Problems With Barbados Hotel Registry and Tourism Statistics – Adrian Loveridge

OK, to be fair… the title is our summary of what Barbados Tourism Authority board member Adrian Loveridge says in his latest report to the people of Barbados.

Adrian makes some astonishing revelations in this article and we agree 100 percent with his main point, which is (we think)… The Barbados Tourism Authority needs the best, most accurate and comprehensive information possible to achieve the best outcome for Barbados in spending their 80 million dollar budget.

Barbados Hotel Room Stock

While visiting the offices of the Barbados Tourism Authority recently, I collected a copy of what I assume is the latest list of all registered accommodation on Barbados.

The brochure is entitled Rates – Hotels, Guest Houses and Apartments – Winter 2007 -2008 December 16th 2007-2008 To April 15th 2008 and Summer 2008 April 16th, 2008 to December 15th, 2008.

According to the listings to have 64 hotels with a total of 5,147 rooms, 19 Guest Houses with a total of 123 rooms and 64 Apartments with a total of 1,090 rooms!

The average size our hotels is 80 rooms and Apartments is 13 rooms.

If you exclude our six largest hotels (Almond Beach Village, Almond Beach Club, the Hilton, the Crane, Accra and Turtle Beach) which account for 1,541 rooms that takes the average size down to 62 rooms.

What stands out from my perspective?

Well, first the fact that we now have just as many Apartment properties as Hotels.

From my reading of the mandate of the Barbados Tourism Authority and the Constitution of Barbados is that all hotels, apartments and guest houses offering accommodation must be registered.

Yet read through a telephone directory, drive around the island or simply Google Barbados accommodation and we will find literally dozens of properties that do not appear in the BTA listing.

It is even more remarkable when you consider some of the properties which carry the name ‘hotel’ and that are not listed, have as many as 120 rooms.

According to statistics published, our average annual occupancy, which I presume is based on registered hotels, guest houses and apartment’s is around 51%.

Based on an average stay of 7 nights, with two persons sharing one room and on the basis that our total of 6,360 registered are recording an annual occupancy of 51%, that produces a grand total of 1,183,914 occupied room nights.

Divide that number by the average stay of 7 nights and multiply that by two persons (per room) and it means that our registered properties are only accommodating around 338,000 of our long stay guests.

With a total of somewhere around 550,000 long stay visitors each year, it therefore begs the question, where are the other 212,000 persons or nearly 39% of the total staying?

Yes! Barbados has a significant number of VFR (Visiting Friends and Relatives) traffic, and we of course have a sizeable number of villas and condominiums.

But 212,000 long stay arrivals per year, not staying in one of our traditional registered accommodation providers?

As primarily a marketing person, I would need to know, before spending any significant part of a promotional budget, exactly who I am targeting.

To make limited resources most effective, that would mean knowing what type of accommodation are the overwhelming percentage of our market looking for?

The President of the St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association recently publicly called for a moratorium on the construction of new hotels on that island.

The reason for the call was that currently their hotels are achieving an occupancy level of 65%, against ours of 51%.

I would like to finish in stating that these observations do not represent criticism of any organisation or body, but more in the interests of ensuring that, what in anybody’s terms, a large budget of $80 million a year is spent in the most productive way.

Adrian Loveridge
27 April 2008


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33 responses to “Problems With Barbados Hotel Registry and Tourism Statistics – Adrian Loveridge

  1. Donald Duck, Esq

    AL, how is the BTA coping with you as a board member???

  2. Wishing in Vain

    Better now under the DLP with a Minister with a brain and an understanding of the Ministry under him.
    Ardian is doing just fine.

  3. Wishing in Vain

    Donald Duck, Esq
    Why are you so slow to grasp the fact that the electorate have spoken and they removed you and your lot from office due to the extent of your corruption, dishonesty in office and your ARROGANCE.
    Change occurred on the 15th of Jan you were removed from your throne and the people said let us go for a new beginnin, let them have their wishes.

  4. Donald Duck, Esq


    The DLP misled the electorate with their promises. Try and deny that.

    By the way the DLP seems to be too ashamed of the throne speech that it cannot be located on the web, not even on the party’s own web site. Does that not speak volumes!!!!!

    FYI. I am not a member of any political party in Barbados.

  5. Fairplay

    Donald Duck, Esq
    If you are not a member of a political party then your posts are not fair and balance. I have read them all on both BFP and BU.

  6. Bovrill

    Thanks!! Adrian,

    At last we have some transparency at the BTA.

    Hoping that someone would look at the Toronto office soon.

  7. Donald Duck, Esq


    Tell me why my comments are not fair. I am a realist. What political party do you belong to.

