

    we ain’t got none no manners. It be the peoples that should call the party what they wants!


    Sorry, BF, just don’t understand this at all!

    When may we hope for an announcement of the name of the new, party!

  65. Bimbro

    Sorry again, about this BFP, it’s just that in the UK when an organisation requests the assistance of the general public in some endevour at the end of it they usually, issue a thank you letter or some other such gesture of appreciation of the public’s efforts and publish an estimate of when they hope the results to be announced!

    Instead, I got this:

    BFP says,

    we ain’t got none no manners. It be the peoples that should call the party what they wants!


    Different culture, different standards I guess. That’s at the root of all my problems with Bajans!

  66. Whistling Duck

    This is a copy of a reply I have just posted on BU.

    Bimbro, you do put peoples ‘Backs up’, I don’t think you really consider what you post before you hit the send button.

    You probably are a good person but please consider what you are saying.

    Rallying, are you interested in that? Another interest may give you release from the constant turmoil of posting rude replies.

  67. Bimbro

    Don’t agree that I post rude replies at all, WD, simply appropriate ones! Will look into the rallying! 🙂

  68. Bimbro

    And, yes, I am a VERY, good person!!!! 🙂

  69. Whistling Duck

    Best wishes then Bimbro. I hope the future looks good for you.

  70. Bimbro

    Thank you, WD. My benign, aim is always to try to raise standards in Bim. It’s proving a difficult task!

  71. correction

    “They wouldn’t win, but they would sure upset the barrel of crabs that call themselves the BLP and DLP.”


    They might win hands down!!!

  72. Surely you can do better BFP

    It is one thing to exhume an article from 18 months ago, but to leave up the 70 comments from May 2008, thereby creating the ILLUSION of traffic to the site is downright disingenuous. Tsk tsk!

  73. BFP

    yadda yadda yadda

    So what about the meat of the article?

    Oh… ya, thought you’d say nothin!

  74. 1234

    Wunna back with this pie in the sky foolishness.
    This shows how out of it BFP really is.
    Who nitwit would put up his name as a canidate? Shona?
    Who will finanace it?
    Who will vote for it? The little green men from Mars?
    Does history not tell you anything? Third parties are DOOMED!

  75. love


    What is your opinion about last night’s top notch press conference by the Hon. David Thompson.

    Even the journalists were impressed……not one bothered to ask about ITAL.

    A subject you guys seem to have given up as…..welll !

    But then again why do we need ITAL…..when Barbados has been voted the least CORRUPT country in the Western Hemisphere ?


  76. reality check

    It seems to me the BLP got similar ratings of this so called perceived corruption index while they were amassing incredible debts against the citizens of Barbados with untendered contracts and nothing to show for it.

    Are congratulations in order when one is rated above Guyana, Jamaica, Zimbawe and the likes?

    Perhaps the real test of these perceived corruption indexes compiled by countries and rating agencies whose financial interest it is to so, is how much money they would actually leave in the country with the past two government regimes and their failure to implement transparency and accountability such as audited statements?

    Would you invest in any company or in a countrty that did not have full discosure and audited statements?

  77. Thewhiterabbit

    Alas, so sad that so many bloggers don’t take the notion of a new party seriousy. Currently we have left, left, and further left. The leftist paradigm was OK when it was necessary to unseat the entrenched plantocracy and get something going for everyman, when everyman was at the bottom of the pile. Today most folks are no longer at the bottom but are securely positioned in the middle. These middle class people do not need extensive government largess to survive or to move ahead, they certainly don’t need their can of corned beef on election day.

    More to the point, as people become comfortable in the middle class they come to realize that a government that imposes confiscatory taxation denies them the benefits that could be derived from their middle class jobs and employments. And to what purpose? Does QEH really provide adequate health care? Is it really necessary that our roads destroy the cars we drive upon them? Are we getting anything even close to value for money from BWA? Why are we paying three times the world price for cement? And for food? And for gasoline and diesel? And we could go on and on detailing the costs of maintaining a system dedicated to extracting money from your pockets to line the pockets of politicians and their friends, all in the name of getting even with whitey when whitey is clearly no longer a real factor in the equation.

