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Keltruth Blog Publishing Whole Box Of Juicy Court Documents – Kingsland Case Involves Many Barbados Rich And Powerful

Barbados Land Worth US$ One Billion Dollars Inspires Threats To Murder Witnesses, Lawyers, Family Members


Chief Justice David Simmons And His Brother, Diplomat Peter Simmons, Involved Up To Their Eyeballs In As Messy A Case As Barbados Has Ever Seen!

The battle is over Barbados land that is worth a cool ONE BILLION US$ dollars. We’d usually say something like “That’s no chicken feed” except that chickens figure prominently in the life of one of the involved parties.

On one side of this court case we have a little old lady named Marjorie Knox, who raises yard chickens and lives in a converted livestock shelter. According to the information published on Keltruth Blog, her father left Mrs. Knox 17% of Kingsland Estates – which has vast holdings of land on Barbados worth over US$ one billion dollars on a bad day.

So the little old lady is worth seventeen percent of a billion dollars… That is ahhhh, oh ya… One Hundred and Seventy Million US$ Dollars.

But she lives in a converted livestock shelter on a tiny postage stamp, and feeds her yard chickens.

She is afraid, and rightly so. Because a billion dollars is at stake and she and her family members are in the way.

Threats have been made. Serious threats. Some even made by the brother of the Chief Justice of Barbados, who was (much to his embarrassment) tape-recorded while making the threat.

One billion dollars is a lot of money.

“How did it happen?” you say…

Even if I hadn’t read the story on Keltruth Blog, I could answer your question. Any Bajan can answer that question.

The little old lady doesn’t have her land worth US$170 million dollars because greedy, hungry and powerful entities on this island have long made it their business to do whatever it takes to gain riches – and a little old lady usually doesn’t stand a chance once these folks fix their desires on a fine piece of property.

Let alone a billion dollars worth of Barbados lands.

How did these evil men accomplish their purpose?

Easy enough, according to what I’ve read at the Keltruth Blog and what anyone on this island can tell you. Easy because of a broken land titles system, crooked lawyers, and no rule of law. Companies were formed that have not produced audited statements according to law… but the courts ignore the law and rule in favour of the “old boys”. Land sales and secret sweetheart deals were hidden from shareholders, Some of the lands were expropriated by people in government for “official government purposes”… and then many years later are strangely owned by the people in government!

What of justice before the Courts of Barbados, you say?

What of justice? One of the people who was or is involved with Kingsland Estates land is none other than the Chief Justice of Barbados, Sir David Simmons! He is one of the defendants and is also is in charge of the court system and judges that pretend to administer justice in any matters involving Kingsland that appear in Barbados courts.

That makes perfect sense on Barbados where Prime Minister Owen Arthur appointed his own Attorney General to be Chief Justice. That made David Simmons in charge of judging any lawsuits against the government run by his old political buddies. Very tidy, don’t you think?

Everything Was Under Control, But Then Came A Lawsuit In Canada…

The “old boys” have had everything under control in Barbados: the courts, land titles, the legal system – even the media. As journalist Ricky Singh admitted on Brasstacks radio last week, the Barbados media gives the government a “free ride.”

But then a company called Nelson Barbados Group Ltd. launched a legal proceeding in Canada against a group of individuals and companies connected to the Kingsland Estates Ltd. matter, alleging that the actions of these individuals and companies have caused financial loss to the plaintiff. (background stories here, here and here)

With the filing of a lawsuit in Canada came a loss of control for those who own the system, the courts and the media in Barbados.

It must be very traumatic for those so used to having their own way without question. Traumatic enough that an experienced international diplomat like Peter Simmons made threats against a witness and was tape-recorded doing so! One has to wonder whether or not he was put up to it by his brother, Chief Justice Sir David Simmons.

Whatever the real story is, we’ll all be able to know it soon enough because the folks at Keltruth Blog have obtained a whole box-full of legal documents filed in the Canadian court and they intend to post every one of the documents on the internet!

Ohhhhhh! This should be interesting.

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