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Barbados Foreign Affairs Minister Has Huge Mouth – All The Better To Accommodate His Feet

I must get to work so I can take some time off this afternoon for BFP’s weekly lunch drunkup – er, make that “editorial meeting”, but I can’ t let this pass.

Two quotes come to my attention this morning from our Minister of Foreign Affairs Chris Sinckler, who was speaking about the Africans who are stranded in Barbados.

Maybe he was misquoted. He can’t be that big of a fool, can he?

Oh… you’d better sit down if you haven’t yet heard…

Idiocy #1: “Only Very Special, Rare And Expensive Aircraft Can Fly From Barbados To Africa”

Sinckler said there were several problems facing the Government in getting the stranded Africans back home, chief of which was sourcing a plane to make the trip.

“The Barbados Government is trying everything within its power . . . [but] it will cost more than US$1 million to get the appropriate aircraft; even more to put them on a commercial aircraft as we would have to negotiate with the countries they would have to stop in.”

He said a special type of aircraft, one which could fly over water for an extended period, was required, but only a few companies in the world possessed such and the aircraft originally chartered to fly the Africans here was being leased elsewhere.

from The Nation News $2 Million Flight

Our Comment

First of all, Minister Sinckler’s statement that the aircraft that flew the Africans here is being leased elsewhere totally confirms our article The Great African Tourist Scam Of 2008 – Ghana International Airlines Knew They Weren’t Returning To Barbados!

Secondly, who does Sinckler think he is kidding? The aircraft that brought the Africans here was an ordinary Boeing 757-256, leased from Icelandair. Aircraft fly the Atlantic and Pacific every day you know – Boeing 757s, 767s 747s and then the longer-range Airbus models too. Somebody better tell Sinckler!

With the lowered air traffic reported since the beginning of the year there are lots available for charter. Lots.

BFP’s resident ATP pilot Robert checked this very morning with Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Charter and a few other operators – all of whom said they would be HAPPY to fly 100 passengers from Barbados to Ghana… non-stop with a Boeing for half a million US dollars tops. Time to get it together from a standing start is about 5 days, and a few operators said that price could be slashed considerably with ten days notice to as low as US$315,000.

US$500,000 is the price of that charter, which you will notice is HALF THE PRICE being quoted by Minister Sinckler. Robert says that at one million US dollars being quoted by Sinkler, the Government of Barbados is having our pockets picked.

Tell you what, Mr. Sinckler – give Robert the go-ahead and he’ll arrange a flight for US$750k. You can look like a hero for doing better than your US$1 million dollar price and you and Robert can both put about US$125,000 profit each into your pockets.

That’s the way things work ’bout hey, ya know. Maybe our new Minister Sinckler betta get a second quote and not rely upon his underlings too much, don’t you think?

Idiocy #2: The Barbados Government Will Not Tolerate “Inflammatory and Unnecessary Dialogue”

(Sinckler) refuted claims that (the stranded Africans) were being mistreated and said the Government was working with the UN on the matter.

“We will not be tolerating citizens, who should know better, encouraging civil disobedience with inflammatory and unnecessary dialogue.”

from The Nation News $2 Million Flight

Our Comment

We’ll let our readers tell Mr. Sinckler what they think of his statement.

Comments are open, folks!


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Should Government Bail Out Businesses On The Basis Of The Owner’s Race?

Should Peter Edey’s Business Be Given Tax Dollars Because Of His Dark Skin?

The United States and Canadian governments subsidize, support and bail out businesses all the time on the basis of the owner’s skin colour.

This morning David at Barbados Underground Blog asks whether or not Barbados should be doing the same thing.

Those of us at Barbados Free Press who are of mixed race throw in our position (somewhat tongue in cheek)…

… Perhaps the amount of government subsidy provided to businesses should be based upon a sliding scale, with lighter skin shades receiving progressively less? One of the skin colour charts worked up under the old Botha South African Government would do nicely!

That makes about as much sense as some of the policies put forward by the previous BLP government!

How Much Did BLP Race-Based Policies And Attitudes Lead Our Nation Astray?

This country was severely injured by 15 years of BLP government telling black Bajans that they needed and deserved government handouts on the basis of their skin colour. And then there was the ultimate insult – when the BLP handed out money to young black men to “help them get into business”… it bought them weed-eaters to cut the same lawns that their grandfathers cut “back in the day” as servants of the predominantly white upper classes.

