Voice of Barbados Radio Talks About The First 100 Days In Office

UPDATE: Not One Word About Integrity, Transparency, Accountability Legislation In Two Hours Of Radio Show

1:15pm – The programme is now over. David Ellis and the carefully chosen callers never mentioned the government’s failure to implement the promised Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation – or the broken promise to immediately adopt a Ministerial Code.

Peter Wickham came on and repeated the lies that are in his Nation News column today.

Business as usual folks… with a cowed David Ellis facilitating the lies by his silence. It looks like he and VOB Radio are still cowering after allowing Noel Lynch to wash out Ellis’ mouth with soap last year. (background here)

Time for the Barbados Integrity Party.

Original article starts here…

Sunday, 11am

Voice of Barbados Radio 92.9 fm

or on the web here.

The show has started, but both the DLP and BLP representatives are “late”.

11:10am – BLP Opposition Senator Kerry Simmons has shown up, but David Ellis won’t say who is coming from the government because he doesn’t know!

11:20am – DLP Government representative Senator Maxine McClean arrives…

We shall listen in with everyone and comment later, although our main points of reference are…

1/ The BLP Opposition is totally without credibility because they are unable to criticise the government on most of the big issues – because their performance when in government was reprehensible. Think about the BLP complaining about the DLP failing to implement ITAL? Hilarious!

2/ The DLP Government was elected in good measure on their promise to embrace ITAL – Integrity, Transparency, Accountability Legislation. Words no longer count for the DLP Government – only actions.

There has been no action on ITAL – nothing at all – and less than that, David Thompson lied during the election about his intent to adopt a Ministerial Code on day one.

There is really little reason for the DLP Government to send a representative to attend Brass Tacks today because we already know everything we need to know about their ITAL initiatives from the government doing nothing.

Regarding ITAL – the DLP Government’s words don’t count any longer. They don’t mean a thing.


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44 responses to “Voice of Barbados Radio Talks About The First 100 Days In Office

  1. boredickey

    That woman with the strong Jamaican accent who calls each and every radio talk show she could find in Barbados, needs to give airwaves a rest.
    She is like a bar fly. Personally, I hate to hear her stupid incipid voice. You always hear her and never her husband. Winnie really needs to go back to Kingston and persecute the radio audience there.

  2. Wishing in Vain

    It beats me when this clown Simmons can question land use approval when he and his party could 1 week before elections he and his party could oversee the sale of 20 acres of NHC lands at Kent to a Mr Pinder of Equity Ins (I think) at the pittance price of $ 4 million, these are Gov’t owned lands that could have been used to provide low cost hosing but instead they are sold of to a friend of the party for next to nothing.

    Meanwhile robbing the taxpayers of the real value of this property a loss of $ 16 million to the treasury.

    May I also add that I am very pleased to see my words on the Director of the NSC Mr King has been sent on leave this is someting I mentioned on this site some weeks ago, I am glad to see the end of him and his role as a scam artist of special class, remember that dinner of less than a 100 persons that he charged the taxpayers $ 48,000.00 for this event.

    Next event the revelation is where the container of the Chinese donated shoes has ended up, could it be by Rommel Marshall’s shoe shop???
    Just asking !!!!

  3. Donald Duck, Esq

    Readers should refer to peter wickham’s article in today’s edition of the Sunday sun. He stated that “…. the DLP made three ONLY promises regarding its first 100 days in office:
    He however forgot to note that there were a number of promises of things to be done immediately, which to me should be included in the category of things to be done within 100 days. I note below a summary of the promises from the DLP manifesto of things to be done immediately and those to be done within 100 days


    Labour rights legislation ( page 36)

    A new DLP government will move to immediately enact a comprehensive national Labour Rights legislative compendium which will include the following:

     A Full Employment Rights Act
     An Alternative Disputes Settlement and Arbitration Committee
     A Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Act
     National minimum wages legislation
     Legislation fully recognizing Trade Unions.

    Approval of capital account transactions (page 25)

    Immediately review the current Central Bank procedures for approving capital account transactions with a view to simplifying and speeding up the approval (or denial) process for restricted transactions.

