Rihanna and Masonic Symbolism – Stretching The Imagination Or As Real As It Gets?

No one can deny that Masonic symbols, terminology and influences – subtle and not-so-subtle – permeate western culture. Trust us: we’re on the level about this.

Keltruth Blog just finished an excellent eleven part (!) series on Freemasonry in Barbados (part one here), but I never dreamed that the interest in finding “hidden” Masonic symbols would eventually extend to music videos by our Girl Gone Bad, Rihanna.

Ian Bourne at Bajan Reporter has published an absolutely astonishing article about Masonic symbols and theology in Rihanna’s song Umbrella. The article is written by Roger Marshall, executive director of the Barbadian Christian Project Probe Ministries. One is tempted to dismiss the entire line of reasoning but a few Google searches for Rihanna and “Masonic” or “occult” turn up some very interesting commentary.

The issue of occult symbolism was played out in letters to the Nation News, first by Roger Marshall (link here) and then by Michael Sealy (link here).

This new article by Roger Marshall at Bajan Reporter is a far more extensive commentary on the Rihanna – Umbrella – Freemasonry – occult connection and is worthy of a read if only because Masonic symbolism in popular culture is not unknown.

What do you think, folks? Stretching the imagination, or a credible look at Masonic influences upon one of the most popular contemporary vocalists?

Have a look for yourself…

Bajan Reporter: Barbadian Christian alleges Umbrella Video & Song from Rihanna is a tract for Illuminat & Satanism – Is Jenkins missing an inmate?


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97 responses to “Rihanna and Masonic Symbolism – Stretching The Imagination Or As Real As It Gets?

  1. I didn’t even know there’s a Masonic Bible, but I am not surprised – grandfathers on both sides of my tree have been Worshipful Masters

  2. Ya know was just on YouTube and they have some weird stuff implying the same goddamn thing? Check the links, one had its HTML embedding code withheld by request

  3. Rachel

    Get a ——- life Ian Bourne

  4. Centipede

    The “articles” on Freemasonry are as much garbage as the idead there is some “God” up in the sky to whom you can ‘pray’ to and extract favors.

    As far as Ian Bourne goes and his ‘masonic bible’ I’d say he’s just one of the flock who, like all of them, can’t think for themselves.

    I set out (here) to write some facts but it occurs to me I have better things to do with my time… it’s 8AM and I’m off to work.

  5. HiThere

    Quote from centipede
    the idead there is some “God” up in the sky to whom you can ‘pray’ to and extract favors.

    This is a mis-representation of who God is. And as long as these mis-representations persist then man will always alienate himself from God by thoughts and action.

    God does not even live in the sky. The Bible declares clear exactly where God resides, and furthermore it goes on to name who exactly the prince of the air is.

    A person should also research how the Rolling Stones described the purpose of pop music to be.

  6. Who needs Beijing? Let the Games begin, LOL

    I really need to visit Keltruth, because I do not know why Masonic Lodges get associated with Son of the Morning Star…

    The Masons are Knights who protect the knowledge that Jesus lived, Barabbas was his son – Mary Magdalene’s womb is the Holy Grail; Charlemegne and his descendants are Jesus’ great grandkids and this is why Catholics hate Masons, for being aware

    It’s in the Holy Blood/Holy Grail book that was the basis for Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code best-seller/film (with Tom Hanks)

    This is the capacity I am familiar with, which is why I viewed the article with a pinch of salt… So Rachel & Centipede? I think you’re the ones whose lives surely lack a bit of cosmopolitan savoir faire, n’est-ce pas?

  7. no name


    Were you encouraged to join a Masonic Lodge by your grandfathers or anyone else?

  8. I am not a Mason, but I know of them, and have been reading Keltruth’s very informative series – even if I was a Mason, so what? Could be worse, I could’ve become a Scientologist

  9. Green Monkey

    BFP said:

    No one can deny that Masonic symbols, terminology and influences – subtle and not-so-subtle – permeate western culture. Trust us: we’re on the level about this.

    BFP, You mean like in the street plans and architecture of Washington DC?

    Riddles in Stone 1-16 – Washington DC’s Secret Architecture

    This documentary explores the highly controversial subject of the design of America’s capital. Was the city built to reflect the majesty of America’s newfound freedom? Or the hidden agenda of secret societies? With every major cornerstone laid by Freemasons, was the city built in a Masonic pattern? Embark upon this incredible journey as Riddles in Stone interviews experts on both sides of the heated debate. Watch as Freemason apologists defend some of the most direct and hard-hitting questions concerning the influence of Masonry in America, and its symbolism in Washington, D.C. Alongside them are leading researchers who maintain that occult architecture permeates the city, and conceals a secret agenda. Was D.C. laid out according to the pattern of the stars? Is there really a pentagram in the street layout north of the White House? Does a Masonic square and compass extend from the Capitol building to the Washington monument? And why is the city filled with zodiac symbols, mysterious faces, and various god and goddess images? If America was founded as a Christian nation only, where are the images of Jesus Christ? Or does Washington D.C. symbolize another Christ, the Masonic Christ?

