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Problems With Barbados Hotel Registry and Tourism Statistics – Adrian Loveridge

OK, to be fair… the title is our summary of what Barbados Tourism Authority board member Adrian Loveridge says in his latest report to the people of Barbados.

Adrian makes some astonishing revelations in this article and we agree 100 percent with his main point, which is (we think)… The Barbados Tourism Authority needs the best, most accurate and comprehensive information possible to achieve the best outcome for Barbados in spending their 80 million dollar budget.

Barbados Hotel Room Stock

While visiting the offices of the Barbados Tourism Authority recently, I collected a copy of what I assume is the latest list of all registered accommodation on Barbados.

The brochure is entitled Rates – Hotels, Guest Houses and Apartments – Winter 2007 -2008 December 16th 2007-2008 To April 15th 2008 and Summer 2008 April 16th, 2008 to December 15th, 2008.

According to the listings to have 64 hotels with a total of 5,147 rooms, 19 Guest Houses with a total of 123 rooms and 64 Apartments with a total of 1,090 rooms!

The average size our hotels is 80 rooms and Apartments is 13 rooms.

If you exclude our six largest hotels (Almond Beach Village, Almond Beach Club, the Hilton, the Crane, Accra and Turtle Beach) which account for 1,541 rooms that takes the average size down to 62 rooms.

What stands out from my perspective?

Well, first the fact that we now have just as many Apartment properties as Hotels.

From my reading of the mandate of the Barbados Tourism Authority and the Constitution of Barbados is that all hotels, apartments and guest houses offering accommodation must be registered.

Yet read through a telephone directory, drive around the island or simply Google Barbados accommodation and we will find literally dozens of properties that do not appear in the BTA listing.

It is even more remarkable when you consider some of the properties which carry the name ‘hotel’ and that are not listed, have as many as 120 rooms.

According to statistics published, our average annual occupancy, which I presume is based on registered hotels, guest houses and apartment’s is around 51%.

Based on an average stay of 7 nights, with two persons sharing one room and on the basis that our total of 6,360 registered are recording an annual occupancy of 51%, that produces a grand total of 1,183,914 occupied room nights.

Divide that number by the average stay of 7 nights and multiply that by two persons (per room) and it means that our registered properties are only accommodating around 338,000 of our long stay guests.

With a total of somewhere around 550,000 long stay visitors each year, it therefore begs the question, where are the other 212,000 persons or nearly 39% of the total staying?

Yes! Barbados has a significant number of VFR (Visiting Friends and Relatives) traffic, and we of course have a sizeable number of villas and condominiums.

But 212,000 long stay arrivals per year, not staying in one of our traditional registered accommodation providers?

As primarily a marketing person, I would need to know, before spending any significant part of a promotional budget, exactly who I am targeting.

To make limited resources most effective, that would mean knowing what type of accommodation are the overwhelming percentage of our market looking for?

The President of the St. Lucia Hotel and Tourism Association recently publicly called for a moratorium on the construction of new hotels on that island.

The reason for the call was that currently their hotels are achieving an occupancy level of 65%, against ours of 51%.

I would like to finish in stating that these observations do not represent criticism of any organisation or body, but more in the interests of ensuring that, what in anybody’s terms, a large budget of $80 million a year is spent in the most productive way.

Adrian Loveridge
27 April 2008


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Zimbabwe: Mugabe’s Forces Seize Opposition Members’ Children

“Undeclared Civil War In Zimbabwe”

From Times Online…

Scores of children and babies have been locked up in filthy prison cells in Harare as Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwe’s president, sinks to new depths in his campaign to force the opposition into exile before an expected run-off in presidential elections.

Twenty-four babies and 40 children under the age of six were among the 250 people rounded up in a raid on Friday, according to Nelson Chamisa, spokesman for the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC). Yesterday they were crammed into cells in Southerton police station in central Harare.

“This is ruthlessness of the worst kind. How can you incarcerate children whose mothers have fled their homes hoping to give their children refuge?” asked an emotional Chamisa yesterday. “In Mugabe’s Zimbabwe even children are not spared the terror that befalls their parents.”

The families were rounded up from MDC headquarters, where they had sought refuge from violence in the countryside.

Read the TimesOnline article: Babies seized by Robert Mugabe’s forces as Zimbabwe hounds voter

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Voice of Barbados Radio Talks About The First 100 Days In Office

UPDATE: Not One Word About Integrity, Transparency, Accountability Legislation In Two Hours Of Radio Show

1:15pm – The programme is now over. David Ellis and the carefully chosen callers never mentioned the government’s failure to implement the promised Integrity, Transparency and Accountability Legislation – or the broken promise to immediately adopt a Ministerial Code.

Peter Wickham came on and repeated the lies that are in his Nation News column today.

Business as usual folks… with a cowed David Ellis facilitating the lies by his silence. It looks like he and VOB Radio are still cowering after allowing Noel Lynch to wash out Ellis’ mouth with soap last year. (background here)

Time for the Barbados Integrity Party.

Original article starts here…

Sunday, 11am

Voice of Barbados Radio 92.9 fm

or on the web here.

The show has started, but both the DLP and BLP representatives are “late”.

11:10am – BLP Opposition Senator Kerry Simmons has shown up, but David Ellis won’t say who is coming from the government because he doesn’t know!

11:20am – DLP Government representative Senator Maxine McClean arrives…

We shall listen in with everyone and comment later, although our main points of reference are…

1/ The BLP Opposition is totally without credibility because they are unable to criticise the government on most of the big issues – because their performance when in government was reprehensible. Think about the BLP complaining about the DLP failing to implement ITAL? Hilarious!

2/ The DLP Government was elected in good measure on their promise to embrace ITAL – Integrity, Transparency, Accountability Legislation. Words no longer count for the DLP Government – only actions.

There has been no action on ITAL – nothing at all – and less than that, David Thompson lied during the election about his intent to adopt a Ministerial Code on day one.

There is really little reason for the DLP Government to send a representative to attend Brass Tacks today because we already know everything we need to know about their ITAL initiatives from the government doing nothing.

Regarding ITAL – the DLP Government’s words don’t count any longer. They don’t mean a thing.


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