    Port charges (page 33)

    The DLP pledges to immediately re-examine the Port charges with a view to significantly reducing these to manufacturers as they consider them to be a burdensome cost. They say that tonnage dues are charged twice; – on raw materials when imported and again on finished products when being exported.

    Integrity legislation (page 48)

    Immediately introduce integrity legislation requiring

     a declaration of assets by public officials,
     a Code of Conduct for Ministers,
     a new Freedom of Information law,
     amendments to the Defamation laws and
     new constitutional provisions to rationalize the powers of the Prime Minister.

    Health issues (page 11)

    A new DLP Government will immediately embark on a health promotion campaign to sensitize the public to the dangers of unhealthy lifestyles


    Don’t forget the DLP promises to do the following in the first 100 days

     Introduce the Agriculture Protection Act that will require a 2/3 majority of both houses of parliament for a change of use of land from agriculture.

     Remove VAT from building materials on houses valued up to $400,000.
     convene a National Consultation on Education

  4. Donald Duck, Esq

    Remember this statement made by Dr.lowe on Feb 14, 2008

    Minister says 100 day programme on track

    Thursday, 14 February 2008
    Social Care Minister Dr. Denis Lowe says the Democratic Labour Party is intent on carrying out the initiatives promised in its 100 days programme.

    Dr. Lowe, after meeting with Prime Minister David Thompson Wednesday, says government plans to stick to its programme, even if adjustments are to be made.

    “My meeting with the Prime Minister he indicated that we are pretty much on track in those critical areas. A commitment to the public is a commitment to the public.

    “As we continue to probe the various ministries that we have to manage we will be discovering things, whether they be matters related to administration or space or whatever.

    “Really at the end of the day I don’t believe the achievement of any hundred day program is going to make any difference if the people who have to deliver the mandates of those programs are unable to deliver their work.”

  5. Hants

    Wishing in Vain
    April 27, 2008 at 4:58 pm
    It beats me when this clown Simmons

    WIV I listened to the program and your description of Mr.Simmons is incorrect.

    This forum does not permit a correct description of this opportunistic turncoat.

    He clearly attempted to deceive the people of Barbados with partisan bovine excrement when the country is faced with “continuing escalating problems with Oil and Food on the world markets.

    Us overseas Bajans should keep our brethren informed about what is happening “over and away”.

    The harsh reality is that world events have converged to create a World food and energy crisis.

    You realise that the price of Gas and Diesel is fixed in Barbados based on $112 a barrel Oil and the price of Oil has gone to +-$120 and will likely continue upwards.

  6. Wishing in Vain

    I stand corrected Hants. I bow to you Sir.

  7. Hants

    Interest extraction from an Editorial,

    “Already, in just a few short months, rising prices for fuel have prompted market-driven energy efficiencies.

    Full-sized SUV sales have plummeted, home builders are designing smaller, low-consumption houses, airlines and railways are switching to more efficient planes and engines, and car makers are scrambling to lighten their models.

    Thanks to just a 30% increase in pumps prices, the automobile sector is likely to raise fleet fuel efficiency.”

    There is hope for the future.

  8. Sargeant

    I just woke up and thought I was dreaming, is the election over? Did Owen Arthur and the BLP decide to debate after all? It’s all coming back to me now the election is over and the people decided it was time for a change.

    Its closer to May 15th than to Jan. 15th and the world is experiencing some turbulent economic times what with rising fuel and food prices yet the BLP will wave their magic wand and voila! They have shielded B’dos from all that bad stuff, they will ensure the price of flour will not increase although we do not grow wheat, they will give you cheap fuel although we import most of it. What about rice? You ask. Rice, that’s no problem Guyana will supply our needs at a cheap price; don’t you know about Caricom and CSME? What about Jamaica’s complaint that Guyana is not living up to its to its commitment to supply them with their allotted supply? You query. Oh ye of little faith we in the BLP have cultivated a special relationship with Guyana we are kith and kin after all look at all the Guyanese living in this paradise they will feed their own.

    I rolled over and went back to sleep

  9. Centipede

    It is simply embarrassing to listen to the vocalularies of the ‘scholars’ we hear, speaking publically. Especially Senator McClean … but all of them are guilty… the great David Ellis included. They have a 100 word vocabulary.