  10. Centipede

    It’s always tales of the fantastic that catch AND HOLD people’s attention. It’s a well-known phychological fact that emotion overpowers logic…. that’s why ‘religion’ rules the masses.

    HITHERE: speak to me from the basis of evidence and do not quote me from the Greatest Comic Book Ever Written. Thanks.

  11. crossroads

    Have’nt had time to read all, but seems to me like another Da Vinci code

  12. Stella

    Ok, me thinks Uncle Pervy(R.M.)must spend at least 75% of his time looking up all things sexual to know all this crap, lol….seems like a lot of people just have too much idle time on their hands.
    Let’s not forget MAN wrote the Bible and you shouldn’t take everything 100% litterally. It’s meant to be a guide to help humanity strive for the good of all, not to make you think you have it all figured out and judge others if their beliefs are otherwise. Live and let live

  13. peltdownman

    Gee – I just thought that it was just Rihanna being sexy. After all, that’s what her audience wants. I’m going to have to be careful how I hold my umbrella in future, ‘specially ’round hey!

  14. Got to say that R.M really did some serious research on this though but sometimes an umba-rella ella ella eh eh eh is just an umba-rella ella ella eh eh eh.

  15. Ricketts Farley

    Ian Bourne, leave Rihanna alone!!!!

    Investigate the following:

    Drivers in Barbados have licenses but can not drive some have never driven.

    Dead people and nonreidences still receiving Tax refunds from the Inland Revenue department.

    Maycocks drug dealers with police connections.

    Articles of evidentiary value missing from RBPF evidence room.

    Houses without water meters and not paying for water.

    Where are the unclaimed Bank accounts?

    Mississauga, Ontario

    Ah gone!!!!!

  16. Top Notch, peltdownman, ROFLMAO, love it! (BTW: I am deeply curious did you get ur nickname from that infamous Piltdown Man? Just wondering)

  17. Hello All,

    Sorry for the interruption.

    On a slightly different note, I’m just wondering how much, or how little, does the public care about what a celebrity privately thinks (especially if said celeb continues to cater to the masses in public)?


  18. HiThere

    The evidence of God is everywhere around you. You can see it, you can touch it, you can hear it, you can feel it. If the evidence around you cannot convince you, that there is a God in Heaven who is very concerned about mankind and it’s progress, what evidence do you think that I can bring that would?

  19. Hi Amit

    Depends, look at Michael Jackson – still avowing innocence yet the public treats him with not a grain but a whole salt mine!

    Bill Clinton? Ppl didn’t give a damn what he did or did not do with a cigar – once the country is being run right…

    Here in Bds, there were stories about Tom & Errol that would make a sailor blush, yet they kept on a ruling – maybe if blogs existed then it may have been another story?

    So to answer your posit, there is no rule of thumb; sometimes it matters and at others? Who gives a flaming rat’s patootie?

  20. Stella

    My 2 cents would then be that the evidence IS YOU and everything around you, why do you see yourself as separate from the magic? Anyhow, religions and politics are no no discussions that lead in circles…everyone’s got to follow their own path and hearts.

  21. Hi There

    Do not know where you directing the proselytization, I think it’s Centipede – but if you wonder? I do believe in God, but I think there is Creative Evolution – in other words, Adam & Eve were Australeopithecus or whatever

  22. Bovrill

    Mr. Bourne,

    I hope that you are not equating “Masonic Influences” with satanism, respectpfully, that is “Bovine scatology”

    Then when I read keltruth and RLUIPA s.2869 was cited that lost me in your assessment of Rhianna’s music.

    Utter nonsense!!!!

  23. “So to answer your posit, there is no rule of thumb; sometimes it matters and at others? Who gives a flaming rat’s patootie?”



    Looks like it’s all relative then. Different strokes for different folks.


  24. Centipede

    “The evidence of God is everywhere around you. You can see it, you can touch it, you can hear it, you can feel it. If the evidence around you cannot convince you, that there is a God in Heaven who is very concerned about mankind and it’s progress, what evidence do you think that I can bring that would? … says Hi There

    I humbly submit to you, Sir/Madam that your poetic submission is not evidence.

