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Barbados Prime Minister’s Latest Jet Charter – No Transparency, Potential Conflict of Interest

UPDATED AGAIN – Now Someone Claims PM Did Not Take A Private Jet

What is the real story about this trip to New York, the last trip to New York (which was on a bizjet) and the trip to Trinidad (again on a bizjet)? Without transparency the citizens of Barbados will never really know.

Despite Thompson’s promise to adopt a Ministerial Code from day one, his government continues to operate in exactly the same closed manner as the previous BLP government. There are no rules. There is no transparency and no accountability. Ministers are still able to accept gifts from persons who do business with the government.

In terms of integrity rules, transparency and accountability, nothing has changed from the last BLP administration.


Here is the latest rumour, this time by “Inkwell”.

Once again folks, without ITAL – citizens are still being fed dribs and drabs of information from the high and mighty.

  • Inkwell
    April 22, 2008 at 5:19 pm GMT

    Prime Minister David Thompson and a team from the Central Bank flew to New York on Sunday 2oth April on American Airlines Flight 1384, which departs Barbados at 8.55 p.m and not on anybody’s private jet.

    If BFP had done a little basic investigation, this fact would have been revealed, but the writer chose to grab the opportunity to jump on his self righteous soap box in his eagerness to pursue his crusade.

    I am embarrassed for him and can only hope that he will attempt to redeem himself by offering the Prime Minister and readers of this blog an unreserved apology prior to banning himself from blogging for a minimum of two years

    If Wishing in Vain does not know that his PM traveled on a commercial airline on this occasion, he can’t be much of a government insider, only a pathetic yardfowl trying to make himself look important.

    I guess also this is the last we will hear from Time will Tell, so he won’t be able to put egg all over the BFP face again.



    BFP says,

    If that is so… that the PM took American Airlines – then we are much happier than the times he took the private jets.

    Perhaps he is learning that appearances count.

    NOW… if we could have all the details on his previous trip to New York using a private jet, that would show that he is also transparent and accountable.

    Can we have someone official make a statement please?

UPDATED: Scroll to bottom for details of PM’s Private New York Meeting

According to BFP Reader “Time Will Tell”, Prime Minister David Thompson is off to New York on a chartered jet – owned by a person who does business with the Government of Barbados. Here is what Time Will Tell wrote…


Board of Directors and Senior Officers

Marion V. Williams, Ph.D., F.C.I.B., C.M.A., G.C.M., Chairman
Ms. Onika Stewart LL. B (UWI) LL. M (Lond) L.E.C.
Justin Robinson Ph. D, (Manc) Msc, Bsc (UWI)
Mr. Ashley Toppin FCCA, JP
Mr. Cecil McCarthy LL. B, (UWI) L.E.C.
Grantley W. Smith, Esq., B.A. (Hons.), D.P.A., B. C. H.
Sir Kyffin Simpson KA, CBE, Hon. LL. D (UWI)
Mr. Elson A. Gaskin, LLB. (UWI) L.E.C. Legal Counsel / Secretary to the Board


DLP Thompson Government vs. BLP Arthur/Mottley Government – Can You Tell The Difference?

There must be rules, standards and transparency about the use of corporate jets by members of our government. There must be rules, standards and transparency about government members receiving gifts and benefits from individuals and businesses.

Corporations and individuals do not loan biz jets to governments or government members out of the goodness of their hearts. When the details of such arrangements are kept secret from the citizens, there is opportunity for abuse and corruption.

If David Thompson and the DLP are to retain achieve the image of being ethical, transparent and accountable that they cultivated and promised during the election, they must now reveal to the citizens of Barbados…

1/ The owner of the corporate jet(s) used for the New York and Trinidad & Tobago trips.

2/ The overall costs of the trips no matter who is paying for them. Such costs are to include not only the fixed costs but also the flight hours costs including crewing, fuel, insurance, depreciation and maintenance.

3/ The details on who paid which costs.

Mr. Prime Minister, you said that you and your government were going to be transparent and accountable.

We are waiting for the details about your recent use of corporate aircraft.

“Trust us” is not good enough.

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UPDATED: Time Will Tell Says…

The PM will hold a private meeting today at 7:00 PM at
Fleur De Lis
870 Cypress Ave, Ridgewood NY 718 366 6700

I will be there…… Stay tune….

What the hell….

Send me your questions……

No one tells it like Time..Sic

(Comment from BFP – The veracity of TWT’s information is unconfirmed. If he is wrong, it will be the last time he/she will be allowed to post under this name and IP)


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Government Of Ghana Says Cost Of Charter Flight Is $250,000

We Say Barbados Minister Of Foreign Affairs Should Replace His Top Civil Servants

The Government of Ghana has just announced that the cost of a charter flight to rescue the Africans stranded in Barbados is, in fact, US$250,000 and not the US$12 million reported by accident in an earlier Ghana newspaper article.

A few days ago, Barbados Free Press took Barbados Minister of Foreign Affairs Chris Sinckler to task for his statement that the cost of the charter would be US$1 million dollars, when our research yielded bids from US$400k to US$500k with first line carriers such as Virgin Airways. (Original BFP story link here)

With this latest confirmation by the Government of Ghana, we wonder if Minister Sinckler is getting bad advice from his government civil service staff. We are of the opinion that most of the civil service wouldn’t last five minutes in the real world where the ability to put food on the table is dependent upon achieving actual results for your employer or customer.

From Modern Ghana.com…


The Ministry of Information and National Orientation wishes to retract a Ghana News Agency (GNA) news item headlined: “12 Million Dollars to Be Spent on Stranded Ghanaians in Barbados” posted on April 1, 2008 on the Ghana Government Website http://www.ghana.gov.gh in Accra.

The Ministry’s attention has been drawn to the fact that the amount quoted by the GNA reporter in the story was wrong. The correct amount should have read $250.000 instead.

The Ministry therefore retracts the said story immediately and wishes to render an unqualified apology for any inconvenience caused by the error.

… online story link here

Original Story Now Retracted…

12 Million Dollars To Be Spent On Stranded Ghanaians In Barbados

Government has committed over 12 million dollars to charter a plane to fly home about 50 stranded Ghanaians who travelled to Barbados last month in search of greener pastures.

Dr Charles Brempong-Yeboah, Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, Regional
Co-operation and NEPAD, who disclosed this to the Ghana News Agency in Accra yesterday, said ironically the Ghanaians had paid between 4,000 Ghana cedis and 10,000 Ghana cedis each to travelling agents to get to Barbados for a two-week stay.

‘The Ghanaians who got to that country with the hope of crossing over to the US, Canada and other developed countries for greener pastures have been captured on Barbados Television networks begging for alms.’

Originally 146 people, including 46 Nigerians were stranded in Barbados but some managed to cross over to Trinidad and Tobago.

Dr Brempong-Yeboah described the situation as very embarrassing to Ghana, explaining that, those Ghanaians could have stayed at home with the huge amounts of money they paid to the agents to do profitable business at home. (This retracted story is still online at Modern Ghana.com link here)


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