    If I had one dollar for everytime I heard on the ‘2 hour program’ … “In terms of…” “looking at” and “question of…” I’d be able to make a donation to the Salvation Army that would feed 100 peaople for 100 days….

  10. politically incorrect

    I am nowhere near the Voice of Barbados but the Heading of this blog states that they will talk about the first 100 days in office.

    What was said?


    BFP says

    Hi PI

    You didn’t miss a thing. Biggest waste of my time this week listening to nothing. Both the DLP and BLP disrespected Ellis, VOB and the people by failing to show up on time. Ellis is now a gelding and that is not hyperbole – it is a simple statement of fact. Thousands of Bajans were listening and would have presented dozens of cogent questions had they been allowed.

    ITAL was simply not on the agenda. I guess Ellis and Starcom have learned their lesson well and will not be pushing their master too much.

  11. Centipede

    Just about EVERYONE knows Caribbean Politicians in general and Bajan Politician in particular… are simply talk shop proprietors.

    Imagine Senator McClean saying “there has been no inter-island transportation for the last 10, 15 – TWENTY years….”

    And now, all of a sudden? the cry is going up.

    WHY has there not been inter-island transportation? Because of Government bureauracy and red tape.

    Will we ever see an inter-island ferry? I mean within the next 50 years…. ? ? ?

  12. Why? Oh Why..are we holding the DLP to anything stated in its manifesto…did not Sir Lloyd Erskine Sandiford state just a few years ago that ” a manifesto is NOT a social contract ” after repudiating everything is a previous DLP manifesto?…Daid Thompson was at Sir Lloyd’s side at that time and we now expect this current DLP government under David Thompson to actually keep manifesto promises?…we are so short on memory and long on expectations…

  13. A lot of words to say nothing.

  14. BGR

    The DLP have put its foot in its mouth with this 1oo day deadline. A case of probably “deperate times called for desperate measures” having been in opposition for so long. Not the first for a C’bean party and not the last also. Surely they will know that this is something their opponents will not let them live down.The daggers are now out to slice every remark, statement ever made since they came in office up to Wednsday deadline.
    Let see’s what will be achieve at the end of 5 years.

  15. BGR

    Bajan Global Report


    BFP says,

    Hello BGR

    You need to adjust your header info as you have http://www.bajanglobalreport.wordpress.com but it doesn’t work.

  16. Bovrill

    VOB: “The First 100 Days”

    Mr. Prime Minister, stay the course and do not be distracted by the “Journalistic Vigilantisms”

    To my fellow Barbadians, these are tough times Globally and as such, we must let our Prime Minister lead us with Fiscal Prudence and we, discipline ourselves accordingly.

    Barbados is a Service-Driven Economy and we should not always run to Government Cap-in-Hand without implementing our own measures of conservation.

    Mr. Prime Minister, “As your days so shall your strength be:…”

  17. Hants

    I just don’t understand why you people are not concerned with reality.

    I just went to a major supermarket in Toronto and they have no regular parboiled rice on the shelves.

    They have large quantities of chinese white rice and some other ethnic brand white rice.

    Prices here are going up all the time and while we have the option to drive around to many different supermarkets you in Barbados do not.

    There is a recession in North America. The economies are volatile. Canadian manufactured exports are starting to drop.

    Little Tiny Barbados will be hit hard by outside forces because you import and consume.

    BFP and fellow bajans doan mind the politics,tighten your belts and since you all are on the net, follow what is happening in North America.

  18. Rumplestilskin

    And oil trouble in Nigeria, including pipeline attacks.

    British petroleum closing a pipeline with a strike looming.

    Is it now not obvious that much of this ‘issue’ is by design and becoming more obvious every day?

    This is about control my friends, control.

  19. Rumplestilskin

    I think that the UN needs to meet urgently, to identify and put into preparations a plan to prevent excessive control of the world economy and products by any one nation or group of nations.