    What you’ve presented is in line with “the earth is obviously flat, otherwise we’d fall off.”

  25. “Bovrill”

    YMCA offers reading courses – I did NOT write the item, made it PAINFULLY clear at start… Mr Miller who BFP sited with similar entries is the true author, I merely placed the item for all to see

  26. peltdownman

    Ian Bourne

    (BTW: I am deeply curious did you get ur nickname from that infamous Piltdown Man?

  27. Bovrill

    Ian Bourne,

    There is no “nexus” to put it there!!!

    WLU Canada has reading courses too!!

    I think you in a subtle way you are trying to keep your issue, “Threats and cover-up” of may 4th, 08 current.

  28. no name


    You did not answer my question.

    Were you encouraged to join a Masonic Lodge by your grandfathers or anyone else?

  29. “no name”

    What part of ‘I AM NOT A MASON’ do you not understand – is it the NOT or what? LMAO

  30. no name


    ha ha

    what part of “were you approached” do you not understand.

  31. no name

    I am not judging a soul. We all choose our own path.

    I am not a Mason, never tried to become one and was never approached to join a Lodge. I do know people who were and did.

    From experience I know that strange things do happen and it all gives me the creeps. I have seen bad outcomes and intend to keep my distance.

    I do not know if my grandfathers were Masons.

  32. Even if I was approached I am not about to betray their confidence, but if I was asked – gasp, gosh-darn-it! I might JOIN them…

  33. Centipede

    Hey Ricketts Farley… you axed pertinent questions of Ian Bourne, such as:

    Dead people and nonreidences still receiving Tax refunds from the Inland Revenue department.

    Maycocks drug dealers with police connections.

    Articles of evidentiary value missing from RBPF evidence room.

    Houses without water meters and not paying for water” etc.

    DO YOU REALLY EXPECT HE’LL ADDRESS THOSE MATTERS? The man need uh job … he won’t have one 24 hours later… He’s a Government employee, if you understand.

  34. Bovrill


    It is sad to hear that issues like those from the eighties are still going on in Barbados.

    Shame on you “Ricketts Farley” (No esprit de corp)

  35. Bloodwashed

    Secret code knock to have the door to the “Lodge”
    opened, swords crossed and escorting one to the high seat, scarlet, black, gold cords etc., all-seeing eye, secret handshakes, horseshoe, ear of corn hung up in the ceiling, equilateral triangle …… all these I was familiar with by the age of ten years. My old man was a P.I.G. (Post Illustrated Grandmaster), who seemed bent on having me close to him .. apparently to follow in his footsteps.

    Satanism? Maybe. Witnessing experiments with frogs as the individual tried to extract a jewel from its head which would give wisdom, Book of Forbidden Knowledge, 6th & 7th Books of Moses, House of Additum, ring not supposed to be exposed to sunlight and which would give the wearer power to influence people, I saw and was acquainted with all these before the age of 20. I am a blood-washed child of the the Most High God, Jehovah! The sacrifice of Jesus Christ and His glorified status in heaven.sustains me.

    Which priests, former P.M’s, M.P.’s and magistrates were/are members? Many of them!

  36. Centipede?

    Did not see Farley’s q’s originally – but ya hit de nail ‘pon da head squarely, so I need not elaborate – especially since those who want to know and those asking are anonymous themselves and can afford to ask them kinda tings, choopz! Get real!

    Ya feel they would do that and sign it with their ID number, cell number and mailing address? Please…


  37. Warrior

    It does not matter if Ian Bourne was approached to join the lodge.

    By mere virtue that both of his grandfathers were part of that thing, means that he has already been pledge to it.

    His only escape is to get under the Blood of Christ.

    The Bible says that we know in part and we can banter back and forth between each other to sound informed, scornful, cynical, whatever, but…. there is a day that is coming sooner than later when all will be revealed.

    When that time comes there will be no more debate but rather each man to answer for his actions.