    Thanks for the taking the time to read my comments.

  8. Fairplay

    Donald Duck, Esq.
    I am independent voter who will support who ever is going to put the resources of the country to work for the development of Barbados and not enriching themselves or friends. I have done a check on the archives and recognized that you were not a regular on the blogs until the DLP won. This tells me that you are not a realist because you never criticized the foolishness done by the last Government then.

  9. Hants

    Bovrill says

    “Hoping that someone would look at the Toronto office soon.”

    The Toronto office is fine. Good location.Pleasant staff. Nice furniture.

    But if you want to see really great Tourism promotion,
    check Sandals and the Jamaica Tourist board TV commercials.

    50 % off and “Bob Marley’s
    ” One love” or the newer one I saw last night with a different artist but same sweet reggae and enticing visuals.
    Don’t know what their Toronto office looks like but I see their commercials on TV often.

    I was going to this show but was told the BTA does not Exhibit at this show. They will be at the fall show.

  10. Sad To Say

    Posted a message > 12 hours ago, I am yet to see it appearing on this page. The basic premise of the message was that Adrian was such straight a shooter, politicians normally feel uneasy with type of individual.


    BFP says

    Hi STS,

    I looked in the spam bucket and its not there… so either it never made it to us or it got shredded by accident. Can you post it again?

  11. Turning point

    WIV before elections you repeatedly informed us about financial scandal in the UK office of BTA. Any word on that?

  12. onlooker


    wats it all about alfie ?

    does my brain in

  13. Alpha

    Why is it being labelled as “Barbados Room Stock Fact Sheet” when it is merely a collection of unproven suppositions and dubious assumptions by Adrian Loveridge?

    The only document he cites is a “brochure” which itself does not claim to be any list of all the registered accommodation in Barbados. As anyone with a modicum of intelligence or business sense knows, a brochure is simply a piece of advertising produced by one or more advertisers who CHOOSE to advertise on such a brochure. There is no law or obligation forcing any hotel owner to list their property on any particular brochure.

    Adrian Loveridge needs to go back and do his homework instead of coming here posting such shoddy nonsense. If this is an example of the way he operates then he has no business whatsoever being on the board of the BTA.

  14. Thistle

    Adrian Loveridge is an IDIOT – The Standpipe:

    Oh, boy, the longer I live, the more I wonder how soon God is coming for His world. Now it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to show the vast difference between the DLP and the BLP. Who remembers when that nasty little Irishman, Chris McHale insulted the then Prime Minister of Barbados, Sir Lloyd Sandiford, by calling him an “errant school teacher”? And what was done to the same McHale? NOTHING. He was not deported, his life was not threatened, no one tried to torch his house. He simply carried on with life as usual, writing derogatory things about David Thompson and P.M. Sandiford, and the DLP, and he was given total freedom to express his views.

    Now, here we have Adrian Loveridge, a man who has the interest of Barbados at heart, and the Bees are hell bent on crucifying the man in the most vicious way. De Standpipe? You see who they have a link to? Cat Piss and Pepper and …. yes, BFPE. You think they should ever be given a chance to govern this country again? But God don’t sleep, and God don’t like ugly.

  15. Thistle

    Uh-oh! Somehow I knew my comment would go into moderation! Please release me, let me go!

  16. Adrian Loveridge

    The Barbados Tourism Authority is the body MANDATED to inspect and licence ANY accommodation provider that offers rooms for reward.

    Why would they then produce any form of document listing ONLY selected Hotels, Guest Houses and Apartments?

    You can read the rules and regulations online.

  17. reality check

    “Why is it being labelled as “Barbados Room Stock Fact Sheet” when it is merely a collection of unproven suppositions and dubious assumptions by Adrian Loveridge?”

    Why is a competent hotelier like Adrian Loveridge having to sort out what is reality when we have an $80 million dollar a year incompetent bureacratic fiction mill that should have been cut off of funds years ago.

  18. Donald Duck, Esq


    Never believe what you perceive the archives to tell you!!

  19. Adrian Loveridge

    ‘The BTA’s corporate affairs and assurance manager, Gerald Cozier, emphasized that the Authority has a mandate by law, to ensure that all hotels are appropriately licensed and registered’.

  20. onlooker

    back to the original post

    i was totally confused when i read the adrian loveridge offering.
    i have now read it through twice more,i am still totally confused——but on a higher level

  21. Pablo

    Yes I was wondering whatever became of that Chris hale character who insulted PM Erskine Sandiford I heard he came to Barbados a Pauper and in no time owned The Coach House Inn and another pub in St.Lawrence gap (You have to excuse me for not remembering the name I live in England) and did very well under the DLP the same DLP he cussed out. You mean he is still living in Barbados in Luxury?And a decent man like Mr.Loveridge has his life threatened Wanna can’t allow something like that to happen in we Island.

