Amistad Official Website Features Barbados Free Press Article

We are honoured to learn that the official website of the Amistad has republished one of our articles as a feature. Amistad crew member, photographer and website guy Wojtek (Voytec) Wacowski let us know that BFP’s The Amistad – When One Branch Of The Family Tree Used To Own The Other… is now published on the Amistad’s website. The Amistad official website has also linked to Barbados Free Press.

You can visit the Amistad’s official website click here

Wojtek (Voytec) Wacowski

We were curious about Wojtek so we did a little research and discovered that he is quite the adventurer and sailor. Gutsy too, judging by his self portrait above. You can click on his photo or here to visit his personal website to see some of his fabulous photography.

Here is an excerpt from his bio…

Based in New Haven, Connecticut, he currently works as a freelance photographer, specializing in obtaining fresh perspectives on sailing ships and the maritime industry. His work has been exhibited internationally in addition to appearing in several books, calendars and posters.

Love of the sea and travel is in his blood. Born on the Baltic coast in Gdansk, Poland, to a mariner’s family, his childhood playgrounds were the ships commanded by his father. Trained on Polish yachts and tall ships , he has sailed everything from a Balinese jukung dugout – on which he single-handedly traveled the Far East – to the 188’ Canadian barquentine “Concordia”, where he was Chief Mate for many years. As a professional tall ship sailor he has logged over 125,000 Nautical Miles, traveling all the oceans of the world while visiting six continents and numerous exotic islands. He has been a full-time photographer since “anchoring” in New England in 2002 .

BFP’s original article can be seen here


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3 responses to “Amistad Official Website Features Barbados Free Press Article

  1. Bajanboy

    I wonder why didn’t they link to the Nation’s story about the visit of the Armistad?

    This is just another example of how the BFP is going mainstream and achieving the recognition it deserves.

  2. Correction to the comment above: As the Amistad America’s webmaster I am trying to record all the feedback to the 2007/2008 Atlantic Freedom Tour. We have duly noted an article by Wndy Burke from The Nation and published it on April 5th on Amistad America website :

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