  20. reluctant nonbeliever

    Well, I for one wasn’t surprised that McClean turned up late. She used to teach me at UWI, and was notorious for arriving late to lectures in the New Teaching Complex, then over-running her classes so that other lecturers had to wait to start their classes, which would then also run late.

    In fact she was a poor lecturer in many ways: arrogant, inflexible, hated being challenged or questioned – and yes Centipede, often incoherent and inarticulate (though I’ll grant that she was somewhat more lucid as a call-in Moderator).

    Oh, and in case anyone’s wondering…

    I still managed to get an A in both courses I took with her (thanks, in all modesty, to a lot of hard work on my part, no thanks to McClean).

    So take it from me: my critique of her is a matter of fact, not a matter of sour grapes…:)

  21. Hants

    reluctant nonbeliever says
    “I still managed to get an A in both courses I took with her (thanks, in all modesty, to a lot of hard work on my part, no thanks to McClean).”

    That says a lot more about you than it says about her.

  22. nonamenoblame

    in general the real substantive issues were avoided namely ITAL. however I found it rather interesting that on most issues Senator Mc Clean could not speak with any authority. I am wondering why she was sent when we are still not sure what her role is in the PM’s office. Why not send Chris Sinckler, or David Estwick or even the MInister of Housing who cold perhaps have shed more light on this business about the units. Indeed these are persons who sit in the Lower House and some of whom were in Opposition and would have been more exposed to the day-to-day activities of governance. Is it that this the only person in the Cabinet that Prime Minister trusts – is she the unofficial Deputy?

  23. Donald Duck, Esq

    Does anyone know of another jurisdication where there is another Government minister ( not minister of state) in the Prime minister’s office?


    My concern is not for the 100 days becuas ehtis promise was not put on them, they brought it on themselves, and really coud realistically dleiver on them or many of the other promises. These are difficult days with high oil prices impacting on the cost of living – food, clothing shelter etc. No government can shield entirely from every impact, but every govenrment is trying to shield as much as possible its citizens from it. High prices impact on comsumers ability to purchase which affects businesses, which affects the safety of jobs, which can eventually affect all. The BLP gov’t shielded what it could with absorbing some of the oil costs. this protects citizens – jobs, houses etc. the DLP gov’t has experienced a jump form 100 – 118 and has decided to not only pass through the extra, but to remove the protection that was in place before. WHY? I listened to the broadcast to learn why. The response it is time for Barbadians to face reality. Not that the gov’t has reduced income and cna no longer carry it. there estimates is for the largest budget 3.2b What is the benefit of barbadians absorbing full impact of fuel and food prices? None. other gov’ts are shileding, this government is exposing, as though there is some value to b’dians carrying full costs. There options – to maintain current protection and pass through the extra; float the bond as Iheard suggested. If you want to change the type of support bring it at the same time as the fuel change. Why expose the poor and vulnerable to both high food prices and high fuel prices. Who will you shield and who will be exposed? Why bring it now with a recession on, when you could hold strain until next year when it is likely to be over, and then gradually pass through increases to allow the economy to stabilise and gradually rather than suddenly absorb. Where is the aggressive economic growth programme to protect citizens and enable them to meet this challenge? Why are you prepared to borrow money to build the St. John’s clinic for about maybe 4000 persons, but not float a bond to protect 270,000 people?

    DLP does not seem to understand economic matters or strategies. Why they need to face reality and still talk about bringing suppport. If they need to face it according to DLP logic, then face it. Ms.McClean seemed so naive, as though she is unaware of the potential impact on the economy. The union is shouting for double digit increases. Never have I seen such a lineup for economic disaster, that will throw Barbadians back 30 years. I hear people talking about it is happening in the rest of the world, it does not mean that their gov’ts are doing nothing. You do what you can, you do not expose to its full impact. If there was a disease around would we not innoculate, we do not deliberately expose to its full blast. High fuel prices and high food prices are not medicine for a disease. It is the disease. Please include in the list of accomplishments of 100 days the endangerment of the economy.

    They have just set the foundation for the a new and broader level of poverty in barbados

  25. reluctant nonbeliever

    Thank you, Hants. I appreciate the comment.

  26. Gort

    Cheryl Blackman: You write before you think. Try to do it the other way around. Think first.