  38. Hopi

    Since humanity has been so duped and manipulated by religion, education and entertainment, there is no imagination left to be stretched. All around us are masonic signs and symbols and this is all by design and yes they are satanic. This negative energy is ruling planet earth today. We watch the horrors is Iraq, Afghanistan,Palestine and Africa as its just a spectacle on tv, it does not affect us because we are under their spell. This is also by their design becasue their plan is to eliminate about 80% of humanity and the other 20% will stay and be their slaves. Do you think there is a real food crisis or gas shortage? No this is all manipulated by the satanist. The illuminati or the brotherhood whatever you call them are ruling planet earth now and many people are selling their souls to these orgs, because it gives them fame and fortune and the illusion of power. Look at George Bush do you think he has power, no he does not. (by the way he is a clone he is Bush #3). GB is a puppet in service to the puppet master just like Jay Z et all the others in the entertainment industry. You never see conscious muscians getting that kind of exposure. The illumanati employs any and all means necessary to control humanity. Go against their wishes and you will be suicided. Do you think Bob Marley simply died of cancer? Look at JFK, RFK, Malcolm X and Dr.King and many others. Anytime you go against the grain you are taken out. Take a good look at who owns and controls the entertainment industry. The entertainers are mainly their slaves. Religion was also concocted by these criminal orgs to sedate humanity and they are doing a lovely job. They sell us the illusion of freedom but thats only freedom from our infinite power. We are locked into their paradigm through every social structure we can think about. Every thing that happens in this world happens by design. Do you think that muslims/arabs have us living under the bogus threat of terrorism today? This is all by the illuminati design, it is a method of control. While they are entertaining us with filth they are in their bunkers planning their next move. People wake up and stop taking things at face value because they are never what they appear to be.

  39. politically incorrect

    Masons purport that there are many different avenues to God. The One, True God categorically states that the only way to the Father is through the Son.

    There is a link from a large British Newspaper tabloid of Rihanna in a most pornographic and sado/masochistic stance:

    Taken from the British Daily Mail, Feb. 28, 2008:

    Racy Rihanna performs in an eye-popping S&M outfit

    Pop sensation Rihanna certainly lived up to her Good Girl Gone Bad album name during a performance in Dublin last night.
    The 20-year-old singer stepped out on stage in a show-stopping bondage-inspired outfit, complete with thigh-high lace up boots and a skimpy PVC corset.

    Barbados, be careful. The higher you elevate this young woman who has quite clearly shown her contempt for God, the greater the judgement will be.

  40. peltdownman

    I’m going to look for illuminati under my bed. They sound scary, so let’s not make light of them.

  41. peltdownman

    Politically incorrect
    Can you explain how you know that Rihanna’s stance in those Mail photos is sado/masochistic? She is on tour promoting her latest show biz image of “Good Girl Gone Bad”. She should be wearing a frock?

  42. ROBOT

    hey !

    i was approached and i ran hard as france

    down kensington new road hard hard from the oval

  43. This song is not about umbrellas. It is not about rain. While I agree with Roger Marshall that it has sexual connotations, I do not see the link to Freemasonry.

    I should also mention that many other pop singers engage in similar displays. The problem is that whenever a singer is criticized, the singer becomes more popular.

  44. politically incorrect


    Simply because I saw the link with my own eyes. Do you want to deny my reality?

    Further, obviously she is a good girl gone bad she has paraded that image for all to see but my point is not what she should or should not wear……….that’s her choice but if Barbados continues to “idolize” her simply because she was born on the island there will be a price to pay.

  45. Agnosco

    Rihanna has done well for herself, leave her alone.

    That said, I perceive that most have no idea just how extensive this thing is and the implications.

    My perceptions indicate something far greater than the average person can conceive.

  46. Zanz

    Hopi…bin watching Zeitgeist and listening to Alex Jones & David Icke eh

    pity people dont see the symbolism

    check it out

  47. Rohan

    Bajans can be such hypocrites.

    But anyhow…Masonry, christianity, islam, hinduism, buddhism, taoism, egyptian mythology, greek mythology, sun worship, voodoo, magic….

    all have the same thing in common:
    Invented by man to fool and control all who can not think for themselves… or are arrogant enough to believe that they just happen to be born in a country in which the predominate religion is the CORRECT one and all those other poor souls who happened to be born somewhere else are going to hell or caught in Samsara, or whatever PUNISHMENT that is dealt out for not believing in ridiculousness. What a joke!

  48. Hopi

    Zanz, glad to see that there is another soul out there who is in tune with the other frequency.

  49. Amused

    “if Barbados continues to “idolize” her simply because she was born on the island there will be a price to pay.”

    Just who will pay? everyone in Barbados? the innocent too? or just those who idolize rihanna?

  50. politically incorrect

    Just who will pay? everyone in Barbados? the innocent too? or just those who idolize rihanna?

    Seems as though you have the answers………..enlighten us.

  51. Centipede

    Looks like the Bajan Reporter is more active on this Blog than on his own. Ain’t nothing new posted there since Saturday, April 12, 2008. ?

    Well I guess you can’t have a Government job and freedom of expression too.

