Does Anyone Know Which Barbados Constitution Is Law?

For 15 years of solid majority, I can’t think of any democratically elected government that accomplished so little worthwhile legislation as the previous Arthur-Mottley BLP administration.

Man, they talked talked talked about laws, but they never put anything worthwhile on the table. They talked for years about a breathalyzer law to stop the slaughter on our roads. Every year for five years they gave the same press conference after some new poor soul get hisself killed by some drunk.

Talk was all we saw. That, and the annual “breathalyzer comin soon” press conference.

They talked about anti-corruption laws, labour laws, Constitutional changes, environmental laws, chemical waste disposal laws, a building code law, a new development plan as required by law… Man, you name it, they talked!

What Barbados received a lot of the time was half-baked quasi-laws like the building code that is a draft with no force of law behind it. When lawmakers don’t know what they are doing, that is what we get: no laws and a bunch of regulations enforced by government employees who have to make it up as they go because the legislators let them and everybody down by failing to make real laws.

Which brings us to our Constitution of Barbados.

There are three versions that we found on line. Each one is different. Two are at Government websites and the third is at

Is any one of them current and correct? How does a citizen know?

Have a look for yourself..

The official Government of Barbados Website (link here)

Caricom Secretariat Law Website (link here)

Barbados.Org (link here)

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One response to “Does Anyone Know Which Barbados Constitution Is Law?

  1. BFP,
    Thanks so much for asking this question.

    When I first looked into this I was flabbergasted that (besides the net) it was only the Trade Unions that were expressing concern about the Constitution.

    Please, Mr. Thompson, clarify this situation.

    Some people are thinking that some of the newer Constitutions were never proclaimed and may not be in effect.

    The public has a right to know. It is absurd that the basis of law is not available to citizens accountable to law.

    By the way, we received an interesting box recently …