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Amistad Official Website Features Barbados Free Press Article

We are honoured to learn that the official website of the Amistad has republished one of our articles as a feature. Amistad crew member, photographer and website guy Wojtek (Voytec) Wacowski let us know that BFP’s The Amistad – When One Branch Of The Family Tree Used To Own The Other… is now published on the Amistad’s website. The Amistad official website has also linked to Barbados Free Press.

You can visit the Amistad’s official website click here

Wojtek (Voytec) Wacowski

We were curious about Wojtek so we did a little research and discovered that he is quite the adventurer and sailor. Gutsy too, judging by his self portrait above. You can click on his photo or here to visit his personal website to see some of his fabulous photography.

Here is an excerpt from his bio…

Based in New Haven, Connecticut, he currently works as a freelance photographer, specializing in obtaining fresh perspectives on sailing ships and the maritime industry. His work has been exhibited internationally in addition to appearing in several books, calendars and posters.

Love of the sea and travel is in his blood. Born on the Baltic coast in Gdansk, Poland, to a mariner’s family, his childhood playgrounds were the ships commanded by his father. Trained on Polish yachts and tall ships , he has sailed everything from a Balinese jukung dugout – on which he single-handedly traveled the Far East – to the 188’ Canadian barquentine “Concordia”, where he was Chief Mate for many years. As a professional tall ship sailor he has logged over 125,000 Nautical Miles, traveling all the oceans of the world while visiting six continents and numerous exotic islands. He has been a full-time photographer since “anchoring” in New England in 2002 .

BFP’s original article can be seen here


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Chaotic & Corrupt Land Titles System Makes For Risky Real Estate Transactions In Barbados

About a year ago we printed our article Buying Land In Barbados? Welcome To The Crap Shoot! and cautioned…

Your Land Might Not Be Yours

The stories are legion in Barbados…

– The same lands are sold to two or more different buyers, each holding title documents in their name.

– An archaic land titles system that is fertile ground for abuse and theft.

– Lawyers selling estate lands without informing beneficiaries.

– No conflict of interest rules for the legal profession, and an “old boy” club atmosphere in the courts.

– Documents missing at the Land Registry Office that surface only when certain parties need them and then disappear again into the void.

– Foreign landowners who return to Barbados after a few years to find a house built upon “their” land. Then after an expensive legal battle, a court that blames the landowner and will not return the land – instead ordering the interloper to pay a modest amount to “purchase” the land – with the crooked lawyer who arranged everything protected by the court and walking away free and unnamed. (Can’t take down one of “the club” don’t ya know?)

… from BFP’s Buying Land In Barbados? Welcome To The Crap Shoot!

Here we are a year later and the Barbados horror stories keep on coming.

As we said, there is an “old boy” club atmosphere in the Barbados courts and legal profession where they cover for each other left right and center. Chief Justice David Simmons is a former Attorney General who was right in the thick of many political concessions made to land developers, and also did a few land deals himself.

And, oh yes, when his old political buddy and fellow lawyer Ezra Alleyne was convicted for scooping trust account money in the middle of a land deal, who do you think got him off on appeal? Ha! None other than David Simmons… now the Chief Justice of Barbados.

So our courts are run by the top “old boy” himself Chief Justice SIR David Simmons.

If you get into trouble with a land deal in Barbados, good luck finding even the appearance of justice under that system!

from the Nation News…

More Missing Deeds

A BARBADIAN resident in Canada is up in arms over what he calls bureaucratic bungling in the matter of his title deeds which have been missing for 34 years.

Wendell Pilgrim, who bought land at Wanstead and Rock Dundo Heights, both in St Michael, in 1974, considers himself “a victim not only of an unscrupulous attorney, but also of bureaucratic bungling . . . and others in positions of power and authority who generally pursue their narrow self-interests”.

Pilgrim told the SUNDAY SUN that in 1974 he hired an attorney to handle the conveyance-transfer and registration of title to the properties, and was promised the matter would be concluded in a month.

However, between that year and 2005 the Toronto-based professional travelled between Canada and Barbados, visiting the attorney eight times and getting a relative to maintain contact with the lawyer.

“The attorney never registered the properties,” said a frustrated Pilgrim. “Neither did he ever return the conveyances to me, nor did he ever submit an account until I complained to all and sundry.”

He added that he also wrote to two chief justices, who said they were unable to help, and lodged a formal complaint with the Bar Association which found there was no prima facie case for the attorney to answer.

“I then wrote to the president of the Bar Association [and] to the registrar who attempted to get to the bottom of the matter,” he recalled, noting that the registrar had finally informed him that the papers had been burnt.

Subsequent attempts to contact the former Attorney-General were also futile, Pilgrim said.

“In sum, after 34 years, I am still trying to obtain my title deeds,” he added.

It is the second such case in recent times, with funeral director Ken Jones claiming that the title deeds to his family’s land in Top Rock, Christ Church, had disappeared in 1990 when they were held by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) as a loan guarantee.

… continue reading this article at The Nation News (link here)

Thanks to reader J for the tip!


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