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Help Us Confirm The Names Of The Barbados Journalists Who Took Gifts From Communist China

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My friends, a few days ago we published an article discussing how several Barbados journalists were on a junket to Communist China – paid for by the Chinese government.

We questioned the ethics of journalists receiving gifts from a government that has a vast network of slave labour camps. We asked about the whether the journalists would now ignore human rights issues in that brutal land where Christians are imprisoned in slave labour camps for offenses such as praying in their own home or for handing out bibles.

Our article Which Barbados Journalists Have Received Gifts and Trips From Communist China? stated our belief that any journalist who receives gifts from a person, company or country that is the subject of their writing must declare those gifts publicly.

Professional journalism standards demand it.

This would never have been an issue if it weren’t for the blogs and our readers, and frankly we don’t expect the Nation News, the CBC or any other Barbados-based oldstream media to act ethically. We’ve seen too much to have any remaining faith in the Barbados news media.


If the Barbados news media won’t declare what gifts the journalists were given, we’ll see if our readers can pool their knowledge and find out anyway.

We received the following anonymous comment from a BFP reader going by the name of “The Mole”. Is the list correct? Can we fill in any of the gaps?

Here is what our reader posted…

I have done my digging and here are the names…

Sean Farrell

Ryan Gilkes

Janelle Riley

Kaymar Jordan

Chris Gollop

Peter Wickham

Hartley Henry and Angela Henry

They went flying all over the place in the chinese government cars treated like diplomats with escort and all, but my question is why did only five of them come back this weekend?

Where were Wickham and the Henries?

makes you say hmmmmmm……

More to come as information comes to hand. Oh, did they declare thier gifts to customs? Heard they get alot…


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