    The Barbados government has been subsidising flour, rice, feed, and petroleum products to the tune of over $10 million a month since January 2008. The bank loan for gas was at $80 million.

    Do you know what nearly caused us to devalue our dollar in 1991? Do you think prices will come down?

    I think David Thompson is courageous and fair and I know that there will be benefits in the next Budget. I don’t know him but I have faith.

  27. Wishing in Vain

    CHERYL BLACKMAN is this mottley or liz thompson speaking your comments are sadly lacking substance or rational thought.

    While at it can you please explain why a Mr Pinder of Equity Ins was transferred 20 acres of prime land in Kent formerly owned by the NHC for the meager sum of $ 4 million this was done during the dying days of the last gov’t this land on the open market has a value of about $ 20 million but it was rushed thru to a party loyal at a peppercorn figure, this 20 acres of land that could have been used to locate low cost homes for our people on as I was property owned by the crown already?????

  28. Tell me Why

    While at it can you please explain why a Mr Pinder of Equity Ins was transferred 20 acres of prime land in Kent formerly owned by the NHC for the meager sum of $ 4 million
    Will the Minister of Housing please comfirm this $4. million dollars sell-out. This transaction will show in the books so let’s wait to see if WIV is speaking the truth.

  29. Tell me Why

    BFP. An interesting article appears on Page 10 of The Nation on blogging by one Adrian Sobers. At least the screws are easing on blogging by the the 4th estate. As you know, the media will not come out openly and state that ‘blogging is on par with the mainstream media’, it will have to be a slow process. At least, we are seeing a start.


    Dear Gort and Wishing in vain,

    I am neither. I am an ordinary citizen expressing my views and I think with some level of rational thought, given university training. Subsidising has always been a principle of gov’ts, the world over. The question is can you afford it, or can you afford the consequences of not doing it. Cost of 120m per year, according to you (it has never been published according to my knowledge). Who are you? it would have already been part of a budget. has gov’t revenues decreased, I think not, the new budget is 3.2b. What would you spend the additional 120 m on that would bring the same value and protection of jobs, preserve the poor, restrain housing rents and costs, slow down the rise in the cost of food, reduce gov’t pressure to increase costs of welfare for more people slipping into poverty. No gov’t can protect from everything, but protect as much as you can if you care. We voted for the dems, the least they could do is provide some responsible governance. It seems to me that you cannot think.

    For your general info, check central bank figures, the economy was on downward spiral a few years in front, DEMS did not curb spending, union kept pressing for more wages, ‘we never had it so good’, and crashed the economy. Subisidies are designed to stabilise, but if you spend wildly on other things and jeopardise your ability to sustain it, you owe us theBarbadian public an apology.


    Sorry you also asked about the loan of 80 million. Listening on brasstacks, the Bees outlined that a bond can be raised. Kerrie Symmonds also raised the issue of the revenue from oil exploration. I did not catch how much it was but someone told me that it could earn as much as 60m. I believe the central bank govenor and int’l experts thinks this is a short recession (12 months), so those options are also available. Just a thought to consider.

  32. Wishing in Vain


    Anchorage food prices soar with fuel costs
    10 PERCENT IN 3 MONTHS: Drought and farm subsidies squeeze consumers.


    Published: April 29th, 2008 12:03 AM
    Last Modified: April 29th, 2008 04:40 AM

    You can see it in the bread aisle at Carrs, where shoppers nowadays stare long and hard at a small $4.50 loaf of all-grain Oroweat Best Winterwheat bread before placing it in the cart.

