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Ghanaian Woman Detainee Sexually Assaulted While In Custody At Barbados Army Base

We Cannot Find Any Record Of This Story In The Oldstream Barbados Media

One of the Ghanaian women stranded in Barbados when the Ghana International Airways charter failed to return to the island was sexually assaulted while in the custody of the Barbados Defense Forces – according to a letter purportedly released by Barbados politician David Comissiong.

The April 15, 2008 letter which is reprinted in its entirety at the end of this article, states that the Royal Barbados Police Force is investigating.

Comissiong States Detainees Were Told They Would Be Shot If They Attempted To Leave The Base

The letter also states that the African detainees were told they would be subject to sniper gun fire if they tried to leave the Barbados Defense Force base where they are being held.

Our Take: Government Is Entirely Responsible For The Well Being Of Persons In Custody

When our police, immigration officers or military personnel take persons into custody, they and their organisation become entirely responsible for their care and well being. This is a duty that has long be recognised in courts in the UK, USA, Canada and around the world.

What if the woman was your sister, your wife, your mother who was locked in a barracks with dozens of unknown men whose only connection was they happened to be on the same flight?

If we missed the coverage of this story in the Barbados news media, please let us know – but for now it looks like no one else has reported that one of the female detainees was sexually assaulted while in government custody.

As to the allegation that detainees were told that they would be shot if they attempted to leave the military base, again we can find no record of this being reported in the Barbados media.

These two issues would seem to be an important part of the Ghana International Airways charter flight disaster. Barbadians should be asking themselves “What else hasn’t the Barbados media been reporting?”

Full text of the April 15, 2008 David Comissiong letter as published on BN Village (link here)…


Israel Lovell Foundation
Tel. (246) 437-3113
My Lord’s Hill Fax: (246) 437-8216ST MICHAEL

15 April 2008

It is my duty to report that on Tuesday 8th April 2008, the Government of Barbados commenced a “crackdown” on 96 citizens of Ghana and Nigeria who have been stranded in Barbados since their charter flight failed to return for them on the 15th of February 2008. Continue reading


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Stranded Ghana International Airlines Passengers Avoid Penis Theft Panic Back Home – Army Called Out In Congo To Stop Lynchings Of Penis Thieves

Oops… Our Bad…

The Ghana Penis Riots were 11 years ago, although according to reports (PDF here) smaller incidents of penis theft and associated violence continue in Ghana to this day. The new Penis Riots are in Congo. We misread the date on the CNN Ghana article so we re-wrote the article to correct this.

Our apologies if our original information caused any inconvenience to our stranded travelers from Ghana who, we presume, are anxious to go home and as tired as we are of the idiocy that continues to strand them here.

You Can’t Make Up Stuff Like This, Folks!

Now we know another reason that our predominantly-male guests from Ghana were happy to arrive in Barbados and are so reluctant to go back home. It seems that another wave of penis thefts started in January – this time in the Congo – and continues throughout the surrounding area.

Riots have broken out in the Congo and police have had to rescue dozens of suspected JuJu (magic) penis shrinkers from mobs.

This isn’t the first time. A decade ago twelve people were lynched and beaten to death by mobs in Ghana’s capitol city over penis snatching. Other incidents go back into the 1980’s. Despite a decade of African governments’ health authorities explaining why men’s penises change in size, and why the plumbing might not work as well as it should as men get older, an epidemic of penis thefts is once again happening. Hundreds of men have reported to the police that their penises have been snatched and replaced by a non-functioning fake.


In other news, Barbadian men don’t seem to have the same trouble with having their penises stolen… or maybe our women are simply more attractive? (And I hear a laugh from the kitchen as she says, “Or we are just more tolerant of bad plumbing!)

Yes dear. 😉

CNN: 7 Killed In Ghana Over “Penis-Snatching” Episodes

Reuters: Penis Theft Panic Hits City

Kuro5hin: Koro: A Natural History Of Penis Panics


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Zimbabwe Police Raid Opposition Offices – Beatings, Arrests, Destruction

100 People Arrested, Makeshift Hospital Destroyed

Computers Taken By Police

Reuters: Zimbabwe Police Raid Opposition HQ, Detain Scores

AFP: Scores Held As Zimbabwe Police Raid Opposition HQ

Did we really think that the murderous Mugabe would go quietly just because the citizens of Zimbabwe voted him out?

Here’s a little sample from a March 23, 2008 article from The Independent: Zimbabwe police: ‘You’ll never take Mugabe out of power’

In the capital, Harare, at the offices of an organisation that treats and counsels victims of violence in Zimbabwe, a young woman sat facing me. Avoiding my eye and speaking in a barely audible voice, she described how the police beat her after she took part in a march, organised by a group called Restoration of Human Rights Zimbabwe, a month earlier.

“A policeman hit me on the nose with his fist and then hit me with his baton on my back and on my feet,” she said. “It was raining; they took us outside and made us lie down in the dirty water, and made us crawl as we were being beaten. In the car they were hitting us again and made us put our dirty shoes in our mouths. At the station they told us, ‘You will never take the President out of power. It will never happen’.”

The President himself seemed in no doubt about the result when he warned the opposition on Friday that any outbreak of violence if they lost the election, such as happened in Kenya, would be crushed. “If Tsvangirai and his group have such plans, they must stand warned,” he told a rally in his home area of Zvimba, north-west of Harare. “That will never happen here, never, never. We will never allow it. We have enough security forces to handle that.”

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