  52. Anonymous

    Hopi….You are not alone but this site is run by those who just dont see the elephant in the room also.
    Actually I am surprised that your post got through.
    Maybe one of these days we can have a real discussion on this topic.
    BTW….Zanz….you owe me!!

  53. Amused

    and you have all the (empty) threats

    keep them coming, good for a laugh

  54. Centipede

    Where are you looking? You left out the month of May – last entries were on 10th…

  55. PS – you also shoot yourself in the foot, the Rihanna item if looked at as an individual post, that’s dated May 6th. So you must have favorited or so at April 12? You should click on Logo at top of page

  56. Centipede

    Airbourne, all I see when I look at your site, big and bold this Sunday May 11, is “Saturday, April 12, 2008 Tenor André Hoyte at Frank Collymore Hall – Under patronage of Brazilian Embassy (SHAMELESS PLUG)”

    Ef you think I running here and there clicking on side notes… you wrong. TOO MUCH STUFF ON DE INTERNET to check; no time for poking around in nooks and crannies … if you understand

  57. theNickster

    Bigger fish to fry than the whole rihanna thing, that is just a one ripple on the sea of this business. Got a slew of symbols just in bridgetown alone, built in to the very architecture, coat of arms and all has these symbols (andrews cross a sign of humility and servitude, what better to represent a former slave colony).

  58. Centipede

    As the saying goes… bull shid baffles brains. That’s why the bible is so popular….

  59. Centipede

    … start by reading Revelations. That’s sci fi at it’s symbolic best. (Not even the sky pilots can understand it.)

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  61. Carlos

    Gentlemen, and others, ‘Truth’ by definition is absolute, exclusive, in Logic, the law of non-contradiction states, that two competing ‘truth’ claims cannot be both right at the same time and place. Therefore, ‘reason’ is necessary for revelation to be coherent.

    We must never forget, that no ‘lie’ or deception is more dangerous and subtle than when its presented, as couched, veneered and convoluted in some degree of ‘truth’ this is why ‘Logic’ is prescriptive, it teaches and directs us how to think and reason things through, its NOT discriptive, which would be psychology.

    Therefore, reason with Roger Marshall on his throughly researched paper on Rihanna. The ‘father’ of all ‘lies’ satan himself is a ‘past-master’ of subterfuge and deception.

    If we don’t know the ‘truth’ we will not be able to discern the lies and spiritual deception, that bombards us daily in a muliplicity of ways.

    Jesus said, “I AM the way, (not one of many ways) the TRUTH, and the LIFE, no one comes unto the Father but by me” (John . 14:6) He was either the greatest liar, fraud and lunatic to ever walk the earth, OR, He was who He claimed to be, by what He said and did, confirmed by historical veracity, logic, the testimony of law and evidence, which has never broken down yet.

  62. Starr

    if ever there was an excuse about ppl reading too much into things…..HERE IT IS…yall ppl need to back off the damn girl

  63. Jay

    your just trying to scare people

  64. Justlikeyoubut..

    I think it behooves us all to understand ’cause’ and ‘allow’. cldnt help but notice that ppl are confused about if this perfect creator really exists because of what they presently see. The truth is, he doesnt cause it as you many think, but allows it ONLY FOR A TIME. How can we prove true that we are thirstly for truth and what is right if he stops certain things before HIS time is right, just cuz we want him to? Bare in mind tho, that despite what some weak and frankly, LAZY ppl resort to thinking, he made it clear that when his time is right, he wont be a second late. And thanks to all you(and you know who u r) for constantly fulfilling prophecies that you dont even take time to read about. The prophecies that prove that his time is nearer than you think. Now is the time to consider if you are sure that you are so ready for change. And thanks also for constantly reassuring me that higher education cld NEVER compare to the highest education – The Knowledge of Jehovah and of the one whom he sent forth. Without it, system-educated ppl cld look so bland its actually amazing you and your ‘no-god logic’.

    In the meanwhile, it reassures servants of Jehovah, the TRUE god, to know that he CANNOT lie. 🙂 and isnt it kool that prophecies from thousands of years ago happen as we speak? Golly!!!

    Hope your money-based gods give you that piece of mind you need deep down about the future.

  65. Justlikeyoubut..

    oops.. peace of mind.. ALL THE BEST TO YOU!

  66. Anonymous

    Hopi, or whatever your name is It’s not that serious. You see, the natural order of biological processes dictate that you’re born and then you die. To believe that Bob Marley died because of the illuminati is far out, and makes me want to smoke some of whatever you’re smoking. There’s a gasoline, food and land crisis globally, because people are living longer in developed and developing countries and natural resources are being stretched thin. Hopi, you should have paid attention in school. Your Orwellian foolishness is far fetched and steeped in “Jenkinism,” as in Jenkins Mental hospital. Hopi, I hope you will soon return inside “Jenkins” from your long extended visitation in Barbados.

