Stranded Africans Head Home From Barbados – Will There Be Any Accountability?

Details are scarce, but most of the Africans remaining on Barbados since their Ghana International Airways charter failed to return in February are on their way back home.

So far the government has not revealed exactly how many were on the return flight, how many remain hiding on Barbados or how much the whole debacle will cost Barbados taxpayers.

Still silent are Ikael Tafari and the Pan African Commission whose agenda was probably set back twenty years when Bajans came face to face with the reality of closer and direct ties with Africa.

CBC have a little article up in anticipation but we didn’t catch anything yet on the tely or radio. We’ll update the news when we can.

As we’ve said time and time again, Barbados seems to lack whatever it takes to hold people accountable for wrongdoing. We see lots of shouting and fingerpointing by government and opposition for all kinds of misbehaviour, but seldom do we see charges and accountability before the courts.

Our prediction: this will be no different.

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26 responses to “Stranded Africans Head Home From Barbados – Will There Be Any Accountability?

  1. Tony Hall

    I will not be that pessimistic. I believe there will be accountability. This has caused the Gov’t a lot of stress and the matter cannot be dropped there. I will reiterate that someone with decision making authority in the previous administration was involved.

  2. Fred

    What are the anti-African people on this forum going to do with their time now? Maybe they will get a job or, maybe they will find another group to throw their vitriolic insults at! When this whole thing started I told people to remain calm because, the issue would be solved but, people could not hold back! Some people were even pathetic enough to try to play politics with this issue…All of you know who you are and, you should be ashamed of yourselves!

  3. Donald Duck, Esq

    The press seems to think that Senator Maxine Mclean is Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s office. Is she not simply a Minister in the Prime Minister’s office?

    I understand the PM could not have her as Minister of State and leader of givernment business in the senate since Sen Benn was a full minister and not leader of government business.

    I hope someone would clarify the position

  4. Bimbro

    Fred, that anwer was so illuminating that I gine sleep, look – bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!

    Bury-your-head-in-the-sand-syndrome, strikes again!

    I wonder if there’s any cure for it, BFP?

  5. Bimbro

    Still silent are Ikael Tafari and the Pan African Commission whose agenda was probably set back twenty years when Bajans came face to face with the reality of closer and direct ties with Africa.


    BFP, I like that line. Instead of all the fatuous, nonsense which Bajans love to spew about closer ties with Africa, for once they met the reality and discovered the worth of what they’d been saying, hitherto, i.e. NIL points! Plus earned a disparaging report to the BBC, for their efforts! Welcome to Africa/Africans!

  6. Bovrill

    To all and sundry!!!

    Now that our “Brothers and Sisters” (Not mine) have left the country we would see what collateral damages were left.

    Bona Fides are very hard to distinguished, given, that we are in the Hospitality Industry.

    Barbados Immigration Authority must be revamped to suit the present Global security climate.

    Good luck!!! Madam Minister.

  7. Holler out

    I wonder what was former tourism minister MM Noel Lynch role in the African debacle. A hunch tells me he played an integral part in this sordid affair. I would be happy to be proved wrong.

  8. Holler out

    MM is abbreviation for muscle mary.

  9. A True Believer

    I glad those aficans gone from here. Tafari, commissiong and prescod should be next! Thank you Minister Mclean.

  10. J

    True Believer: Tafari, Commissiong and Prescod have an absolute right to be here. They are Bajans all. What!!! you want to deport them? like was done to Clement Payne? In the 21st century Barbados has to be big enough to hold you, me Tafari, Commissiong, Prescod, Lynch, McLean, and yes some African (and Asian and European) immigrants too. Massa’ day dun’ de’d. The 1930’s dun’ de’d too and buried. It will never come back. Learn to live with the new reality.

  11. As only is possible here in our great country — breaking news!!!

    The front page of the Daily Nation (2208.05.08); fifth paragraph: “…left on a specially chartered 737 (800) Airbus from Miami…

    The world’s Fourth Estate will be falling all over themselves having missed this scoop caught by the Bajan journalistic establishment! Airbus has purchased Boeing!!! And everyone else missed it!



    BFP says,

    Yes, we caught that…. and not only that, it was “specially” chartered… not just chartered!


  12. Whoops. My Bad…


  13. Home at last, home at last. Thank God, they are home at last.

    Thank you to all Barbadians who in diverse ways helped to ensure that no significant harm came to any of the “visitors”. (A few bed bugs here and there never killed anyone). Now we must get to the bottom of this issue. Who in Ghana was really responsible for this and who was their partner in Barbados?

  14. ROBOT

    ease off of mr lynch ‘holler’

    stop blaming the b l p and its members stop the crap now

  15. Bimbro



    Why’re you advertising a drink? Day paying you!!!


  16. Pat

    Bimbro, do you have to finish every post with Lord, or Lawddddddddd! It is swearing you know?

  17. Bimbro

    Pat/Bajans, have you crept out of Ottawa again, or is it Toronto, and is it now safe for me to go to the loo without your monitoring everything I do or say!

    Since when was praising my lord, swearing! More nonsense from Canada!

    Still cocking-up with the Jamaican who killed your cousin? Are you that desperate?

  18. Bimbro

    Pat/’Bajans’, get yourself a decent Bajan, guy. There’re plenty available!

  19. Fred

    The funny part in all of this is that if many of you took a DNA test it would trace back to __________!!!


  20. Bimbro

    May 12, 2008 at 1:39 am
    The funny part in all of this is that if many of you took a DNA test it would trace back to __________!!!



    So, what does that prove? Do u have to like your family? You did n’t choose them!

    YOUR nonsense is, ‘shocking’!!

  21. Fred

    Truth hurts! Deal with it!

  22. Bimbro

    May 12, 2008 at 6:55 pm
    Truth hurts! Deal with it!


    I have!

  23. Sargeant

    Did anyone notice how the South Africans are treating their African brothers?


    Another way in which Cave Hill will be “marking the moment” is the award in October of an honorary Doctor of Laws degree, on Sir Hilary’s recommendation, to the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II of Ghana.

    Tutu, king of the Asante people, will be awarded for his tireless work in support of the development and survival of African universities. The Asantehene is chancellor of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology in Ghana.

    Here is a heads up to all my brother Bajans. Our dear Asantehene is a very influential and powerful king. He travels with a large entourage so expect to see a lot of Ghanaians in Bridgetown come October. Like I said before, be nice to them and treat them well, even if a few of them overstay their welcome 😉

    Eat your your heart out there in the UK, dear Bimbro. Looks like in the coming years there is going to be a lot of “interaction” between Barbadians and Ghanaians- and for the better, I hope

  25. This is a website in Dr Ikael’s Memory – Please leave your kind words here THANKS

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