    I Gone For now!


  22. Jukecheckedeyskirt

    Mr Loveridge, I hope with your understanding and research ability that you will present the facts to those citizens who care about honesty, integrity and accountability in the way that we spend millions of tax payers dollars in our most important sector. I have alot of confidence in you as well as in this new minister of tourism unlike the other fellow who fits the description of ITAL i.e. I Tell Alot of Lies.

    To you Mr. Prime minister, again I say that you have the means to make history and become famous and not infamous. However you should reccognized clearly that the doings of the last administration has placed them in a very bad light with right thinking Barbadians. At the moment they are viewed as dishonest, ruthless, power hungry, and out of touch with reality and the Barbadian people. You now have the chance to make the difference. What you do from here (and so far you have not been sticking to your promises) will determine rather or not you are loved or be described as another political trickster with a hidden agenda (money). I beckon you to govern with wisdom, decide with sound reasoning, and bring about change that all can benefit from.

    Evaluate the current climate of our nation and ask if the atmosphere is what you want it to be i.e. beneficial to development of our local populace. Determine in your heart if foreign investment is good for the country and to what extent and how far.

    Remember with great power comes great responsibility. Many are looking to you for hope. So far you have many thinking that you will be no different to the last prime minister. Prove them wrong.

  23. sicky

    St.Lucia is definately moving ahead of brabados in tourism. With it being projected that SLU will be more develop than Barbados.

  24. commentator

    Country GDP – per capita
    Barbados $ 18,200
    Saint Lucia $ 4,800

    sicky SLU has plenty catching up to do. Good luck!

  25. 100

    I am very disappointed by my last few days realisations. The DLP seems to be just as corrupt and to play handsy pandsy with our money just like the last set, they seem to want to play freelance with developers, and the corruption only continues, getting worse. The only thing is we have traded in a knowledgeable, professional team of manager thieves and now have a semi-professional set of trainee manager thieves.

    While all of us sit at keyboards and debate who does what wrong and where it isn’t working, Barbados is going to be a country where only the dishonest care to live, be they foreigners or locals.

    Listen to me, this place is about to go down the tubes unless those promises get fulfilled.

    We worked for 15 halcyon years, developing for foreign exchange like crazy, but we still have a debt problem? Now we think it will get OK in a recession? DLP get real and start to do what was said! Those developers spending to develop and running somewhere else offshore like SLU with our cash???? Bad deals for Barbados foreign exchange announcing on the news just like before? Agriculture can’t happen as the plantations cut up for house spots, and ‘patriot’ owners laughing at you all? You want piece of dat money nuh??


  26. Anon

    I bet that Adrian does not last long at BTA, not with ralph as top dog.

  27. Donald Duck, Esq

    Anon, I give him less than 1 year

  28. Pablo

    As I wrote some months ago this Government is a new one and as all christians know the world was not build in a day it takes months for a foundation of any institute to become strong so why can’t We as Bajans let the Thompson Administration have the chance to do the people of Barbados’ work and continue to develop Our beautiful island I agree there are many thing’s happening in Barbados but The DLP are also dealing with Major cockups by the previous Government So once again I ask Bajans all please give the PM a chance to do his Job it is a Job which takes time Running a Country must be Stressful enough.

    I Gone For Now

  29. reality check


    eternal vigilance and a free press is the price of freedom

    constantly reinforcing the right message to whomever will listen is the correct path.

    Thompson has broad shoulders to weigh in and take the abuse he did from Owing and others for over 14 years.

    A Free Press empowered by constructive ideas from the public at large represents that eternal vigilance and the message.

    The message must never go limp, only the politicians.

  30. Adrian Loveridge

    Sicky and Commentator…

    March 2008 saw St. Lucia long stay visitor arrivals grow by 20% (18*) when compared with 2007.

    This included an increase of 12% (7.4%*) from the US and 63% (7.4*) from Canada.

    Source: St. Lucia Tourism Board

    * These figures are for Barbados for the same month and comparision to 2007 and are provisional.

  31. sicky

    good point

  32. ROBOT

    just like an english man
    long and drawn out

    i am totally lost in this haze created by long talk and figures

    whats the point mr loveridge
    what is the donkey eye ball problem ?

  33. ROBOT

    hard times hit he

    he gwine and drink sumting now
    and the result is that drinking pesticide is now an option and this was demonstrated
    on saturday : one man tried to end his time on erk-(earth)

    is this the new option
    hardtimes hit
    go and drink sumting now !