  67. No Nonsense

    Hi i was reading the comments and i must say that every one is entitled to their own opinion and we need not dismiss topics like Rihanna and so on as long as it is causing a problem in society talk about expose it yes we have major issues here but Rihanna is apart of Barbados and we need to stick by her even though she does silly things we all have our lives to live and as i always say we have freedom of speech so if i want to say something about rihanna that she did wrong i will say it and if something in barbados is being down wrong i will say it never know she could bring the reputation of Barbados down to the ground

  68. reka

    yous are all stupid man how can u not open ur eyes and c wats in front of u. its obvious she was posessed while doin that video, she is a freemason and so is ay z, obama, kaney wst, nas, beyonce,michael jackson madonna and loads more.. its true believe me the world is twsted mate they trina rule everyone.


    you’ll get indepth analyzation of her video, and also you’ll see from very interesting parallels to BEYONCE and her SASHA FIERCE possession/persona.

    Dark days indeed.

  70. watch the arrivals on youtube exposes a lot of this stuff

  71. on a mission

    i think the issue wit rihanna is al made up, n i fil sory 4 tha person who wrote ‘idead there is a god up in the sky’ n i think our mission as belivers of christ is to try n teach the true word of god 2 such people., god bles ol

  72. sunga

    what does the word ella mean in the song umbrella?

  73. Bride of Christ

    Are you all crazy!!!!

    Of course there is a God up there… I am a Nigerian and I have SEEN( not told) people’s hands grow out, even my friend who was born blind began to see….. God does not exist indeed. You only need to look out your window to know…those who don’t believe in God should be very afraid….

    Don’t try this God…He is loving, but He is a righteous and mighty God and He is an awesome God. Don’t mistake His love for weakness. I have seen people die for the comments they make: and instantly……

    If you doubt God’s existence, I dare you to make a trip to Nigeria, especially to Living Faith or Mountain of Fire and Miracles…. Anybody here who goes for ONE Sunday and does not SEE for himself probably didn’t even get there… so if you’re so sure God doesn’t exist…hahaha to you. You are deceived.

  74. Hi All, those who dont believe in a God. Did we all just appear in this world magically? So everything happened with one big bang by accident…Wow. The answers are right in front of you…just look. The human body, it is extremely complex…is that a accident. Someone tell me please, how can you say there isn’t an ultimate creator (GOD)…what is your proof. There is a ultimate creator…logically the created must have a creator.

  75. nothando

    i totally agree with ian bourne thats some wierd stuff about masonic symbols on her album regradless whether its called good girl gone bad its still wrong these artists are jus teaching kids to be wacked up cant they jus make music without turning to the devil wats their problem guess wat hell awaits them satanic musicians and all their followers. JESUS CHRIST IS THE ONLY TRUE SAVIOUR

  76. i really believe rihanna is a satanist and her music tries n drages pple 2 satansm n pple dont notice dis. i was saved dis year and i beleive in e LORD ALMIGHTY who created heaven n earth who is comung back 2 dis world 2 fetch us and take us back 2 heaven 2 sit at e ryt handd o e Lord.

  77. Noel

    looked on Youtube, and Rihanna made a video which comes in the Featured Video for Today thing. In that, she says that she is “so excited” about her next album, and when she sings at some concert or something, you can watch it online (probably youtube). Is that just me, or is she trying to get as many people to see it for some demonic/subliminal messages or something? She doesn’t seem to care that it may lose her money or people going to the concert. The Blueprint 3 was also leaked early. I think these people are trying to possess and corrupt people, releasing songs freely and leaking them everywhere. Something big could happen at her concert. “The Forerunner 777″ also thougt something would happen at the release of the Blueprint 3-9/11, with messages and a New World ORder.

  78. On the issue of Rhianna, I am truly happy that she was discovered by a foreigner to our shores. If she had waited on any Barbadian to get such an opportunity, she would be waiting well unto her day of death.

    While I am saying this, I just hope and pray that she would be strong enough not to let anyone use her to live out their childhood fantasies too much longer and at the end of it, send her back to us in a state that would only be fit for her stay at the Psychiatric Hospital.

    If one were to look at Rhianna’s face instead of her clothes, they would see that deep inside, she is not happy. She is made to do things that go against the grain of her soul but she is trapped with the money, fame, glitz and glamour. Unfortunately one day she will have to walk away from it all but may be unable to speak coherently about all that she had to endure in order to enjoy that life while it lasted. Is there anyone who has had this premonition of her as well and like me, took so long to say anything?