There are parallels to be drawn with Noel Lynch’s “I’m just a poor little black boy” speech when he was caught out by David Ellis asking him how he became an overnight millionaire on a government salary. Never mind answering the observation about his sudden wealth, for Lynch chose the coward’s way out and said the question was racially motivated to prevent “little black boys” from ever dreaming of success. Please!

Not to mention the BLP’s history of playing the race card. Consider their election slur against the DLP that More whites like the DLP or then Minister of Health Liz Thompson telling Richard Goddard that a Caucasian had no right to criticize a member of the Barbados Government.

Who could forget Prime Minister Arthur’s colourful vocabulary of words like Negrocrat or the BLP agents calling David Thompson “white” and equating him with slave owners?

So what do you think, folks? Should government business subsidies be awarded on the basis the owner’s skin colour?

Join the frenzied discussion at the Barbados Underground article Black Barbadian Businesses: How Will They Fare Against Rising Competition In The Emerging New Economy?


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Two Barbados World Cup Footballers Test Positive For Marijuana

Names Not Yet Released By Barbados Football Association – Any Guesses?

From the Nation News…

TWO OF BARBADOS’ World Cup footballers have tested positive for using illegal drugs and are almost certain to be debarred from representing the country in immediate upcoming matches.

The duo failed a drug test conducted by the National Anti-Doping Commission (NADC) two days before Barbados’ return first leg World Cup match against Dominica at Kensington Oval on March 26.

When contacted yesterday, NADC’s secretary Neil Murrell confirmed the positive test by the footballers.

“There are two footballers who have tested positive but we haven’t had a hearing with those players as yet,” he said.

“As soon as we have a hearing, we can let the public know who the players are,” he added…

…Noting that his body had its rules on drug offences, Murrell said it would be premature to say what form of action would be taken against the players without a hearing with them…

Read the full article at The Nation News (link here)


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Two Barbados Citizens Arrested In Canada For Cocaine Trafficking

Wayne Henry, 40, and Winston Walker, 44, both from Barbados

On Wednesday, members of the Niagara Regional Police morality unit and No. 1 District street-crime unit started an investigation into a known drug trafficker who was deported in February, but returned to Canada under a false name.

Police say after a brief investigation, they located the deported man and arrested him for being in Canada illegally. When he was arrested in St. Catharines, the deportee was with a second resident of Barbados who arrived in Canada Tuesday.

A further investigation revealed that the vehicle the Barbadians were travelling in when arrested contained 3.26 kilograms of cocaine, which has an estimated street value of $326,000.

Charged with possession of a controlled substance for the purpose of trafficking is Wayne Henry, 40, and Winston Walker, 44, both from Barbados. Both men were held in custody until a bail hearing in St. Catharines today. (St. Catharine Newspaper story here)

BFP’s Comment

Oh Joy. In a few years, Mr. Henry & Mr. Walker will be on a plane back home to continue their drug trafficking on our island.

Our advice to the two… Next time try it again in Singapore, fellows. Then we won’t have to worry about you coming home and polluting our childrens.


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Dear Prime Minister Thompson: Let’s See The Documents You Say Exist

During the television interview on Monday evening, Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson made statements saying that the following two documents existed now…

1/ Draft Integrity Legislation

2/ Cabinet document setting out the basic traditions, conventions and levels of accountability required of the Cabinet

OK, Prime Minister Thompson – we want to see them. On the first issue – draft integrity legislation – we believe that you misspoke and that there is no draft integrity legislation “out there” as you stated. During the election, the DLP released the following documents concerning integrity issues, but no draft integrity legislation…

– “The Ministerial Code – A Proposal”
– “A Model Freedom Of Information Law”
– “Principles Underlying The Legal Framework For Integrity In Public Life In Barbados”

None of these documents contain the draft integrity legislation as you stated on television. So, please show us the “draft integrity legislation” that you talked about on TV… or admit you misspoke.

Also during your television chat, you stated that you did not adopt the Ministerial Code immediately as you promised during the election campaign because you wanted to put it to a committee. While we disagree with your failure to adopt it immediately as promised, you did say that there is something in place now.

You stated that there is a document currently in place and every member of Cabinet is presented with this document that sets out the basic traditions, conventions and levels of accountability required of the Cabinet.

Mr. Prime Minister, if such a document is currently in place and was presented to each member of Cabinet, please make a copy of this document public, along with the date(s) that each Cabinet member was presented with the document.


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