    Click to enlarge

    TUNA up 34% 2007 $1.76 2008 $2.36

    Click to enlarge

    RICE up 85% 2007 $0.46 2008 $0.85

    Click to enlarge

    WHITE FLOUR up 21% 2007 $.34 2008 $.41

    Click to enlarge

    EGGS up 23% 2007 $1.80 2008 $2.22

    Click to enlarge

    COFFEE up 14% 2007 $2.40 2008 $2.74

    Click to enlarge

    CHEDDAR CHEESE up 61% 2007 $2.75 2008 $4.42

    Click to enlarge

    WHOLE GRAIN BREAD up 22% 2007 $1.48 2008 $1.81

    Click to enlarge

    WHITE BREAD up 33% 2007 $.92 2008 $1.22

    Click to enlarge

    GROUND BEEF up 18% 2007 $2.41 2008 $2.85

    Click to enlarge

    APPLES up 24% 2007 $.98 2008 $1.22

    Story tools


    E-mail a friend


    Digg this

    Seed Newsvine

    Send link via AIM

    Font size : A | A | A
    Or at the Costco on DeBarr Road, where fears over rice availability and price increases to come created a small stampede near the entrance Monday morning as customers raced for the food aisles — clearing out four whole pallets of rice in less than 15 minutes.

    Or in the wall-to-wall faces of morning diners at Bean’s Cafe, which increasingly caters to Anchorage’s “working poor” — low-income residents who tell the staff they can’t afford to buy their own food the last half of the month.

    Food prices in Anchorage are rising.

    After remaining stable for several years, the cost of a typical weekly shopping cart of food for an Anchorage family of four shot up 10 percent during the first three months of this year — from $121.31 to $132.88, according to preliminary statistics reported Monday by the University of Alaska Fairbanks Cooperative Extension Service.

    Some individual items have climbed even higher. From March 2007 to March 2008, ground beef rose 18 percent. Eggs, 22 percent. White bread, 33 percent. Cheddar cheese, 61 percent. Rice, 85 percent.

    Experts blame a variety of factors, from global-warming-related droughts to higher shipping costs (driven by steadily rising fuel prices) to allocation decisions traceable to farmers who choose to grow government-subsidized biofuel crops rather than food crops.

    But it all comes down to a bigger hit on the pocketbook, according to Anchorage resident Janet Galbraith, who says she’s changed the way she eats because of the increase in prices.

    “Everything has gone up,” Galbraith said Monday afternoon, standing with her cart at the Midtown Fred Meyer. She’s buying more generic groceries now and tailors her cooking to what’s on sale.

    “I’m just more careful than I was before,” she said.


    The most dramatic example of costlier food, both locally and worldwide, might be the suddenly soaring price of rice, partly due to droughts and shortages in producing countries in Southeast Asia.

    On the global commodities market, the price of rice has jumped 68 percent this year. And rice eaters in the U.S. — including a significant population of Asian-Americans living in Alaska — are stockpiling rice after hearing horror stories about shortages and soaring prices from relatives back home.

    That trend accelerated last week when news spread that Sam’s Club and Costco, which typically sell some of the lowest-priced groceries in town, had set new restrictions on how much rice its members can purchase.

    Costco members can now buy no more than five bags of rice per day, which still allows someone to purchase as much as 250 pounds per trip — if it’s available.

    By 10:15 a.m. Monday, all the rice at the DeBarr Costco, which had been restocked overnight from the Sunday shipment, was gone.

    Manager Bob Ripley said some of the rice-buying spree should be a short-lived story, at least at Costco, since supplies from U.S. growers appear to be ample. He expects more rice to arrive with each new ship. The restrictions, he said, were aimed mostly at the owners of local restaurants that serve a lot of rice cuisine.

    “I have some pretty big accounts that buy a lot of rice from us, and it wouldn’t be fair for us to sell everything we own to them — and then have that price not be a good value to all our members,” Ripley said.


    But rising prices don’t stop with rice.

    “You talk to any retailer or wholesaler in town and they’re going to tell you the same thing,” Ripley said. “Prices are going up across the board — with gas and everything else.”

    Wheat commodities are also on the rise worldwide.

    Great Harvest Bread Co. owner Dirk Sisson, who buys flour by the ton, says his Benson Boulevard business has seen the price of white flour he purchases from a seller in Montana double in the past three months — from $18 for a 50-pound bag in January to $36 today.

    “The franchise has never seen anything like this,” Sisson said. “The problem is just basic economics of supply and demand. … There’s a shortage of wheat right now.”

    As a result, he’s raised the price of his breads about a quarter a loaf, Sisson said.

    Part of that covers the higher shipping costs for the 6,000 pounds of flour he buys each week, he said.