    Rhianna, May the God of your heart and realisation, cover you and save you from harm when you come to the point where you say” “Enough is enough” and make that decision to walk away.

  79. ok… umm yes there are alot of proof about rihanna and jayz and whateva but all i know is jay z is a mad rapper and as far as it goes i couldnt care less if he was worshipping me ok maybe i would umm but seriously i think free masonry is stupid so are illuminati’s and well ye thats it.
    and god is real btw i mean if we where made by an accident (big bang theory) then we are really just a product of chance and accoring to amy rites quote
    man is the source of knowing and meaning therefore we come up with our own purpose and meaning but how can a man/women the product of chance be the source of meaning we cant get with the creator yo (lecrae)

  80. A/truth

    I’ve been diggin deeper on info about this, not only is it Rihanna but fellow friend jay z and a whole list of other our to be envolved in this. Check out YouTube.com search the industry, mind blowing just watch it early tuis morning at 3:35 am pst.

  81. no name

    some people say Rihannas not freemason, she is as she give too many signs away, and many other clelebs that are free mason such a Jay-Z and Kayne West, more and more celebs changing to now just worshipping the devil, ‘ Worshipping the devil’ shows that is a bad thing to do, then why do it? why be freemason ? what all the point of it!!?

    If they are, well they have young fans out there, why would they want to destroy them by showing their fans that, the person who they look up to may not be all that they think of them, being freemason will aslo make them feel so sacred thinking was i litsen to all their mason crap? Or do the clebs really do it so their fans follow them so their more freemasons in this world? well the reality is not much peole are as dumb to change like that!! i just dont understand why be FREEMASON?
    what makes songs so enjoyable to litsen to if it all full of them type of meanings?

    the more time goes, the more celebs tranforming to freemason

    and what the song ‘iCanTransformYa’ All About
    But when thought about this subject connecting to this song, it fits in very well,
    even if i am young, and im not meant to be really checking theese things out, the whole world has questions such as theese … doesn’t matter about the age.

    Also was the fight with Chris Brown and Rihanna really about a text from a girl as rihanna tells the world, i mean now with all this mason stuff, how can you tell she even speaks the turth at all!! ?

  82. Tabz

    Watch the arrivals on http://thearrivals.blogspot.com/

    and you will understand the freemason, who are bascially planning on taking over the world, they call it the new world order, you hear the ex president bush mentioning about it. you can see the sign on the amercian dollar (the pyramid and one eye) . The iraq and afganistan war is part of the whole plan, fighting terrorism and all these reasons for war is B***S***. just watch the vids and you will understand.

  83. Den apostoliske profetiske evangelistiske hyrden

    I think they use a normal King James bible, but with masonic explanations and guidelines in it.

  84. mercedes

    leave rihanna alone good or bad we are not to judge that is a sin and u know what only god can judge her and when god comes for his world he can only question the individual for their own action

  85. Gabe

    have u seen the cover of the latest CD by rihanna, she covers her right eye that’s a masonic symbol that hv been consistently seen in movies & potrayed by other celebs who are said to be freemasons. Lets stop being ignorant ppl our world is ruled by evil men & women & we celebrate them everyday,the truth is THEY ARE ALL WITCHES.

  86. 160

    I wish for Barbadians to become more open-minded. We are living in the 21st century. Please leave Rihanna alone. She is young and we have all made mistakes when we were her age. Why do some of us think that we are infallible? We need to embrace our young people who are talented in other areas and free ourselves of thinking that one cannot contribute to society unless one is a Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, etc. Rihanna has certainly gained tremendous wealth. GO RIH.

    Proud Bajan

  87. Gabe

    To reply what 160 said,its not about us not being open minded however by being critical its a best way of openning our minds & i do get yo argument about talented young ppl. Its not only about Rihanna but the whole system that governs our everyday lives. There’s a quote from the 1st matrix movie which went like: Ppl are entirely dependent on the system, that they’ll fight for it.