    Should some group, perhaps using ITAL and GREEN as excuses, finally have the guts to depart from the fossilized political paradigms of fifty-years-ago Barbados and form a political party that speaks to the real needs of the middle class, that party would be enormously successful. It is likely that DLP and BLP would be forced to amalgamate to maintain even a credible showing representing the left. It is not necessary to ask which current politicos would lead the new party. The current politicos are the problem, and they are certainly not the only folks who know how to garner votes. Ooops, sorry, I forgot, this is Barbados where nothing ever changes, please forgive me.

  78. BFP

    Too true on so many points white rabbit

    We Bajans have never been weaned from the government mother’s giveaways of our own tax dollars.

    De BLP and DLP like it so!

  79. iWatchya

    November 20, 2009 at 5:50 pm //

    I agree with you. The BLP increased the taxes on the middle class to the point that they were starting to hurt. With the economic hardships and the DLP having INCREASED the taxes to fund their social programmes – the middle class is being battered and bloodied.

    What happens when the middle class loses it’s earning power due to ridiculously high levels of taxation? Economic collapse…

    Does anyone know what an individual pays out as a percentage against their earnings?

  80. Sing-a-song

    The Whiterabbit lives in a fantasy land. That most bajans are in the middle class is due to Government supplied services in education and health and that the civil service is about 30% of the workforce. It may also be true that such a situation is NOT sustainable without productivity gains and development of foreign exchange earning sectors. Right wing/conservative policies seem to be at the heart of the economic collapse in the OECD countries and further it is more socialist policies that form the “rescue” package. Given Barbados’ small size, lack of natural physical resources, high population density and relative isolation from large markets in terms of transport links, it is my view that the BLP/DLP got it right and have led us to a position of undeniably high human development.

  81. reality check

    “it is my view that the BLP/DLP got it right and have led us to a position of undeniably high human development.”

    nice try sing-a-song

    You forgot ex gratia payments in the many millions of Dollars to offshore accounts through untendered contracts, gross inefficiency and lack of accountability in government spending, and so on and on .

    All governments have a degree of socialism to level the playing field, so the issue is not emotive words like capitalism and socialism but rather the heavy penalty and burden taxpayers pay in thirld world countries through corruption and lack of full ITAL.

    Of course, the BLP and DLP don’t want to change this.

  82. Crusoe

    A third party at this time would be more of an ‘issue driver’ but could contribute significantly by that alone.

    Certainly, we have the old BLP vs DLP allegiances.

    However, the young people are not within such limited mindset and this is where a new party could indeed stike a chord.

    The eighteen to thirty age group is the key to a new party success, even if only as a major influence in policy changes.

    I would however add a caveat, that a new party, with the ‘right candidates’, could unseat one of the two main parties.

    Such an eventuality would signify the death knell for whichever main party falters at the election and is reduced to a place outside of Parliament.

    It IS possible.

  83. Crusoe

    Contiuation on my last post, by the way, if someone is going to start a new party, NOW is the time to do it, while the DLP is batting and the BLP is in the pavilion squabbling.

    Perfect time.

    But, come hard and strong. Get your list of candidates in order and confirmed, put your policies together and make the package solid.

    Then approach the press and hold ‘introductory’ meetings.

    Do not be discouraged by small initial turnout.

    Focus on four or five main issues at conferences and meetings, although your main package will contain much more.

    Push the issue of how good the makeup of your new party is and commit to ITAL.

  84. Dennis Jones (aka Living in Barbados)

    @love//November 20, 2009 at 3:22 pm
    “But then again why do we need ITAL…..when Barbados has been voted the least CORRUPT country in the Western Hemisphere ?”[If you love to live in world where you think only fools thrive then keep this up. NO ONE voted Barbados ‘the least CORRUPT country in the Western Hemisphere’. Transparency International published an index showing the ranks of countries in terms of PERCEPTIONS of corruption IN THE PUBLIC SECTOR, and Barbados was #20. Other Western Hemisphere countries, such as the relatively insignificant Canada (#8) and USA (#19) were higher.

    If you want to feel warm and fuzzy, remember that the index does not measure ACTUAL CORRUPTION. It is quite possible that Barbados is much more corrupt in reality (especially if one looked at the whole economy) than it is perceived to be, but manages to cover it up better.]