    “Whereas a year ago I was paying about 10 cents a pound for freight, now I’m paying 15 cents.”


    The steep increase in shipping costs is, of course, expected to hit rural residents the hardest. It’s already being felt in Bethel, according to grocery story owner Christy Inman.

    “Every time I look at my billing, it seems like things keep going higher and higher,” Inman said Monday. “This is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s going to get way worse by the end of the summer.”

    She said she doesn’t know how people from surrounding villages are going to be able to pay for the boat fuel to come to Bethel for groceries.

    “But, fortunately, they can subsistence fish and hunt. They can go out and get birds and eggs, pick berries,” Inman said. “They are at least going to be better off than the people in the cities who can only go to the store.”

    Cathy Squartsoff in Port Lions, on Kodiak Island, said she and her husband are taking the ferry up to Anchorage to load up on groceries for their lodge. The cost of putting three vehicles on a ferry and shopping at Sam’s Club and Costco is cheaper than buying groceries in Kodiak, she said. “It is just more expensive,” she said of the island prices.

    Nome resident Sterling Buffas said the cost of milk has gone up from about $6 a gallon to $7 recently. “We’ve got two babies, a 2-year-old and a 3-year-old — we still have to buy it,” he said.


    At Bean’s Cafe near downtown Anchorage, executive director James Crockett has seen food costs for his nonprofit agency rise steadily since the start of the year.

    “We’ve seen a 15 percent increase in roast beef, a 19 percent increase in tuna, a 23 percent increase in apples,” Crockett said.

    At the same time, he’s watched low-income residents in the community — people he calls the working poor — increasingly take advantage of free meals at Bean’s, especially during the second half of the month.

    “These are people who basically pay their rent and put money in the gas tank, then they look in the refrigerator and it’s empty,” Crockett said. “They used to come (to Bean’s) around the 21st of the month. Now we’re seeing them toward the 10th and 12th.”


    Find George Bryson online at adn.com/contact/gbryson or call 257-4318. Reporter Megan Holland contributed to this article.


    Trip to the store

    Weekly shopping cart for a family of four in Anchorage:

    2005 (Dec) $118.33

    2006 (Dec) $119.32

    2007 (Dec) $121.31

    2008 (Mar) $132.88

    UAF Cooperative Extension Service

  33. Anonymous

    WIV. Now give us a Barbados comparison in the rise of food prices.

  34. Johnnie Too Bad

    George Bryson can go to hell for all I care, all I know is that my supermarket bill is now nearly twice what it was a year ago. I am sure neither Owen, Noel, Mia et al have a problem with their food bill or for that matter David Thompson, Fruendel, Estwick, Sealy or any of them for that matter. Not even Peter Wickham or Ezra Alleyne, just ask Carlton Supermarket what he spends. So I am forced to ask, who is really kidding the people catching their royal to feed their families?
    Let is hear no more crap, there is clearly one rule for the political classes and one for the poor.

  35. Telma - Mervin BANNED

    BFP Editor’s Note:

    “Thelma” and “Mervin” are the same person… having a conversation with themselves to deceive readers and to misuse this blog.

    All posts by this person have now been removed and they are banned.

    Yes… they will be back from a different IP and using a different name, but BFP will remain vigilant.

    Readers are asked to email us if they spot any abuses.


  36. Rene

    In my opinion David Thompson first mistake was giving himself that 100 day deadline. Such deadlines should have been set after his new government had time to review what had to be done within the various ministries. One of the first challenges they would have face certainly would have been come up to speed with the day to day running of the various ministries and having to become familiar with any urgent matters that would have been left be the previous minister. Two the people that voted wanted change this in no way echoes that the civil service wanted any change in how they operate. Look for more upsets in government and government run agencies over the next year. Three not having full knowledge of the countries economical situation till now, double with what’s going on with the world economy the reality for the DLP is far different now than what was going in to elections I’m sure.

  37. Wishing In Vain

    It seems the opposition and its leaders problems will just no go away, as taken from the blp blog today.


    Get used to the opposition, you have been put there by your own actions, remember the Prison , the 3S road works, the transfer of the Holders land, TIME IS LONGER THAN TWINE people, ARROGANCE AND COORUPTION WAS YOUR FAILURE LIKE IT OR LUMP IT.