    Its our Celebs,leading politicians, & most impontantly prominent religious leaders. They may look like they are divided but they are one. Nothing is a coinsident or an accident but all things have a purposeful end.I dont mean to sound pessimistic but our world is not what it looks like on the surface & we hv accepted it & willing to defend it. Lets all wake up from this spell they have put us under & start looking for the truth,you’ll find out its not far from you. The truth is not your local church,but the God of the bible,read it for yourself it will free you.


    are americans that stupid

    LOOK at the one dollar bill the all seeing eye

    the black pope ordered the sinking of the titanic
    so they could bring in the federal reserve
    the whole system is corrupt
    obama is nothing but a liar

    the all seeing eye on the one dollar bill

    they mean


    its all satanic




    america will fall

    she is babylon and she is going to collapse

    THE FREE american people
    governments DISARM them



  89. WLJ

    First off there is no such thing as a Masonic bible so anyone who tells you this is misinformed. In lodges across the world there are both a bible and koran, or just a koran. It depends on the members. One of the reason why we have true brotherhood is that we do not focus on one religion over another; in other words Christian over Muslim over Jewish, etc. So prayers are to the Supreme Architect, not to his “son”, or to his “last prophet”, the way things should be. All these articles and website about Jay-Z, Rihanna, Kanye West, P Diddy, etc etc, claiming they are Masons and/or illuminati are rediculous. First, a woman can’t be a Mason, she can be in a subbordinate organization such as the Eastern Star, but that is it. And the so-called Mason symbol that they all throw up has also been used by the Delta Sigma Theta sorority for over 50 years, which I guess you’ll now start a site, discussion and conspiracy about them as well. The Jay-Z diamond sign is just that; his feeling that roc-a-fella is better and stronger than all other labels; like a diamond is in the material world. It also goes along with his love of money and material items. And also the triangle is not a “Masonic” symbol, it is technically a symbol of one of the degrees after becoming a Master Mason, which is a Royal Arch Mason. These degrees were added, as opposed to the 3 degrees to becoming a Master Mason. A REAL Mason will tell you there is no higher degree in Masonry than a Master Mason.

    Please people get your facts from a real source, don’t you know anyone can write a book and start a website/blog about anything? We are more than symbols and shadowy figures.

  90. Thanks WLJ, i knew women couldn’t be in masonry. I have a little bit of family in it, and at least knew that much about it. Thank you for clearing up the bogus “triangle” thing.

    For those who are non-christian believers who have been posting that the stuff we believers have said is idiosity really need to ask themselves “Where will i go when i die? What will happen after this life?” I can surely tell u, any true christian u ask will straight up tell u “If you are not saved or have not asked Jesus into your heart, there is no happy eternity for you.” Look ppl, OF COURSE THIS WORLD IS FULL OF EVIL, that is because of what Satan has people to do, think, believe, and say. I’m sure he has a part in the movies we watch, the music we hear, and the things we do; which some things are mentioned or believed as temptation. But it is our choice to be either influence by this or of what is righteous of our Lord and savior. He gave us a gift which is eternal life. I’ve seen people be down as low as low can be and accept Him as their savior and they do spectacular things through the power of faith He gives us freely. What is holding you back from wanting to believe? Is it the hipocrites you see that walk out of church? (no one is perfect so don’t lean on others for what to do, the only person to ever walk this earth who was perfect without sin was crucified for it.) Is it out of fear because it is unknown to you? (Have faith to jump into the word of God ,the bible, you will find every answer to your problem for there’s a story about anything and everything, and you will be given relief to your fear) Is it you don’t know where to start in reading the bible? (i would advise in reading Matthew in the New Testament and then straight to James) I promise my heart and soul that Jesus Christ will give you a peace like no other that you can’t get rid of or be stolen. My whole life I’ve leaned on that peace and it’s taken me to where I am today. If you at least read your bible for 5 minutes a day every day, i bet your life will change drasstically for the good.

    In the words of Christ, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me”

  91. zalatemio

    what a joke ….didnt’ you people just wonder why rihana latest hits so weird and all full of the same signs…her lyrics is so misleading from the true meaning they alwayes refer to someone else hidden (you know who am i talking about ?)

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  93. topsy

    me i no deres GOD.

  94. 110

    quite alot of the videos on this subject is ethier errored out, or been removed.. Funny that! – All a bunch of puppets in my eyes 🙂 Meggy!

  95. 146

    The gods of the Freemasonry lodge are Egyptian gods. The subject of Egyptian archeology and hieroglyphics, and other various related sciences, are very popular amongst Masonic members. So the next time you see the back of a US. dollar, consider The Great Pyramid and surrounding occult symbols with numerology, which are intended to glorify the workings of the occult.

    The fastest way for Freemasons to expose Freemasonry is to try to pray in Jesus’ name and see what they say to you. CEASE AND DESIST or your out! Any group that recognizes Allah and the sex-perverted false god of Mormonism are the enemies of the Cross of Christ. No Christian should join Freemasonry, for to do so is to commit idolatry, and to hide your candle for Christ under a bushel. Christ will be ashamed of you and deny you if you deny Him as a believer.

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