    You and your party were under the feeling that you were untouchable and you acted in that manner, but your day of decision came before you were able to fully raid us any further.

    Thank god for the sensible thinking Barbadians that came out and voted you out of office.

    Let us remember those statements made by mottley to some of the biggest names in the building business here that they would tow the line with regard to the illegal Chinese workers and if they did not TOW THE LINE THEY COULD EXPECT A VAT AND TAX AUDIT, this is just not how business is done in this island and it is a disgusting act by a Deputy P M to threaten our business leaders in such a manner for her own selfish reasons.

    Is this the method of a Deputy P M or a DICTATOR in action?????

  38. Rene

    Let us not cry for the poor business leaders because they are fully aware of their part in politics, economics and the effect they have with decisions made by them. Big business here is by far knowledgeable how to please or squeeze people to guarantee a favorable out come in government business. To be honest I think the past administration understood this and maybe played this game to well; this may have been a factor towards their demise in the end.

    The DLP will have to find its own balance, be it by learning the rules or changing the rules hence changing the way things are done around here. Just remember that sometime the person in control isn’t always the person at top. Got to love the establishment.

  39. Wishing In Vain

    Threats as this one was by a Deputy PM is a very sad statement of intent.

    It should never have happened but then again the fraud with the prison should never have happened either but for political reasons it was done, so as we can conclude all things were in play when the blp were in power and command.

  40. Based on this latest development of the FBI to continue working with these two former VECO leaders, I would suggest that the players from this end such as HALLAM NICHOLLS, OWING ARTHUR, GLYNE BANNISTER need to keep looking over their shoulders as these two guys are singing like birds to reduce their own jail time, I am sure if the FBI ask about the DODDS PRISON PROJECT it is going to become very nasty for this lot, lets just wait for the next chapter to unfold and unfold it will.

    Veco sentencing on hold

    The Associated Press

    Published: May 1st, 2008 01:49 AM

    Federal prosecutors aren’t ready just yet to recommend sentences for their two witnesses in an ongoing federal corruption probe.

    In a status report filed in federal court Wednesday, prosecutors requested that sentencing for former Veco executives Bill Allen and Rick Smith continue to be postponed as the investigation continues.

    Prosecutors wrote the investigation is “exceedingly complex,” and they promised to have another update no later than July 31.

    Both Allen and Smith pleaded guilty last year to federal bribery charges.

    They’ve been key witnesses in the convictions of two former state lawmakers so far, and former Rep. Bruce Weyhrauch is awaiting trial while questions about evidence in his case are being appealed.

  41. Telma

    you dont want the true told

  42. Bimbro

    Just caught-up with this! Be under no illusion guys – inspite of my foolishness in other regards, I am DEADLY, serious about the necessity for decency in Bajan politics and general, life and truth and transparency legislation and am, deeply, disappointed by Thompson’s inactivity, so far, where that’s concerned.

    Come on, BFP! Let’s get this new party, started!

  43. Bimbro

    Hi again BFP, I’m almost embarassed to admit not having thought of an item which must have been obvious to you from the start, but then it’s your proposition and not mine, although you have my wholehearted, support. Are you seriously, considering the possiblity of forming your own party because then, you would need to reveal your identities. Please let us whether this is a serious ambition or one which you know has absolutely, no opportunity of being realised.

    I don’t want to be wishing and longing for something which it’s known definitely, is n’t going to occur, from the beginning!

    A reply, will be most appreciated!


    BFP says,

    Hi Bimbro,

    The concept of a new middle ground party with integrity as its foundation is one that we support. Although we as individuals might work actively for such a party, we couldn’t possibly associate it to this blog for a number of reasons.

    The more time goes by without the DLP adopting their Ministerial Code shows that it was all business as usual.

    The political elites have forgotten that a new political party does not have to be a viable winner to make a difference in the next election. We had such hopes for Thompson. Too bad.

  44. Bimbro

    Ok, BFP. Thank you for that most enlightening reply! 🙂

    I ‘think’, I get the message!!!!